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From My Closet Giveaway: Sultry & Elegant

Congrats Jennifer! You won this giveaway.

Thank you all for the lovely comments!!


This dress is made by Meghan, a Los Angeles based designer. It’s super long and sleek with a sexy open back. It’s tight on the belly so it will be great for a tall skinny person!

The Kind Life


The necklace is made by Skygrown Jewelry, an indie & vintage inspired jeweler. The stone is simple and magical looking!

In order to win this outfit, leave me a comment telling me about an event or occasion you want to wear this to?

We will announce the winner on Friday December 19th.

With Love,





  • Rana Jeree

    Christmas party

  • Casey Larsh

    I would love to wear this at my friend’s wedding next summer in San Diego! It will be my first time there. :)

  • Sandra Fritsche

    I’d wear it to my anniversary dinner – or anywhere else. It’s beautiful!

  • Heather Frampton

    New Years Eve!

  • Veronique Daoust

    My boyfriend is taking me to New Orleans over the holidays as a birthday/x-mas present and I would love to wear it out there on a romantic evening! He surprised me with these tickets to visit his friends and family when he used to live there running track for LSU. I can’t wait!

  • Elisa

    Oh wow! This dress would be perfect to wear to the “I Do BBQ” my fiance and I are planning this coming summer to celebrate our September 2015 wedding!

  • sunshine

    I’d love to wear this on my birthday which is Christmas Eve, as we’re off out for a meal

  • erin f

    Hi Alicia, would love to wear that outfit when I take a much needed break (from nursing full time) to the Carolinas (hoping my bf will propose too..maybe that outfit will inspire him ;-). Thanks :) Erin

  • Ashley

    I’m getting married in August 2015 and since having my son I have lost 40lbs and I think this dress would be great to wear to my rehearsal dinner and show off my weight loss:) pick me please!!

  • Leanne Retana

    I want to wear this on my upcoming trip to Ireland!

  • Rana Jeree

    Christmas party

  • Anna Johnson

    I would love to wear this to a wedding I have next spring, it’s beautiful!

  • Candie Williams

    We are having a New Years Party this year! This dress would be absolutely perfect! And….I could tell everyone about who the dress came from, everyone that knows me knows how much The Kind Life has meant to me. How exciting!!!

  • Catherine Alice Simpson Moxley

    I teach special education and this would be a GREAT outfit for our annual awards banquet we have for our students!!

  • Amanda Williams

    I would wear this to my gym’s group fitness party at a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try.

  • Kyla

    I would like to wear this for the holidays–likely Christmas 2015/New Year’s 2016–when I see my boyfriend. Our long, long-distance relationship calls for special touches when we’re finally together.

  • ella

    I would wear this on New Years Eve!

  • Laura Cabrera

    That’s sooo cute! So I just recently became vegan after watching Cowspiracy and reading your book The Kind Diet. I would wear this dress when I go visit my family in Miami for my mom’s 50th birthday. My family already knows about my new passion to save the environment and not eat meat / dairy and this would be another cool conversation piece around the table! :)

  • Anna Marie

    To my New Years Eve party :-)

  • Krysten

    Hi Alicia, first of all I would like to say thank you for this opportunity from your Giveaway Closet! Whoever wins this beautiful outfit, it will be an amazing and inspiring gift for them. If I personally were to win these two items, I would wear it to my one year anniversary that is coming up on January 24th. My partner and I currently live in Austin, TX and got married in San Francisco, CA almost one year ago and since our whole family was not able to attend (for financial reasons) we will be throwing a party for all of them be a part of our anniversary! I love the low plunge in the back and that necklace is incredibly gorgeous alone but paired with the dress, it is stunning! Thank you again for your generosity :)

  • Karen Nelson

    This dress is perfect for New Years!! I great way to stand apart from the sea of everyone in black :)

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    Omg I love this. The dress kind of looks like a longer version of the white one you wore in Clueless. That said, I’d wear it anywhere. :] // ▲ ▲

  • Heather Hart

    I would love to wear this to my husband’s work Christmas party! I haven’t seen many of his coworkers since last Christmas and I have since lost about 25 lbs so I feel much more foxy!

  • Tammy Twelvetree

    in mexico where my hubby and I will be spending our 15th anniversary this spring!! we’ve been vegan for the past 2 years thanks to you…keep on being an inspiration to us all!!

  • simplelyrics

    A nice date night dinner with my BF

  • Kerri Gilpatric

    I would wear this on New Years Eve!

  • Mary A Schanze

    shared and pinned .

  • Veganesq

    Vegan New Year’s Eve dinner date with my husband!

  • Meredith

    Actually I would love this wear this to my rehearsal dinner for my wedding. We’re getting married in Belize next May.
    Also, my reception will be entirely vegan!!!
    So excited for that part, a bit more than the wedding part 😉

  • Brynda Durgin Privitt

    I just got married Oct 3rd and my husband and I are planning a special trip for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, going to Pacific Grove, CA, I will wear it for our dinner out on Valentine’s Day! P.S. I tried a restaurant you mentioned, Plant Raw, when I was in LA during the Thanksgiving holidays. It was AMAZING!!! A must try for anyone in LA. I was staying about 1 1/2 hrs away, well worth the drive.

  • SheVegan

    I would wear the necklace to help me get thru cancer treatment since the only way to be rid of it is to get iv with enzymes from animals – Have to think about where to wear the dress :)Hope they treat People and Animals good
    ******* THANKS Alicia FOR BEING A VEGAN FAMILY ********

  • Jem

    My husband is working in NY, I get to see him after Christmas, I would wear this amazing dress and necklace when I see him next :)

  • SheVegan
  • Trisha Smith

    Gorgeous! I would where this to our New Year’s Eve party!

  • Shannon

    I’m tall, but not skinny at the moment. LOL Gained a bunch of weight due to health problems., but that’s turning around now. It’s a really cute dress. I don’t have an event in mind, but once I’m back to my old self, I’m sure I would find something to wear it to just to show off. 😉 I love the necklace. It’s really cute.

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    I would enjoy wearing these pieces together on my 6 year anniversary with my lover, we will be dining on the Space Needle in Seattle, WA :) thank you.

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia. I don’t get to go out with my husband very often because we rarely have a sitter for our disabled son but in February we have family flying in from Ohio and they are giving us a night off! I would love to wear this on my date night with my husband. We so deserve a night out alone!!

  • Angela

    OH MY, OH MY, OH MY, AHHHHH I would <3 L <3 O <3 V <3 E <3 to win this!!!!!! My work is having a christmas party at Eddie V's and this would be the perfect, elegant event to wear this to. As a female, I love getting complements on my dress and I would be sure to tell them all about the kind life!!! :) So praying I win this!

  • Moya

    My husband works away So when he is home we enjoy just being together

  • Lizzy G

    Graduation. Smart is sexy!

  • Kellie

    Hi Alicia! I absolutely love this dress and necklace. I am very tall and thin so it would fit perfectly! :) I would love to wear this out on a romantic date with my boyfriend.

  • Julie Brydon

    I would wear this outfit out to dinner and live theater!

  • Sierra Rose Merenda

    My fathers aunt passed away today. I have had four women from my childhood that I didn’t always keep in touch with but they have made impression in my heart and journey in this life pass away this year. I have gone and will go to celebrate and cherish her life. I recently became a stay at home mom. I feel bad getting another dress even if I can.

  • Ayla Beran

    I would wear this dress on a romantic getaway, my husband and I have yet to decide where, some place warm and exotic…with a beach. A dress to become a keepsake for a great memory.

  • Halena

    This is a beautiful dress and necklace… Its awesome what your doing for a lucky someone…By the way loved your movies..I will turning 30 in February. This dress would look lovely for my Valentines date with my husband, we have not had a real date night in….to long.

  • Erica

    Police Ball

  • L Bryant

    I love this! I would love to wear this on my 22nd wedding anniversary this January!:) Thank you for this website and all the wonderful things you do!❤️

  • christine marti

    Alicia, I love getting these emails and always look forward to your wonderful giveaways. I would like to add a vote that Laura receive this wonderful outfit to wear on her ‘date night’ in February. I have been blessed with a wonderfully healthy son and cannot even envision what a toll it takes on a marriage to handle these conditions on a dialy basis. Thanks as always for the great newletters!

  • Amanda

    I’d bring it with me to Maui in February and wear it to a dinner by the ocean.

  • Emily

    I have a four-month-old baby boy. Your book has been so helpful and I’m so grateful to have it along this journey. My husband and I have yet to take a night away from our sweet boy, and this outfit would be perfect for a night out!

  • erica

    Hi Alicia :)
    My fiancé and I are going out for a fancy night of dancing for New Years eve this year and I have not yet figured out what to wear! I’ve been shopping around because I want something locally/ethically made, but with Christmas coming don’t want to spend too much! This chic and sexy dress would be perfect <3 xo

  • Cherie

    On the rare occasion I get to go out, I look in my closet and hope to find something that is beautiful, but also represents my values. I don’t shop anything but 2nd hand, so my “going out” dresses are often nonexistent because I can’t find something suitable and in my size. This dress is perfect, and I would love to tell the story about this dress if I get to wear it out! ❤️

  • Carolyn

    I would love to wear this to dinner on a vacation I have coming up.

  • Robin P


    I would wear that for my 15th wedding anniversary in 2015!

  • Rachel

    Hi Alicia! I would love to wear this on a date night out with my husband. There’s this great little restaurant not too far from us that we love and this dress would be amazing to wear there!

  • Justin F Rayl

    My wife would like to wear this on our 6th anniversary in July. We’re converting to being vegan after reading your books and watching both Earthlings and Forks over knives. Earthlings isn’t for the weak hearted, it is so graphic it was banned from TV.

  • BC

    I would absolutely love to wear this for my best friend’s wedding shower in a couple of weeks. She moved out of town last year and it’s been so hard not just being away from her for so long, but doing wedding things via internet and over the phone. Not having her here is so hard for those days when you need someone to cry to about relationship frustrations, work struggles, someone to laugh with on a night when you can gorge on vegan nachos and watch a great movie, whatever. I am so over the moon that she’s about to be back in town and we get to spend time together, and especially excited that we get to spend this time celebrating this huge step in her life. My boyfriend and I get to get dressed up and spend quality time with her and her fiancee and celebrate them, our love for them, and their love for each other. Something super special and gorgeous to wear would just be some yummy icing on the amazing vegan cake :)

  • Raine Dawson

    Although we don’t have a traditional office party, every year all of the girls thst work st the shelter, including myself go out for Xmas and/or New Years (it always depends on scheduling) I’d wear this out to dinner and drinks after. I’m not good at dressing up, I’m a jeans and tee girl, so this would be so much fun to wear out instead of my ‘good’ jeans and a dressy top. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Kirsten Antony

    Simply beautiful! Our 20th wedding anniversary is in 2015. If I won this dress and necklace… what a great reason to fly off to a tropical paradise to renew our vows and work on some ab rippers in the meantime! : )

  • Kristina Fukuda

    My husband’s cousin is getting married in July, up in Pismo Beach. This would be perfect to wear to the wedding!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    On New Years Eve I am going to a masquerade ball. I would love to wear this to that, with the sparkly mask I got second hand the other day.

  • Brianna Ehrenberg

    I would really love to wear this out on an anniversary dinner with my partner. We currently live in North Dakota and we are moving out to Oregon to better support out vegan lifestyle. Thanks so much for supplying us with such great information!

  • MelissaL

    Hi Alicia! Gorgeous dress and necklace. I am really tall, and would love something like this to wear on my 18th wedding anniversary this spring! A special vegan solo date night in a fancy restaurant is my dream :)

  • Melody

    I would wear this to our family’s VEGAN Christmas celebration. Absolutely stunning!

  • Patty

    The dress and necklace are lovely. I’d wear the dress to a special performance I have scheduled in January in The Bronx. I’m a musician, it would be a great to speak to community members from low-income communities about eating vegan. It’s always hard to find things to wear especially when your a “starving” artists so this dress would help me feel more confident and beautiful.

  • Brenna Alholm

    I would like to wear this to my work’s Holiday Party!

  • Carly C

    I have 5 weddings to attend next year – would definitely wear that to at least one, if not more of them!

  • Dariann

    This is a beautiful ensemble, and I’d be thrilled to wear it to the New Year’s Eve group meditation sit / celebration my husband and I are attending. Thank you so much xx

  • Lindsay F

    Date night with the hubby

  • Melissa F

    I would wear it to my work holiday party.

  • jtlittlelong

    this has been a hard year. My mom is a cancer survivor and we just found out it is gone. son is going through feeding therapy ( has a hard time eating) and has speech and developmental delays, husband lost his job. But things are looking up for us. I am getting my career dream job within the next few weeks, we are making progress with my son in his therapies. My husband and I have constantly been to one doctor or specialist to another and after the New Year we still have appointmetns to make to see if there is a reason he is not growing as he should be. I plan on wearing it out for New Years to bring in what we hope to be a better New Year for me and my family.

  • Maura

    I would love to wear this dress on my anniversary dinner with my husband.

  • Denise

    Just beautiful

  • Susie

    Love this dress and necklace! I would wear this to my friend’s wedding in March. I work for the fire department and don’t get to dress up very often (unless it’s in my class A’s)!

  • Beth Rapp

    Vegan cookie swap/holiday party!
    And then again NYE!
    And then again to my art show in late January!

    It would be a great conversation piece and way to bring up the kind way of life. There will be some political big wigs at the art show and this dress would be a way to spark up a conversation about some changes in the community with regards to education about the food industry and living a vegan life. Wearing a dress from you would definitely hook their attention and keep it light hearted.

  • Michelle K.

    oh my goodness! this is such a beautiful dress and necklace! i am the proud mama of 3 boys. I would wear this on a date with my sweet love :) happy happy holidays!

  • Kelli W

    Dinner at the beach with my hubby :)

  • Shelly Brown

    I want to wear this beautiful dress to go out on new years eve! I am flying from Maui to Kauai and scattering my fathers ashes in the spot where he and my mother had their vows renewed when they turned 50. Then we are going out to dinner and dancing in our blue dresses.

  • kelly williams

    I wouldn’t wait for a special occasion to wear this. But I’d love to wear it on New years, a token to kick start my new year as a vegan :)

  • Jessica

    I’d love to wear this to my birthday dinner in February. The dress is super elegant!

  • Lauren Maher

    My cousin is getting married this coming May and this dress would be perfect.

  • Kami Meredith

    Both my husband and I are turning 40 and this would be a great outfit to celebrate surviving our 30’s and embracing our next decade.

  • Jess

    Very beautiful peices. I’d wear it to my husbands work do. His boss the head chef and all staff are so open to me being vegan and willing to try all the vegan foods I bring in, this would be so perfect.

  • Laura Murray

    I am a huge fan of yours! Your books have quite literally changed my life! :) This is my first time ever commenting here, but I saw the dress and it caught my eye! I just found out I am pregnant after lots of fertility problems and sort of wanted to take some early maternity pics with my husband to celebrate our good news. I want something long and flowy, that will show a teeny tiny bump that has started to show. I would wear this dress with my husband, celebrating with photos the new life we are about to bring into this world.

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    I’m a tall skinny person! This would be great to wear on New Year’s Eve, as well as for nice nights out on the town.

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    A special night out with my sweetie wearing this would be wonderful. ;o)

  • Amanda Wallace

    I would love to wear this on my birthday! Since it’s the day after Christmas, it usually gets lost in the holiday shuffle, but a fantastic outfit makes the evening more special.

  • Celine Marie Marino

    Had my second babe earlier this year and haven’t treated myself to any new clothing since. :) Would love to wear this for the holidays!!!

  • Jennifer Rayl

    I’m a tall person, and the cut and color of the dress would look great on me; especially when pairing the necklace with a ring I have already that would complement it perfectly! I’d wear it for many events: New Year’s, hubby’s birthday, on a date with him, etc. Not only will I feel great wearing it, but it’ll also make a great conversation piece to get the topic to move over to “why it’s a great idea to become vegan/superhero” – someone is bound to comment on it and ask where I got it, and I can mention your site, how you do giveaways, and can help convince them to make the switch to becoming vegan while I’m at it.

    And also, thank you so much for writing your books! Not only do I feel better that I no longer contribute to unnecessary animal suffering, but I also feel healthier and more energetic! I like your books so much that I purchased more copies to give out as gifts for Christmas. :) Speaking of which, merry Christmas to you and your family, and have a great new year!!

    • SheVegan

      Fresh Veggies !! G;ad you won – :)

  • Crystal

    Beautiful!!! I would love to wear this to Valentine’s dinner with my mom. She comes to visit me in Brooklyn and we have a girls dinner at an old legendary Italian restaurant every year.

  • Rosanna

    My beautiful daughter had her first baby the day before Thanksgiving. The baby was born very sick, but she is doing great. The baby (Satya) finally came home on Sunday. My daughter is almost back to her normal size (tiny). I think that she would look lovely in this outfit on baby Satya’s first Christmas.

  • Alejandro Guzman

    I would love to watch my wife wearing this. We will have our 10th anniversary next year and I am planning a escape for us. It will be a surprise. I would love this dress and necklace to be a surprise for her too…

  • Mallory

    I would love to wear this out on Valentine’s Day with my husband! And secretly watch him want to ask how much I spent on a new dress lol!

  • Stephanie Rae Guadagnoli

    Lockn Music Festival! ✌️

  • Amy Tam

    lovely giveaway items!

  • Liovani Nazario

    I will wear it for New Years Eve which I will spend with my daughter and some of my friends. I dont get to dress up during the year so this will be the perfect ocassion :)

  • Marianne

    Dress is perfect! New years eve party comes to mind!! Would love to wear it for that!

  • Kristi Simmons

    I would wear it on our next cruise! It would be beautiful for the formal night.

  • jeanclaire

    I will host a party to celebrate my first move interstate, my new cleaner ethical lifestyle, new beginnings!!!

  • Deb Jackson

    I would wear it to our formal company dinner.

  • Emily Frigon

    I would wear this to my junior prom in the spring

  • Kristi Weiss

    Beauuutiiiful! i would wear this dress New Years eve to the Annual Boot Drop, here in Prescott, AZ!! Cold, but can wear leggings and high black boots with it and look sexy! Hair up for sure! :)

  • Kristi Weiss

    beauuutiiiful! i would wear this dress to the Annual Boot Drop, in Prescott, AZ, on New Years Eve! kinda cold out, but would wear black leggins and black high sexy boots with it and hair def up! :)

  • Diana

    I would wear it out to dinner with my husband of 36 years!

  • Ashlynn Hayes

    After several years of working as a jaded post-grad paper pusher in corporate america, my beloved grandmother passed away unexpectedly. I had a bit of an epiphany and have made it my goal to become more spiritual and find more meaning in my life. In order to become more at one with ourselves as humans, my husband and I are taking a sabbatical from the ‘real world’ this spring and will be living abroad. I would love to win this dress to wear during our journey of self rediscovery-it would be the perfect dress to pack for a long weekend to Hvar! It would undoubtedly make for an amazing, no pressure conversation starter.