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Giveaway: Santa Monica’s Vegan Oktoberfest

Congratulations Natasha! You are the winner of the 2 VIP tickets to Vegan Oktoberfest. Enjoy!

Thanks to all who participated!!


If you’ll be in the LA area this weekend, enter to win 2 VIP tickets to Vegan Oktoberfest!!! This fall festival will feature live music, traditional German food, a wide selection of beer (which includes gluten free options as well!), and hanging out beach side. These tickets will get you VIP access to fun food, unlimited beer, and the VIP area. Some participating food vendors include: Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, Southern Fried Vegan, Urban Pie, Divine Dips, Nary Dairy, and more!

Enter to win these two tickets if you can make it this Saturday October 4th in Santa Monica, CA from 12-6pm. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me what excites you most about fall and what your hoping to harvest for yourself (food or intention!)

I will announce the winner on Friday October 3rd so stay tuned and be sure to check your email!!

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  • disqus_3uyuK4B65j

    Hope to harvest Health & Equality for friends and family! Promoting a healthy and ethical vegetarian lifestyle to as many people as possible through awareness, recipes and information. With support for equal pay & human rights 2014!

  • Brittany Leigh

    My favorite things about fall are cool air, crisp leaves, pomegranates and giving thanks for being. Fall is a great time to shed old patterns and awaken new beginnings. My intention this fall is to live a life that is authentically me by leaning closer toward my intuition as a guide. Oh yes, and this fall is particularly special as I will soon become an auntie! I am thrilled to welcome this gentle soul into a family who will love and support her on her journey.

  • Christina G Sarian

    I am excited for pumpkin and incorporating it any which way I can from carving them to harvesting their seeds, decorating with them, pumpkin pie and of course trying to make some
    PUMPKIN, BLACK BEAN AND POBLANO TACOS with a creamy pumpkin seed dressing!

  • Dariann

    Fall is an exciting time because it signals a sort of renewal. The beautiful way the leaves turn, the delicious and colorful crops that nourish and warm us, a new school year (for many), and fresh, crisp air that beckons us to spend more time outdoors.
    As I’ve recently begun making my own kombucha, I intend to spread the love this Fall and provide friends with the gift of probiotics! It’s pretty amazing to me that from the simplest ingredients, you can create such a beneficial and healthful beverage.
    My other intention for Fall, and for seasons to come, is to continue on the wellness journey that I’ve been on for some time: eating vegan, meditating, staying fit, sleeping well, and laughing as much as possible!

  • Patty Moreno

    fall brings colder days, so it will be nice to be able to wear my sweaters. My intentions for the coming months is to keep on my journey of educating myself on what food is.

  • Maria Ahverdyan

    This fall I have the opportunity of going to the Kushi Institute in Becket, Ma. I am very excited and want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will actually be there for about a year between my volunteering and classes. I hope to start a strong foundation for a non-profit when I return. The non-profit will teach children how to harvest veggies and cook delicious plant based foods with them.

  • Natasha Avis

    What excites me about fall? SEEING THAT A VEGAN OKTOBERFEST EXISTS!!! My heart soared when I saw your email today. As a lover of craft beer, I always have an excellent time attending festivals but this one is simply splendid and unique in all the right ways. This event will be full of Kind people and demonstrates that vegan does not mean you have to sacrifice things you love. I consider the event to be progress and would be thrilled to attend!

    I also must add that everything pumpkin or squash excites me about this time of year. Homemade pumpkin spice lattes? Yes please! I always become inspired to bake cozy and comforting food as fall comes around. The best part is sharing any creations so I can hear the surprised “this is vegan?!” after a bite is taken. However, I’d like to harvest more peace and patience towards my family and friends who are not vegan and instead demonstrate the Kind lifestyle through my actions. More specifically, I want to join the vegan online community by completing a website. The more voices out there for animals, the better. :)

    • TheKindLife

      Congrats Natasha! Check your email for more information.

      • Natasha Avis

        Thank you thank you thank you! My boyfriend and I are so excited!!!

  • Stephanie

    During Fall, nothing excites me more than warm, cozy, delicious soups and vegan hot chocolate. :-)

  • Courtney Cates

    The one thing I love about fall is the changing leaves, pumpkins at the local farmers market and chilly weather that makes you want to fix a big pot of miso soup. This year I am going to convince my family to let me bring a vegan dish for Thanksgiving to show them how delicious plant based dishes can be and have Field Grain Celebration Roast instead Turkey.

  • Cheryl

    I love apple cobbler, apple cider, apple pie…all vegan of course! I intend to cultivate lots of apples!

  • melissa82

    Oh my goodness I would love to win this! I live in Santa Monica and was planning to go on a hike but it looks like it’ll be too hot so Vegan Oktoberfest would be a great alternative!
    I’m most looking forward to all the squash this season, yum – already picked up some butternut and acorn squash at the farmers market on Sunday. Oooo and brussel sprouts…yum, I love Autumn goodies :) I’ve been trying to start an herb garden on my balcony – think I need to figure out how much direct sunlight it receives though…the rosemary is looking pretty wan.

  • calamity cate crismani

    The promise of the joy to come and peace 4 animals around the world!

  • Erin Miller

    What most excites me about the fall is the change in weather. I really enjoy making soups and this is the perfect time of year to really dive into super yummy soups filled with great veggies. I hope to harvest comfort for myself with my new lifestyle. I am a new vegan and I’m still learning about all the different things to eat. I have already started to inspire those around me and WOW what a great feeling. Alicia, your book, “The Kind Life” has truly changed my life. I’m so excited!

  • Margarita Hansen

    The fall brings a sense of warmness to my heart. The beautiful colors and weather. It brings a whole new season of delicious vegetables and fruits for delicious, plant based dishes for my family. It makes our vegan lifestyle even more colorful and satisfying than it already is. Fall is a wonderful time of the year especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Kristy

    The cooler weather, pumpkins and apples excites me most about fall! I love baking and cozying up. This fall I plan to harvest more yoga practice so that I can exude more powerful positive energy outwards and in.

  • Brian McLelland

    I love fall and I would love to win a couple of tickets. Although I don’t drink, the person I would bring does…. I just love to eat. Vegan now for almost a full year. Fall is my favorite time of year, temperatures cool, sometime I can put on a sweater or scarf and I usually plant a new window box of kale so I can have salad greens all the way through spring.

  • Adam Grey

    October is my favorite month…Fall is just so magic! Beautiful weather, Halloween decorations, fall foliage, and most importantly – my wife’s birthday (10/6) and our wedding anniversary (10/16)!

    My intentions this fall are to share the knowledge that I have acquired over the last few years with my friends and family and hopefully encourage them to switch to a kind diet. Recently my wife and I dragged my folks out to Real Food Daily and they loved it! Really looking forward to Vegan Oktoberfest!

  • Margarita Hansen

    The fall brings a sense of warmness to my heart. The beautiful colors and weather. It brings a whole new season of delicious vegetables and fruits for delicious, plant based dishes for my family. It makes our vegan lifestyle even more colorful and satisfying than it already is. Fall is a wonderful time of the year especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Erin Miller

    What excites me most about fall is the change of weather. I really like to make soups with a lot of different veggies. Super yummy. What a great time of year for this. I hope to continue to harvest a healthy lifestyle. I’m kind of new still to the vegan life and always eager to learn more about it. I’ve already inspired people in my life to change their diet and way of thinking. Alicia, your book, “The Kind Life” has been a real game changer for me. It has truly changed my life. Wow! And I would love the opportunity to check out this Vegan Oktoberfest. How awesome would that be. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia! I saw you at the dinner at Crossroads and I told you about my son getting ready to start his medicine for his seizures and how hopefully we were that it would help him. Well he started yesterday so we are looking forward to all of the wonderful things that he could be doing this season! I also love all of the hearty, delicious soups!! I would really love to take my husband and son to the Vegan Oktoberfest! I had no idea there was even such a thing until we moved here so I am super excited about it! Thank you for the chance to win tickets and being such a big inspiration to so many of us!

  • Alice

    Fall is a time when I become more introspective. Some would say spring – the season of resolutions – would be more fitting. But for me, it’s fall because that’s when I become more of a homebody. The weather cools but the scents and tastes evoke warmth. The days get shorter and I start to spend more time indoors. That’s when I get inspired to cook more and explore different recipes. I add more heat in my meals. And, of course, I look forward to pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! It’s the season of pumpkins and spice and everything nice. =)

  • Margaret Bee

    Oh yay! I wanted VIP tickets to this event, but I learned about it too late to buy them. This fall, I’m hoping to harvest more balance in my life. And, the thing I love most about the season is the cooler weather (hopefully) and Oktoberfest!

  • Guest

    The fall brings a sense of warmness to my heart. The beautiful colors and weather. It brings a whole new season of delicious vegetables and fruits for delicious, plant based dishes for my family. It makes our vegan lifestyle even more colorful and satisfying than it already is. Fall is a wonderful time of the year especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Cat Cahill

    Fall is all about transformation! The strong greens of summer transform into the reds and golds of change, the weather cools down (well in here in so cali it will eventually! ) and even people transform as the holidays approach! This is the fall in which I transform from vegetarian to vegan… although technically I started a tad prior to fall’s arrival! I am so excited about the wind of change in the season, in my diet and in my life! Vegan oktoberfest??!!! That would be such a fun experience in which as a new vegan I can try and learn so much! Not to mention bring to light (to my spouse) how much more there is to vegan entrees than lettuce lol!

  • Jenna Harper

    I love Fall weather; changing if tw seasons. The wind blows warm through October and the leaves change colors. I love wearing my boots, sweaters and scarves. I love root veggies, apples, pears, making soups and teas. I am trying to go from veg to vegan and I am trying to lose 15lbs and work out and do yoga/meditation every day.

  • Sarah Morris

    What excites me most about the fall is the cool weather. It makes my workouts easier which make them more likely to happen. 😉

  • Stephanie Bosco

    What a neat neat thing to have us do! Thank you for the opportunity. Can I tell you how excited I was to see a big billboard up about Vegan Oktoberfest??! Oh My Goodness. My mother was born in Germany, so I am half German, with a German passport photo and everything and I would be so pleased to go to Oktoberfest and what better than to do it vegan and gluten free?!

    I grew up in beautiful Northern California where you really get a chance to see the season change by the color of the leaves that have fallen to the ground and the slight change and chill in the outside air. I am excited to get bundled up and drink different teas that I like to make for my friends and family with my newly discovered almond mylk recipe.

    I can’t say that I can quite harvest anything for myself yet, because I am just now about to start planting my own herbs and veggies (please, if you have any tips for a beginner, let me know). I will be harvesting a nice wrap up to a beautiful 2014. My year has been full of abundance of growth personally and spiritually and it only continues to grow deeper and I am excited to harvest the better and healthier me as I continue to spread the love of cruelty free food that is good for my loved ones and myself. I ail hopefully be starting a blog, finding a space to teach yoga in, and get my vegan and gluten free energy/nut bars our to the public… Yay health. Yay Vegan Oktoberfest. I hope to see you there, that would be rad. Thanks again for this post. xo steph

  • Kelsey

    I love pumpkin! And this fall I’m focused on self care and starting stress free as the holidays approach.

  • Dani d’Ambra

    I love the crisp smell of leaves and apple picking. My fav fall drinks are hard apple cider and vegan pumpkin beer. I make my own vegan lip balm called Bodacious Balm and I’m gonna make some fall flavors like Chai tea and zucchini bread! Can’t wait for the vegan Oktoberfest!

  • Tina

    I am most excited about spaghetti squash season! A couple years back, I bought one from Trader Joes and threw the seeds in the garden as my way of composting. So now, I get a few spaghetti squashes a year to enjoy. :)

  • Astrid

    I’m looking forward to the change in season, the pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice latte, the warm scent of cinnamon oh and of course my birthday this Saturday. I’m hoping to be able to harvest positivity for myself this fall.

  • Kim

    Trying to think of a more unique answer, but it’s all about pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! I hope this fall brings more mindful living for myself and loved ones…

  • Elizabeth Jauregui

    Well, I would love to say Vegan Oktoberfest Fest but it’s been sold out for months!

    My intention is to fill my body with things that make me feel good, and let’s be honest, look good- inside and out! Never again do I want to be the girl that says-“I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M’s and like 3 pieces of licorice.” Been there, done that; am I right!? 😉
    My whole Saturday is free! I’ll just be here in little Culver City dreaming of Soy’sages from Sage Bistro (they should steal that idea from me- marketing genius!)
    Fingers crossed!