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Kind Mama Stephanie Reconnects

I wanted to share this note from kind lifer Stephanie. She wrote recently and I am so thankful for her reconnecting and getting back on the kind path. Go Stephanie!

Alicia, I just wanted to thank you for writing the book “The Kind Mama.” I am 8 months pregnant with my second little one, and reading your book is reconnecting me to my center. I fell off the Vegan wagon with the pregnancy because this time around, my life (is) much more hectic and cooking for myself while nauseous felt impossible. I lost sight of things temporarily. I am back on track and going through your book so happily… and I even found some great Vegan children’s books to read to my son Santi at night.

My husband’s name is also Christopher and the way you discuss your relationship reminds me so much of ours. In so many ways your book is offering me comfort and a healthier outlook before my home birth in November. Thank you for the effort you took. I am sure it was difficult to juggle being a wife, mommy, author and the many other roles you play.

xox Stephanie

Thank you Stephanie!!!


Do you have a story you want to share from your pregnancy? Has The Kind Mama inspired you in any way?


  • nat

    I to am like stephanie and haven’t been completely focused on my healthy vegen eating path but want to serve as a good example to my precious little boy, so I will start again. Thank you alicia for the kind mama its a beautifully written book and I love the pics as well of your lovely family. I agree so much with you as far as being a kind mama although it’s not always so easy to follow through sometimes with life being so hectic and busy but ill keep trying. Your approach to mama hood is super kind to our babies ourselves and the earth.