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Halt Offshore Fracking

The California Coastal Commission is meeting this week in Ventura. Below is a letter I hope reaches them in regards to offshore fracking. For more information on fracking, check out the documentary Gasland or this fact sheet. This destructive process has yet to be regulated. Join me in taking action to safeguard our precious marine ecosystems by writing to the Coastal Commission at 45 Fremont Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94105 or attending an offshore fracking protest outside one of their upcoming meetings. 

Dear Commissioners:

I’m writing to urge you to protect California’s marvelous marine animals and beautiful beaches by halting offshore fracking along our state’s coast.

I was appalled to learn recently that oil companies have been fracking offshore wells just off California’s shoreline, near Seal Beach and in the Santa Barbara Channel. Fracking pollution could endanger the people who surf, swim and kayak in these waters, as well as sea otters, dolphins and endangered species like the leatherback sea turtle.

Fracking, of course, is an incredibly controversial process in which water mixed with toxic chemicals is blasted into the earth to crack rocks and release oil and gas. Fracking can pollute our air and water. Fracking pollution has been linked to fish kills and human health problems in other states, and this toxic technique absolutely does not belong in California’s ocean.

I know the Coastal Commission works hard to safeguard our marine environment. Please put the brakes on offshore fracking to protect our seaside communities and all the amazing animals that roam our coastal waters.


Alicia Silverstone


Photo Credit: Epoch Times


  • billy belshaw

    nice one Alicia.
    we’re having the same problems in the uk with the prime minister announcing huge tax breaks for local councils willing to allow fracking in their areas. there is still opposition but the big energy companies are already pushing ahead with exploratory drilling being carried out.
    good luck over there and keep fighting.

  • tammy

    thank you for writing this – It seems that fracking is also causing earthquakes which is something California doesn’t need anymore of. Oklahoma has more earthquakes then CA now due to fracking.

  • Aaron

    Funny, I went from watching Blast from the Past to here via Google search and I’m glad I did as I appreciate the info and the dedication to to a site revealing issues like these.
    Thank you for caring.

    • Alicia Silverstone

      thank u so much
      im so happy u are here!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for standing up against fracking! I live in Oklahoma and because of fracking we now have earthquakes daily in my home town. In only a year they have gone from 3.0 to 4.0. I know those might sound small, but what will next year bring? How much longer till they start to cause major damage? If one state will change, then maybe the rest will follow!!! Ty!