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Kind Mama Love From Michelle

Michelle K. recently wrote to me about her experience reading The Kind Mama. Thank you so much for your kind words Michelle!

I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Alicia. I have always been what I have considered to be ‘healthy’. I have a background in Yoga and Ayurveda. Then I became a mom! It has been the most magical experience of my life! My youngest son is 16 months old and I have 2 step sons who are 8 and 9. It was not until I began feeding my son solid foods that I realized how important it is to me to feed him foods from the earth that nourish, but that also have a philosophy rooted in kindness so that his body, mind and soul are all nourished and as balanced with nature as can be.

I came about The Kind Life 8 months ago or so. I use The Kind Diet as an endless resource. I recently ordered The Kind Mama, and so wish I had this book during the time I was pregnant. I birthed my son naturally surrounded by the empowering midwifery model of care. I look at this book and use the information in it many times daily. The photos are absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Both my youngest son and I eat a vegan diet which has taken lots of reading, research and mindful thought.

Again, many many thanks for writing these books.

Be well,



  • Sybil Webster

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. The Kind Life & Go Green Philosophy is saving my life! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at a very high level of intestinal contamination. After multiple surgeries and Yoga, with the clean living way of life. I am feeling healthier everyday. Now it’s my turn to give back.