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The Run Down on Vitamin B-12

Congrats Rhonda, Bre, Rebecca, Ayla, & Diane

So inspired, thank you so much for sharing with me!!


B12 is known as the “memory vitamin.” We need it for mental clarity, healthy neurological function and to combat stress.† It is also necessary for proper red blood cell formation, for proper DNA synthesis, helping to create the sleep hormone melatonin and for the “mood” hormone serotonin†—among other things. No matter how much good stuff you’re eating, B12 is one vitamin that’s tricky to get entirely from whole foods. And it’s not because the diet is incomplete! It’s due to changes in our Western lifestyle and in how we source our food.

Since B12 comes from bacteria that thrive in our soil, you’d think we plant eaters would be getting more than our share… But now that our produce is so squeaky clean once it hits the market and our soil just isn’t as nutrient rich as it used to be– we’re no longer able to get as much B12 as we need.

When cows and other grazing animals munch on grass, they’re getting plenty of B12 – which is why grass fed meat eaters have an easier time of getting it (in addition to lots of other junk so don’t be too jealous, plus this B12 benefit definitely doesn’t apply to people eating factory farmed meat). Despite this, meat eaters still have to take a supplement because it isn’t guaranteed that they absorb all the B12 they need. And though we don’t need a ton of B12 – about 2 micrograms daily –it’s essential that we get it since long-term B12 deficiencies are irreversible, potentially affecting the brain and nervous system. 

For this reason, I’m so excited about mykind Organics B12 spray! It’s clean: non-GMO verified, certified organic, and free of synthetic ingredients. Plus, it tastes delicious… Bear is obsessed with it, he thinks it’s candy! And since it’s a spray, it’s not only super easy to use but it also activates the salivary glands more effectively, allowing the vitamin to enter the bloodstream rapidly and efficiently. I used to take B12 every once an a while… when I was following recommended amounts  I would have it about once a week. But since we made this spray, I take it almost every day cause it’s so easy and yummy!


Kind Organics


You have the opportunity to win this mykind Organics B-12! I will be selecting 5 winners on Friday November 28th. To enter, leave me a comment below about what sparked your journey to plant based foods. 

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  • Riotgrrrl582

    I became vegan 4 years ago. Before that I ate McDonalds cheeseburgers almost everyday. I was very unhealthy and always sick to my stomach. My husband and I were in the mood to watch a documentary one night and decided on Fat, Sick and nearly dead which snowballed into a food documentary marathon. I was blown away with all this new information. I couldn’t believe I had been blind for so long! It was so easy for me to instantly drop all animal products and processed foods from my diet because I didn’t want to be sick anymore. My stomach issues have disappeared and I have felt great ever since! Now I am a Kind Mama to my 7 month old daughter and I am raising her to be a kind little vegan baby.

  • Lisa P.

    Over a year ago, I decided that going plant based was best for keeping my Ulcerative Colitis in remission. Before that, watching movies like Forks Over Knives really started to get me to question whether I wanted to continue eating meat at all. I had never been much of a meat eater ever since I was about six years old or so. Going plant based has been easy!

  • Sandra W

    I would LOVE to try this! I was raised vegetarian but my 9yr old daughter has gone totally vegan and is encouraging us to do the same! I’m so proud of her and would love to try.

  • Ayla Pier

    Hi! Im 16 years old now. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6, and have been a vegan since I was 11. I originally became a vegetarian because my 6 year old mind simply did not understand why I was eating another living being. Since, I have increased my awareness about plant-based foods. I am now a organic whole-foods vegan, and I am still learning! This journey has been so amazing for me and I have even inspired others to join the plant-based revolution! My parents are now vegan, my 3 younger siblings are now vegetarian, and a couple of my college friends are taking the first steps in becoming vegetarian.

  • Kimberly Hess

    I eat plant based for my health, my familys health and for the Earth ♡

  • Jennifer L Ellis-La Pietra

    I’ve always had a heart for animals, and that lead me to realize that loving them meant not eating them.

  • Carrie Powell

    The movie “Forks Over Knives”. Changed my life for the better!

  • Stephanie Schisler-Lipscomb

    Hello Alicia, my name is Stephanie, and my plant based diet journey started 2 years ago for health and diet reasons. I called myself a lacto-ovo-pescatarian, and then I watched Earthlings this past March. Vegan ever since!

  • Jodi R

    Truthfully, my plant based life began after reading “The Kind Diet” shortly after my son was born! I have never felt better, and my now 3-year-old is a little vegan as well. We have not found a B-12 supplement that works into our lives, so we would love to try the spray!

  • Melissa Bravo

    My plant based diet happened literally overnight. On a whim, I checked out Vegucated from my local library. Talk about life altering! My husband and I haven’t touched meat since watching. To seal the deal, we watched Earthlings. That was brutal to watch but I forced myself to see the reality of what goes on. I have recommended both films to anyone who will listen. My birthday is on Friday (really, I’m not kidding!) and winning would be a great birthday gift! :) Alicia, thank you for all you do and for using your celebrity status in such a positive way. Wishing everyone a wonderful and compassionate Thanksgiving! <3

  • Carly Pollard

    Because I believe in kindness, health and wellness. My kids deserve to be free from eating garbage.

  • Jodi R

    My plant based lift started after reading “The Kind Diet” shortly after my son was born! I have never felt better, and my now 3-year-old is a little vegan as well. We could really use a B12 spray in our busy lives!!

  • Sylvia

    My poor health made me search for natural cure as well as movie “Forks Over Knives”.

  • Caryn

    Alicia… It was YOU. You solidified my curious desire to live The Kind Life.

  • Gina

    I became a vegetarian at the age of 8 because I didn’t want to eat animals (not realizing there was a name for it, my friends and family just thought I was weird). I have been a vegan for about 7 years now after being diagnosed with a dairy allergy and LOVE my vegan diet. I have been obsessed with watching food documentaries since I found them on Netflix. They are SO informational.

  • Ann Silverthorn

    My digestive system was a mess, and my doctor put me on a no-meat, no-dairy diet for three weeks. Someone said, “That sounds like a vegan diet.” I felt so good at the end of three weeks that I continued. That was almost five years ago.

  • Stephen

    My journey to plant based foods was driven by personal health as well as moral & ethical reasons. Of course it’s cemented further on a daily basis as I read of the deplorable conditions on combined animal feeding operations. Keep up the great work!

  • Sarah

    I have it in raspberry! Love it!

  • Moya

    I have been not feeling (well), but all you get when you go to a doctor is (take a pill, or your fine) So I am now trying this my way Healthy and none med’s I love your produces and want to thank you for all your doing!

  • Courtney

    Love, health and happiness

  • Kelly Northway

    My journey toward a plant based diet wasn’t quick, but I am so so glad I am there now. I stopped eating beef & pork nine years ago when I was 18. I always had a big love towards pigs and felt a soft spot for cows, too. Once I was 23 I stopped drinking dairy milk but was still eating cheese and poultry… FINALLY, at the age of 25 my eyes opened completely and I decided to make the switch and go completely vegan. The biggest contributor of this choice was after watching the documentary ‘Vegucated.’ I finally realized I could not keep supporting industries that cause so much suffering! I now feel great mentally and physically and have met so many like-minded, kind people ever since. Going vegan is like being apart of a club in a way, it’s really fun! I’ve read the Kind Diet as well and am so thankful for people like you that help me reinforce my dietary choices on a regular basis.

  • Heidi Wolkoff Ardine

    My journey into plant-based living was sparked when we decided to raise our then 8 month old baby vegan. He’s now 18 months old, and couldn’t be happier or healthier. And I feel great as well. Physically, and emotionally… Knowing that I’m doing good for my body and the planet, and everything living on it. Thank you for your guidance!

  • Laurel

    The desire to lead a healthier life is what drives me to eat plant based! My body positively responds when I choose clean green foods!

  • EllenMiriam Brandwein

    I started self-identifying as a vegan on Rosh HaShanah this year. Originally I became vegetarian after reading Foer’s book EATING ANIMALS. Then there was no turning back. I watched lots of documentary films and realized how completely veganism fits in with my world view, my desire to eliminate animal and human suffering, save the planet, and be healthier. I eat KINDLY whenever possible and tell people that I’m new at this so we can both talk about my choices and make it easier for me to stick with them!

  • Nicole MacNeil

    Being a mom of five young children, 36 years old and told I have rheumatoid arthritis helped me make my decision. My options were prescription drugs, which I knew would cause more damage in the long run, and not enable me to take care of my kids the way I want to. I read and researched plant based diets and how they could heal. I cut out all meat products, dairy etc and ate a lot more veggies, nuts, seeds. My pain went away after a few short months. Before I changed my eating I couldn’t even pull my own pants up/down…open jars, I literally had my kids, as young as 3 doing things for me. Plant based eating has changed my life! I’m like a teenager again, I feel amazing, no pain, no drugs. I lost 40 pounds, look younger and feel younger. I am now installing all I have learned onto my children now and hopefully we will see a big shift in eating patterns in the future.
    I do need a b12 supplement as I don’t get it in my current diet. If I do take a supplement I need it as “clean” as possible. I’ve read a lot about your products and look forward to using them.

  • Shelly Perella

    My journey was sparked by a desire to feel proud of my lifestyle! The Kind Life was a great start toward feeling my best!

  • Rhonda

    2x cancer survivor. First time age 20. Second time (caused by Radiation) age 50. I was stage 3 breast cancer. I truly believe that if I didn’t eat a raw/vegan diet I wouldn’t be here 3 years later. At a recent Doctors appointment I was told that whatever I was doing I should continue because it is working. I know with everything inside of me that everything I do and eat is what is best for my body. Thanks for your support Alicia!

    • Rebecca

      Hello Rhonda. Very happy to hear that you feel great. I have just discovered that I have breast cancer. The doctors are very keen to start straight away with chemo therapy. I am not convinced at all to kill all my healthy cells in my body. Do you have any advice? Thank you

      • Sandy

        Rebecca, take a look at something called the Gerson Therapy. There are some documentaries on the subject available through services like Netflix. Dr. Gerson began curing cancer back in the 1930s, so his work may be of interest to you.

      • Anna Case

        Gerson has it as followers and its detractors. Do your research. What is interesting is this photon therapy being done in Europe, which the insurance companies won’t pay for in the states. Much more targeted and effective than standard radiation.

  • Alyssa Parker

    My sister read the book “Skinny Bitch” and then passed it on. Our whole family turned veg that day years ago and we haven’t looked back!

  • Lily December

    I’ve heard all my life that meat and dairy are necessary to be grandma has been raising cattle all her life and being eating meat and dairy and she has osteoporosis. .go figure right!? I choose to live healthy life for me and other animals!

  • Eric Baratta

    It was meeting a recently-born calf with her mother. The farmer I was
    with picked up the calf for a few moments to show me something and as
    soon as he put her down, she ran back and hid by her mother. This was
    just before we had our first child and I made the connection
    immediately. That was it for eating animals.

  • Michelle K.

    I began giving my now 18 month old son cow’s milk as advised by the pediatrician at 12 months (in addition to my breastmilk). I had a physical reaction each time I gave him the cow’s milk. I would get extremely nauseas. He was eating all the recommended foods on the pediatrician’s list like cheese, eggs, etc. He began getting recurring ear infections. In addition to the Kind Diet, I also read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Disease Proof Your Child. It all made sense and aligned with what I already knew, but could not explain in my body. My son and I share meals all of the time, and so over about a period of 5 months after tons of reading and research, we evolved to a vegan diet and we are both thriving! He has not had an ear infection in almost 5 months! I have never felt better, more vibrant and connected to nature. I even noticed the consistency of my breastmilk change to become richer. Sending lots of gratitude your way, Alicia for all that you do!

  • Brutus Rescue Florida

    Like you, I fell in love with the animals and could no longer turn a blind eye. Books like Kind Diet and alternatives were beginning to make it so I could have hope of transition. It started slow, but suddenly I realized I could do it! I have never turned back and now my husband is plant eater and my daughter says she was born one!

  • MelissaL

    My journey started when I witnessed a cow, a sheep, and a pig slaughtered on front of me at a demonstration of the slaughter house during my animal science class as a college freshman. I thought…”I will never be a part of this again. It stops now.” And over 24 years later, still going strong!

  • Ryan Louise

    Trying change my lifestyle to a healthier me inside & out… was what sparked my journey to plant based foods. Also your book has been such a great asset in doing this!

  • Lily Ann

    I didn’t want to be part of any suffering of any living thing and made the decision to support that by living compassionately through my diet, my buying power and my time. I’ve lead by example and can’t count how many lives I’ve influenced to live plant based and get more thanks everyday!

  • Hadar Aviram

    At a conference, a colleague said: “Close your eyes and think – in a hundred years, what will we be, as a society, most ashamed of?” The shameful way we treat animals came to mind immediately. And a week after the conference, I saw a beautiful movie called Pelican Dreams, looking at those noble birds and the dangers we pose to them. It became crystal clear to me that I could not eat, buy, or use animal products ever again; I can no longer distinguish my beloved cats from any other living being in the world.

  • Laura

    My journey started because of my son. He has epilepsy and eating is very difficult for him. Since he was never able to chew meat anyway, I decided that I needed to learn to make healthy meals that we both could eat. After researching and reading your cookbook, I knew that vegan was the only way for us. He had enough illness and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t feeding him food that would add to that. Switching to a vegan diet has been the best decision and I would never go back! Thank you for all you do to help us on our journey!

  • Sařa Romania Hevesi

    Always feeling tired and unhappy! I just got your multivitamin to try it out! Would really love to try out the spray too! Thanks for telling people the truth most celebrities don’t speak on gmos and our food supply now I respect that .

  • Tim Hyre

    want to be around for my children’s life…….so far I have lost 50 lbs and 6 waist sizes

  • Krista

    After losing all four grandparents to cancer, seeing my favorite aunt suddenly pass away from a heart attack, and being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, I knew a major change needed to happen. I feel such happiness and freedom on a plant based diet and I am touched by those I’ve inspired to try to do the same. Thank you for inspiring me, Alicia! :)

  • circa1972vs1906

    Hashimoto’s disease and trying to heal my adrenals.

  • Elizabeth Lang

    I wanted to be a contributor to the Earth while gleaning the best of it. Fortunately, a lifestyle like “The Kind Life” promotes both. I am happy to have access to a realistic method that does not ignore deplorable activities associated with ingesting unhealthy products while it promotes the joy that can come of conscious consumption.

  • Patricia

    Both my parents have passed away; one from cancer and one from heart problems. At 31 years old this freaked me out. I was convinced I was going to die by the age of 50. Doing research on how to stay healthy was becoming vegan. In further researching vegan I learned about animal welfare. Now I am vegan for health reasons and to save animals. I have never felt better, looked better, and really feel like I’m doing something to save the planet. I can’t imagine going back to eating the standard american diet.

  • Haley Reese

    Learning about the science behind food & nutrition and how exactly different foods effect your body when you eat them made all the difference for me! While I always had a general sense of how to eat health (e.g. eat your veggies or don’t eat a lot of sugar), learning the science made everything “click” in the whole new way that has led to long-lasting habit & lifestyle changes. I’ve conquered the chronic stomach aches I had for 20+ years, have better energy and made positive shifts with my depression & anxiety disorder – veggies rock!

  • Blair

    Healing my child and bringing her back from the depths of autism.

  • Heather Frampton

    My journey was sparked by the conscious acknowledgement that animals have been used and taken advantage of because they cannot speak with words. Human beings ruthless and self obsessed, would do anything for their own selfish (they think) advances, if they thought they could get away with it. Westerners consider eating cats/kittens is unthinkable, despicable, although a number of other countries think of them as eating a chicken. I say what is the difference, it is all unthinkable, despicable.

  • Chelsie Beck

    I became a vegetarian when I was 13 because I became increasingly aware that my love for animals didn’t fit in with consuming meat. In my 20s I finally made the jump to vegan when I developed an autoimmune disorder. It has helped so much, and it has furthered my passion for ethical treatment of animals.

  • Lizzy G

    Becoming AWARE of the impact a conventional diet had on more than just myself. The animals, the environment, the planet. THAT sparked my journey to plant-based eating.

  • Diane Rios

    I became a vegetarian 18 years ago when I saw the movie “Brother’s Keeper” and a pig was brutally murdered in one scene, and it wouldn’t die. I was so horrified I went veg and joined PETA. One day at a circus protest I met a young man standing next to me who educated me on the horrors of egg and dairy farms. I went vegan. That was 12 years ago. 12 years ago I was the only vegan I knew and had regular arguments with family about the issue. Everybody thought I was weird and loved animals too much.(!) Now, 12 years later HOW things have changed! Now we live in a dream world of vegan food, recipes, and restaurants. Other people talk about their love of animals just as much as I do! Besides the animal issue which was the most important in my eyes, I have also lost 25 pounds, never taken medication for blood pressure or cholesterol, I have great b.p. and cholesterol numbers, great heart health, good skin, and I feel amazing. I’m 48 years old. Being vegan makes me feel in tune with myself and the natural world around me. All of my senses are heightened and my joy radiates out of my pores. Vegan = Love. xoxo

  • Michelle Wipperman

    I was gaining weight and was becoming extremely unhappy with my body, my capsule. I only have one chance at this game called LIFE and I want to make the most of it! I also don’t believe we need to hurt other life in order to make ours better <3

  • megan norman

    Environmental reasons along with compassion for animals

  • Raine Dawson

    I grew up in a family of vegetarians and my father was a nutritionist. I was raised to love all creatures and respect them , not eat them, but also to eat a healthy diet still full of complete proteins and taking plenty of supplements. So, my journey began young. I’ll admit I’ve slipped, partied hard for a few years and happy to say that I’m back on track, vegan and feeling great physically. I suffer from panic and depression but that’s another story. I love the idea of the spray, I’ve never used a supplement in that form. I hope that your family has a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!

  • Emily

    I’m so excited about this! How old was Bear when you started giving him B12? I read your book in the fall of 2009 and it changed my life. I embraced a vegan diet and it’s been the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family!

  • Janet Sullivan

    I have a family history of breast cancer and heart issues. I grew up fascinated by nutrition and nature. Later, the horrifying state of the environment and the horrors of factory farming gave me nightmares. Combine that with the dangers of chemicals and I’m all in for participating in the changes we all need to make. This earth is depending on us..

  • ken

    Hey Alicia,
    You already know my story–but to reiterate: I jog by horse & cow pastures and on Sept 22, 2009 I told the cows I would NO longer eat them–and I have not. Been vegan 5 years, 2 months & 3 days today. Yup, I take a B-12 every day. Don’t NEED it more than twice a week–but knowing myself–it’s easier just to take one daily! Now 70-year-old VEGAN Ty-K. xoxo

  • Christine

    You started my journey. I was transferred for my job and was living away from
    my husband and family while we made the transition complete. I read an article
    on one of my plane trips about your new book “The Kind Diet’. It sounded
    intriguing so I brought it as soon as I got back home. And although I did not
    eat meat very often I did not pay much attention to what I bought or to what I
    ate on a regular basis. It is amazing how it has impacted my life and the lives
    of those around me (my husband and family). It has truly been a life changing experience.
    Thank You!

  • Carrie A Groff

    Your book The Kind Diet sparked by journey. I’ve always wanted to and knew I needed to eat a plant based foods but didn’t know where to start. I learned so much from your book and have added so many new and tasty plant based foods into my diet and I feel so much better!

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I went vegetarian at the young age of ten as it made me too sad to eat animals. I was raised in a Macaroni and Cheese and Hamburger Helper family. My mom told me I would have to learn to cook for myself. I learned to open cans of tomato sauce SpaghettiOs and to make cheese pizza’s.

    As an adult I have discovered plant based eating and the difference I feel in my body, physically and mentally when I eat a diet of plants vs. the diet of canned SpaghettioO’s that I grew up on. I feel lighter, more clear minded and have more energy. It’s an euphoric state of mind that I crave as much as a mountain of kale massaged in lemon juice. I love to experiment in the kitchen and discover new ways to prepare produce to always keep things interesting.

  • Jendria

    I love animals and nature; Eating plants is a great way to do much less harm to all living things (self, earth, creatures, etc.). My Heart is so happy, and I look and feel GREAT!

  • Erin Kristine Ehly

    I am very grateful for your sound advice on how to live more kindly and gently in every area of life. I have both of your books and refer to them all of the time. Thank you!

  • katiespitfire

    This is great to read about B12, but I would also urge people to look into B12 deficiency symptoms and get your levels tested. Untreated, it can lead to lots of issues. x

  • Kat Smith

    I slept near a salmon farm a few years ago and it opened my world to the suffering. Today I’m proudly 100% plantbased!

  • Happy Vegan

    My journey to plant based foods was first inspired by my desire to not contribute to animal suffering. It has since expanded to include the health and environmental benefits of this beautiful lifestyle. I have never been happier or healthier!

  • Ruth Mercado

    I have always been a vegetable eater! I have drastically reduced my meat consumption over the years. It’s just healthier to eat more vegetables!

  • kate Muss

    I went veggie at 10 and just inherently knew it was the right thing to do, for me and the animals. It took me another 17 years to go vegan through the process of really thinking about what I was eating and where that food had come from; it may have not been the flesh of an animal but the pain and suffering behind the dairy and egg industry is just as cruel. I made the transition 5 years ago and have never looked back! I can’t say it has been all plain sailing, I am not a ‘natural’ cook, lol, but your awesome book really helped to educate me in the world of vegan cooking!

  • Julie Anthony

    I dabbled on and off with it for awhile knowing eating meat wasnt right for me. But I didn’t know anyone who was a vegan or a vegetarian and everyone seemed to think I was crazy for not eating meat. After reading your book and joining your website I felt part of a larger community and have been holding to my beliefs ever since. And my body feels so much better too! Thank you Alicia!

  • Amanda Pearson

    The craving and yearning that my body, mind and soul has been wanting for so many years.

  • BC

    When I was in 7th grade, a classmate was telling us about her farm animals. Her cows, her pigs, her friends. She named them, played with them, loved them, and then they would kill and eat them. I had just gotten my first dog and put the two together instantly. I gave up meat right then. In my early 20’s I started learning more and more about what was in my food. I learned more about the dairy industry and couldn’t have a part in it. How could I say I was a vegetarian for ethical reasons and still support some of the absolute cruelest aspects of the industry? I cut out dairy and all else. I bought myself the Veganomicon, started cooking, went vegan, and have lived happily ever after. :) I can’t wait to try the B-12 spray!

  • Lisa Cressey

    i’ve been veg for 20 years and it all started in a high school class i was taking.

  • kstickradt

    After reading about your KO products, I bought your spray at Sprouts about a month ago. Had always taken a tiny tablet before – now I’m used to the spray! Have been a vegetarian for almost 50 yrs and a vegan for about 25, for ethical reasons.

  • Sara Moss

    I was assigned an essay, An Animal’s Place, to read in a college comp class. That was my first exposure to the conditions in factory farms. The essay really affected me, so I decided to give a vegetarian diet a try. I’ve been vegetarian for close to 10 years now and am slowly evolving to a vegan diet.

  • Jess

    My child has food allergies and I moved to an organic, nonGMO plant based diet to help heal our bodies. It really works! Thank you for creating a nonGMO clean, organic whole food vitamin.

  • Lisa

    I was diagnosed with celiac in 2009. I had been having symptoms since I was a young child, having my first colonoscopy at age 9, and then upper and lower GIs with no clear understanding of what was causing my pain. The doctor who diagnosed the celiac (after I went to him and said I wanted to be tested for it), said to me “yep, you have celiac, no wonder you feel so bad. Stop eating gluten.” That was it. I went to the grocery store and started crying, thinking “I am going to starve, there is nothing for me to eat”. A bit dramatic now, but at the time I was 29 years old and had never even had a salad! I went to the natural grocery store and as I was walking by the book section, I was Divinely drawn to (that is the only way I can explain why the heck I picked up the book) to a plant based book. I bought it, went home and read it right away. I immediately started making green smoothies and thus began my journey to eating whole plant foods. I felt incredible, had loads of energy, and most of my MANY negative health symptoms resolved! About a year or so later I said to a friend “I didn’t know how bad I felt until I felt good”. The power of plants is INCREDIBLE! Thank you Alicia for all you do to help people choose healthy! Cheers!

  • Natalie Ramirez Cain

    I read John Robbins’ The Food Revolution in college and watched Earthlings, and they convinced me to adopt a vegan diet at the time. I’m not 100% vegan anymore, but my mantra is “99%” so that I don’t beat myself up if I have a bite of my husband’s mac & cheese, a slice of pizza, or a non-vegan dessert every now and then.

  • Rachel

    A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, after years of already being sick and doctors not being able to figure out what was wrong. Once they finally caught it I had to go on a barrage of antibiotics since it was so far progressed. While I initially felt better I had flare ups and things seemed to go back to how badly they were. It was like a rollercoaster with my health. Through all of the pain I was going through I was led to a healthier way of plant based eating as well as natural supplements that could help my disease. It took time but I feel better today than ever and I’m always looking for great natural supplements. I LOVE that this B12 is a spray!! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance on here Alicia!

  • Random_Acts

    I did not set out to become a vegan, but I did the Kathy Freston Quantum Wellness cleanse as a New Year’s Cleanse 5 years ago. At the end of the 21 days I knew I would drink alcohol again and probably eat pasta from time to time, but that meat, dairy and eggs were not for me any more. I could not deny how amazing I felt.

  • Rizzo

    My journey began when I was a child. My Mom cooked healthy food much of it without meat. I love animals and could reconcile eating them. I began to grow our own food and experiment with vegetables. I found I was happier and healthier without meat and went vegetarian completely as a teen. I have been plant based since. Over 45 years. I am proud I have not contributed to the murder of animals by being committed to a better world of compassion and be healthier.

  • tammy

    I have a rare auto-immune disease that I have to take chemo type medicine so I need all the help I can get – this sounds like a really good product.

  • Heather

    Over this past year I’ve subconsciously managed to transition to healthier eating habits. I accidentally became a vegetarian over the past few months when I just stopped eating meat. There wasn’t actually any deeply ingrained reason for it, I just decided that I didn’t enjoy eating meat as much as I thought I did. Then one day I realized I was a vegetarian and I’m glad for it because then I became more interested in the benefits that these diets hold. I’m only seventeen but sometimes it can feel like my body thinks it’s a lot older than it actually is. Before I added more vegetables to my life, cutting out unhealthier alternatives, I was always so exhausted. I didn’t feel like a young person should feel. I had no energy for anything. My diet wasn’t as bad as most people’s, it was relatively balanced, but it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. So recently I made the awareness to transition to a more vegan diet, eating as healthy as I possibly can in the hope of coming a step closer to reaching my full potential. My own personal health benefits set aside, after I did some research on this diet I came to understand the overall environmental benefits it offers as well. Not only are my reasons now out of concern for my own health but are also for the health and concern of the natural world around me. I’m still educating myself on the benefits of this dietary lifestyle and the ways to be as healthy as I want to be, so I am so glad to be able to have the resources and support that The Kind Life offers me and others in similar situations. Thank you so much!

  • AmritSadhana Khalsa Boyd

    I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life. I started following the Sikh path when I was 14. Cutting meat out of my diet was part of that but also seemed natural to me. I didn’t miss it one bit. My mental clarity is stronger, I have more energy and I don’t feel as anxious all the time. I’ve now been a beg for 14 years.

  • Nicole

    It started a few years ago when I left my job in finance, unhappy and overweight, and decided to pursue a career as a dietician. I read The China Study and The Quantum Wellness Cleanse and realized that I had been looking at health and wellness in all the wrong ways. Now, I’m in a graduate program at Hunter, and working at a vegan restaurant in NYC (Candle 79 – soooo yummy and wonderful) and looking forward to sharing the Kind Life with all my friends and family and future clients. :)

  • Lori Cooper

    I was 12 in a jr. high bio class when I realized what “meat” was. I rasied my hand and said “wait! We are eating veins, artieries, blood vessels, muscles????” I have been a vegetarian ever since. Now, I am working on superhero status…greens are the key to health imo!

  • LeeAnn Montemayor

    Reading the book Skinny Bitch opened my eyes to what’s really being done to animals and how it affects more than just my body, but the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

  • Amy Marie

    The book 80-10-10 did it for me! Thanks for all of your helpful tips.

  • Sam Brown

    I am gluten and lactose intolerant and have spent many years having stomach discomfort and just not feeling good. two and a half years ago I heard Dr John McDougall taking about a starch based diet. I was intrigued and that day cut meat out of my life. Since I have read labels closer and cut out most processed foods. I buy mostly organic and prepare most of my meals- and yes! my life has changed. I feel a lot better!
    Yay! Whole foods!!!!

  • leslierbarnett

    I was not coming through menopause very well. I wanted to start feeling better.
    I began to focus on my diet and then started becoming aware of my environment.
    I wanted to be kinder to myself, to the environment, to all living things, which included
    Treating them with respect and love. Your book jumped out at me at a bookstore several years ago. That was where my journey started.

  • $23247415

    Eco Eating, and Living is giving me the chance to produce less waste, I highly dislike throwing anything in the garbage! My compost is MY Best Friend <3 Plus, I am loosing weight, feeling better and making less of a Carbon Foot Print on this Beautiful Earth.
    Earth is our Home, and without our Home, We are Nothing!

  • Colleen R. Gray-Mackey

    i went vegetarian mainly for the animals. after being veg for about 2 years, i learned more about the suffering animals endure to create cheese, milk, etc so i made the transition to veganism. as i get older, i am more concerned with health (since i already have the vegan thing down) and making sure my body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

  • Liza Jurado Bertran

    Throughout the years I was always learning and leaning more towards healthier options. Becoming pregnant with my first just two years ago– made me realize that plant foods are basic essentials that lead to a happier & disease free life. I’m on a career path into the health sciences and it’s a wonderful journey! The kind life is a great holistic approach

  • Trina

    After going to college to get my second degree I took philosophy
    and that day I became a vegetarian.

  • Laura

    I was raised vegetarian, and kept it up because I wanted to save the animals! Because I was still eating a ton of dairy, by college I was overweight and had bad acne. Then one day at the gym, I saw my girl Alicia on Rachael Ray talking about her new cookbook…so I bought it! I realized that eating dairy and eggs was a bigger deal than I’d assumed, in terms of ethics, health, and the environment. So I said sayonara to the nasty stuff, and five years later, I look and feel great and my conscience is clean. :) hooray!!

  • Jelena

    Gratitude for life and health.At one point in life you realize what you’re given and you become grateful for that,because health is the greatest fortune you can have

  • Sara S

    My journey began when my 38 year old husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, poor liver function and sleep apnea. We started that very afternoon, never looked back and never felt better!

  • Stephen Jones

    I wasn’t able to lose enough weight to defeat my diabetes until I switched to a plant based diet. Why my doctor didn’t tell me it was possible to “cure” it, is beyond explanation.

  • Emily Meath

    Love this! Have such a tough time with B12, there’s so much info out there and not a clear consensus on how to get this vitamin. Would love to try this spray! My journey to veganism actually started several years ago when I saw Alicia on Oprah. She spoke so convincingly about the diet and lifestyle, it really struck a chord with me. I purchased The Kind Diet and immediately went vegan, and have been ever sense! Best decision I’ve ever made. Even convinced my sister to go vegan too, it’s now a wonderful journey that we’re on together.

  • Jeanette

    Becoming a mother pushed me to becoming completely vegan! It has been a completely liberating experience and I love teaching my daughter about compassion through my actions.

  • amy

    I work in a health food store, and when I first started there several years ago all of the information I learned really opened my eyes to what real nutrition really is and how people are suffering due to malnourishment. Also, the differences in a whole food quality supplement and awful ones with fillers, dyes and terrible processes! I recommend GOL B-complex a lot (half the town is on it now!) and so I was very excited to see this B12 spray. I am excited to try it and feel the effects so I can recommend it to others!

  • Patricia

    I was tired of never feeling good. Realized it was my diet and I changed everything. Never an issue since!

  • Traci

    My journey as a mom is to ensure that my daughter actually has an Earth. My actions directly impact her and future generations.

  • Gaby Enciso

    I first went vegan because I was tired of eating junk, and I happened to read a book about changing my eating habits. It was the best decision ever, almost 7 years ago!

  • Natalie McMonagle

    By grace and luck we found ourselves transplanted into a beautiful community in MN within walking distance to a co-op where we’ve been members. Our daughter, now 20 months, has grown up their (it’s her most-requested outing). You could say I’ve done a lot of growing up there too! They steered me to plant-based vitamins when I was pregnant and I’m still nursing and we are both healthy and vivacious!!

  • Mama Tummy

    This is so funny, I was just looking at this to buy and I would love to try it. I’m pregnant with number 2 so I really do need this.

    My journey to plant-based eating began when I made the connection between pets and farm animals not being any different. Then, I did some research and learned how much healthier it was. That was only 4 years ago and I will never look back.

  • Ann

    It was a long journey for me, but started with growing up in the country and watching lots of animals living their lives nearby. Then I studied agriculture in college in the 1970s, when factory farming was still in its infancy and seemed like a “reasonable” idea. Years later I was a psychotherapist in a town where the major employer was a meat-packing plant with a slaughterhouse attached–seeing the impact of this work on the workers, their families, and the whole community was an eye-opening experience. I transitioned to vegetarian first, but have been vegan for a few years now and have never looked back. The health benefits were an unexpected bonus! I appreciate the work you do educating and supporting people in their journey to kind living.

  • Jeanne

    I was raised a vegetarian – high cheese and other dairy – and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I became vegan. I conceived within five months after having been told all my life that I was infertile! Sinus and ear infections disappeared! Howard Lyman of Mad Cowboy fame is responsible for my shift. I am very grateful!

  • steve

    Plant based diet was easy once I opened my eyes to the agony, torture & horror we bestow on these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart.

  • Kendra Julian-Baker

    I became vegan because of animals . We don’t have the right to eat animals. I also love the benefits of being plant-based. I turn 40 Thanksgiving Day and I do not look 40, I don’t take medication, and I don’t have any co-morbidities I contribute all of this to a plant-based/vegan diet.

  • Leah Funk

    Hi there,
    I started eating a plant based diet after the birth of our 4th child,. I have 7 kiddos now.. I only got off the diet after becoming sick and trying something else only to become more sick with that eating lifestyle.. After the birth of our 7th child .. I again had tummy trouble and just happened to be in a book store ans see the book .. The kind Mama… What a God send.. Everything made sense .. I started flirting and now am into this lifestyle for 4 months.. Baby and i are doing so well.. Really wish i had found about this earlier.. So thankful for energy and all my pregnancy pounds are melting away without much work.. Its a real blessing to feel alive after having been through so much physically . Thank you again

  • Heather

    Over this past year I’ve subconsciously managed to transition to
    healthier eating habits. I accidentally became a vegetarian over the
    past few months when I just stopped eating meat. There wasn’t actually
    any deeply ingrained reason for it, I just decided that I didn’t enjoy
    eating meat as much as I thought I did. Then one day I realized I was a
    vegetarian and I’m glad for it because then I became more interested in
    the benefits that these diets hold. I’m only seventeen but sometimes it
    can feel like my body thinks it’s a lot older than it actually is.
    Before I added more vegetables to my life, cutting out unhealthier
    alternatives, I was always so exhausted. I didn’t feel like a young
    person should feel. I had no energy for anything. My diet wasn’t as bad
    as most people’s, it was relatively balanced, but it wasn’t as good as I
    wanted it to be. So recently I made the awareness to transition to a
    more vegan diet, eating as healthy as I possibly can in the hope of
    coming a step closer to reaching my full potential. My own personal
    health benefits set aside, after I did some research on this diet I came
    to understand the overall environmental benefits it offers as well. Not
    only are my reasons now out of concern for my own health but are also
    for the health and concern of the natural world around me. I’m still
    educating myself on the benefits of this dietary lifestyle and the ways
    to be as healthy as I want to be, so I am so glad to be able to have the
    resources and support that The Kind Life offers me and others in
    similar situations. Thank you so much!

  • Felica

    I went without meat, sugar, dairy, and some other things during a 40 day corporate Daniel Fast with a ministry at church. When I tried to return to meat, sugar, and dairy I started to feel bad. Within a week, I started feeling sick, heavy and without energy. I am now ready to make a change for life.

  • Ellen

    I started out by using only cruelty free products (make-up, shampoo, etc.) then I changed my diet to be a vegetarian. I just felt no animals should be harmed to make the stuff I use on a daily basis. This then made me question EVERYTHING!

  • Kris Moore

    Initially I started on a plant based diet because my cholesterol started creeping up year after year. I had family members who were vegan and loving it, so I thought, well..maybe I’ll be a vegetarian. Meat was not hard to give up, but I was a junk food vegetarian eating more than my fill of dairy. Not good. So I went vegan. Talk about connecting with the foods we were built to eat! Now I get a little euphoric picking out my veggies, and scrutinizing each piece, or trying a new recipe that I know is truly nutritious for me. It’s honestly the first time I loved me, by taking care of and honoring my body, and respecting what it needs and not treating it like a garbage can. Oh, and my cholesterol is down. :)

  • bre

    The birth of my son. My entire heart was on fire with love. Every day is a gift and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE raising him macrobiotic. We are a happier, calmer family. I get a ridiculous amount of joy making our food. I feel the love that I have for my family come out of my hands and into what I’m preparing and I’m filled with gratitude.
    Eating vegan has opened my mind and my heart. Seriously! I always heard vegans say that…and, I admit, I thought it was a bit…woo woo..for me. But OH MY is it so true!! I’m so much more sensitive. So alive. So connected!!! I think about all the other women before me who ‘love cooked’ for their families and my mind dreams.
    This lifestyle is a gift that I cherish.

  • Lori

    Meat was ALWAYS an issue for me, but in the early 90’s a friend and I made a pact with each other not to eat meat for 2 weeks. We were flight attendants flying between Boston and London. In the states we were dealing with ecoli and salmonella and then we would fly to London and mad cow disease was the big story. It was horrible hearing about people dying with holes in their brains and seeing animals that were infected with that virus. Yikes! I never turned back…

  • Rebecca

    My journey started with my dad being diagnosed with cancer. A family friend gave my mom your book “The Kind Diet” – my mom then recommended it with me. I almost read the entire thing in one sitting on my travels back. I was already vegetarian and your book (now tagged and marked in so many spots) really gave me the encouragement and information necessary to make even healthier choices for my body, our planet, and our animal friends. I’ve been vegan now over four years – I absolutely love it and there’s no turning back! Thank you for all that you do! I love your Kind Organic vitamins as well.

  • Sandy

    I’ve struggled with unexplained weight gain for the last 20 years. No matter how much or how little I ate, no matter how much or how little I exercised, I couldn’t lose and would periodically gain. In addition to that, I’ve been showing elevated liver enzymes in my blood for about 10 years, and have infertility, both of which are “unexplained” by doctors. I just switched to a vegan diet in July, and am already seeing positive results, including weight loss!

    • Anna Case

      Also, and I hear this more and more from friends–adding the gluten free element seems to make a HUGE difference. Maybe this blog could do a small educational post about that…the vegan macrobiotic diet alicia appear apparently favors is either very low or completely absent of traditionally sourced gluten.

  • Amy

    My love and respect for animals drove me to investigate a vegetarian diet. The more I learn about the health benefits, environmental impact, and my overall well-being, the stronger I believe that I’ve found the right path.

  • Heather

    My journey to plant-based foods began from a young age, because I never liked the taste of meat. Today, I enjoy plant-based foods and supplements as a lifestyle, knowing I’m giving my body the absolute best and not contributing to the meat industry.

  • Nikki

    As I started learning more about nasty GMO’s, Monsanto, and the much-relaxed standards of the FDA, I have grown more and more interested in a whole-food, natural diet. I never thought too much about a raw/vegan diet, but it is insane to me that we unknowingly eat all these nasty chemicals. I recently started following your blog, and I love all the information you pass on! Thanks!

  • Kjerstin

    I am in the beginning stages of my plant based diet and I have done so much research and recipe attempts to continue this journey. I can’t wait to see how much better my health is in the future :)

  • Jacqueline

    My journey started because my cholesterol was too high way over 250. I thought that if I went vegetarian until I got my cholesterol down, I’d go back to eating how I did before. Yet, when I had my blood workup done sooner than the doctor wanted to find that my numbers had gone down. It clicked for me that it was all those fattening deserts I was eating every night along with all the sugery treats and chips during the day that had my numbers high.The first day, I could smell the blood in the meat as it cooked for someone esle in the house. Each day that week the animal protein just wasn’t pleasant to smell. My body had already converted itself to a vegan diet. Health was it for me. Now, I proudly live the vegan lifestyle and spread it anywhere I can. Plant-based living is life.

  • Lisa

    My Dad died of cancer. So I got very curious when somebody told me, that a vegan diet could prevent cancer or even stop it from growing. I thought, that can’t be true, because if it was, why doesn’t everyone know about it?! So I started to research about veganism and was fascinated about the positive effects it ought to have on health and also I was horrified to find out more about the way we treat animals. As I still was very skeptical, if everything I read about the positive effects of veganism on health was true, I decided to try it myself and live vegan for just one month. And it kind of blew me away how much better I felt, how much more consistent I felt with myself and my body. It was as if my body and I finally started to connect somehow. So I never stopped this vegan experience of mine and I am very happy to see, that veganisms becomes more and more popular, because I think this is the way to live and eat sustainable and with joy
    in the future.

    • oliver james

      Lisa – cancer thrives on excesses of sugar. Starch is sugar. Plants are starch – as well as potatoes, beans, rice, wheat, corn, etc. Always eat so much less of these things than the “modern diet listings” recommend – regardless of what diet or lifestyle diet you prefer.

  • Adriana Alba

    The China Study book, Food Inc. and you. I was doing research and stumbled upon the China Study book, watched the movie Food, Inc. and just so happen to see you on Oprah talk about your plant-based diet. This all happened within a span of a week. I converted after listening to you and Michael Pollan. I’ve been vegan for over 4 years now. I feel better and look younger than my sisters and I KNOW its because of the way I eat!

  • Kate

    Good morning and happy belated Thanksgiving! I watched “Forks over Knives” documentary, which was the catalyst I needed to do something I’ve been feeling was right for awhile. :)

  • Rachel Spry

    Hi Alicia, Thank you for your wonderful line of vitamins. Also, for the great book (The Kind Diet) I received when buying the vitamins. I have enjoyed it and shared it with many friends, that are now changing their eating habits. My journey of being a vegetarian began many, many years ago, with occasional lapses. In 2004, my 2 daughters and I opened up an equine rescue.( That, along with watching the video,” Meet your Meat”, were the final decision making actions, to give us the moral conviction to stay the course. In 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mayo clinic, was adamant about radiation, surgery, chemo and possible more radiation. The thought terrified me. After much reading, I decided to go raw, organic, vegan and many supplements. Your daily vitamin included. (it is next to impossible to find organic supplements, thank you for yours).I am thrilled to say, that although I did have surgery (without anesthesia, as that kills NK cells, which cancer patients so badly need) I did not do rads or chemo, and am the healthiest I have been since my 20’s. My blood work, and all diagnostics show no tumors, or circulating cells. They medical profession calls me cancer free.. (although none of us are cancer free, we all have rogue cells). I was very thrilled to find your organic womens vitaman 40+, and will continue to keep them in my daily regime . After reading the info you provided on B-12, will be adding that to my supplements soon, (after December and January feed bills are paid on the rescue horses) Thanks for all you do, and for helping others keep or get back their health!

  • Kim Rountree

    It was seeing a factory farm video of piggies!