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From My Closet Giveaway: Casual Cute

Congrats Moira! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!


This week I’m giving away these brogue styled shoes, fun top, and classic jeans.

The shoes are made by Wills Vegan Shoes. Wills is a British company that makes stylish and cruelty free shoes! They are made from Italian faux leather microfiber and water resistant. They look cute with jeans or flirty with tights and a skirt.

The blouse is from CDW but I got it from Wasteland. I wore it with black trousers, which worked great for meetings or dinners. 

The jeans are made by J. Brand, size 29.


The Kind Life

To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below about what you like to do on a day free of plans and work. 

I will announce the winner on Friday March 13th!

With love,





  • Greg Kalin

    Hey Alicia, I am a co-founder at I think we might be the perfect place to partner with you for these outfit competitions. I promise if you take 2 minutes to watch the video on our home page, you will see what I mean. Best wishes.

  • Amanda Scarlett

    LOVE this! Perfect for a day at the farmers market and sitting outside enjoying spring weather with friends!

  • Sandra Fritsche

    I love to ride my new horse, a Mustang named “Maverick”!

  • Sherrie March Isenberg

    Hang out with my four dachshunds, read, cook something vegetarian, take a nap, work in my garden!!!

  • Michelle Lee

    I’d like to go on a romantic date, with dinner by candlelight.

  • Greg Kalin

    Hey Alicia, not sure if you’re the one that reads these or not, but I am a co-founder at I think our website might be the perfect place for you to run these outfit giveaways. If I could just get you to check out the 2 minute video on our home page, I think you will see what I mean. If you’re interested, you can email me at [email protected]. Look forward to hearing back.

  • Maria Chanioti

    When I have free time, I like to relax by reading or watching a movie :)

  • Toni Furan

    A surprise day free of work and commitments? Pure Heaven – I’d start with a hot yoga session, then tea at a coffee shop with whatever book I’m reading at the time. A long walk along the lakeshore enjoying the beauty of the season would cap off a wonderful morning!

  • Lauren Halo

    I love to take walks in a forest to mediate and cuddle at night with the love of my life .

  • Gabrielle Armstrong

    Hi Alicia,

    On a day Free of plans and work, i love nothing more than getting amongst nature. In the country i live in we are blessed to be surrounded by natural lakes & rivers, oceans and mountains. A blessed day like this starts with my fave green smoothie for breakfast! then a hike towards the mountains trying to take it all in and feel the blessing that the Vegan life is to me. Much Love Gabby:

  • Lyra82

    Love these items!!! I try hard to ground myself back to a positive place and prep healthy food for the next week. garden or volunteer with wildlife rescues. Anything to get my head in a better place from the week of work and stress. <3

  • Denise M

    i would love to knit and cook for fun

  • Yosune

    on a free day of work I always need to rest and reconnect with me, i love to read outside in a park named “el capricho” (i’m from Madrid, but now I’m living in the US for a while) or just lay there on the grass, it is kind of my best plan on a free day, trying not to think too much :) (also you are a truly inspiration for me, greetings from a spaniard!

  • Vin Medugno

    Love & relaxation !

  • Lisette Ramos

    I would run as much as I can as I run less than an hour as I like to spend a lot of time with my family. That day, though, I would run as much as my body could take and finish it with swinging on the swing at the playground as my fave place to run is a park with a playground.

  • Greg Kalin

    Hey Alicia! I am a co-founder at, and I think we might be the perfect website for you to run your outfit giveaways on. If I could just get you to watch the 1-minute video on our home page, I think you will know what I mean by “perfect.” If you’re interested, have some one reach out to me at [email protected]. Look forward to hearing back. Best.

  • Greg Kalin

    Can you at least visit the website so you know it is legit, rather than just blindly ignoring my comments

    • Sofia Kanavle

      No one is obligated to look at your website, just because you randomly post it repeatedly on their blog, and being insulting isn’t going to help your cause either.

  • Summer Neville

    On my free days, I like to wake up and open windows while waiting for coffee or hot water for tea. Then I read mysteries in bed and maybe write a little. Then a smoothie and a hike in gorgeous Forest Park here in Portland. Then the Kiva for a habibi bowl. They do delicious tofu! Then, i would take my time getting a fun dinner ready, maybe try to copy something from one of the cool plant-based restaurants that I admire. Then, a walk with my husband down to Powell’s books where we wander in wonder. :)

  • rayzilla

    on a day of free plans i’m doing..nothing, because i’m recovering from foot surgery :( otherwise i’d be drawing and painting!

  • Mandi

    On my day off, after sleeping in, I’d wake up to do yoga, make a smoothie, then go out to the metro parks to take pictures with my dog. Throw a road trip in there with amazing music and it’d be the best day.

  • Jessica

    I love to spend off-days watching HGTV and looking for some yummy vegan recipes :)

  • Jerri Walker

    Breathe :)

  • Juliana Hirosse

    Play with my kids and my Dog surrounded by nature! ❤️

  • Brittany love

    Relax and enjoy mommy daughter time!

  • Shaun Rylee Schwiderski

    There are two things I like doing on my “free” days that are both actually productive! I enjoy looking at my recipe books (yours included) & planning a few meals for the week and prepping them. Then I also like working on small home reno/improvement projects with what I already have or can make for it to feel less cluttered and “new!”

  • Vanessa

    On my day off I love to go to beach walk on the sad n think how grateful I am for my sons my 2 cats my job my life ; )

  • jorischmalz

    My days off are usually spent sleeping in, going grocery shopping at my local markets, and then spending the night on the town with my babe. <3

  • Patricia Schneider


  • Colleen Boudreau

    I like to lounge in bed and watch movies.

  • Ericka

    Yoga, meditation, hot baths with my favorite salts.
    Coffee, hot tea or kombucha and QUIET.

  • Stephanie Willis

    I love to spend any free time with family. My new husband and I are moving soon and about to start trying to be parents. Such an exciting time. We get the keys to our new home also Friday the 13th! Yay. Love your attitude on life, so awesome and inspiring :-)

  • Dani Sequoia Davis-Robeson

    Work with my dogs! :)

  • Patricia Schneider


  • Mallory Moore

    Alicia, on my days off I spend time with friends and family and volunteer for the Special Olympics. I am also an avid Clueless fan, so you may catch me watching it for the billionth time.

  • Selena Brandt

    I love watching Netflix movies and actually just ordered the crush online :) I also love baking with my daughter. Thank you for this giveaway Alicia xoxo

  • Liloo Dallas

    The beach. It’s always been my go to.

  • Holli

    Coffee, yoga, breakfast. Then taking my two year old to a nearby park or stone mountain and watch her get curiouser and curiouser and belly laugh at the ducks. Catch up on reading, call my mammaw, check out the thrift store for gems or DIYS… now I’m dreaming of my next day off :)

  • loridawn

    Riding my horse, gardening, doing yoga, taking a bath, getting a massage, and sipping champagne. Perfect day. & I’ve been lucky enough to have a day just like that!

  • Beth Deschenes

    I love going to a yoga class and basking in the sunshine…. I also love going to the grocery store kid free

  • Kellie Quanrud

    I like to find a quiet place to clear my mind of daily stressors. Feed my soul and body something comforting and spend time with little kidos <3

  • Alaina Willis

    I love to take my dogs on a hike and then to the beach with my boyfriend!

  • Tracy Brooks Wright

    Yoga, meditation, and making something wonderful for my family to enjoy when they come home.

  • Laura

    I love going to the beach with my family or staying home, watching a movie, and cooking a delicious dinner!! Spending time with my husband and my son is the best!

  • Lisa Jackson Rigali

    Play and cuddle with my sweet 3 year-old son ! Nothing better -Xoxox

  • Erin

    Either work on a new crochet project, read a book, or if it’s nice out take my dog for a long walk.

  • Aimee Wise

    Read, read, read!

  • Ginamarie Colorio Felker

    Play with my little ones and do Pilates.

  • Sarah Cotter

    go on a long run, meet friends for coffee and eat everything!

  • R.n. Lozano

    I would like to spend my no plan days lounging around in pj’s watching movies and being lazy, however it’s been a while since I’ve had any type of free day- that said, I usually end up doing something extra like making a quick stop at a thrift store or book store, or even home depot – a me moment :)

  • Sheri Knight

    I like to take my daughter to the park and spend the day with her. We cook, color, go out to eat. When I don’t have her, which is rare lol, I go hang out with my friends.

  • Jamie Boozer Dorgan

    I would love to get my garden started. I have soon many plans for all my gardens this year. Thanks

  • Sheila Ingram

    On my free day, I love to take my kids to the woods. We pack a healthy Kind Life lunch,go hiking,and soak up some beautiful sunshine ! :)

  • Sandra Davila

    I love to get a workout in in the morning, play with my daughter, and try out new vegan recipes!

  • Nicole Harrington

    If I had a free day I would take a yin yoga class in the morning. Then I would go to the Farm Sanctuary, in Orland and volunteer my time helping all of their beautiful animals, and hearing their stories. After Farm Sanctuary I would go to dinner at Gracias Madre in San Francisco :) At the very end of the day I would take a long jacuzzi :)

  • Cara Little

    I love to spend my days off (like today), lounging around the house in the morning drinking coffee, cooking fresh vegetables from Whole Foods in the evening, and binge-watching Downton Abbey with my three dogs, one of whom I adopted only two weeks ago. She’s become obsessed with the Abbey and won’t let me turn it off. So it’s her fault I’ve been so lazy today.

  • Deirdre White Jones

    I spend time with my kids, playing and relaxing. As a working mom I don’t get enough time with them!

  • Joi Melillo

    Spending time with/enjoying my family, helping people and learning new things ♡

  • Eternally Blissed

    Would love to spend the day with my dog exercising at the beach and making raw food and macrobiotic recipes while educating people through my website eternallyblissed on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Valerie

    I like to sit outside on the porch swing, watching the squirrels and birds fight over seeds in the bird feeder. Lol. With a good book in hand…. while something delicious and nutritious is baking :)

  • Lauren Stewart

    I like to spend the day with my boyfriend and pets, plus maybe a movie and dinner at one of Austin’s awesome vegan restaurants!

  • Kristin Deritis

    Spend quality time with my little guy and husband <3 <3 it's the simple things in life that make it most enjoyable.

  • Emily Shepard

    Quiet my mind..quiet my thoughts and try to live that day as freely and unscheduled as possible :) lol just go with the flow!

  • mellie123

    I would nap in the sun and then cook!

  • meg

    I start most of my off days exploring the outdoors with my boyfriend, our dogs, and our foster dogs, followed by thrift shopping, trying a new vegan recipe for dinner, and topping it all off with a very crowded and furry cuddle session on the couch. Every off day is my favorite day. :)

  • John Malloy

    I like to take my Nikon out looking for great nature shots, then to one of the beautiful gulf coast beaches here in Florida for sunset.

    • Megan B

      so jealous! that would be amazing

  • Erin

    What a fun idea and fabulous outfit! On a day free of plans I would wake up and do yoga and meditate in the sunshine with my partner. We would make smoothies and a picnic and take our niece and kitten hiking to one of the gorgeous waterfalls here in Oregon. Then, perhaps, drive out to sauvies island to play on the beach and visit one or two of the farms to pick out veggies to make for dinner together. After dinner we could go through the photographs the three of us took and impromptu dance parties happen for us three often so I feel like that would happen somewhere in the day. Thank you for the opportunity to recycle your adorable outfit! Be well!

  • Taylor

    On a day off from work, I like to spend time with family or friends. If we stay in, we try out new vegan recipes and play board games before taking our dogs out for their daily walk around the neighborhood. Going out means exploring and finding used book shops to get lost in for the afternoon.

  • Rebekah Roderick

    Hit the gym, Pottery with the kids, a mommy play date with a bestie and dinner and drinks in with my love.

  • Taylor

    When I have a day off, I like to spend time with family or friends. If we stay in, we try new vegan recipes and play board games before taking our dogs out for their daily walk around the neighborhood. Going out means exploring and finding a used book shop to get lost in for the afternoon.

  • John Malloy

    I like to take my nikon out for great nature shots, then to one of the beautiful gulf coast beaches here in Florida for sunset, but i would love to go to the farmers market and enjoy the spring weather with amanda scarlett because she is as beautiful as you are!

  • Sarah Krajeski

    I love to spend days like that snuggling with my children and husband, and making beautiful vegan meals. <3

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    I would enjoy a nap in the park with a good book by my side.

  • BP

    Love going to the farmers market with my husband, walking around the lakes, and cooking delicious vegan food!

  • susitravl

    I would love a day to sit on my patio and read and hope to have one soon since the weather is finally warming up.

  • Tanya

    I take my toddler on dates – I try to find something fun like swimming or a cool park, grab a snack and coffee (for me), visit our favorite bakery and watch the pastry chefs working. It’s so much fun to just hang out with him with no agenda!

  • Amandita Bengoechea

    Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the kiddos and learn more about our local ocean sanctuary.

  • Linda B

    I love to spend the day watching a marathon of movies or tv series that I save for such a day.

  • Michelle Meehan

    On my day off I would take my time to get going in the morning. Make a delicious breakfast, spend time in my garden, go for a long run, take a very long hot shower, paint my nails, peruse my favorite lifestyle blogs and make a yummy nutritious dinner for the family hopefully eating outside on a beautiful warm night!

  • Irene Coller

    I’d start my day off with a latte (very important as a mom of two toddlers) followed by a trip to our favorite playground (Trancas Canyon), next would be a walk on the beach ending with a smoothie!

    Dinner at Cafe Gratitude, then home to watch some HGTV in my pj’s!


  • Tara McCoy

    I’m a homemaker with three kids. So I usually don’t get a day off. I love my job and when I do get a day off it’s usually to hang out with my best friend, my husband.

  • Brandy

    My days off are spent snuggling with my 4 dogs, then watching them play in the yard. I love to cook food and watch movies too.

  • Tere Fox

    After putting my sweet 14 month son down for his morning nap. I make a hot bubbly, epson salt bath and relax. When he wakes we have lunch and play. I am raw, vegan chef/ restauranteur, days off are far and few in between sometimes. I love to spend as much time always teaching him and watching him learn the world. It is truly pricless

  • Jenna Snyder

    I really enjoy spending free time doing yoga, trying new recipes and getting some fresh air. Bring on spring : )

  • Andrea Haase

    I don’t have a TV, so I love to read and, I know this may sound funny, but I love to clean my house (with natural cleaners) and make it smell nice by lighting candles or incense (non-toxic of course)…when the work is done, take a bath and relax.

  • Amelia Overall

    I like wake up late… cook a so good breakfast,

  • Rhiannon

    I love following you Alicia

  • Erika

    I love to do vegan outreach/animal advocating; leafletting, protesting and having amazing, informative conversations. :)

  • Julie Brydon

    I like to go to yoga and read a book!

  • Angel Fast-Gress

    Love spending m y days off with really good friends and family.


    I spend my free time exploring in nature by hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, or snorkeling around these beautiful islands!!

  • Jessica

    I really like to sleep in, make myself a nice cup of french press coffee with french vanilla soy creamer, and maybe a vegan donut – then read some books or catch up on shows (currently watching downton abbey). When it’s overcast, I love to walk around the neighborhood too… Or if it’s a Sunday, I like to hit up the Farmer’s Market :)

  • Emma Somerfield

    I’d call my mum and tell her I love her… Go for a walk around town… Pour a glass of wine, pop a flower in my hair and reflect on what is going on with my life/loves/etc… ❤️

  • Mandi Dawn

    I spend off days with my little one, soaking in as much toddler time as possible and making homemade allergy-friendly foods to store and freeze for her. It’s a perfect day if she naps in my arms.

  • Jenna Snyder

    I love spending free time doing yoga, trying new recipes and getting some fresh air. Bring on spring : )

  • Anna Khasik

    I don’t get much free time between work and 2 boys.. But boy when I do… Usually a Lush face mask, Piano Guys… And a great book. I am currently re-reading “In her shoes”

  • Gabrielle

    A day free of plans and work is often rare and all the more exciting, so, I take advantage of such opportunities to be a kid again. I am often blessed to have this opportunity with my 21-year-old daughter, Phoebe. We spend the day in play and adventure, outside in the sunshine playing beach volleyball, hiking in nature, riding our bikes, coloring in coloring books under the trees, taking pictures of the wildlife that surrounds us in a new place we venture to explore, and not only enjoying each other’s company but also thoroughly appreciating the beauty and perfection around us -whether this be the plants and creatures that often hidden share our world or the chance to learn from and enjoy our time together in it. These are my favorite moments, whether spent at home or someplace new. They also enable us distraction-free time together to share our deepest dreams and aspirations that often otherwise are pushed aside for the more immediately pressing matters of daily life, work, and school.

  • Andrea Daniels

    On my free days, I spend them glorious days enjoying my children. We play, we wrestle we watch the snow fall or the leaves fall or the rain drip. I spend those days with my two beautiful little souls I created.

  • Nicole

    On my off days (which seem to be few and far between these days now that I’m back in grad school), I love to take my dog for a run, head to one of the many awesome farmer’s markets in NYC, and attempt to prep some meals for the week so I have something decently healthy to grab when I’m studying.

  • Judy Ranalli

    I love to spend any free time in my back yard with my best friend Buttercup. She’s a 7 year old Boxer/Beagle mix that I adopted from the NYACC 3 years ago. She is the best dog (and friend) I ever had.

  • Teresa Madeleine

    I like to go out walking with my dog enjoy nature, spend time with my fiancé and family, read food blogs, drink some yummy coffee… Simple things :)

  • Carolyn

    I would go for a run, read the paper and drink coffee on my balcony.

  • Claire

    I would take my 16-month-old toddler for a long walk on our rail-to-trail path, bake some muffins, and maybe, just maybe, give myself a pedi!

  • Martha Readyoff

    When I have nothing to do I like to nap with my Siamese cat,William, drink kukicha tea and read Emily Dickinson.

  • terri

    off days? with two elementary school aged kids, what’s that? ha ha! I’d like my day off to include yoga and mindful meditation (uninterrupted!)….

  • BC

    On a day free of plans and work I love to make a big brunch or lunch for my love and I. I like to take a long stroll with my pup, and I love to get a bit of decluttering done. If it is a pleasant day I’ll open up the windows and let the house fill up with sun and breeze. I tend to squeeze in a bit of homework if needed to get it out of the way. At the end of the day after dinner, we’ll snuggle up on the couch to unwind or take a nice hot bubble bath with either some homemade products or Lush products <3

  • Jackie

    I like to go to the beach with my family!

  • Crystal E

    I love waking up a little later than usual, going for a walk, then making delicious vegan treats to share with my loved ones. I definitely have Spring fever and take advantage of getting outside any chance I get. Then ending the night with cuddles and a good movie:)

  • Stacy W

    I love to take walks with my dog and bike rides with my boyfriend. I am loving this warmer weather we are having now in Nebraska!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Alicia, on my days off (like today actually!) I love to teach yoga, walk around Central Park (snow or sunshine, doesn’t matter), and hang out with my boyfriend and catch up on our Netflix queue (if he miraculously happens to have a day off on the same day as me!). I also like to make time to read, write in a journal, and mediate.

  • Kassie Molino

    I like to spend my free days camped out in the playroom with the kids watching movies, playing, and cuddling. And hopefully a nap.

  • Jaime Och

    I love being outside with my children. Sunday we had no place to be or no schedule to follow and we spent it at Lake Murray (Lexington, SC) playing football, walking the dam, and just holding hands and talking. Was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

  • Jenny Goldner

    I love to spend days off taking in the sun shine while playing with my dog. She eats up the play time and it feeds my soul! I also get to a yoga class and the farmers then spend a slow afternoon crafting a yummy meal from my finds at the farmers market.

  • Jennifer

    Sleep sleep and more sleep

  • Tali Weiss

    Love your giveaways, they are so sweet and thoughtful :)
    I would wake up early, meditate, do a long yoga practice and then go for a walk. It would be nice to have a whole day to experiment with vegan cooking and baking so I would go good shopping (farmers market if one was around that day) and cook up a storm!! Bake cookies and other sweet treats to give as gifts to friends and family. Wind down the day with a good book, clean up and declutter the home and fall asleep to the scent of homemade lavender mist on my sheets. Gosh I really need a day like this now. Lol!! Thanks Alicia, you eased me into my plant based scrumptious life 5 years ago and you are still my biggest inspiration.

  • Alfiya Todd

    On my day off I’d love to do some reading, some knitting, some gardening, and some healthy cooking, or, if it’s possible, to go places with my family, not far from home, though, because it’s just one day off, right?

  • Angel Gregory

    Being a mother of twin special needs boys I don’t really have free time but when we don’t have doctors, therapy or school appointments I love to take me boys to local ponds/lakes to feed the ducks & geese. They absolutely love it & light up when they are surrounded by birds! Also, I’m an organic gardener & I teach my boys about that. Digging in the dirt & planting something beautiful helps my soul :)

  • Katherine Leachman Waller

    I’d like to get my garden started.

  • olivia

    On my days off, the sunshine pulls me outside. I love to relax in the warm sun to get my vitamin D. I also prepare my meals for the week ahead, which usually involves cooking a huge pot of vegetable soup! Being with family is a must on my days off so we either end up watching a movie or going through our album collection :)

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I will easily spend an entire day in the garden….tilling, planting, weeding, watering, pruning, harvesting – depending on the month. I will walk around the neighborhood picking up branches (ND is very windy and we always have branches laying around) to create a fire at night that I enjoy with a glass of wine and love ballads. During long winters in ND gardening is a fantastic dream away – and I cook up elaborate vegan dishes that I’ve been fantasizing about on Pinterest while singing at the top of my lungs to oldies music – especially my Grandpa’s favorite album, Theresa Brewer’s Dixieland Band.

  • nichole

    On a free day I love to soak up rays of the sun. Watch things move slowly like the orchids and plants in our house. lay quietly with my husband and feel eachothers breath. Energize after a week of giving and teaching. Fill my tank with nature. Definitley cook and bake. if the day allows visiting family and bringing them food is always nice. Do something nice for our dog he deserves it:) its always about recharging getting quiet and being very present so i can go back into the world and continue to help others. thank you for the inspiration ALICIA:) Namaste! Nichole Falco, Yoga Therapist IAYT

  • Stephanie

    Besides thumb through the Kind Diet and make food lists in continued practice for eating and cooking better? I like to pull out the different instruments I have stashed in closets and hutches, invite other musicians who like to write and play and record some small clips of music about our weeks and/or our lives. We usually gather in the dining room around a circular table and allow thoughts and feelings to pervade the space – usually in laughter.

  • Raine Dawson

    I like to just binge on Netflix in bed, cozy with my kitties. I’ll still do yoga but play hookie when it comes to any other exercise.

  • Katherine

    On my day off, I’d start with a coffee and a Green Monster smoothie (from Oh She Glows cookbook). I’d read the news on my computer. Mid-morning, I’d put on my running clothes and jog the Guadalupe Creek Trail near my home for a few miles. Then, I’d round up the “troops” (my husband and 6 y/o daughter) and we’d walk to lunch at San Pedro Square — an indoor/outdoor eating venue w/ lots of different restaurants. There’s a stage there, which my daughter loves to perform on with other kids, and my husband and I would sit in the shade, drinking beer or rose and munching on goodies (vegan for me, non-vegan for him). After lunch, we’d mosey to the library, pick up some books, and head home. I’d take a nap. We’d have friends over for dinner — potluck from whole foods — and let the kiddos play in the park while we watched from the front stoop, and the moon rose.

  • Brianna Ehrenberg

    On my free days I enjoy spending time cooking a nice meal. Recently I moved from North Dakota to Oregon and I’ve been spending a lot of time outside! I also like to spend time relaxing with my partner and three cat children. Lots of love!

  • KatieKaboo

    I’d love to walk outside for an hour or two, make some vegan waffles, and watch an old movie with my kitty and husband 😉

  • Amy kuniholm

    Good book, cup of tea and snuggles with my pup = ideal lazy day :)

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Preparing and eating tasty vegan food. Listening to music and laughing!

  • Sue G

    just hanging around with my kiddos – playing chess with my oldest, cars with my middle and cuddling with my baby-bean :)

  • Marie Renner

    I’m a stay at home mommy so days off very rarely happen! Lol but a day with my girls and hubby would be amazing! Wisconsin weather is starting to get nicer, so maybe take a walk and run around, take photos! Perfect day ❤️❤️❤️

  • ellen schull

    I like to go to a yoga class, and to lunch.

  • sadies

    Books, baking and lots of yoga.


  • Cora Beth

    On my days off, weather permitted, I love to hike with my boyfriend. We love getting lost in nature :).


  • teresa

    I’m a mom so I never have time off! When I have a spare moment I go volunteer at our bishops storehouse which is like a food bank or the thrift store. I love a good book but never finish them

  • christine marti

    On a free day with nice weather I like to spend the morning walking my little dachshund ‘Roo’ . Then relax with a good book or search for new vegan recipes.

  • Leah Pederson

    On a free day, I would get up early, make a big breakfast of vegan french toast, do some yoga, read, drink some tea, try a new recipe for lunch and dinner, and top the evening off with a movie and cat cuddles. Perfect!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I love to nap on days with no plans or work!

  • Jessie

    Hi Alicia! :) On days when I’m not working and have no plans, I like to forget about clocks and schedules! I take a very leisurely approach to my day and savor every moment. I enjoy a hot cup of tea or two, and I always end up reading and doodling! Spending extra time with my 15-month old daughter Naomi and/or our 2-year old German Shepherd Greta is also a special treat on these days! They give me such a rejuvenating boost of love and silly energy! Best to you and yours! Thank you. :)

  • Cleo

    I love to go for a hike and spend time outdoors, especially in this time of year!

  • Courtney Kirkpatrick

    I have a 16 month old. I have no idea what a day off is anymore. She is the reason I have researched all that I have and have become vegan in the first place. We share all our new information with everyone who listens. I hope we make a difference. I love you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope with us.

  • Asia Koziel

    I would go for a long bike ride, then go see a movie by myself and have a dinner at my favorite raw vegan restaurant

  • Suzanne

    I like to take my dog for a walk on the beach and then get him an ice cream, he’s not vegan.

  • Sarah-Jane Morgan

    I love to spend days off, chilling, experimenting with yummy recipes and visiting the local farmers market to stock up on amazing local foods. I also love to visit our local animal sanctuary with my family and really get involved with nature, it really replenishes and grounds me. Cant think of a better way to spend a day off :)

  • Guest

    We got married in Yosemite, so this day of which you speak would be spent there. We go back at least twice a year. We are also close to Marin, and would spend time there. Nature is very balancing and healing for me and my husband.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    What I like to do when I’m free from plans and work is something new that I recently stumbled upon. I’ve been looking for new friends that are more like-minded, as I’m very much into fitness, since I’m a Group Exercise Instructor. As I was planning out my eight 5K run/walks that I plan to power walk in from March through October, I found out that there is a local group of people that meet regularly throughout the year on Thursday evenings. The group is called “Run to the Pub”. They meet at specific bar/grill types of places, go for a run or walk as a group, and end at the same place for a free drink, raffle tickets, prizes, fellowship, and they can each buy themselves a healthy meal. For the first time, I noticed that there is an upcoming event very close to where I live, so I’m going to go. I figure this is a perfect way to meet others who enjoy power walking, 5K races, healthy food, and I’ll make new friends. Cheers!! :)

  • Brooke

    I have three young children (ages 4, 2 and 8 months) so when I do find the free time I like to surf the web for delicious recipes to make for the week.

  • theresano

    I love to read a good mystery.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    On a free day, I love working in my organic vegetable garden. It’s soothing to my soul. I also enjoy painting, riding my bike, and running.

  • Debi Cole

    Oh be outside!!! I’ll take it all! Hiking in the hills above my house..I’m blessed to live on the Central Coast of California! So we have awesome trails to run and hike with my dog. There is the beach to play in the surf and walk and shell seek! And we have a at the end of the day I can make a fabulous salad!!!

  • Lindsey Dixon

    I love to snuggle with my puppy and be a mad scientist in the kitchen trying new vegan recipes!

  • Melissa F

    I like to hike or go to the beach on my free days in the warm weather. During the winter I bake, knit, & read during my free time.

  • Kirsten Antony

    I enjoy taking my three dogs on a longer walk than usual on the nature trail close to home.

  • Rachel

    We just bought an R-Pod Camper and are loving going camping on our free days!

  • Lesley

    I am a teacher and a mother of a three year old boy, so free days are a rare treat!! I live in Portland Oregon and we have been having amazing (although disturbing) weather lately. I recently had a free day and this is how I spent it: My son Jack and I woke up and made vegan waffles using our own sourdough start, then we went to the storytime yoga for pre schoolers and their parents class at the peoples yoga. We picked up some books at powells (including Peas Please!) We finished off with a relaxing shopping trip to New Seasons for a yummy family dinner!

  • Becky Wells

    On a day free of plans and work I like to hang out at home with my kids, watch Netflix, and take pictures of birds and nature. I love days off!

  • Ann

    I take my daughter 30 month and my son 4 month old outside for a picnic at a state park and if the weather is bad we would go to the library and borrow books to read together.

  • Anna Marie Haggerty

    I love to hike the mountain trails and river side trails around our house with my kids!

  • BethanyK

    I love to spend my days off having game night with my friends!

  • Lacy

    I like to take my kiddos to the farmers market to make friends and eat delicious local offering together.

  • Alicia Noval

    On a day free of plans or work I like to read a good book, call a friend and head to the mall, or just chill at home with my dogs and cats.

  • Kelly Krause

    I love getting out and exploring Austin and the hill country on my bike! Rain or shine, there is nothing more freeing, calming and exciting all wrapped into one ride.

  • Lauren Ann

    See movies, watch Netflix, get work done in advance. If I’m really lucky I’ll be able to go home and see my parents and dog (I’m at college).

  • Ashley Humphrey

    I would love to wake up and take my precious time brewing a coffee then let the aroma swift me off my feet from underneath my cozy slippers and into my sneakers for a jog to the beach. Take a long shower, pampering myself to the T then have a lunch with my BF, and afternoon shop at some boutiques. Take a nap, enjoy a phantom of the opera show and have Martini drinks while dancing into the night. That would be my free day, everyday!

  • Michelle Howe

    I love to ride my bike, hike or walk my dogs with my boyfriend. Just us and nature.

  • Megan B

    going for a run, playing with my dog, horseback riding, and netflixing are always relaxing 😉

  • Karol

    On a free day (which rarely happens lol), I like to just rest, sleep in, read a good book, watch a movie, spend time with my husband and family.

  • meganngu

    I love walking around my neighborhood and visiting the local shops. It’s all about treating yourself! I’ll grab a smoothie or a donut and explore the little shops <3

  • Jennifer Contessa

    Alicia, on a free day off I love being outside. We think it finally stopped snowing here in NY! It’s been a rough winter, Spring is only days away. I live on the North Shore of Long Island and I love to walk on our boardwalk at our beach, collect shells and take in the sea air. I love my little town too. I often walk around town, go to my favorite park and look at the water view as I meditate and do yoga. My favorite!

  • Lyla San Jose-Nero

    If I have free time I will usually try and catch a movie or spend time with my mom or friends.

  • Lex

    Hello! I love to spend days off with my loved ones and dog, Max. I take walks, do yoga, and try new recipes. :) If I can sneak in some knitting or an art project, too, then the day is perfect!

  • A Lamb

    Take my dogs on an extra long walk and make a beautiful unhurried lunch.

  • fame

    I would go to the beach with my daughters :)

  • Michelle K.

    we love to take the kids into nyc and get almond milk cappuccinos from Joe’s coffee (for us, not the kids!) and then head over to the museum of natural history. always a great day!

  • Tiffany Baker

    My newest indulgence on my days off is to watch YouTube videos of a new vegan chef I found, Jenne’. Her channel is Sweet Potato Soul and her videos are short, fun, and informative. I’m planing on making her recipe for tempeh tacos and no bake sweet potato bars on Sunday with my 15 year old sister. Cooking with my sister is my way to spend time with her and corrupt her with vegan values……muuuhaha.

  • Alissa DeStefano

    When I don’t have plans I like to travel to a new food market and make a day out of it. Look up a great market in a new town, take the drive with friends and family, and enjoy the company! I love to come home and cook a new vegan meal, find a good movie or show and enjoy it with my family and pets!

  • Jenna Cameron

    That is the cutest outfit! On my days off, I love packing a picnic lunch and either going on a hike or visiting the beach. I live near the coast in CA and am very close to both activities. :)

  • ShannonK

    I still get up early, but lay in bed with a good book for a few hours. Then I try to write a bit (work on the novel or blog it up) and finally, catch up on episodes of my favourite shows that I was too busy to watch during the work week!

  • Rachel

    I’d like to spend my time with my family, having fun

  • Keleigh Friedrich

    I love getting some tea and going out to the Yolo Bypass or a nearby levee or nature preserve to just breathe and be amidst the birds and trees.

  • Sarah

    I paint!

  • Kristy

    On a day free of plans and work I Love to wake up with my natural body clock, NO ALARM set!! I love to feel out the day, go outside for a bike ride or to the farmer’s market in the company of close friends/family.

  • Shelly Brown

    I like to go to the beach with my honey and my dog and swim in the ocean, sunbathe, snack, and watch the sunset. This is my most favorite giveaway yet. Super cute and way my style!! Love the shoes!!

  • Climistina Dixon

    Well when Im off, I like to spend time with my 8 year old daughter Chloe. We play dress up and get lost in the day together. Also, we do a lot of cooking and sewing

  • Amy Ray

    I’m actually unable to work outside of the home due to health problems, but when I’m not working at home and feel like going out, I love going out to eat with family or friends. Eating is a bonding experience for me!

  • Moira

    In the warm months: hiking and working in the veggie garden with my husband, or sitting outside and reading a book, morning runs, yoga with the windows open. In the cooler months, putting on a comfy sweatshirt reading a book with my cats curled on my lap in my favorite chare, while I drink tea, cooking with my husband, we also like to watch shows on PBS.

  • Sierra Kluson

    Emerge myself in a good book. Whether at home, in a park, or at a favorite coffee shop. Just finding a place I feel comfortable and exploring a new world for a few hours.

  • Lisa

    Shop Shop Shopping!! 😉 On a day without plans I Loooovee to go out for some retail therapy, you know!! And….go out for drinks with my friends or go for movies with my boyfriend :)(and i would looove to do that in those gorgeous jeans, if I where so lucky to win them)!! And by the way…I am a Casual Chic!!

  • Megan

    I enjoy taking long walks in local parks with my husband and baby girl! I also love to try new vegan recipes, cooking for my family :)

  • gracemcrae

    I would spend the whole day catching up with friends and family! Sending letters, calling, emailing, whatever I can do to keep in touch.

  • mk

    breathe fresh air… i snowshoe in the winter, run or walk in the park when it’s warmer. getting outside always clears my head, helps me feel creative and nurtures my soul so that i can be a better (and calmer) mama, wife and woman!

  • Jenee

    It is cold and rainy here, so if I had a day off I would spend it doing two of the things I love the most: cooking and reading.

  • Marielle

    In the morning, I would run and meditate and then watch a movie/documentary with a hair mask and a face mask on. In the afternoon, I would go to the park and read a book there and at night, I would go to a jazz club and drink a glass of wine there

  • Marina

    On my days off, I like to spend time with my younger brothers and mother! I also try to take the day for quiet thinking, meditating, and going out into nature and reminding myself of what truly matters, and where I come from.

  • Lisa

    I love going to hot yoga class, and spending time with my daughter.

  • Sheri

    Garden!!! We are having a very early spring up in Spokane and it’s time to play in the dirt!

  • sellerses

    I spent today playing hooky from medical school; I turned on the tv and got caught up in nostalgia from the the 90’s with Clueless (it made me think of easier times!). Now, I’m going outside to tend to my garden on this foggy Alabama day! My sister is a fan of yours and amazed our family by deciding by herself when she was 7 years old to be a vegetarian. She’s 17 and graduating from high school in a couple months. I thought I might try to win those items for her, or maybe just get an autograph! -Ethan

  • Moya

    Hanging out with my Corgi, crafting and just being at peace

  • Denise

    Catching reading or checking out the farmers market

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I like to read in my garden and take the dogs for a walk on the beach where they can just run free.

  • Sandra Diaz

    I love to do nothing but sit on my porch in my beautiful mountain valley staring at the beauty and petting my cat of over 15 years and feel immense gratitude for those moments.

  • Jessikat

    I spend every free moment I get hiking…nothing like nature to center myself <3

  • Dina Banks

    Too late to comment? Lovely ansamble! I never have a day off ( as I’m a SAHM naturally;) but when my husband is home too, on a weekend we like to have fun with kids in a backyard, getting lots of sunshine m going o a park nearby to make a picnic. And making lots and lots of messy art – 10 finger paint creations come out easily in half hour!