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From My Closet Giveaway: Edun Dress & Necklace

Congratulations Amber! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

There were so many awesome stories, thank you for sharing!


This dress is super sexy! It’s low cut in the front and has a revealing V-neck. It’s made by the brand Edun, which is designed by Ali Hewson and Bono. They founded this brand in 2005 to promote trade in Africa by sourcing production throughout the continent. Not only does this support a great mission but it’s a great look for going out. It will fit a size S.

From My Closet Giveaway, Sexy Dress

This Betsey Johnson necklace is so fun. I love wearing it as a mess with simple clothes. It’s a classic necklace that is a great accessory for adding some spunk.

In order to rock this sexy dress and fun necklace, please leave me a comment telling me a fun night out you’ve had recently with your friends or family and why it meant so much to you. 

I will announce the winner on Friday July 25th!

With Love,





  • Heather Stover

    Just last night I was out with my best girls. We had a Veggie Taco/card party..girls it got wild…lol. It is important to spend time with other supportive inspiring women on a regular basis.

  • Brittney Taylor

    I would love to win this so cute..
    I’ve loved Alicia Silverstone since Clueless and after finding out shes vegan I love her even more lol :-) and to.have something inspired by Alicia would make my day. (KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GIRL!)

  • Laura

    I recently drove from my home in Atlanta to Cincinnati to go out with my best friend in the world! She has been my best friend since high school and she has a heart condition that there is no cure for. I took her out for a vegan dinner, then we went driving around our old neighborhood and high school and met up with some other friends. Then we went dancing because that’s what we always loved to do. It was a great night! I am getting ready to move to CA and I don’t know if I will get to see my sweet friend again, that’s why the night was so special. It meant everything to get to spend a whole night out with her because I love her so much and I will miss her terribly when I move so far away. I just hope she is here for many more years so we can have more time together when we get to visit each other!

  • Jeanna

    Went out on Saturday for my birthday with my husband, friends and some family. We all had a great time listening to my favorite local band and dancing. Being a working mother of 3, I don’t get much adult time. It was a perfect birthday. Glad I got to spend it with so many people I love. I would love to win.

  • Morgan Jolly

    This weekend my husband, our fur baby and I went to Food Truck Fest in Tacoma, WA! Eden food truck was there with some of the most delicious vegan food I’ve ever had! Being vegan you feel sometimes stuck eating at home a lot but this was a nice change of pace. It was in a beautiful historic park from the 1800’s, and our weather was 75 and sunny! Perfect day!

  • Lacy

    Last month my husband took me out for dinner for my 30th birthday, when we walked in all my friends and family were there. Surprise!

  • Tammy Twelvetree

    last night we had yet another “summer family movie night”. this time we watched “grownups” and my 9 year old twins laughed their faces off (alongside my hubby) while I suffered through what almost seemed like an eternity until it finished! we munched on our favorite vegan snacks, popcorn with nutritional yeast, raw nuts and seeds and some fresh summer berries! we love spending time just the 4 of us, that’s what summer is all about here in Alberta, Canada (and since we’re both teachers, we’re loving every minute of it!!) 😉

  • Teresa

    My most recent fun night out was actually a picnic lunch with my brother;sis in law hubby and three kids. We had the best food at a beach on a picnic table then walked on on the beach front. My two older kids walked with my brother and sister and picked up rocks and talked about nature animals (especially jellly fish) and family. My hubby and i walked with our toddler who kept laughing at everything his nig borther did.We then sat on trees that had fallen and;talked about them and enjoyed the beutiful blue;water! I love days like this where i can just chill with my kids and enjoy life without the hassle and stress!!!

  • Kristy Scherer

    A few weeks ago we attended the Fred S. Keller fundraiser. It included a wine tasting, auction, and great food. We were very excited to attend because it was raising money for my son’s school. My son has Autism and was not allowed to attend his nursery school after four months. Fred S. Keller School in Yonkers uses ABA and is a great fit for my son. It was also the first time my husband and I had gone out in months. We had a lovely time while giving back to a great cause.

  • Alex van Dort

    I feel now more than ever after what happened to MH17, since I am Malaysian is that I am learning to let go and be more appreciative of the time I am having now.
    A night out for me these days are dinners with my family, and at our recent dinner we just enjoyed catching up and learning more about their lives and going-ons…
    With my 3 sisters and a sister in law, we talked about fashion – which is normally an odd thing being we are far difference in our age group. And it was fun!
    Also another thing that I would always do is to enjoy watching my 4 year old with her cousins, how she’s growing into a smart, beautiful individual …

    So these are the night outs that I would so love and appreciate … :)

  • Megan

    Just over the weekend, my husband and I attended a cookout with dear friends of ours. We were lucky to be the ones bringing the food and my husband and I brough vegan food to share. Both myself and my dear friend are expecting babies this Fall. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with other couple friends and share my vegan lifestyle.

  • Tres Arándanos

    Since my daughter was born we don’t really go out much! The last time we went to a wedding in nature and it was really sweet. It wasn’t a vegan wedding but they prepared a special menu for us, and the best of all – vegan mini cakes in the same shape as the wedding cake.

  • Hannah

    I recently introduced a group of friends to vegan food at a trendy, bistro style restaurant called Plum in Seattle. (If you’re in the area, you must try it!) The restaurant is small and very intimate: perfect for our long awaited, post college graduation celebration. This particular group of friends had followed my vegan-food-filled Instagram and blog with curiosity for quite some time, but were reluctant to stray from their usual, comfortable meat and potatoes way of life.

    When we arrived, they were happy to realize that we could start the evening with a bottle of Bonterra white wine because it wasn’t processed with animal byproduct (score!). It was awesome to experience their excitement with each dish, finally realizing just how satisfying and delicious plant based cuisine is. They were floored that their panko and thyme crusted seitan was in fact not meat. They marveled at how creamy and savory the mac n’ yease dish was, but didn’t contain any nasty dairy. We ended the night with a coconut based chocolate, peanut butter mouse. Two of those friends are now dabbling into the vegan lifestyle. We share recipes and cook together on a regular basis. For their recent anniversary, I gave them a copy of “The Kind Life” and a Whole Foods gift card.

    That night already meant so much to me just being able to celebrate our friendship and recent accomplishments over a vegan dinner. But, that night continues to mean something to me because I have gained two new veggie friends and have had the pleasure watching them explore and experience the pleasures that come with living a “kinder” life.

    • Chelsea Coutarel

      I love Plum!!! Soooo delicious!

      • Hannah

        Me too!! You’ll have to try their food truck if you have not already! It’s usually parked in South Lake Union close to the Amazon campus. They “tweet” where they are :)

  • LifestylesOfThePoorAndVegan

    Last weekend I went camping in the Adirondacks with my family. No phones, no electronic devices. Just all of us, our stories, and nature. It was an incredibly rare bonding experience for all of us. We all live such crazy, busy lives that it gets hard to get everyone together. We all know how important it is to carve out time that is just for reconnecting, so we took this trip to spend some quality time with each other. It could not have been more perfect. We all had an amazing time, laughing, talking quietly by the fire, and even kayaking for the first time! We really had a chance to be PRESENT with one another and it was magical. It gave me a chance to really feel connected to my family, and that is something that I’ll cherish forever.

  • Amanda Williams

    My mother-in-law had us over for dinner on Sat. night. We had spaghetti squash for dinner, and nectarines for dessert. It was so yummy! It was my 2 1/2 yr. old’s 1st time trying a nectarine. We always end up entertaining each other by chatting instead of watching television. Also, my mother-in-law gave my daughter 2 hand-me-down shirts that were my husband’s when he was little.

  • Jennifer Hiner

    Last weekend with my fiance was perfect. We recently moved from Minneapolis to Fond du Lac wisconsin. We have had a very difficult time transitioning to the small town culture, and are frustrated with a lack of dining out options or just doing anything fun really. So over the weekend we explored Wisconsin, hitting up state park beaches on lake Michigan, soaking up the sun and eating home made food sitting on beach towels. Sadly, come Monday morning my fiance got laid off from his new job and we are scrambling packing and getting out of our lease to go back to Minneapolis. Even though the whole situation has left me sour, I’ll always have the memory of our weekend at the beach.

  • Denise Keeling Wilson

    My husband and I took a quick trip to Nashville, Tn this past Wednesday, checking out the spots on Honky Tonk Row and having lunch at Jack’s, then to the Grand Ole Opry that evening. Since I’m in college fulltime, it was a special treat. :)

  • Esther Gibaldi

    My son is almost three. As you know it’s very hard to get out at night. My best friend however has a daughter around my son’s age and our play dates are usually a lot of fun. A few months ago she introduced me to the Kind Diet, which changed the lives of my son, husband and I. We got rid of all the nasty foods and are loving our new diet. On our most recent play date we got together and cooked a great vegan meal for the four of us. The kids played while we bonded. It was so great to share vegan food with not only my family but my friends as well.

  • Jane Doe

    My very good friend’s love was visiting from out of town last week. I had never met him so invited the two of them for lunch. My friend couldn’t make it and encouraged us to enjoy the meal together anyway. Our casual lunch launched a new friendship. And what a good friend to share such a fabulous person rather than hoarding him jealously to herself! I love her for it.

  • Jane

    Over the past weekend, I went up to my friend’s cottage to relax on the beach along Lake Huron. I brought along raw date balls (my favourite treat!) and a group of us sat on the beach at sunset with a bottle of wine. As we’re getting older and starting careers, I know it’s going to get harder to get away on weekends like this, and we’re enjoying as many of them as we can this summer.

  • Olivia Huett

    My husband and I went out to dinner without the kids for the first time since our son was born almost seven months ago!! It felt like we did when we first started dating!! We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, then walked on the beach until it was dark. It was so fun to flirt and laugh together. I was reminded of how important it is to take a break from “real life” and day to day routines to simply enjoy each other.

  • Jamee

    A couple weeks ago I went out to a natural beauty spa with 3 of my girlfriends in Chicago. They served us fresh juice cocktails and we got makeovers with their all-natural, vegan, pure-ingredient makeup that doubles as skin care. We all looked so naturally beautiful and afterwards we went out for vegan tacos and guac at a local taco joint. So much fun and a simple way to laugh and connect with each other!

  • Gittel

    Hi Alicia, thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome give-away! My most recent night out was with an long-time friend who traveled across the US to visit with us. :) We spent an evening in “Old Town” at a little tavern we love to go to from time to time. The decor looks as if it was (if not, really was) all hand picked from different thrift stores or flea markets; old, unique, and chic. The menus are upcycled 33 1/3 record albums, and lots of other record covers line the walls. Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Barbra Streisand, The Hollies, etc. The place has so much history and character; we love it! :) It felt nice being somewhere that holds just as much history as I do w/my friend!

  • Katherine Perello

    Last night, I treated my dad out for a belated birthday appetizer-and-drink evening, at a restaurant I work at in Paso Robles, CA. We had two complementary drinks [plus a tequila flight that we shared since he loves tequila], chips and dip, and bread pudding as ”the birthday cake.” He didn’t get to celebrate his actual birthday because of a family emergency, and he always puts others first before himself, so he totally deserved to get a night out for a good time. We had great laughs, a fun mini fight over the bill [I won, of course. Who pays for their own meal on their birthday??], and overall, a great night of catching up. =D

  • Brittany Browning

    My boyfriend and I come from a historic small town but ever since we moved away, visiting home is always so rushed and busy. Because we both have family to see, we don’t spend much of our time together. Over the weekend, we decided to take a trip back home together without telling any of our family or friends. We were tourists in our own hometown. We visited a Civil War graveyard, ate at local restaurants, and drove around (in our Prius!) looking for fruit stands and thrift shops we’ve never been to before. Our last night there, we walked around a local bookstore, saw a movie, and watched the stars over long conversation and glasses of vegan wine from the local winery. It was so magical and so simple. We felt so reconnected!

  • Emily

    Dinner & dancing with my hubby!

  • Mary Springfield

    Every Saturday my husband and I go to his dad’s house to hang out, play some great music, fire up the grills (2 grills, one is vegan only), have some drinks and watch the wildlife. After a week working I always look forward to these days.

  • manda

    It has been a while, but I am looking forward to a wedding weekend with my friends in a few weeks!

  • Alexa Stoneman

    My most recent memorable fun night out was attending a wedding. My husband’s nephew got married and after the wedding I finally met some of my husband’s relatives. It was crazy to be meeting my brother-in-law for the very first time even though my husband and I have been married for 14 years! It made me realize how disconnected we are from our extended family and it was so nice to finally spend some time with them.

  • Kate

    Last week I took my best friend out for his birthday. We had a great dinner in redondo by the beach, a couple drinks at a local bar up the road…but the best part was (and always is) coming home, putting on the PJ’s and watching Happy Days reruns together. That kind of quality time is priceless!!!

  • Cherie

    My husband and I sneak rare nights out to nice, cozy, local places. I love this time to dress up for him, hold his hand in public, and steal glances that tell each other of our love. He also ALWAYS opens doors for me on these nights (car door included), and it makes me feel really special. I married a true gentleman. :)

  • Macy

    So I’m going to cheat a bit by talking about a night out that I’m going to have in the future. Since baby #2 has come along and I’m breastfeeding both a toddler and soon to be 1 year old, I don’t get out much. But my parents bought us gift certificates to use for a night out to a fancy restaurant that serves vegan fare AND a one night stay at a local hotel (so we’re not too far away but we’re away!) I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my husband and having some us time. I think that’s the key to maintaining a healthy, loving, and sexy (!) relationship.

  • Maria Villagomez

    I don’t go out much, I’m always with my boyfriend of 2 years & babysitting our new puppy Athena. This past Sunday I went out with some old friends from high school for a small reunion because our friend who joined the army was visiting. It was just drinks & talking about the past but it was really good to see them all again! It meant so much to me because we were all inseparable in high school & now that we’re all older, life got in the way. It’s important to make time for each other & once we started talking, it was like we were still those same crazy teenagers & nothing had changed.

  • Amanda

    I had a fantastic double-date with my hubby and best friend last week. We had so much fun catching up over margaritas and just enjoying the summer sun, exactly what summer should be all about!

  • katXtak

    I spent an afternoon/evening with a group of five good friends who, over the years, have moved in different directions. We don’t get to see each other often, let alone as a group, because family, work and life obligations have made it difficult to arrange. This afternoon/evening was special not only for the simple reason that our schedules aligned to make it happen, but also because we chose the Toronto Islands as our meeting spot. It was a Friday afternoon and we had much of the islands to ourselves, enjoying long conversational strolls along the mainly deserted paths through park areas, beaches and winding around the cottages/homes that make up the charm of the islands. We had dinner under the stars overlooking Lake Ontario from the beautiful “hidden gem” of a patio at the Rectory Café, which offered a flavourful chickpea cauliflower curry dish. It was a truly magical afternoon and evening spent with people that I love. Heavenly.

  • Melissa

    My friend, so, and I went to see a sand castle competition on the beach Sunday evening, and it was wonderful to get outside of the city, and for my best friend to meet my so!

  • Nathalia Martins

    I went tubing with my friends for my birthday on Sunday. It was so nice to be in nature, away from my cell phone, just chatting and having a good time!

  • DestinationIsolation

    Flew out to Michigan from California to visit with friends who go out to their country house every summer. All my boyfriends friends where going except for us but one of his pals helped us get buddy passes at the last minute. We drove up to the cabin at 11PM to surprise them. It was a great moment because old friends are always happy to see each other, especially when its a surprise.

  • Jordan

    We got a couple families together to do an outdoor movie last week. We all brought blankets, lawn chairs, and healthy snacks. All the kids had so much fun – eating watermelon, doing cartwheels on the grass, and watching the movie Turbo. It was a fun night for all!

  • Sandy

    This past weekend my husband, daughter, and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. On the way to the restaurant we were discussing the possibility of going vegetarian and, eventually, vegan.

    While we were perusing the menu my husband said, “Well, if we are serious about this we should just jump right into it. None of this easing-in stuff. We didn’t have meat for breakfast, so we still have the opportunity to make this our first full meat-free day. Let’s find something suitable on the menu.”

    I was astounded. My husband had grown up as avid meat eater, and had sworn to me years earlier,
    when I first approached him about converting to a kinder diet, that he
    would never give up meat. And here he was leading the charge! It was pretty amazing. So instead of getting our regular fare at our favorite restaurant, we tried new dishes. I got a vegetable fajita platter which had cooked carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers and a side of rice, beans (no lard,) pico, guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce. It was delish!

    After lunch we went to a local park and walked around the pond, watching the geese and ducks play. The sun was bright, the sky clear, a soft breeze was blowing, and we felt a little lighter in the world 😉

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    Recently my husband and I took a weekend trip to Napa. We had a wonderful romantic picnic on a vineyard with delicious vegan Indian food and a nice bottle of red wine.

  • Fabian Dorgan

    I recently spent a night at the movies, with my daughter, that was unforgettable. We went to see a film she helped back on Kickstarter, Wish I Was Here. I’ve attended many films in my life, lots of them with my daughter. Never like this. We loved the film, it is a MUST see. Greater than the film alone, was the experience of seeing it with others who were feeling the same emotions I was feeling. It’s a heartbreaking story, at points, and most of the audience was openly sobbing. Moments later we would all be laughing out loud. It’s exceptional writing, directing and acting like this that transports a whole audience to a place & time where they’re expressing the same emotion.

  • Frenchpetal

    I took my teen to a metal concert and it was fun dressing up for a concert other than a 70s classic fest or some other oldie thing. LOL I love being playful and young-spirited, and it was fun bonding that way with my teen (who is still young enough to not mind being seeing with mom). I love the dress and necklace!! Hope I win them!

  • Natalie VanderVorst

    This last weekend my husband’s cousin got married. It was a huge wedding! My parents watched our two little ones while my husband and I went to the reception to spend time with family. It was nice to sit at the table with his brothers and sisters because it is something we don’t always get to do.

  • Kirsten J.

    I recently had my 2nd anniversary. My husband and I have a 4-month-old daughter, James, and it was to be our first date night with a “real” babysitter. Then the sitter canceled on us two hours before she was supposed to arrive. I was initially disappointed only because I had worked myself up to being ‘ready’ for it, but then I realized — who cares! We canceled our reservation at the fancy place, I dressed down a little, dressed the babe up a little and the three of us headed out for (veg) sushi and then a cocktail on the patio of a place near our house. It was a gorgeous night in our fantastic Metro Detroit town. It was a great anniversary dinner with our little stowaway!

  • Maja Stoll Overgaard

    Hi ☺️ we’ve had a quite hard start with parenthood with Frida being very collicy, and just as the summer in Denmark comes our little girl stopped having stomach cramps and mummy and daddy’s life is expanded unto a whole new social life. The first time I dressed up was at my boyfriends boss’s house. I was nervous (he invited with children) about if Frida would scream and how I would deal with it. Although it’s a corporate business the vibe turned out to be so so relaxed. He had made all kinds of lovely food and his wife and kids were so interested in Frida. At one point the daughter leaned in to kiss Frida on the cheek during a nappy change. They had a little moment there in silence just checking each other out. His boss got his camera out and took pictures of her. We just blended in so naturally and Frida got all tired from the stimulation that she collapsed in the sling. It felt like having a community around me of love and acceptance. And I expected the opposite. I was so proud on the way home and suddenly the world opens up

  • nicole brown

    I Recenty had my first open mic night with my band. I was so nervous and was scared that there wouldnt be a lot of people to come out to support. As it turned out not only did I have the support of the bands friends , I also had the owner of the bar invite me back. My husband and my friends who are also my band mates made it much easier to get on the stage and sing my heart out!!!!

  • E MaHo

    The grandkids and I had fun at a graduation party. They sang onstage and had so much fun running around and eating fun food. It meant so much to me because I love all three girls and had a really nice time being Grammy.

  • Julianne

    My husband and I just recently celebrated our 1 month (haha) wedding anniversary! It is crazy to see how fast time flies and it shows the importance of making the most of our time together. We spent the day mountain biking and finished it off with an amazing swim and (vegan!) picnic by the lake!

  • ygriega

    This Saturday I had a bit of both – beach with mom (nice quiet time, connecting with nature), and later that evening I met up with my BFF in our neighborhood , since Ive since moved away to another borough. We hit our two favorite new haunts and reconnected with a regular from our old spot – and I ended up having a career change discussion with this woman since shes an attorney (I am applying for Law schools), it was so inspiring!

  • Jennifer Cortez

    I got to spend an evening with just my mom and I this past Christmas. We went out for sushi, and she took me to the Atlanta motor speedway magical lights event. It was important to me because she is so special to me, she does so much, she is both mom and dad to me. and yea.

  • saniel

    Date night with hubby away from kid dinner and movie.

  • Lauren Loftus

    Hosted my college girlfriends for the first time in Tempe, AZ in May. So fun to dance with my best girls again and drink too much tequila!

  • Jennifer Contessa

    We just had a wonderful family reunion night in my hometown of Watertown, NY. It was the first time in a while since we have all been together. It was like old times hanging with my cousins. It was in the country so we danced, ate wonderful locally grown food and wine. The end of the evening we snuggled by a bonfire. Love, love, love!

  • Sarah Cotter

    watching fireworks with my brother. I never see him

  • Dani Mann

    I have a history of travel w/folks I don’t know well before the actual trip. I think having friends of all ages and experiences is important and broadens/brightens my life experience as a whole. Just last night I returned from a road trip out West with a friend I knew only through having directed her in a community theater production a few seasons ago. Facebook, however, told me that she enjoyed road trips and crazy Americana… which I do as well. So… I asked and we went! We had a great trip full of National parks, history, and getting to be friends! As far as a great night out… I’d say the sunset in Canyonlands was just about as perfect as a night can get!

  • Raine Dawson

    The last time I went out and it was fun and memorable was when my parents, my two teens and myself all went to see the new Captain America movie. This meant so much to me because it’s the 1st time in a long time I remember us all together since my husband passed away and my father suffers from severe depression and anxiety so it was awesome that he came and enjoyed himself. I felt amazing and since we’re all geeks we loved the film :)

  • Jenny Harper

    My best girl friends work with me. We are all managers and just went on a work trip to Orlando FL. We worked 15-17 hour days and at the end we got to attend the big dance party. We had a blast and danced away the work stress! And we got a little crazy is the photo booth!! Oh ya and our surprise dance performance on stage!! Yep it was epic…..

  • Shelly Brown

    last Saturday I went to PRIDE Maui event called GLOW. I went with my husband and his ex-wife (with her date) along with 3 other friends. No one is gay, some never had been to a pride event before and it all went smashingly. It is important to me to support love in every way and it was a joy to have this group join me in doing so. And we now have glow sticks for days.

  • etirv

    Spring Vegas vacation with the hubby, first time in 5 years!

  • Paul Redsky

    Our book club recently chose The Kind Life as our book of the week and a group of friends, half of which are devoted Vegetarians convened one evening to discuss it in depth. Points of view, beliefs, testimonies etc which made for some very interesting discussion. The time just flew by. The dress and necklace would be a gift for my beautiful spouse (shhhh it’s a secret)

  • Leslie R.

    I had a great night out for my birthday- riding bikes and enjoying drinks at a local Irish Pub. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • shana

    Last Tuesday my friend Sarah and I went to a cute little shop in WV where you pick out a piece of pottery and paint it. It was fun to get the creative juices flowing and also gave me a greater appreciation for artists because it was a lot harder than it looked. Afterwards we went out to dinner and got to sit outside in the sweet summer air. It was so nice to hang out with Sarah again. We grew up together and were always so close. We live in two different states now, five hundred miles apart and she’s not the best at keeping in touch. So being back home for an extended stay we have been able to reconnect and I realize how much I miss having her in my life. So getting to sit and laugh together like we use to mean’t so much. It was great night!

  • Clara

    This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to my family’s ranch. One night was really special because we cooked a huge dinner just for us and ate outside while we watched the sunset. After that, we went to the local sandhills for some late night sand boarding.

  • molly olson

    Last month i flew to my home in Virginia. I live in another country and I am here for the summer. My sister and her kids also live abroad. We all decided to come to my parent’s house in Virginia to be with my mother who has been sick for the past year and this summer she got a total knee replacement. We took care of her for this past month and finally last week she was able to walk enough to get out of the house. We went out for a nice dinner with the whole family. It was such a great time finally being all together after so long and being able to celebrate my mother’s triumph over a yearlong sickness and knee surgery!! There’s nothing like being with family to help with speedy recoveries.

  • Leanne Kelly

    Just last weekend I was pleased and surprised to receive a birthday invitation from a university mate. We somehow fell into friendship in my final year of university – I can’t even pinpoint when we were introduced. We just began going to the campus gym together. Since graduation five years ago, I have moved cities and only seen Carly once for a coffee and a long catch-up! So, last weekend I was really excited to receive an invitation to her birthday dinner. I arrived at the restaurant not expecting to know anyone aside from the beautiful birthday girl. To my surprise, I recognised the person seated right beside Carly! Sophie and I had met only this year through work/study (while completing our midwifery training at the same hospital) – neither of us aware of our mutual connection to Carly. Needless to say, it was such a fun night made all the more sweeter by the awareness that everyone and everything is connected. Thankyou for reading my comment :)


    I recently spent the week at the shore with my family, to finally take a break from reality was much needed. No computers, no Facebook, or T.V.. playing board games, and card games, listening to each other was so fulfilling, and I could watch my kids in the water and play in the sand for hours. Waking up in the morning, next to my husband, relaxed and calm, felt like our honeymoon. Family is the most important thing, and I am so lucky, and I can not wait to go again in August.

  • Kellie

    A few weeks ago, My girlfriends took me out to have some “mommy” time! I am a single mom of two little ones, so this was definantly well needed. It was a great time of laughter and fun! Making memories!

  • Deborah Hayes

    My hubby and I went to our local Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA and watched World Cup Soccer matches while nomming on organic snacks and beers! It was fun to be watching soccer together with a large, and very diverse, group of fans :)

  • Staci Brindle

    Yesterday my husband and I attended the funeral of a former colleague of his. Since my husband is police officer, and so was the deceased the funeral was a beautiful dignified send off that was somber but not sad. We both felt so proud to be a part of the spectacle. The lines of officers in uniform at attention is so moving. Afterwards we went to a lovely vegan restaurant and had a feast in honor of the fallen comrade. It sounds bittersweet but it was truly a lovely and special experience.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    Last night my husband and his mother went for a bike ride to downtown Fargo. We went to many different places and ordered just one thing off of the menu at each place. She is visiting from Guatemala and lives in a dangerous area where she says she feels like a prisoner in her own home. She is not able to ride bicycle in her country and says that when she comes to Fargo she feels free. To my husband and I it was a nice bike ride on a summer night, but to his mother it was so much more. She was ecstatic to feel so safe and independent at the same time. Today she is going to practice riding bicycle by herself around town. It’s moments like that when you realize how good you have it.

  • shaunie

    A night out at our favorite restaurant bar for a bday party

  • Diandra Renee

    Recently me and my boyfriend went wine tasting for my birthday. It was so romantic and new for us. It was an relaxing atmosphere and very romantic. Sometimes you gotta make time for that special someone and remember just how lucky you are!

  • Kaity Harrison

    A week or so ago, my best girlfriend and I went out for Mexican (vegan, obviously). This may not sound like much, but the two of us both recently had babies and I also have a 3-year-old, so going out with friends is basically the last thing on my list of priorities. It was wonderful and we had a ton of fun :)

  • Jessica

    I went to see the philharmonic concert in the park recently. I got to catch up with my mom and we had an amazing picnic. It was such a nice night!

  • Alaina Driscoll

    What a great question!! I’ve recently made a big move from the East Coast down to Austin, TX, where vegan options abound! I’m eating a gf vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, locally made but out of this world, as I type :) Anyway, I’m SO lucky to have made some new girlfriends here. I’m a single gal and these two are happily installed with their boyfriend and husband. I think that many people with families would be too busy to cultivate a new friendship. But I got a very warm invitation to one of the gals’ home to celebrate her daughter’s 8th birthday. It was such a magical experience! To see these little kids playing in the pool, totally free spirited and unencumbered. Just being their full and complete selves. I don’t get to see that everyday. I was struck by how much kindness there really is out there in the world. And how super cool little kids really are! And new gal-pal had gone special to a veggie restaurant to score me some delicious treats. No one else in her family is vegan. My close friends and family have hardly ever done that for me! It just meant the world. I feel so fortunate to have spent a magical afternoon with my new, awesome friends in a new city!! 😀

  • Suzanne

    Last Friday night I went out with 3 of my closest girlfriends from high school (we graduated 4 years ago!). We had a great Girl’s Night Out; being out with them reminded me of how much I love them and how much I miss them when we’re all away at different schools during the year. Their friendship means so much to me because in high school I didn’t always make the best decisions and often chose to hangout with my “other friends” (a.k.a. “the party friends”) instead of them. They knew that I was hanging with the wrong crowd, but they loved me anyway. I convinced myself that my double life (yeah, I know that sounds cliche) was “okay” and “normal” at my age. But really, I was fooling myself. And I thank God for Callie, Misha, and Esme for sticking around and loving me in spite of it all.

    Unsurprisingly, I no longer talk to any of the “party friends” and I am closer than ever with Callie, Misha, and Esme. I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had stopped hanging out with me during high school, but they didn’t…and for that, I love them so much more.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for the website and contest. My fun night out was last night. I am a vegetarian and was last night invited over for a girl’s night with some meat eating friends. Before I could decline dinner they said, ” Don’t worry! I’m making homemade pasta and it’s going to be all organic and vegetarian just for you.” I had the most incredible meal not only because my friend went out of their way to make a gourmet meal but that they went out of their comfort zone to give vegetarianism a try.

  • ravenj

    I was recently blessed with a night out with my husband. The grands offered to watch my 21 month old for a bit so we went out super last minute! We hadn’t planned anything and ended up spending the whole time at Starbucks(ordered soy lattes) like we did a lot when we first met. May sound boring but it was perfect for us. We’re pretty simple. It was so nice to sit and talk like we used to especially with how crazy busy we’ve been with work, school, and our little man. I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with my husband :)

  • Holly Austin

    This week I was able to catch up with a friend and catch a movie before going to a Mexican restaurant that serves up an extensive vegan menu, including veggie meat (!!!). With the hectic schedules of our lives with work and graduate school, it’s been hard to find time to connect this summer, but spending time with those who are dear reminds me that connections and relationships with others are what life is all about! Taking time out of the chaos to connect with others is essential. It definitely feels good to slow down.

  • Leanne McWilliams

    A recent fun night was when my parents and my husband’s parents were all in town for my son’s dedication at church. We enjoyed veg lasagna on the patio with some yummy wine and just enjoyed each other’s company.

  • Mandy Dugas

    My family & I just came back from a fun weekend away. We had a nice long car ride and I took tons of pictures. (Surprised the kids didn’t argue once!) We got to stay in a cute little Inn that had an awesome kitchen. I need a good kitchen to cook in! We were in luck though. We found an awesome restaurant that was dairy-free, meat-free, wheat-free, preservative-free and made with love! It was so darn delicious, we ate there twice. We had so much fun shopping with the kids, going for walks and site seeing.

    This weekend meant more to me then a “girls night out” or my own alone time because it’s memories that we made together. Memories that we will share as a family forever.

    We hope to make this trip an annual vacation. Something we can look forward to. I love having a family of 5!

    Mandy @

  • Patty Malcolm Ⓥ

    My husband and I will celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary on Aug. 10th. Last week as a surprise he turned a business trip into a romantic getaway. We went to the Wynn Las Vegas for Vegan food
    and then saw Rock of Ages the musical at The Venetian and had such a blast dancing and singing our hearts out. The next day we got massages and hung out by the pool.

  • Nil

    The other night when we went out to dinner, with our newborn baby daughter, I was glancing through facebook when I saw a photo of “self- serve feeding stations for stray animals” and I was so impressed. A municipality in Turkey has decided to implement this spectacular concept/ design on streetcorners in Istanbul. Then my husband Ahmet turned to me and whispered, “actually I sent this project to them last year.” I was speechless and in so much awe!!! We would never think that anyone would listen to ordinary citizens suggestions! Hurray for my wonderful hubby for drafting up such a great idea! Hopefully, other municipalities from around the world too will be inspired by this and it will be the beginning of something beautiful for helping stray animals… I also hope that they will also build his other wonderful “bird home projects” in each city corner as well!
    I am attaching a link for the above project from a local newspaper:

    With love and hope for all stray animals,


  • Nil

    The other night when we went out to dinner, with our
    newborn baby daughter, I was glancing through facebook when I saw a photo of
    “self- serve feeding stations for stray animals” and I was so
    impressed. A municipality in Turkey has decided to implement this spectacular
    concept/ design on streetcorners in Istanbul. Then my husband Ahmet turned to
    me and whispered, “actually I sent this project to them last year.” I
    was speechless and in so much awe!!! We would never think that anyone would
    listen to ordinary citizens suggestions! Hurray for my wonderful hubby for
    drafting up such a great idea! Hopefully, other municipalities from around the
    world too will be inspired by this and it will be the beginning of something
    beautiful for helping stray animals… I also hope that they will also build
    his other wonderful “bird home projects” in each city corner as well!

    I am attaching a link for the above project from a local newspaper:


  • Jess Daniel

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