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From My Closet: Funky Skirt & Classic Top

Congratulations Allison Jayne! You are this week’s winner!


Thank you for participating!! So many wonderful summer stories!


Rock this Alternative Apparel maxi skirt! This skirt was given to me recently. The colors are fun and it feels so comfy! It’s made with 100% rayon and will fit a S-M.

From My Closet

This white shirt is also from Alternative Apparel and is super soft and classic!! It is made from 100% organic pima cotton. It will work great with this flowy skirt and so much more. It will fit a S-M.

From My Closet

This cute necklace is made by Tumbleweed Bead Co. from recycled metals. This collection donates a portion of it’s sales to various organizations that work to empower women worldwide. These earrings were sent to me and seem fun.

If you want to win the items in this comfy summer outfit, leave me a comment below telling me about your summer and how you’ve been making the most out of the sunshine.

I will announce the winner on Saturday August 16th

With Love,




  • Rana Jeree

    My summer has included me relaxing in the sun, playing outdoor game night with family, tweeting and entering contests!

  • Kat Kerley

    Exploring our area in Texas (camping and road trips) before we move to North Carolina next year :)

  • Susan Lockridge Bran

    This summer we have been traveling through Central America and exploring Mayan ruins with the kids. Best summer ever!

  • Mia Paul

    To make my summer awesome I’ve been going to the beach a lot, doing yoga, enjoying fresh fruits especially watermelon :-) I also am about to complete my nutrition school and do yoga teacher training woohoo!!

  • Jenn Wayne

    I’m out of state so I’ve been trying to get everything together!

  • Anita

    I’ve totally been making the most of the sunshine this summer, really making an effort to connect with the outdoors. I’ve gone camping in Yosemite, gone camping at Bass Lake with the family and had group beach days and we have plans to hike half dome in a few weeks. It’s been an adventurous summer :)

  • lauraaragon

    We’ve spent two long weekends at the beach in San Diego – water sports and fresh local food. Bliss!

  • Krystyna Meade

    I have spent the summer taking a break from my nutrition schooling and preparing for my baby to be born in September. My husband and I bought a house and we have been remodeling. We are taking advantage of the sunshine by building garden beds and herb beds! I am excited to grow sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, etc. so I can make some yummy baby food.

  • Jennifer Hogue

    I would love to win something kind to the earth! I always buy second hand to be kinder to the planet, but it would be nice to win an earth-loving outfit! fingers crossed!

  • KarissaRenee

    I’ve been making the most of summer by spending less time on the computer and more time outdoors. I love hiking and playing soccer in the park with my boyfriend!

  • Tara McMahon

    I took my (then) 10 month old camping for the first time this summer. I was so excited for our first csmping trip together, but it was a bit of a disaster! We went to Olallie Lake in Oregon, and camped in these really adorable cabins. But the cabins are built into this rocky hill where these is NOWHERE to let a crawling baby play. As a single mom, it was a challenge! I couldn’t even put him down to use the outhouse and had to use it with him sitting on my lap! Poor buddy got a bit stor crazy having to be held soooo much. It was a challenge, but we made the most of it and Jev got to go hiking for the first time, swim in a lake, and go paddle boating. Camping with a baby is not for the faint of heart!

  • Carissa Shena Jetto

    Win win win! Happy to win from your closet!

  • Mandy

    My husband has the summers off from work so we have definitely been enjoying summer! We took a trip to Myrtle Beach. It was beautiful! We have been camping several times. We love to camp. There’s something so relaxing about getting away and getting close to nature. I also completed my first half marathon this summer! We’ve been outside a lot. The sunshine is good for the soul. 😉

  • Xtina gee

    I’ve been in summer school prepping for nursing school so I’ve been taking advantage of every minute of sunshine with my 2 year old daughter. We go for walks and to the park almost every day. We love the time we get to spend together playing with bubbles, climbing and running in the grass! I love that skirt and am keeping fingers and toes crossed that I win :)

  • Christine Spellacy

    Precious time with my
    children <3

  • Carrie Banks Hockman

    Unfortunately, my summer hasn’t been ideal. I work two, sometimes, three jobs and have a very active and community involved 14 year old daughter. The majority of my days consist of working and shuttling her and half the volleyball team around town! However, as a mommy, I embrace the few years I have left with her before she jets off to NYC! Whether it is on some fancy vacation or driving around town in my Kia, as long as I’m with her, that’s all that matters to me! Happy Summer!

  • Jo Perez

    Would love to win this for my beautiful daughter! I spent my summer working on my farmer’s tan while caring for my clients pets while they were away. AZ is HOT in the summer but I did my best to make it “cool” for the fur babies!

  • Heather Brown

    This has been my favorite summer since my childhood. I gave birth to our second daughter 6/3, and I’ve been home with them since. We’ve gone for walks together and to the waterpark. These two precious babies ARE my sunshine. I’m going to make the most of these last two weeks before I have to go back to work.

  • Lisa P.

    I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time outside being active this summer–taking bike rides, walks, gardening, hikes, etc. with my husband. It was a dreadful winter here, so I was itching to get outdoors as much as possible and I’ve definitely accomplished that goal.

  • Candace Wiseman

    After seeing my mm suffer a debilitating illness from a heart condition she and I both share, I decided to change by diet and eat more healthy fruits and vegetables. My partner and I decided we would go to a local park and grill out an all vegean meal to celebrate our first week of success. Since the. We have spent time in the park each week by eating a vegean meal together and enjoying being outside in the sunshine. It has become a great summer tradition and held us accountable during the week for our food choices by giving us something to look forward to.

  • Amber Andrews

    Floating in the river, hiking in the Gorge, picnics in the park, street fairs, and Timbers soccer games! Nothing compares to summer in the Pacific NW!! Xoxo

  • Devon Keefe Wible

    My summer has been all about enjoying every moment and trying to get outside and enjoy nature! My son, husband, and I have been enjoying local festivals — just went to a butterfly festival over the weekend — and have been focusing on spending quality time to together! We make the most out of the sunshine by getting out early and brining plenty of healthy snacks and lots of water. We enjoy as much as we can before it gets too hot!

  • Chelsie Beck

    What a cute outfit! It has been such wonderful weather where I live, so I have been going on walks every day. I love getting out in the sunshine!

  • Lisa Jackson Rigali

    Spending my summer nourshing my body, mind, & soul! I’m enjoying all the simple pleasures of summertime surrounded by family and friends. Long relaxing days at the park filled with the sounds of my son’s joyful laughter. –
    Living the kind life :-) xoxox

  • Alicia Cristal Trevino

    This summer I am enjoying this cooler than normal Texas weather : ) just sitting outside taking in the nature all around me, planting new flowers, and spending time with my boyfriend doing outdoor activities. I’m also planning for my peewee cheerleading team this fall! – Alicia

  • Andrea Lamont

    My summer has consisted of me making a major transformation to becoming vegan. I have had a lot of health issues in my life. Since my transformation, I have felt better in my own skin, feel energized, feel like I glow, and all my stomach issues that have plagued me for years has started to disappear. Now that I have more energy, I take the dog on 3 mile walks a day, kick box, partake in internal martial arts, go hiking on the weekends with my hubby when we can, and take advantage of the farmers market right next to my neighborhood. All and all it’s been a great summer :)

  • ap

    What nice summery basics! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Crystal Pierre

    Love this! My little ones and I have spent many days at the beach this summer, after moving from New Mexico to Michigan this past year. We are enjoying the water and soaking up the sun! This week I’m hoping to take them to a field of Sunflowers I discovered the other day, I want to run through them with my children and show them the joy in the God given beauty of this world!!

  • Ellen Sorg

    Hi Alicia,
    My family and I have enjoyed our summer so much . . . we have been picking food from our garden and cooking it, day by day. It’s a lovely way to enjoy fresh food grown in our own yard!! :) Thanks!!

  • Deirdre White Jones

    Brought my girls boating for the first time, love summer!!

  • Amanda Fritts

    It has been way too hot outside here but we are enjoying the last couple weeks of summer vacation by having fun indoors and swimming in our pool.

  • Janet Muscatello

    I enjoy the sunshine by making a big green smoothie. I pour it into a bowl and sit out in the bright sun and eat it with a spoon. I feel like I’m getting 20 minutes of vitamin D and healing my Multiple Sclerosis at the same time. This summer I have been using diet and exercise instead of m.s. drugs that I could no longer tolerate and am doing so much better. I wish everyone a great rest of summer!

  • Mandolin Ziadie

    I’ve spent as much time outside as possible – walking, swimming and just sitting by the lake reading or enjoying the beautiful serenity. Even on rainy days, it’s nice to be outdoors!

  • Alicia Cristal Trevino

    I am enjoying this cooler than normal texas weather by planting new flowers, doing outdoor activities, and sometimes just sitting and enjoying the nature all around me. I am also preparing for my peewee cheerleading team this Fall. The sunshine has been quite uplifting this summer : )

  • Noelle Savage

    We have had an amazingly mild summer on the east coast, and I have loved getting out with my two girls on hikes, to the lake, to the pool or just to play in the yard. I can’t remember a summer this wonderful in years!

  • Nicole Johnson Huckins

    We did so much camping! A few places around Lake Tahoe and once near Lassen Volcanic National Park. So fun!

  • Traci

    I have been enjoying the sunny summer days on my bike and the warm evenings ballroom dancing with my hubby! <3

  • Julia Smythe

    living in the city my patio is my refuge..a book and watching the tiny few hummingbirds we have here in the concrete jungle…

  • Elizabeth Hawley

    I am spending my summer growing fresh organic produce for a 50 member CSA!
    This is my second summer in the garden and I love every second of it. I am also a full share member of the garden and a (seven months so far) vegan! Your website and books are inspiring!!

  • Maria Wilkes

    I am purchasing a childcare center. I have spent the summer figuring out how to incorporate (slowly) macrobiotic principles and social skills. I have been exploring simple aspects of gardening (outisde) to teach kids.

  • Laura

    I am enjoying my grand baby in Ohio right now and then we are leaving this week to move to CA. Then we will be enjoying the ocean!

  • Chelsea Brookes

    As a student, I’ve been studying a lot this summer, and most of my time is spent inside the library with my nose buried in the books. But I’ve always appreciated the time outside when I go for a walk with my dog, and being outdoors is really refreshing for me; it definitely helps alleviate the stress. I love cozying up to a good book on a lounge chair in my grandmother’s garden. She spends so much time perfecting it and the flowers just bloom so beautifully, it really makes me appreciate how wonderful the summer season truly is. I am more of a winter girl, but my favourite times this summer have been outdoor barbecues with my family, roasting fresh veggies on the grill and making delicious soy veggie burgers. It makes me appreciate every single moment we have.

  • Rachel

    I was introduced to “Earthing” this year, and as an herbalist I am always down for new methods of earth healing :-) Today I walked 1 mile to the park barefoot and then laid in the grass under a big old Elm tree and meditated for 20 minutes. Now drinking a delicious Cucumber-ginger green smoothie! I have the recipe posted on my vegan blog,…so refreshing!

  • Megan

    I have taken my summer off from school to take control of my health. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 3 years ago and I have been on immune suppressant medication ever since. The problems with this are obvious so for the past three months I have dedicated myself to a vegan diet and health conscious lifestyle. It has been hard to give up coffee and alcohol and SAD foods because they are very much ingrained in our social interactions but I feel good inside for the first time in along time and I have hope again. The kind diet was introduced to me about two years before I was diagnosed and it planted a seed of inspiration for me. Thank you Alicia for making healthy living acceptable and stylish :)

  • Grace Kladstrup

    I’ve been enjoying this summer by starting my own business! Even though I’ve been spending so many afternoons inside hard at work, it has made those days off even that more special. Swimming and hiking in the mountains has been my top choice on those days off!

  • Megan

    I have taken my summer off from school to take control of my health. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 3 years ago and I have been on immune suppressant medication ever since. The problems with this are obvious so for the past three months I have dedicated myself to a vegan diet and health conscious lifestyle. It has been hard to give up coffee and alcohol and SAD foods because they are very much ingrained in our social interactions but I feel good inside for the first time in along time and I have hope again. The kind diet was introduced to me about two years before I was diagnosed and it planted a seed of inspiration for me. Thank you Alicia for making healthy living acceptable and stylish :)

  • LaurenC

    I’m swimming with my two toddler boys, maintaing a vegetable container garden, started jogging and trying to live a healthier lifestyle for ME and my kids. Reminding myself that I need to do
    What’s best for my family and to
    Enjoy every minute of these beautiful babies! They grow up too fast. Xo Lauren

  • Cara Olson

    I just moved from the high desert of Santa Fe, NM to the low coast of St Pete, Fl. I’ve been getting to know my new surroundings, enjoying the beach, and working my way through the local vegan restaurants. I’m a teacher, and now I have to start my new job, so my fantasy life summer is over :)

  • Jennifer Bilodeau

    Just finished up my last class for my AAA Accounting Degree this week and now onto my job search. Hanging out with my 14 year old son and just picked up a copy of “The Kind Diet” a few days ago. Really enjoying reading it…and making up a shopping list! I also just recently enjoyed an amazing day hiking up at Paradise, Mt. Rainier. It was Awesome to see so many people playing in the snow just wish I had a good sunscreen that worked…because I’m blistering burnt! Ouch.

  • Jennifer Bilodeau

    Just finished up my last class for my AAA Accounting Degree this week and now onto my job search. Hanging out with my 14 year old son and just picked up a copy of “The Kind Diet” a few days ago. Really enjoying reading it…and making up a shopping list! I also just recently enjoyed an amazing day hiking up at Paradise, Mt. Rainier. It was Awesome to see so many people playing in the snow just wish I had a good sunscreen that worked…because I’m blistering burnt! Ouch.

  • Brooke

    While it is winter in Australia where I live we are still blessed with warm, sunny days. My favorite activity from the weekend was taking my dog for a walk, then lying together in the park, soaking up the rays while I read ‘the kind mama’ which was great! Am hoping there will be another book on its way… maybe ‘the kind childhood’? :)

  • Lauren Maher

    I have been enjoying taking my dogs on long walks outside and exploring new hiking spots. I’ve also started to take my reading outside. Gotta love that vitamin D.

  • LaurenC

    I’m swimming with my two toddler boys, maintaing a vegetable container garden, started jogging and trying to live a healthier lifestyle for ME and my kids. Reminding myself that I need to do
    What’s best for my family and to
    Enjoy every minute of these beautiful babies! They grow up too fast. Xo Lauren

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    Ah, this summer has been wonderful. Not even necessarily because I’ve done anything amazing, but it’s because for the first time in two years I’ve had (what feels like) an abundance of free time. I work full time and go to school full time and last summer I opted to also take a summer class. This year, I took the summer off and have continued working, but in my free time I’ve been able to experiment with lots of amazing new recipes, sun bathe (not too much though!), and catch up on some books I’d been meaning to read. All of it may sound boring to anyone else, but it has been just lovely. We even got a few cooler weeks here in Texas which meant taking advantage of that with lots of walks and hiking.

  • Mama Tummy

    Our summer has been great! We’ve spent Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market, working on our backyard to hopefully put in a garden soon, and spending lots of time with family. We just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday in a park yesterday. So much fun!

  • Aurora Parlin

    My summer has been going well! I take our dogs on a walk every day (after slathering on a vegan moisturizer with an SPF, of course!) and they love being outside and getting exercise.

  • schmooiebear

    I volunteer to walk dogs at the nearby animal shelter. Great way to be out in nature and helping the pups too!

  • Krystal Dawn

    Such a cute outfit! Summer has been full of family time and fun trips. I finally took my girls strawberry picking at an Organic farm near Santa Cruz that I’ve been wanting to go to forever!

  • Allyson Barnes

    I’m right in the middle of my only two weeks off this year from medical school. I spent the beginning of my summer in ORs and delivering babies and with my precious 2 weeks I spent one at the lake with my family and the second right now with my boyfriend at his home in the states…. Having no time off makes appreciating the sun, outdoors, the beach (and sleep) so much easier!

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Just this past weekend, family visited. :-) We sat out on my deck, caught each other up on life & love, drank lemonade & enjoyed a beautiful humid free couple of days. It was wonderful!

    Thank you for such a great giveaway, Alicia!

  • Serena Ruth

    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14 (20 years) but decided to become a vegan June 1. By far the best summer of my life and I’ve been able to show two friends kind and compassionate living, and they have both been vegan since July 1. :)

  • Marianne T

    We are doing little trips in town. with the kids this summer – park, amusement park, museums. We usually go to L.A. every summer to visit family. This yr i had brain surgery so we didn’t go to cali. Recovering well. New vegan! Picked up the kind diet
    Book recently. Hoping to not do radiation for remaining tumor. Letting the body do its healing. Savoring every day of this kind life. :)

  • SJ Calderon

    We’ve been spending as much time as possible taking our 3 year old to animal sanctuaries. We want her to understand the importance of all lives, little or big, furry or other. If you get a chance check out Esther the Wonder Pig here in Toronto – a remarkable story! It’s also been great to show her where some of our fruits and veggies come from. Have to say raspberry picking was our all time favourite to date! Yay summer!

  • Laurie

    I’ve been making the most out of the summer sunshine by staying inside in the air conditioning. It is too hot in AZ to go out during the day!

  • Ember and Steve

    I just returned from Austin, Tx today and had the best summer trip ever. My best friend has a 5 month old and I finally got to meet her. On the plane ride home I read a magazine article and found out about your new partnered vitamin line! As a vegan, I cannot wait to order the D3 and B12! Thank you!

  • Bethany Lawson

    Outdoors with the kiddos

  • Michelle Burgroff

    Summer with three active boys is crazy and fun. Before they wake up, I start the day with meditation and yoga. We fill the long days of summer with swimming, sidewalk chart, reading, arts & crafts, bowling, visiting museums, friends and family. Then there are the days when we doing nothing but hang out at home and relax. We started experimenting with different types of vegan smoothies and we each have our own faves. To make the most of the Florida sunshine, I started line drying our clothes instead of using the dryer. The smell of real sunshine is refreshing, clean and of course earth friendly. :)

  • sofaastrout

    Summer has been pretty great so far! Happy to have my husband home from deployment and enjoying the sunshine, seasonal produce and beach.

  • Michelle Howe

    I spend lunch everyday outside and get fresh air! I park by a tree so I can hear the birds sing. I love my peaceful spot!

  • Adelle Tess Ann Coombs

    My summer has been spent loving my family. Swimming with children, visiting with grandma and catching up with a far away sister. Much love

  • Alyssa Parker

    I’ve been exploring he PNE by finding new hikes, paddle boarding for the first time, hiking and kayaking. So lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  • dingojen

    Just stumbled onto your website. Enjoying the outdoors and running, but found out I have very high cholesterol (and not the “good kind). I am fit and try to watch what I eat, but looks like a vegan diet might lower it. Doc. wants me on statins (thinks it is hereditary), but I am going to try vegan first. So for the remainder of my summer I plan on continuing to exercise, enjoy my family and do lots of vegetarian shopping and cooking for us all. My husband is in for a real shock!

  • Michelle Burgroff

    (Not sure if my first comment went through so I am trying again ) We have spent the summer cultivating a garden that attracts pollinators such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. My boys are learning the importance of mother nature. We are making the most of the FL sunshine by line drying our clothes instead of using the dryer. Our clothes have the fresh smell of real sunshine. :)

  • Karen Wisneski Patel

    My favorite days were spent at the beach…such power and comfort at the same time. And watching the kids enjoy it…even better!

  • Megan

    My husband and I have been trying out new vegan recipes together-on the grill :) along with taking walks to a nearby park! We enjoy being outside soaking up the sun every moment we can!

  • Gittel

    Hi Alicia! Our summer has been awesome! We are finishing it off w/a trip to Riviera Maya, MX; first lengthy family vacation! We are sun worshipers, and are doing something outdoors every chance we get! Muchas gracias for the opportunity to win this beautiful give-away!!

  • Tiffany Norris

    Getting outside every chance I get–and trying to walk in the sunshine instead of staying in the shade! (Although that’s tough here in Texas!)

  • Amy Hourigan

    I have enjoyed the summer sun every day with my three children on our path to total kindess! We have spent each Sunday exploring a different hiking trail in our beautiful state of NC, watching them marvel at nature and at it has to offer has made for a memorable summer!

  • emilie anderson

    Hiking hiking and more hiking and some swimming!

  • Sanna Haynes

    I’ve been enjoying the summer breeze by sitting outside whenever I can. Swimming with my family has be a regular activity, as well. :)

  • Hailey Ann

    This summer has been one for the books. I got married to a wonderful man! The wedding was small, only five people in total because my husband had just graduated college and that was all we could afford for the time being, but it was perfect. No gown, no flowers, just happy tears, family, and one killer homemade vegan chocolate cake made by my mother-in-law. :) I met my biological sister for the first time a month later. I dreamed of having a sister throughout my childhood, and in July, a childhood dream came true! We have lots more catching up to do, but just to hug her for the first time…I’ll never forget that moment. I entered into the final year of my twenties, spent much needed time at the beach with my family, and found hundreds of perfect, dried sand dollars on a new little island that basically popped up overnight. I’ve also been spending lots of time in my backyard, which has become a hummingbird, honey bee and butterfly haven, thanks to a very cool neighbor who helped me plant lots of bushes and flowers that attract them. Wonderful summer!

  • A Lamb

    Every day I go out on my noon hour lunch and hike around the city. I am getting my vitamin d and a great tan from just the quick hour in the sun. My mood is better than ever and I feel great! Everybody should pledge one hour minimum in the sun each day. We are vitamin d deficient as a species, over 70%! Enjoy the sun, embrace the sun, and respect the sun.

  • Jennifer Strickland

    Walking in the beautiful beach sand and watching the most gorgeous sunsets over the waves. I just moved to the beach area a few months ago and have loved every second of it.

  • Hailey Hodges

    First time mom on the third of July; loving baby wearing in the summer sunshine. This outfit looks perfect and easy for breastfeeding!

  • The Hippie Gypsy Ⓥ

    Well my summer has been a crazy whirlwind! I am 6 months pregnant and my husband and I just got custody of his two daughters (9, 12) about a week and a half ago! We have been trying to fit walks down to the local beach in between soccer sign up, piano lessons, swimming, and school enrollment. They help me every night make vegan dinners for the whole family and are adjusting to a plant based lifestyle with amazing grace. We have been busy but are really enjoying all our good fortune! Next weekend I hope to teach them to surf or SUP!

  • Suz

    I’ve been worshipping my CSA share!

  • Erica

    This summer I have been a nanny for three kids! This is the third year in a row that I have done this and I have been watching these kids for 8 years now, so they are family to me. We have been enjoying the pool, the creek, and even just water balloon games outside. I also went to Ethiopia for two weeks this summer with my nursing school. It was the most amazing experience of my life! We worked with a nursing school over there and the NICU at the local hospital. I will be forever grateful for everything I learned and experienced over there! And I got a lot of sunshine in the process!

  • Hailey Hodges

    First time mom on July third; enjoying babywearing in the summer sunshine. This outfit looks perfect and easy for breastfeeding!

  • Crystal Vaughn

    Summer is my favorite season! My fiance and I enjoy it by going on lots of long weekend hikes, a week at the beach and lots of delicious healthy picnics in between!

  • Allison Jaynes

    We have been spending our weekends in sunny Colorado going camping in the mountains with our two dogs, one of whom is new to our family. He did not have a nice life before ending up at the shelter, and so we’re patiently showing him how to be a dog and the pleasures that exist in a sunny day wandering around the mountain country. (With dog-safe sunscreen applied to their little noses on sunny days, of course!) He’s getting the hang of it! Here’s a shot from our adventures last weekend: Mason and Edith enjoying a day of sunshine and mountain air!

  • Samantha Plotkin

    Hubby and I have been spending a lot of time out of doors — fruit picking (strawberries and blueberries so far!) and hiking on the weekend and sneaking in walks with the dog during the week.

  • Hailey Hodges

    First time mom on July third; enjoying babywearing in the summer sunshine. This outfit looks perfect and easy for breastfeeding!

  • Whitney Allison Shook

    Hi Alicia! This summer I have been doing a lot of traveling throughout Colorado. I just graduated from undergrad, so I also took an awesome celebratory road trip to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and then up to Banff. I tried mountain biking for the first time, became a stronger rock climber, AND became an aunt. This saturday is my 27th birthday, and winning this outfit would be an awesome present! Take care!

  • Brandi Young

    I have been making the most of the sunshine by waking up earlier with the sunrise! Brings me so much peace to be part of the blue quiet of morning!

  • Cindy

    Since I work indoors, I cherish every moment I can spend outside in the sunshine. I have a small suburban yard, and I what I enjoy most is working in my garden which is really habitat for all the animals who also call my yard home. This summer, I’ve enjoyed watching and helping my robin pair raise and fledge 3 sets of nestlings. Right now I have a song sparrow pair that is nesting in my front yard. Many species of birds, several toads, squirrels, and a chipmunk who drives my kitties nuts call our yard home. I know my animal friends know me and believe they are safe so they go about their business and let me share their yard as well as their special moments. Nothing is better than on a beautiful sunny morning, to get up, sit outside and have the birds and squirrels ask me for some seed, peanuts and raisins. I’ve got to fatten everyone up so they can last our cold Cleveland winter!

  • Natalie McMonagle

    Creating our first edible garden with my one year-old daughter! Lots of exploring in the backyard with shovels, hands, ears, eyes, noses and tongues!

  • Jenni Orr

    My summer has been great! My husband, daughters and I recently moved to Montana and we are loving all the outdoor activities. We take the girls to the park and the carousel frequently and enjoy playing in the backyard. I made the switch to vegan in June–I’ve been on again off again for 7 years. I always said it was for my health and that I wasn’t and animal rights activist, but I haven’t found the dedication to stick to it for life. I recently watched a few documentaries about factory farming and animal cruelty and I think I’ve found my commitment! There is no way I will ever be able to support those industries again. It’s been an educational summer!

  • Courtney Balles

    My summer was spent inside studying. Now that I finally have a month off I just headed up to Vermont with aprox 15 friends for an amazing weekend of camping. While the boys grilled meat the girls stayed veg and threw lots of fresh veggies over the fire, ate raw fresh fruit including mango, watermelon, and lychee, and had wonderful amazing quinoa and kale burrito wraps with chickpeas. It was so wonderful to run around barefoot and connect with nature. We even got out the Dr Bronners and took quick baths in the lake! :)

  • Cary Markin

    I just got back from a three day backpacking trip. Swimming in a crystal lake, watching the fish swim by and picking wild huckleberries for my oatmeal.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been making the most out of the sunshine by spending time on the gorgeous roofdeck of the apartment I’m currently subletting!

  • echo2006

    Stay home in our treehouse almost everyday..with the kids half dressed..skinny dipping, hanging clothes on clothes line, picking beans and berries,just hanging with the family..don’t want September to arrive for school!!

  • Jennifer Ham

    This summer I’ve gone to the park with my children to get out into the sunshine. I’ve also been transitioning back to becoming vegan (after previously falling off the wagon) and using my diet to put my arthritis into remission and hopefully heal/reverse it.

  • Carrie D.

    I try to take walks on the Nature Trail at the museum where I work as often as I can this summer. Some days it’s been too hot or rainy, but I’ve still enjoyed getting out there when I can.

  • Nikki Struber

    Early morning hikes and laying out just before monsoons hit in the afternoon…love taking pictures of the clouds or sitting in the warmth while I meditate! Self-care at it’s finest! :)

  • Nichole Grabert

    My family and I have been trying to spend more time in the sunshine and less time inside this summer. Spending time at the park, beach and even in our own backyard has just been great! I can really tell a difference when we soak in some vitamin D. In the kitchen, I’ve been trying to clear out the ugly and bring in the fresh :) My son is a picky eater so I’m trying to stop with all of the starchy/high sugar foods and bring in more whole foods that he may or may not try. Other than that, I’ve been trying some new lunchtime exercise classes at work to try and get back into shape as well as walking when I can. Summer is a great time to relax, have fun and enjoy family :)

  • Mary Ellen

    I’ve had a wonderful summer with my family/kids!! Lots of celebrations and graduations and milestones for our family this summer!

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    My husband and I just returned from a 421 mile bicycle tour around Sakakawea Country in ND. Cyclists come from all over the United States for this beautiful week long ride. The entire way is speckled with friendly faces, signs of encouragement and the best home cookin’ from local farmers, church groups, and various other organizations. Evenings are spent in designated camping areas with local small town entertainment such as accordions, fiddles, waltzing and polkas. The best part of the trip is when you return. I have legs of steel!

  • Diane

    Wow! What a busy summer I’ve had so far. I’ve spent my days in the summer sunshine coaching my daughter’s fastpitch softball team and jogging daily on my lunch to get an extra dose of Vitamin D! Plus my front flower garden looks Fab due to the amazing amount of attention that I’ve been giving it =)

  • Ayla Pier

    I have spent the summer with my family doing many outdoor activities! Together we are trying to bike very inch of the Towpath Trail and hike every trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We are also trying to go kayaking as much as we can. My family has also recently purchased two paddle boards, which we took with us when we stayed at Sandbridge Beach. When we are not on the go, I spend a lot of time taking care of our vegetable garden, strawberry patch, blue berries, grapes, and assorted fruit trees! Our family values homegrown, organic, and vegan food because it betters our health and the environment. We have had an excellent summer, and I hope everyone else has as well!

  • Bridget Avalos

    My summer has been spent looking for a job, but on the weekends my wonderful husband and I have been visiting friends and family, watching soccer tournies, hiking, and taking day trips to the beach.Right now I live for the weekends, but I have a feeling there is a great job right around the corner for me!

  • bereniceweber

    hi Alicia, I am a bit of a chubby vegan, too many vegan donuts 😉 so I cannot fit in the lovely skirt or t-shirt BUT I love the earring and the necklace. I am an animal activist who lives in San Diego, I love to educate people on the cruelty of farming factory by leafleting Vegan Outreach materials, but this summer I had a first in San Diego, Ringling Bros. Circus was in town this past weekend, so I joined other activist to speak in behalf of the animals in the circus, it was great to see families learning how we exploit animals for entertainment and leaving the circus without going in, this is me, last Friday outside the Sports Arena, happy helping speak for the poor dear animals at the circus, this is my summer so far! <3 from San Diego, California


    My summer was full of spending time with my son. I have been a working mother for much of my son’s existence. A few years ago I decided to go back to school and in May I graduated! (Heck yeah!) Well anyway my job of almost 7 years decided to lay me off. I took it as a new beginning and wondered why not take the time and spend some well overdue quality time with my son? We made a long list of things to do such as planting flowers, doing crafts, going to the Art Museum, play board games, and having a dance party just to name a few. :)

  • Keleigh Friedrich

    For me, every summer is an intensive inward focus where I participate in and support others in a 6-week herbal cleanse and weekend self-awareness workshops, culminating in a 10-day silent retreat on Mt. Shasta, with a group called the Awareness Institute. This was my 9th summer engaged in this work, and it is always profoundly transformational, both spiritually and physically. I’d love to win these decorative beauties as part of my intention to be more loving and compassionate with myself, and embrace my feminine energy! Thanks, Alicia, for all you do within the vegan community and beyond. xo

  • Jennifer Contessa

    I’m in Upstate New York this summer. The weather has been utterly amazing. We have gone on our friend’s boat on Saratoga Lake and enjoyed parasaling in Lake George. It is so beautiful up here! We have watched amazing light shows from thunderstorms, a full moon and beautiful sunsets. We’re all riding our bikes through Saratoga Spa State Park together as a family. It had been a great way to bring us all together. It’s is so good to breathe fresh air and get enjoyable exercise. We’re going to visit all the hot springs in and around Saratoga and the Saratoga battlefield. Hopefully this awesome weather will continue so we can have picnics in the park.

  • Sierra Kluson

    There is truly nothing better than NYC in the summer! The simple pleasure of sitting in Central Park after work reading a book is amazing. Not to mention all the great outdoor summer markets! :)

  • Anne

    My summer has also consisted of transforming into a vegan. After watching several documentaries (thanks to Netflix:)) on “Factory Farming” and how it affects not only precious animals but our health and the economy led me to do some extensive researching. I cant even look at a hamburger the same and it only took one hour to convince me of the decision to try my best to cut animal products out of my diet and way of life. I have since then also contacted a farm animal sanctuary near me in Cleveland, OH. I am volunteering there on a regular basis and believe its one of the best things Ive done! On top of that, my summer has also consisted of many trips to the dog park with my crazy 3 yr old American Bulldog, Zoey & multiple trips with the family!

  • Raine Dawson

    It’s been a quiet and relaxing summer. I’ve really enjoyed gardening this year since I didn’t have anywhere to do one before, I’ve had a lot of trips to the Farmers Markets which is my favorite place to go in the Summer. Other than that I’ve been catching up on reading sitting outside in a sun/shade mix.

  • GK Okuma

    There is so much healing in going outside… in particular, two important people in my life suffer from physical and mental conditions. Taking walks outside in nature soothes their symptoms. I take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate my love and support while making the most of the bright rays of summer by walking and talking with them. Thank you for reading. :)

  • Moon Cat

    I have been fishing almost every weekend in the Chesapeake Bay. When home, been piddling around the house and garden. Got a new puppy last month and am busy playing and teaching her stuff!

  • Tabitha

    Laying on the grass with my 3 children. Eating healthy vegan food and taljing about what we love best about summer. We also like to play a game where we lay down, close our eyes and take turns telling eachother what we hear.

  • Angela Marie

    My summer eh! Well, there have been lots of ups and downs but I get brought right back up from the quiet solitude I get while waiting to greet the morning sun. The warm hello energizes my skin and soul and I feel once again renewed to take on the day! :)

  • Jessica L Spindler

    I got out and walked everyday during lunch while at work this summer. It’s really the only alone time I get since I’m living with my in-laws trying to save money so my husband and I can buy our first home. If I could spend all day walking through local neighborhoods, I would have. I do what I can. Thanks.

  • Austin McCree

    I’ve been making the most out of my summer by starting a new tradition of having breakfast and tea on my patio every morning to prep myself for busy workdays ahead!

  • Jovanna Minnery

    I have enjoyed spending quality time this summer with my 3 year old son. We have been going to the pool, beach, and park. I am truly grateful to be able to spend this time with him and cherish him so much. I also tried “clean eating” this summer and was surprised at how tasty the food has been, but especially how much energy I’ve had, which comes in handy with a little one running around. I am happy that I have made this change for myself and my family. I have also tried the Kind Organics line and loved the women’s multiple vitamin and B12 supplements. Thank you for creating this line!
    : )

  • Kyra

    I spent a lot of the summer at the beach teaching my child to boogie board, surf, and over all a become a better swimmer. We also spent time learning about turtle rehabilitation from the aquarium, and spent a wonderful afternoon at a 1800’s old farm making candles, doll husks, and playing with old toys made from wood. Loved that although it was an old farm and had animals it was a no kill. It made it that much greater!! Although I made sure to get a ton of pictures; we put down our electronics and focused on what truly matters: family and friends!

  • Julianne

    This summer I got married!! It was more than I could have ever dreamed of:) We’ve also spent many weekends camping at different lakes around the country and enjoying daily walks and swims!

  • Alisha

    I’ve spent my summer with family & friends while trying to feel better! I have Crohn’s disease & a j-pouch (I lost my colon a decade ago) so that’s been my fulltime job lately. I have 2 adorable nephews & spend a lot of time looking at pictures & watching videos of their beautiful faces & hilarious antics:) It’s great to see vegans/vegetarians like you inspiring people! I’m from a tiny town in SC, so sometimes I feel freakish for not eating meat. Cool outfit! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. PS–Love your name;)

  • Michelle Burgroff

    (Not sure if my comment went through so I am trying again) We have
    spent the summer cultivating a garden that attracts pollinators such
    as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. My boys are learning the
    importance of mother nature. We are making the most of the FL
    sunshine by line drying our clothes instead of using the dryer. Our
    clothes have the fresh smell of real sunshine. :)

  • marciferous

    I love summer! It’s been unseasonably cool on several occasions, so I’ve taken advantage of it to spend more time outdoors than I normally would this time of year.

  • Hailey Brewster

    I’ve been making the best of summer by hiking and trail running in the early morning or late at night outside Las Vegas, NV. It is so incredibly hot here, but I love it all the same. I also find myself appreciating summer for all the great produce in season – right now I am enjoying figs.

  • Leslie Jean

    This summer was all about getting healthy and teaching the kids! I am the school librarian and taught computer classes this summer. I also had surgery on my foot and was teaching three days after. I am finally cleared for physical activity and soaking in the pool/hot tub/lake or bathtub…finally!!! I cannot wait to get a pedicure with my vegan nail polish I just picked up. I am a flirt with vegan food and am slowly incorporating your recipes into my daily routine. It is hard to keep my energy up with my Crohns Disease, but I am trying my best….bring on the kids back at school tomorrow and my boxing classes. Rock On!

  • Jessica

    I’ve been going to central park once a week. It’s been so freeing to spend some time in nature, get some sun, and then move to the shade with a good book or listen to music on my phone. There is even a Le Pain Quotidien that has a great coconut chia pudding if I get hungry. I really believe that spending time outside in nature is the best therapy.

  • jtlittlelong

    After being diagnosed with bipolar 2 with ptsd(post truamtic stress disorder) over the winter and dealing with all the depression that comes with that and the rainy seasons (WA state) im finally able to enjoy some outside sunshine time. I havent felt this good in a long time. So this summer i have taken great pleasure in little things like watching my toddler learn to walk ( hes 18 months and has had some delays) on the grass going;to a friends gender reveal party family campouts going to water parks where my kids chase each other or going to the ocean to just put your feet in the water. Its wonderful that i can again enjoy these things and know it may not always last but am grateful to have sunshine to be out in!

  • Anna

    One of my favorite ways to enjoy the summer weather is to enjoy walks on the beach during the early evening. I get to reflect on my day while enjoying God’s beautiful creation and getting a little exercise as well. When I was younger I was even lucky enough to stumble upon hatching sea turtles and was fortunate enough to watch their journey to the sea!

  • Katelyn Warren

    I enjoy the sunshine by sitting on my back deck with my family and dogs. My backyard has a creek and lots of trees. There is little better than sitting out in the sunshine on a beautiful day with the people you love. Plus, my dogs love chasing tennis balls and being outside. We all feel a little better and more connected to the world around us after spending that time in nature with each other. These are some memories I will always cherish and never forget.

  • Amanda

    I’m making the most of my summer by taking a relaxing walk around my neighborhood after sitting in traffic!

  • Rachel

    This summer has been an amazing one for my family! Earlier this year we did a huge move across the US from California to South Carolina (my husband is in the military). We bought a house in a small town with an acre of land, lots of beautiful flowers and trees and an amazing garden. We’ve been soaking up the sun out on our beautiful property and in our salt water pool. It’s been incredible and so grounding and relaxing!

  • Kim Edwards

    I recently moved back home to save money and with the freedom from a massive rent bill, I have been able to work less and travel more! Always having wanted to move to Southern California, I got to accept a trip to LA, which was AMAZING (I fell in love with the culture, weather, hiking in the Hollywood hills!) I also got to accept an amazing trip to explore Genoa, Italy, Nice, France, and Monaco (also fell in love with the weather and mountains there!) back in South Florida, I went vegan two weekends ago and soaking in all of the sunshine I can get when I’m not working :)

  • Megan

    I have taken my summer off from school to take control of my health. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 3 years ago and I have been on immune suppressant medication ever since. The problems with this are obvious so for the past three months I have dedicated myself to a vegan diet and health conscious lifestyle. It has been hard to give up coffee and alcohol and SAD foods because they are very much ingrained in our social interactions but I feel good inside for the first time in along time and I have hope again. The kind diet was introduced to me about two years before I was diagnosed and it planted a seed of inspiration for me. Thank you Alicia for making healthy living acceptable and stylish!

  • Allison Litten

    For me, the best sunshine was spent in DC with my niece. She’s about to turn 4 and so much fun. We ran around outside and while she was at camp I wandered the streets of DC in search of amazing vegan food. I found it!

  • Monica Mansfield

    I’ve been soaking up the sunshine every chance I get. Last week I spent a day on the beach in Nantucket with friends I hadn’t seen since Christmas!

  • Amanda Williams

    I love taking my daughter to a park and letting her explore.

  • Kylee

    Hi Alicia! I’m SO excited to share the start of my journey with you and hopefully others as well as I travel along my new path in life. I am 35 and have been trying to become pregnant with my husband for 2 years. Of course we have done all the fertility testing and such which all came back fine for both of us. So what then is the problem??? I became saddened, frustrated, and even unhealthy in my exercise and food habits due to despair. I researched a lot online and FINALLY became excited when I started learning about food as medicine. So yesterday I made up my mind to go for it! I juiced yesterday morning, had a fabulous vegetable mix for lunch and then I went to the store to buy a brand new organic prenatal that the store employee directed me to. He made me super happy when he told me what it also came with a coupon totally sealing the deal! Then he told me I ALSO got a free book with it…..well, that was not as exciting to me at the time. Turns out, it was your book The Kind Mama. I have to be honest, the thought of another celebrity telling me all about their fabulous life was not what I was looking for. Alicia, your book hit me hard! It IS amazing! I have read the whole thing in ONE day! It’s really like God, the universe, or whatever you believe in sent me out yesterday and bombarded me with all sorts of positive signs and affirmations! I am incredibly excited to start this new journey with The Kind Diet as a new approach to fertility as well as a way to being the healthiest I can be as God and nature intended me to be! Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story so others can learn and grow too. My story of summer has started off slowly, but there is new hope and power inside me that I pray grows even brighter and stronger. This has been my summer, as hard as it has been, (as long as this story is getting, sorry!), it has become one of the most inspiring and educational summers ever. I look forward to an even BETTER and HEALTHIER summer next year!! !!! !

  • bella1120

    I would love this!

  • Shannon

    I like to spend time outdoors with my dogs, walking them and taking them out to the balcony. I love how one of them loves to track other animals, while the other one simply wants to roll in the grass.

  • Kelly Tomlinson

    I’ve been enjoying a relaxing summer with my pets, eating healthy (lots of veggies & fruit), exercising, and slathering on the SPF! Oh and is Shark Week so I’ve been loving that too!

  • Melissa Peterson

    I spent the summer trying to grow my first garden… without any luck! But it’s on next spring, for sure! I’m not going to let this setback get me down!

    I also joined a gym- trying to lose that baby weight! All in all, it’s been a great summer, hands down!

  • Tiffany Florestal-Gadbury

    This summer has been a honeymoon with my new home city Durham, NC. Each week I’m continuously delighted: green space, mindful businesses, and a beautiful community of people. Farmland rolls into a vibrant downtown within an arm’s reach. My evenings at the downtown market will be forever remembered as my commitment to Durham flourishes in the years to come.

  • Shelly Brown

    I’ve been going to a new beach on Maui every chance I get. I just moved here in March and there are still many more to explore.

  • Loni Kayleene

    I have been enjoying the summer by traveling the west coast (when I can), swimming at Lake Tahoe, winning first place for the local Humane Society ‘Walk for Animals’, regularly walking a pony and two dogs (at separate times that is), hiking the great outdoors with my significant other, and last but not least, enjoying time at home with my 6 precious kitty babies. May everyone’s summer be full of love, laughter, and living!

  • Lisa

    I have spent my summer enjoying the outdoors with my two pups and cooking healthy eats for the family. Even the pups are getting home made digestion friendly dog food!

  • Macy

    Last summer I was 9 months pregnant with a 2.5 year old. I didn’t do much. But this summer! Oh THIS summer had been awesome! Park days, beach fun, bike rides, picnics, summer concerts, long night walks, a Hawaiian vacation, and just hanging with the kiddos! It’s been wonderful. I’ll be sad when it’s over and I go back to teaching and the kids go to school/daycare.

  • Frenchpetal

    I admit I’ve gotten almost addicted to sweating! It feels so good to be active, to get sweaty, and then cool down with a fresh smoothie, a shower and lying under my fan to dry off. A cat nap and/or relaxation meditation is usually doable at this time, too. 😀

  • Sandy

    Such a cute outfit, my teenager would love it!

    We have been enjoying the sunshine by taking walks around the neighborhood and cruising the nearby farmer’s market! It is so peaceful to be out in the fun, fingering wholesome foods, and savoring the mountain breezes!

  • Michelle Neilson

    I have spent many hours out in the sunshine this summer as part of my job at Whole Foods Market, where I spend a few days a week as a front runner. Honestly not been doing much else. That wears me out. Getting some really great exercise and an amazing tan though. :)

  • Sara Melander

    How fun! Ive been enjoying the summer transitioning back to a vegan diet with my daughter, after years of experimentation with vegetarian, raw vegan. and low carb paleo. We are happiest, and healthiest as vegans, so we have been losing all the animal products and replacing them with real goodies. Other than that we have swam in the ocean, gone ice skating, practiced ballet, and visited family. No major excursions, but its still been the best summer ever!

  • Chandel Davis

    This has been a pivotal summer in my life! I graduated in May with a degree in environmental science and I start my first “real job” on Monday. It has been an amazing summer filled with friends, the beach, a trip to Yosemite, and of course applying for jobs like a mad woman. I feel truly blessed about all that has happened this summer, and in my life!

  • Janie Brooks McQueen

    My husband and I decided to get rid of our second car, for environmental and financial reasons. We live in the country, and although we have four children, we took the plunge this summer to see if we could make it work. My husband works for himself as a landscape architect and has our sole vehicle most of the day. At first I felt completely helpless. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to survive without getting to the store whenever I needed to, or take the kids to the pool or summer movie clubs, or anything! And then I got used to planning ahead… doubling (and tripling up) on errands where I’d foolishly wasted gas and time before with separate trips. We’d go for family fun activities together when my husband got home. For some reason I see my family more than ever! We eat at home more; we cook more. About the kids and the pool? We bought a salt water pool for them to swim and stay cool, and their swimming has improved drastically! No kitschy daycare/camps, no frantic coming and going in a hot car with everyone all hot and sticky and complaining… This summer has been simple and peaceful.

  • Lori Smith

    Hi Alicia! My summer. I have been enjoying the down time with the kids home for summer vacation. We adopted a puppy to add to the fur-babies we already have, so that makes 3 cats, 3 dogs now (All rescues)☺ The summer has been a ball of different emotions, happy enjoying the outdoors where we live in Oregon, happy with the connections my children and I are able to make each day with fun activities such as, outdoor play, art time, and hitting the local farms/farmers markets. On the down side of my summer, we have been hit hard with fires, so there is where the emotions have kind of sorta hit the lower scale, I can’t help but be more aware and or sad from time to time, with our forest burning on the border of Oregon/California and hope that everyone and everything is okay. My post isn’t to bring anyone down by any means, just mentioning what my summer has been so far…helps me to be mindful of my surroundings, my family and to appreciate every moment I have, I am thankful for all the simple things that come my way and the major things too. Our town has had its share of animals, cougars, beers, and deers Oh My this past week, so it has been an adventure! ☺ Anyway hope you have had a great summer and that you are having a blast and keeping safe!? I sure am glad I found this page, I do so enjoy your post, recipes and fun ideas you bring here. Go-vegan! Thank you and blessings!♥

  • Jededa

    This summer I’ve kept busy by getting out to work early before the sun gets too hot.
    Since I commute by train into downtown LA, I try to wear light fabric clothing and change to my business attire once I’m at work.
    As time permits, I meet up with friends to take advantage of some of the concerts and festivals taking place around town.
    Sundays are my day to do early morning TaiChi in the park and take advantage of the summer bounty of fresh produce at the local Farmers Market.
    I plan on rounding out the summer by inviting freinds & family over for a “farewell to summer” get togheter and vegetarian feast prepared by yours truly.

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Out and about walking and using Car2Go.

  • Stephanie

    My summer has been spent camping, visting a new farmer’s market, and trying new green smoothie recipes.

  • angie wilding

    This summer we adopted a new dog Nana and she is beautiful, we have been taking her everywhere we can take a dog and enjoying the Florida sunshine!