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Organic Vitamins: Jeff Shares A Story

Kind lifer Jeff recently wrote in and shared this story with me. Thank you for sharing! So grateful for your neighbor’s improvement in health and experience with mykind Organics men’s multi D3, + B12.

I’m 48 with four young kids (10, 8 and 6 year old boy, and a 6 year old girl – twins). My best friend from childhood is a cabinet contractor and has been active his whole life. He and his wife also own a karate studio and both of his teenage sons teach in that business. About a month ago he turned 49, went in for a check up and called me asking, for the first time, for a multi. He was deficient in D, his cholesterol numbers were in the high range pushing above normal, and his skin and nails just don’t look as healthy as they used to.

He’s a busy guy who barely slows down to eat during his days – and often, it’s odd combinations of portable foods eaten too fast and prepared in advance. His lifestyle makes it hard to get all the vitamins and minerals his body needs every day and he’s starting to see the price his body is paying for that fast pace. So, he wanted a daily “insurance policy” to protect his generally good health as his body goes through the natural changes we all experience.

He’s been taking mykind Organics Men’s multi for about six weeks, in addition to the D3 spray, and the B12 (in the afternoons – he’s not a coffee drinker). At first he could actually “feel” a bit of a rush of energy shortly after his morning multi, and again a pick-me-up after his B12. Now, his body has adjusted to the new regimen. He does’t feel it anymore, but its part of his daily routine and it helps him feel more relaxed when he goes home to his family at night. He carries insurance for a rainy day – and he takes multi’s as part of his plan to keep the rainy day from ever showing up at his house.

That’s so great! mykind Organics is free of caffeine or anything that would give you an un-natural lift, just organic whole fruits and veggies. We hope your friend can read The Kind Diet when he gets a sec : ) and are so happy he is loving them!!

Have you or your partner tried mykind Organics? I would love to hear your story!


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  • Moya

    I wanted to thank you for not only making for all the vit. you make and the ones for women, but also men’s and over 40+ My husband is a truck driver(for a company)and he is out for at least 10-14 days at a trip, and even when he tries to eat better I know that it’s not always easy He takes vit. but I got him to change to yours He has now been on them for a few months and he said he has been feeling better, and for him they don’t taste bad, I think he means an after taste Thank you and please keep them coming A very happy wife!

  • Dariann

    My husband and I love the Kind Organic multis for men & women, and I’m interested in trying the B12 spray. Happy 2015!

  • Zia Bossenmeyer

    I’ve been taking Kind Organics Multivitamin for Women. Over the years have tried many brands and for whatever reason they made me nauseous. So I didn’t take them… After I saw this one hit the market, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. I take it and get on with my day.

  • Brielle Long

    I won The Kind B12 spray thru one of your giveaways and my whole family loves it!!!! Thank you for exposing me to this. I found the Kind vitamin line at my local market and picked up a few more!

  • Moya

    I take all you kind vit. and I also got my husband on them. But I am doing my first Veganuary and was asked if we take B12 and how we take it, and I posted about Kind vit. But then this was posted, and I wanted to see what you think (Martin Brighton Liz, yes it is. There are no plant sources of Vitamin B12. It can be a challenge to get enough from fortified foods alone, its not worth risking your health, I always use both.…/nutritional…/vitamin-b12/) Again I would like to know what you think or would say? Thank you, and I am going to be still taking my kind vit :)

  • Anna

    When i was about 3 months pregnant, everybody recommended i should take prenatals. I read every label of the prenatals on the market and studied all the ingredients and there wasnt one prenatal i felt comfortable with. I was a bit sad i admit and frustrated as I wanted to take a prenatal but not pump something synthetic or partially organic or even gmo into my body….I kept putting it off to take a prenatal and searching the web and reading more about vitamins and prenatals, there was no such thing like the perfect prenatal!!! Then one day i went to the supermarket and stumbled upon a promotion of “mykind” vitamins it had just came out to the market! I felt like god had heard my wishes and Alicia Silverstone executed them :) it was a huge blessing to me and my baby. Everything in a vitamin i had searched for came true, it was clean, pure, organic, derived from whole foods and on top of that….the promotion was buy a vitamin bottle and get the book for free “kind mama”. I went with the promotion and had a great prepration to my birth and motherhood and i want to thank you for that Alicia! Now, i ran out of my pills and the vitamin D and currently i am in europe so im hoping i can order them via amazon;)