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From My Closet Giveaway: Eco Top & Jeans

Congrats Shannon! You won this giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who participated! I want to commend you on your great efforts to reduce your plastic consumption.

This t-shirt was made by Earthspun Apparel from recycled polyester and recycled cotton. Each one of their original bottle tees saves the equivalent of about 6 large plastic bottles from sitting in a landfill and about 10 quarts of water by eliminating textile dyeing.

From My Closet

These jeans are comfortable and very versatile. They are made by J Brand and will fit size 29.

 Ahimsa Designs designed this necklace for Earth Day. Its materials include recycled sterling silver and copper. Inscribed on the pendant is Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

In order to have these in your closet, please leave me a comment telling me about how you try to reduce your plastic consumption.

I will announce the winner on Friday March 27th.

With Love,




  • Emily Thomas

    My family has switched to purchasing as much as we can in bulk using glass jars and cotton bags for purchasing and storage. We also recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can! I think some people think I go a bit overboard but there is one one Mother Earth and we’d better be thankful and care for her the best we can!

  • Katie Gillespie

    I carry an insulated Klean Kanteen with me wherever I go (love it!) and can use it for both coffee and water when I’m out and about to cut down on plastic waste. And I’ve made my own drawstring produce/bulk bags out of cloth with cute food prints in order to eliminate plastic bag use at the grocery store.

  • Sam Klick

    To reduce my plastic consumption I always bring my own bags to shop, use a glass water bottle, use glass Tupperware, and never buy takeout!

  • Carla Hatfield

    I send my son’s school lunch in reusable containers & a refillable water bottle. :)

  • Marianne

    I always make sure to bring my own grocery bags when i shop!

  • Laura

    I bought a zerowater water filter, I try to only buy items in glass instead of plastic whenever possible, and I refuse to use plastic bags! I even bought reuseable cloth bags for purchasing veggies in the store and for bulk items. Plastic has to go!!!

  • Laurie

    I use reusable glass containers rather than plastic & use my own grocery bags. My husband and I also collect plastic bottles from friends to use as insulation for our greenhouse :)

  • Noelle

    I have switched to reusable glass for water bottles and storage

  • Cara Little

    First, I reduce my plastic consumption by limiting the amount of ”stuff” I buy in all areas. I only have the minimal amount of everything that I need. Also, I never buy water bottles, I just drink water from the tap! I always grocery shop with my reusable bag, and if I ever have any plastic bags I reuse them as doggie potty bags when I take my dogs walking.

  • Eve Warren

    Buying loose fruit and veg and taking my own shopping bags

  • rebecca

    I used cloth diapers and exclusively breastfed my son-no bottles! (that was his choice, actually by refusing them.) I also make my own yummy vegan products instead of buying them packaged, like seitan and vegan cheese.

  • Becca

    I stopped buying much produce at Trader Joe’s because it is often unnecessarily packaged in clamshell containers or bagged in plastic…and it’s sadly one of the least fresh options in town anyway

  • Lauren Uter

    To reduce my plastic consumption I make sure I bring my own bags when I shop. I even have bags for my produce and bulk items. I try to cook more of my meals at home but when i go out to eat I bring my own container for leftovers. I try my best to find items used before buying new to avoid packaging.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    I try to reduce my plastic consumption by being green and eco-friendly every way I can. My husband bought me a set of glass Pyrex as one of my Christmas gifts, I have reusable, safe water bottles, I have a collection of tote bags, and we reduce, reuse, and recycle in our condo building. <3

  • Cassie Gallina

    I use a water filter, reusable water bottles, and reusable shopping bags

  • Jennifer

    :) I try to reduce my plastic consumption by using glass water bottles, glass mason jars and dishes to store grains and spices purchased in bulk as well as for leftovers/lunches. I bring a cloth grocery bag to the store and say “no thank you” when asked if I want a plastic bag. I also love supporting companies that sell their products in eco-friendly materials!

  • Eve

    To reduce our plastic consumption we use our own reusable grocery bags & mesh fruit/vegetable bags, refill 3 gallon water containers at the local health food store, use stainless steel water bottles, cook more verses carry-out & if there is plastic left over from products purchased at the grocery store we recycle it at our local center.

  • AlexStorm

    Use Nalgene containers for water (gym, working on set). Bring recycled bags with me when shopping. For those grocery bags for the vegetables/fruits, I just flat out don’t use them or I bring some from home. Cut up old water bottles to use as cups to clean brushes or as dixie cups to mix things so I don’t use the disposable ones. Re-use plastic cutlery when on set by washing and hiding. And straight out don’t buy plastic cups and cutlery when having a party.

  • Melinda

    My amazing husband created toilet bowl cleaner shakers out of mason jars by drilling holes in the top. No more plastic bottles full of toxic chemicals. We also use stainless steel tumblers for the little ones. They are much lighter and less breakable than glass, but still help us eliminate plastic in our home. We also have some adorable cloth snack bags and sandwich bags to use in our lunches. My kids have made it a fun game to think of ways to reduce our waste and our use of plastic and toxic chemicals in our home. It’s amazing how creative and clever our little Eco kids can be:)!

  • Debi Cole

    I just watched Plastic Paradise! It was so sad and overwhelming! Plastic is everywhere. I try to be hyper aware of my plastic usage. Daily…that means..reusable cloth bags, reusable beverage container and saying no to more plastic. I try to buy in bulk and dont buy something wrapped in plastic. I reuse what I can and recycle what I can! Thank you!!!!

  • Lesley

    We have metal water bottles, and metal and glass containers to transport food. We also buy a lot of things in bulk and store them in mason jars to cut down on packaging.

  • Toni Furan

    I don’t buy anything packaged that I can buy in the bulk aisle of my co-op using my own containers. I try to reduce, as much as possible, processed foods and cook from scratch, or make raw meals, most of the time. I use a Brita pitcher w/filter for H2O and don’t buy packaged water. I re-use glass spice jars (refilling with bulk spices) and keep beans, grains and other bulk items in glass jars. I make my own laundry detergent. I try to leave a really small footprint Eco wise and look for more ways to reduce it.

  • Lori

    I buy glass containers so my teen can pack his lunches in them and he uses a steel bottle for his lunch water. I also pack my lunches in glass containers and drink tap water while at work.

  • Felicia M

    I bring a stainless steel water bottle with me everywhere I go, I recycle all plastic packaging and try to avoid it by buying items that are not in plastic such as glass and support companies that use materials that are recyclable

  • Sarah Cotter

    bringing my own grocery bags to the store and keeping a set of plates and utensils at work.

  • Julie Perteet

    I don’t buy plastic bottles and I rinse out all my other plastics and recycle them. I have two recycle bins and just one trash with a family of five. :-)

  • florina

    I use cloth bags nets purchased from children with special needs.In this way i help children and the environment.

  • Jenna Snyder

    I use a refillable water bottle that I always keep with me (car, gym). I also keep recycled bags in my trunk for any time I might need to shop. And I decline a bag for instances where I can just pop the items in my purse or carry them. : )

  • mjmoore

    I try to use my Camelbak water bottle, and no plastic forks, etc. I also avoid plastic wrap.

  • Lindsey Solano

    I save all of our cosmetic type of containers and toothbrushes and bring them to a recycle station at our local grocer who recycles the packaging back to the company. I don’t use any plastic in the kitchen. I also avoid purchasing any plastic toys for our home, not even used! When eating out, I always eat “in” to avoid using any plastic cutlery, etc.

  • Jordan Dunne

    I use a glass water bottle instead of plastic ones when it’s possible. I also buy the reusable bags for grocery shopping.

  • Denise M

    We use reusable bags for groceries, and switched to glass bottles instead of plastic

  • Heather Hart

    My family is almost done with the anti-plastic movement in our home! We have taken all the plastic out, including dishes, bags, and as much purchasing of items wrapped in plastic as possible. It feels so liberating to not depend on plastic and to know that we are using glass, ceramic, and stainless steel to keep ourselves healthy.

  • Amanda Williams

    Stop using straws and chewing gum.

  • Janet Muscatello

    I try to reduce my plastic consumption buy always using a stainless steel water bottle for water when I work out. I also try to weigh my fruits and vegetables from bulk instead of buying them in a package. Janet Muscatello

  • Flora Hisser

    My husband and I have switched to biodegrable bags for our dogs’ waste when at the dog park or our for walks. They are biodegradable and can go straight to compost!

  • Julie

    I use a refillable glass water bottle, bring my own bags to the grocery store and use glass containers to store left-overs :) I also bring my own cups to places like Starbucks! I don’t buy or use plastic forks and use bamboo chop sticks that you don’t throw away! Supporting companies that use recycled materials is also one big thing I do to reduce my plastic consumption.

  • Danielle Marshall

    I have started using glass tupperware

  • Sar

    To reduce plastic consumption, I use reusable shopping bags. I also use the bags from buying in bulk to then put the litter in when cleaning my cats litter box. I have stopped buying water bottles, and i use Shaklee cleaning products meaning I reuse the same bottles for cleaning over and over since I just mix the solution myself when it is empty. I also buy the refillable cat littler so as to use the same container vs buying a new one each time! :)

  • Amanda

    We have a single 5 gallon water dispenser in our kitchen instead of buying packages of bottled water. We return the empty jug for exchange of a new one and it’s sent back to the company to be used again.

  • Meghan

    I use a reusable glass bottle for my daily drinking bottle!!

  • elseiffert

    I love fashion, but in the past few years, I have become more conscious of my choices as more and more information has come my way about environmental costs, exploitation of animals, inferior wages for workers, etc. I have taken in far less goods and do most of my shopping at thrift, consignment, and vintage shops. I am interested in finding companies with a conscience as well, because I’m learning how to “vote” with my dollars!

  • ElisabethMorgan-Rees

    Hi Alicia, I hope you’re well! I try to reduce my plastic consumption in two main ways. First of all, I always go shopping with my own hessian bags, so I never have to take plastic bags from the store. Secondly, I have a great Bobble water bottle, which has an inbuilt filter, so not only am I being eco friendly, but I am doing my body a favor too! Best wishes to you, Chris and Bear. Elisabeth

  • eve sandoval

    To reduce our plastic consumption we use our own reusable grocery bags & mesh fruit/vegetable bags, refill 3 gallon water containers at the local health food store, use stainless steel water bottles, cook more verses carry-out & if there is plastic left over from products purchased at the grocery store we recycle it at our local center.

  • Amy Olson

    I too have switched to a water filter, refillable bottles, reusable bags for groceries and reusable containers for lunch. I try to avoid take out containers and cook at home. Shop as much as possible in the farmers market. Reuse everything as much as possible!

  • A Lamb

    We always use reusable cloth grocery bags and glass bottles. We also use glassware containers for lunches and leftovers. We do not purchase or use plastic wrap, just cloth and elastic bands.

  • Lizzy G

    Following the 5 Rs! Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (:

  • Meredith Lee

    We use cloth diapers, glass bottles, and reuse any plastic that we do receive. We even compost and recycle so we don’t use much for trash bags. I would love to live a plastic free life, but we are getting there slowly!

  • Cherie

    This is tough for a big family (we have six kids at home right now!), so my biggest effort in reducing plastic consumption is by being a role model for our kids, and educating them. I am constantly teased for reusing plastic containers and bottles for ANYthing I can think of: arts and crafts, sending leftovers home with guests, in my classroom, as planters for my house plants … I also use glass containers or re-use plastic ones to fill up on my trips to the co-op’s bulk section. These are a small examples, but I’m proud to be the girl who’s made fun of for re-using everything. :o)

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    I use glass water bottles! :)

  • omnimatty

    Paper not plastic of course at the grocery store. :)

  • Becca

    I carry my Kleen Kanteen with me everywhere I go! Reusable bags for grocery shopping and reusable containers for food.

  • Debi Cole

    I just watched the documentary Plastic Paradise! Oh was so sobering. Plastic is EVERYWHERE! It can be overwheming. I have been trying to be hyper aware of my plastic usage. Some of the ways I have been trying to cut back on plastic are..using cloth bags..using a refillable beverage container…putting leftover food in a glass bowl with a plate on top…I also buy in bulk and try not to buy anything new..or wrapped in plastic!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    Always take my bags to the grocery store!

  • Fiona The Cleansing Diva!

    My conscious decisions to eliminate plastics were to only by tinned foods in BPA free containers, to no longer buy foods in plastic containers but rather choose glass, to re-use all the plastic containers we already had to store new foods in. I also changed all my children’s lunch containers in to glass with snap lid containers (love those and they keep the food much fresher anyway) like LifeFactory and Glasslock etc. If I have to food in plastic I decided to only buy plastic items that were compostable. Like so many, I only take paper shopping backs and re-use those along side cloth ones I bring myself. We switched from plastic straws to glass and paper for all my health/coaching/cooking events. When we buy gifts for others we make sure they are wooden – we love to do that as there are so many unusual things made out of wood and this tends to support local artisans and crafts people too.
    Thank you for allowing us to use this forum to share – it is great to read and learn how others are creating a better and cleaner world. I get great ideas here too

  • Stacy W

    I buy from the bulk foods as much as possible, as well as use my reusable bags for both produce and any shopping I do. I think it is amazing that companies can make clothing out of recycled plastic!

  • Amanda

    I have totally given up on plastic water bottles and only use my own, or use a glass. We also bring our own bags to the store and flat out refuse plastic bags.

  • Elise A.

    I keep reusable totes in my car (and my husband’s car) just so I always have them on hand if we go grocery shopping. I also use a S’well water bottle instead of plastic bottles of water. At work, they were buying bottled water for the volunteers, and I suggested that we just put in a drinking fountain with an easy station to refill bottles – and that has cut the cost and plastic consumption. If for any reason we do end up with plastic bags in the house, I use them to clean up after my dog. I also reuse packages from foods (like hummus) for leftovers. We are committed to keep this earth beautiful for our future generation.

  • Kathy Gray

    I don’t buy bottled water. I think that’s the biggest waste of plastic and resources.

  • Kimberlee Neff

    Use water bottles, cloth grocery bags and glass storage containers. I don’t buy plastic storage bags or cups. I also use cloth diapers for my baby.

  • Dina Banks

    Using metal bottle for water on the go and glass for babies. Always bringing shopping bags with us to any store. Buying from bulk section in stores like whole foods. We save glass jars to store things and often use them instead of cups. Reusing plastic containers as sandbox toys, also for making art. Parenthood was so inspirational for upcycling so far!

  • Shannon

    I try to always carry a water bottle with me or, more commonly lately, a glass jar with a lid. The jar can double as a doggy bag if I have unfinished food at a restaurant that I want to bring home with me. My salsa jar glass was a great conversation starter recently at a party where everyone else was drinking out of disposable plastic cups! I try to always have a real fork with me, too, as well as a reusable shopping bag. I like to pack my own snacks so I don’t have to purchase stuff wrapped in plastic when I get hungry on the go (it’s healthier too!). I make a lot of my own personal care products out of common basic ingredients, to reduce packaging, and buy larger sizes of things I don’t make (and look specifically for products packaged using recyled and recyclable materials). My toothbrush has a handle made of recycled wood and small, replaceable heads. I try to buy things made of recycled plastic, when plastic purchases are necessary or make the most sense (reclycled plastic shoes instead of new vinyl or (obviously) leather). And I try to reuse plastic containers for storage, cleaning, etc, when I do wind up aquiring them.

  • Clau Godoy Lira

    I try to reduce my plastic consumption in different ways: by buying my veggies in a local farm and also using veg box option ( thus I do not use a plastic bag at all :-). Also I achieved to made my bakery at home, this included muffins, cakes, breads, cookies and so on, I do this because I try to teach my boys that home bake is not only healthy but also is taking care about our environment by reducing bagged food. We use stainless water bottles which we bring to anywhere we go. We make our fruit juice rather than buy it. I go to an Indian shop to buy species and I refill my pots…….in general we do our best to try to buy local that is the best way to reduce plastic consumption!! :-)

  • Tiffany Baker

    I buy products in glass bottles instead of plastic whenever possible……olives, pasta sauce, pickles, ect. Not only does this save on plastic consumption, but then I recycle the glass jars for my own use instead of buying Rubber Made for storage. I soak the jars in sudsy warm water, wipe a bit of oil on the jars, and scrub the sticky coating off with a SOS pad. They can now be used for spices, broths, leftovers, or whatever.

  • Cindy

    It might sound crazy, but I rinse out my husbands plastic lunch bag thatI I packI with fruit each day. Works for us. Thank you for your fantastic newsletter. Very inspirational.

  • Susan Moseley

    Buy detergent that comes in cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers. Better yet, I make my own, and like to reuse gallon pickle jars to store my DIY washing detergent in.

  • HauteAngel

    I stopped drinking all soda to reduce plastic waste and trim my waist!

  • Raine Dawson

    I have my travel coffee mug and my Libre tea glass that I always take to-go. I make my own infused water in mason jars and I don’t buy water- I have a filtration system. Anything that’s plastic that I do buy I recycle it.

  • Bree

    We use HydroFlasks for water, reusable cloth grocery and produce bags. Glass lock tupperware, mason jars for bulk foods, food storage and drinking glasses, cloth diapers. We are super crunchy! 😉

  • christine marti

    I have greatly reduced my plastic comsumption over the past 3-5 years by using reusable bags for my grocery shopping. I also use refillable water bottles when possible in lieu of disposable water bottles. I reuse plastic take out food containers (my restaurant leftovers) – they are great for taking my lunch to work.

  • Julie Anthony

    Hello everyone! I am trying but I’m not great at this yet. I bring my own bags to the grocery store and avoid plastic whenever possible.I try and stick with the fresh and buy in bulk items at the grocery store. But confession, sometimes my teenagers lose or forget their reusable bottles and I end up in a mad dash stopping and buying them a plastic water bottle for school and feeling bad about it. I’m working on this!! :) We use recycled from the thrift store mason jars for storage and drinks at home. Also, I have been reusing the plastic eggs for years now that i hide for our Easter egg hunt :)

  • Ellen

    I use glass or stainless steel water bottles for my family. NO plastic bags from stores as we carry our own reusable bags everywhere. I love glass containers and jars which I don’t even buy. I buy already made products in glass jars, wash them out when finished and instead of recycling them I take the labels off and reuse them.

  • Malaika Roemer

    I reduce my plastic consumption by using a reusable water bottle and not using K-cups when I make my tea.

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    I reduce my plastic consumption through recyling. I currently am collecting used water bottles to build my own green house with :)

  • Beth Rapp

    Grocery shopping for a whole foods plant based family has been the real difference maker. We buy tons of produce plus grains, beans and nuts in bulk and use fair trade African baskets to carry groceries. We also came up with a rule for family and friends regarding toys for our son. It’s wonderful that loved ones want to give gifts, and we simply said, “no new plastic gifts please, only pre-loved toys, hand-me-downs or recycled crafty artwork you’ve made.”

  • Lindsay F

    I carry a glass water bottle with me everywhere. I also try to avoid using plastic bags by using glass tupperware.

  • Cheryl

    We use stainless steel water bottles, even for our toddlers! With babies it’s so hard to avoid plastic and it’s now become my mission. Not even a plastic mouthpiece with Pura Kiki bottles! We bring our bags to the store, use glass jars for food storage, and try to make our own sauces and dips in mason jars. I’m now making my own deodorant, body wash, and body lotion, which actually works better than what I used to buy…and I’m sure is healthier!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I carry a reusable stainless steel bottle with me, which I use when I work out. I also have one in my car for when I’m on the go. It can be filled up anywhere.
    I also take my own reusable containers when I go out to eat, as I almost always have leftovers. I refuse to take home my leftovers in Styrofoam.
    We bring our own bags when shopping. We don’t purchase plastic bottles.

  • BC

    To reduce plastic consumption, we buy in bulk and use glass containers or durable plastic ones that we already had to hold them. We recycle plastic we can not reuse. I keep reusable tote bags with me for grocery shopping. I also reuse different plastic containers, like the tub the mushrooms come in. I like to repackage treats in them and give them to friends or use them to carry different items. While we don’t have a lot of plastic that comes into our home, the typical “garbage” plastic that we do have can be reused easily and look like something you’d want to keep with a little decorating. For that reason the collection comes in very handy during the holidays. We have personal cups that we bring whenever we get tea or coffee when we’re out. I often keep a small fork in my purse just in case I get some sort of convenience food so that I don’t have to use plastic utensils.

  • Courtney Cates

    Since I like to use cloth bags when I shop at the grocery store, I always bring back to the store the plastic bags that I use when I forgot my cloth ones. I also avoid drinking anything from plastic bottles and recycle the ones I do buy.

  • Rachel

    Our family reduces its plastic consumption by recycling, avoiding buying products in plastic, using our own grocery bags, and taking our own to-go containers when we eat out. =)

  • Sarah

    We never buy bottled water(we use glass refillable bottles), we bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store and if there is any plastic bought we recycle or reuse the plastic in crafts or I will use for my artwork.

  • Sue

    I reuse, reduce and recycle many, many things to help reduce our landfills and have for years. It’s so important to figure out a way to reduce our garbage amounts. I’m so glad more people are realizing this small step has huge consequences. Even our small town recently went to single stream recycling. So much easier and more people are using it now. Yeah!

  • Deia Marinho

    Hi, Alicia. What I do to try to reduce my plastic consumption is to reuse my botles of water. it has been months since I haven´t bought one. I always fill it at home and take everywhere. To the gym, to work or even to hang out with friends. I also reuse bags when I go to the supermarket. :)

  • Lisa

    We drink out of all glassware, including our baby. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible, but when it’s not possible we are recycling maniacs.

  • Linda

    I have a Hydro Flask! I love filling up my bottle and not using plastic. From glassware to purchasing my organic items in glass, I love helping Planet Earth by reducing, if not, eliminating the use of plastic!

  • Nicole

    For years I have been using a mason jar for water rather than plastic bottles. I bring reusable bags to the grocery store. I keep a plastic container in my car for leftovers when I eat at a restaurant. I wash and reuse plastic bags to store my vegetables in the refrigerator.

  • Lorie Hernesh

    Hi Alicia, I use a reusable drinking bottle for water and use reusable cloth bags for shopping. Of course, recycle anything I can!

  • Crystal Vaughn

    Hi Alicia! I am constantly trying to find new ways to reduce the amount of plastic used by my fiancé and myself. I carry my glass water bottle everywhere I go, I fill it up in airports when I travel, I use reusable grocery bags and also reuse my produce bags, and when I am in need of new yoga pants I love to buy from Teeki which are made of recycled plastic bottles! Thanks for everything you do! Love, Crystal xoxo

  • jillianzed

    I reduce my plastic consumption by using reusable water bottles, buying my necessities in bulk, and purchasing fruits and veggies from local venders (no packaging). I also support companies like J Brand.

    Thanks Alicia!

  • Liz Morales

    In addition to using reusable water bottles as much as possible to reduce pollution…my family and I also shop for eco clothing companies that have an ethical production process. As many of us know, fast fashion production involves high risks to our world’s water supplies due to the use polluting dyes and large quantities of water to grow cotton. Let’s support slow fashion.

  • Leah Pederson

    I try to reduce my plastic waste by using a reusable water bottle. I drink 1.5-2 liters of water each day, so you can only imagine how many water bottles I would be wasting. I love my Camelbak!

  • Cindy Aiton

    We stopped buying bottled water, never use plastic bags, and only store food in glass containers. Thank you so much for offering another lovely giveaway!


  • Kristina Fukuda

    I always carry my own bags when I go shopping and buy as much as possible from the farmer’s market and bulk bins. I use refillable metal water bottles so as not to need plastic water bottles.

  • Emily Meath

    Awesome! Been thinking a lot about reducing plastic use lately. Been using reusable shopping bags, bringing bottles of water with me everywhere so I don’t have to buy, and have been skipping out on any packaged foods (as well as delivery items), to reduce waste as well! The result is less waste, and also healthier home cooked meals!

  • Teresa Woods

    My family and I try to make it a game to see who can use the least amount of plastic in our lives, even my 17 year old son is on board. Healthy competition can be a great motivator!

  • Caitlin

    I bring a reusable water bottle everywhere I go, especially to work and the gym. I also use reusable food containers instead of zip-top bags. And of course, I never go shopping without an armful of cloth bags!

  • Alexis Swearingen

    One way I am trying to reduce my plastic consumption is by buying my nutritional yeast, nuts, oats, and other items in bulk at my local Yoga institute food shop. I’ve also started following a lot of DIY websites and I am trying to make things like face wash, body wash, and soaps at home using oils I can buy there as well. Making a lot of things from scratch has really been an eye opener as to how much waste we consume on a day to day basis and inspired me in a number of other ways.

  • Holly from Thought & Sight

    I use a water filter rather than buy bottled water, and carry a refillable glass bottle when I’m out and about..and occasionally sneak it into movie theaters 😉

  • Lauren Raver

    I drink out of mason jars, do not put produce in plastic bags and recycle any grocery bags back to grocery stores.

  • Kelli W

    We use a reusable bottle for drinks; totes instead of plastic bags; buy oranges in lieu of orange juice.

  • Julia Mazzucato

    I use a reusable water bottle on the go, and I drink out of glasses at home! If I do use disposable bottles and cans, I always always ALWAYS recycle!

  • Tonya Brown

    I would try to reduce my plastic consumption by continuously using the same bottle, not throwing it away to get another. Or possibly getting a glass bottle and reusing it. Same would go for saran wrap, instead of using saran wrap I could simply put things in glass tupperware containers.

  • Shane

    i reduce my plastic consumption by using reusable water bottles everyday and using reusable grocery bags. im also planning on talking to our mall manager about putting recycling bins around our mall

  • Moya

    I have reusable water bottles I use when I go out, and I use glasses for my water at home I also use cloth bags when I go out shopping, but if I go in and am not sure if I am shopping for much (and if I do) I will just carry out, (no bags please) I will tell them

  • Rhonda

    I bought a 24 ounce BPA water bottle several years ago from Trudeau and it is my daily refill water bottle I take everywhere I go. Since the container marks the amount of ounces, I refill it twice a day to try to drink 50 ounces of water a day from my home filter system. Best investment was an under the sink water filter system which saves thousands of plastic water bottles from the landfill. And another bonus is it saves me a couple thousand a year in refilling my water bottle and my husbands.
    I always carry my canvas bags with me in my car for shopping. I shop at Natural Grocers that banned plastic and paper bags. If you don’t bring in your own bags, you can carry your groceries with the stores cardboard boxes. I prefer my canvas bags.

  • Kristy

    Ooo I always bring my Contigo refillable water bottle to cut down on plastic bottle waste.

  • hillary hubacker

    Just purchased a second glass water bottle (for work and now the car) so I can keep good habits wherever I go, biodegradable trash bags only and glass tupperware/pyrex for packed lunches!

  • Chloe

    Dear Alicia,
    My name is Chloe and recently me and my Mom started exploring the Kind Life and totally have loved it! Being a teen I think it really has given me a chance to look at all perspectives. Anyway I try to reduce plastic consumption by reusing plastic bottles and bags so we don’t have to keep buying them and polluting the environment, recycling all forms of plastics always, and thanks to you now avoiding any products with plastics or plastic packaging. I hope you read this I am such a fan of yours ever since first seeing you as Cher Horowitz last year in Clueless…yes I very late on that! Anyways I love that you show the world your not just a pretty face

  • Jaden

    I do not purchase bottled water at all. I have a few BPA free reusable water bottles that I
    use! 😀

  • Crystal Gregg

    I convinced my good friend to buy a water filter and stop buying bottled water. I take reusable bags to the grocery store.

  • Melissa F

    To reduce my use of plastic I use a reusable water bottle & travel coffee mug. Plus I use reusable glass containers to bring my lunch & snacks to work instead of plastic baggies.

  • Heather

    We choose products in glass bottles over any plastic containers and always pack lunches in reusable containers and bags. thanks so much!

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    We use a water filter and drink out of the tap. I also will spend the money for oils and peanut butters in glass jars instead of plastic. If there is a choice between plastic or glass I always choose the glass jar. I have a bunch of cloth bags in my car and I am the queen of bringing my own bags into a shop.

  • Amanda Holley

    I have a reusable bottle for drinks that I wash and reuse everyday so I don’t buy bottled water. I also use reusable bags when grocery shopping!

  • Kirsten Antony

    So many things are made from plastic; I try buying less ‘stuff’ or repurposing by buying thrift. I recycle all plastic. We get Deep Rock water in 5 gallon jugs that are recycled. This reduces all the plastic bottles and gives us reverse osmosis, non-fluorided water that I feel great about my family drinking.

  • Magnolia Autumn Haskins

    The most obvious way I save plastic is to not use plastic water bottles, BUT another thing I do, that I believe is often overlooked is to buy used. Whether it is tupperware, beach chairs or laundry baskets they work just as well even after they’ve been out in the world a while.

  • Nicole Couture Gallagher

    We are a family (triplets 3 & at 1 1/2yo) of 6 and a dog so it would be very easy to consume a lot of products with a plastic container. We recycle EVERYTHING. We had our babies all drink out of glass bottles and we all use Preserve toothbrushes that all get sent back to the company to make more toothbrushes. I buy local Organic Yogurt when possible that is sold in glass containers or if we can’t get the local yogurt we buy organic yogurt plastic containers that are large in size and recycled to hopefully be made into more toothbrushes or anything of that nature. We go to the local farmers market for lettuce and other things and bring our own bags that we reuse all the time. Every trip to Whole Foods we bring our reusable bags. We only buy produce without a name brand so as it is the freshest and does not come in plastic. We only buy cotton clothes as polyester is made of plastic. Our drinking containers are either stainless steel or glass. Anything we buy that is made from plastic has been made from recycled plastics. We don’t use any plastic plates or utensils ever. We never buy single drinks in plastic. This is just to name a few things we do to help our environment and we love teaching our kids how to make this world a better place. In our family everyday is Earth Day. I have now converted our family to vegetarian eating and soon to vegan. Thanks Alicia for being such a great influence! xo

  • theresano

    I use a reusable water bottle.

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    I use my own water bottle. I purchase many food items in bulk using fabric bags I made.

  • Lauren Maher

    I use a reusable stainless steel water bottle (or a glass Mason jar) instead of reusable plastic bottles. I bring my lunch to work with me and have been making an effort to cut down on Ziploc bags. Instead, I have been using glass Pyrex containers. In a pinch, I will use a ziploc, but I always make an effort to wash and reuse them.

  • Rachel

    I reduce my plastic consumption by reusing plastic bottles, packages, etc.

  • Shiloh

    I try to reduce my plastic consumption by; carrying around my stainless water bottle like it’s an extra appendage, bringing my own shopping bags and if I forget one I juggle out my items and fit what I can in my purse, I fill reusable 3 Gallon jugs and get a work out carrying them around, I refuse plastic ware if I get carry-out even if they try to sneak it in while I plead with them not to (seriously, this happened a couple of times as if I was offending them by turning it down!), I reuse one poop bag as much as possible while walking dogs as a Dog Walker, I get my biweekly box of Organic produce delivered which contains zero plastic and they reuse the boxes, and I am sure I have done other things in the name of plastic reduction! Some may call me crazy, but I call it doing what I can to make my carbon footprint that much smaller, even if I look crazy doing so 😉

  • Veronica

    I don’t use plastic bags for produce or groceries or water bottles. But beyond eschewing plastic bags and bottles, I don’t know how to reduce my plastic use so much– I couldn’t tell you what element of my lifestyle requires the most plastic or how to reduce that consumption most efficiently, unfortunately. Would love your help with that!

  • Jessica Mays

    Using a water filter instead of buying plastic bottles. Also, i have starting buying more glass cups, bowls, and Tupperware! Oh, and stainless steel sippy cups for the kiddos! Love klean kanteen!

  • http://WWW.HEALTHY-HAPPY-LIFE.COM/ Kathy Patalsky

    I am obsessed with my glass food storage containers in place of Tupperware!

  • Jenna Cameron

    I’m pretty bad at about not buying things with plastic. I have however started not throwing shampoo bottles and such away. I am always able to find some way of reusing them, especially since I recently got hooked on the whole DIY lotions, etc. craze that’s going on right now. I also use a reusable water bottle as much as possible and grocery shop with reusable canvas bags.

  • Shiloh

    I try to reduce my plastic consumption by; carrying around my stainless water bottle like it’s an extra appendage, bringing my own shopping bags and if I forget one I juggle out my items and fit what I can in my purse, I fill reusable 3 Gallon jugs and get a work out carrying them around, I refuse plastic ware if I get carry-out even if they try to sneak it in while I plead with them not to (seriously, this happened a couple of times as if I was offending them by turning it down!), I reuse one dog poop bag as much as possible while walking dogs as a Dog Walker, I get my biweekly box of Organic produce delivered which contains zero plastic and they reuse the boxes, and I am sure I have done other things in the name of plastic reduction! Some may call me crazy, but I call it doing what I can to make my carbon footprint that much smaller, even if I look crazy doing so 😉

  • Luxellot

    I use a reusable water bottle and bring reusable produce and grocery bags to the store. I try and buy glass containers instead of plastic. I recycle everything!

  • Carrie

    I bring my own bag, always recycling purchasing glass items also

  • Shelly Brown

    I carry my chico bags bunched up in my purse still after living in Santa Monica for the years they stopped giving bags out at grocery stores. Now no store on Maui uses plastic bags so it’s even easier.

  • Kate ‘Red’ Hallman

    i bought brita filters for both home and office, and forced people to use glasses and the dishwasher. i recycle everything possible (even dig their things out of the trash to put in the recycling bin), and have a stash of reusable shopping bags in my car. i am also a huge fan of consignment store shopping.

  • Sami Collins

    I use a re-useable bottle for my water/coffee. I only shop with my own totes that I carry into the stores. I choose glass over plastic, but if I have to get plastic, it’s all taken to the recycle place in town. I buy bulk and re-fill when can. Save the planet!! It’s the only one we have.

  • Justin Castillo

    I recycle plastic all the time.

  • Kate

    We use cloth shopping bags all the time. We also never buy water in plastic bottles-we use the tap. My family would never own a Keurig and we politely refuse Keurig beverages at other people’s homes. One big thing we did this past year was buy loll outdoor furniture. It is made out of recycled plastic milk jugs in the city where where we live, Duluth, MN. It was more expensive than the other furniture we looked at but I knew it would last forever and it was recycling plastic. They really make beautiful furniture and I’m so happy I made the investment!

    • Hannah

      I’m so glad you spelled out your Keurig practices so thoroughly. I’d figure, for a discussion where you’re asked about your personal plastic usage, leaving it at “my family doesn’t own a Keurig” would be enough, but not for you Kate. You went the extra mile. You let us know how you respond to people who are clearly very unlike you in that they Would— consider owning a Keurig, when they politely offer you a beverage in their home. That act is inherently polite. That you “politely refuse,” feels a little… dubious. The phrase is usually “politely decline,” because both words convey a similar level of subtlety. But I believe you that when someone makes the kind gesture to offer you a hot drink in their home, you politely Refuse the hell out of it. All the time. Every time. So many with the All the times, Nevers, Would never, Could never. These things are non- negotiables with you, Kate! There is never an instance in which you’ve forgotten your reusable water bottle at home so you’ve taken one of those weird paper cone thingies or plastic cups (heaven help us if your office only has styrofoam – also your office would be totally messed up if they did that but something tells me HR would have some special messages from Kate about it on her her 90-day check-in, after her many e-mails went deleted. HR can seriously be a nightmare.) But on that fateful day where you leave your bottle at home, you just go 8, 9, 10+ hours without drinking any water at all because you Would Never. You, Kate, are living your best life! And politely demonstrating for others in their homes how they can live your best life, too!

  • Sandra Diaz

    We do not use plastic bags for shopping, preferring our own bags or boxes. We use our own water bottles (who wants to drink out of bottles with plastic leaching into them, ick!

    • Hannah

      i think the prospect of plastic leaking into my water bottle is positively mmm.