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From My Closet Giveaway: Cute Top & Boyfriend Jeans

Congrats Jen L.! You are the winner of this giveaway

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. So many yum recipes!!


I wore this cute strawberry top for a photo shoot with 944 magazine. I love it! I use to wear it a ton, usually paired a with a long flowy white skirt. It will fit a size S.

From My Closet

These boyfriend jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied are super comfy and cute. They go great with any top. They are a size 28.

This necklace is created by The J. Stone Collection and is made from all recycled materials and sterling silver made in the USA. It symbolizes the tree of life. a bright turquoise color

If you want to win the items in this comfy outfit, leave me a comment below telling me about a favorite dish of yours that includes strawberries.

I will announce the winner on Friday, May 1st.

With Love,




  • Jennifer Hjelle

    I adore strawberries with coconut whipped cream. Simple and delicious!

  • Vegan Green Mum

    Fresh strawberries right off the plants are the best! I love strawberries in a spinach salad with pumpkin seeds. Or Arugula and strawberries. Or strawberries with fresh mint and a touch of brown rice syrup. So good! Thanks for all your vegan recipes!

  • Sandra Fritsche

    Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes!

  • Amanda Williams

    I make strawberry banana “ice cream”! I freeze a banana & put it in the food processor with some strawberries. A perfect sweet treat!

  • Peggy Lynn

    My favorite dish is really easy, I buy a mix of frozen fruit that also includes sliced mangos, peaches and pineapples. I sneak a few pieces as its defrosting in a pretty bowl of course. It’s like yummy fruit pops lol I love to pair the mangos and strawberries, you get just the right kind of sweetness, not to much but just enough…yum! Hope you try it some time :-)

  • Kate Elizabeth

    ANYTHING with strawberries!!!! I’m so glad they’re back! I can eat a whole quart in one sitting!!

  • Catie Bertges

    I haven’t had too many dishes with strawberries in it but I love then in fruit salad and in oatmeal the best!

  • dfahy07

    I normally eat them by themselves or in a fruit bowl, but I do love a good Strawberry & Spinach Salad!

  • Mia Reid

    My all time favorite salad~ Spinach, Sliced strawberries, Avo, thinly sliced red onion, sliced almonds, feta cheese with yogurt-poppy seed dressing. You can make your own dressing,

    1 cup
    plain Greek or plain yogurt

    2 tablespoons

    2 tablespoons
    fresh lemon juice

    1 teaspoon
    poppy seeds :)

  • Rosalyn Smith

    No recipe. Just plain, raw, sliced in half in a bowl. Yum!

  • Heidi

    How adorable!! My favorite treat with strawberries is mint strawberry lemonade! It is super delicious with brown sugar and a refreshing treat on a sunny FL day!

  • Olivia Acaster

    My Favorite things to do with strawberries (other than dip them in homemade vegan chocolate and enjoy with champagne) is slice them thinly, place atop tender arugula and mixed greens, generously crumble some of your “that’s so cheesy vegan goat cheese” and dress with a nice lite hazelnut vinaigrette. So wonderful!!

  • Sarah Newton

    Spinach and strawberry salad on a summer day is my favourite strawberry dish!

  • Heather Hart

    My grandmother used to make the most delicious strawberry shortcake when I was little. I can’t wait to make a vegan version for my kids someday!

  • Negin Gorgi

    I love smashing/straining strawberries into my mint iced tea, and topping it off with fresh basil. Perfect for summer!

  • Jenna Cameron

    I love making strawberry milkshakes in the evening. I blend a handful of fresh strawberries, some cocoa powder, a cup of almond milk, and a handful of ice. It is really yummy and makes a great dessert.

  • Susan

    My favorite strawberry dish is sliced up fresh strawberries! I know that sounds boring. It’s the snack my grandmother made me when I’d visit her in the summer and I still love. Just fresh, juicy, strawberries cut up in a bowl.

  • Jessica W.

    One of my favorite vegan sweet treats uses strawberries. Vegan strawberry banana cake. I love to make this recipe from —-

  • Cara Little

    I used to be literally addicted to ice cream before going vegan. So now I make this vegan ice cream out of frozen bananas, and it tastes exactly like Ben & Jerry’s banana ice cream. First you break up 3-6 bananas into small pieces and freeze them in a container, then after a day or so, put them in a food processor with frozen strawberries and some soy milk. It’s so amazing, dairy free, and I’ve lost a bit of weight since I switched!

  • Lacy

    I love strawberries, cleaned and eaten alongside dark chocolate and rose tulsi tea.

  • Vegan Green Mum

    Fresh strawberries right off the plant are the best! I also love an arugula salad with strawberries, pumpkin seeds and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Finally, sliced strawberries with chopped fresh mint and a touch of brown rice syrup are a super summer treat! Yum!

  • Patricia Rogers

    A serving of Cooked steel cut oats, topped with strawberries and almond milk. It’s simple and a delicious start to the day. I’ve been vegetarian for 14 years and have recently decided to go vegan, so I’m still learning new vegan recipes myself to try. I’m excited to see other recipes in the contest to try myself.

  • Rachel Nicole

    This reminds me of picking strawberries over the summer in Oxnard, CA with my twin sister and then running back home before our mom woke up to make her breakfast in bed for mother’s day in May. We used to create a “menu” for her to choose what she wanted for breakfast, and our specialty item was vegan buckwheat strawberry pancakes with maple syrup. Something very simple, yet a made with lots of love, giggles, and fun memories. Still a favorite treat. Can’t wait to do this again in just about a week :)

  • Jennie Cake

    Mixed berries with whipped cream

    1 pound strawberries cleaned and sliced
    1/2 pint each blackberries and raspberries
    1 pint blueberries
    1 large juicy Meyer lemon (zest optional)
    1T maple syrup and 1-3T sugar (depends of how sweet berries are)
    1 t vanilla
    Whipped topping of choice
    Pour all rinsed berries in a large bowl, sprinkle with at least a T of sugar and mix well. Sugar crystals help pull the juice out of the berries. Add other ingredients, mix and taste. Let sit covered in fridge for at least 1 hour. Serve with your favorite soy whip or home made coconut whip (chilled coconut cream, seeds from one vanilla bean or splash of vanilla, sweeten to taste and blend with chilled beaters and bowl).

  • Sarah Cotter

    strawberry granola!!

  • Patricia Rogers

    Steel cut oatmeal topped with strawberries and almond milk! It’s simple but still delicious. I’m excited to see all the recipes that will be posted, may find a new delicious recipe to try myself.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    This is easy!! For Valentine’s Day, my wonderful husband went to our local grocery store, and he saw one of our favorite workers, who is usually in the check-out as a cashier, and she was preparing chocolate covered strawberries. My husband watched as she selected huge, fresh strawberries, and she hand-dipped them in delicious chocolate. That was the first time Jeff ever gave me something like that. Not only were the chocolate covered strawberries delicious, but it was an extra special way of getting them. <3

  • Heidi

    So Adorable! My favorite strawberry treat is mint strawberry lemonade. It is so light and refreshing with brown sugar on a sunny FL day!

  • Lauren Maher

    I love the Quick Chocolate Ganache Strawberried from The Kind Diet. Yum!

  • Theresa Sims

    This is great, because my favorite dessert features strawberries! It’s one that me and my best friend have made tons of times since we were kids and now in high school (directly from a favorite family recipe, except for a couple vegan edits wherever possible), by picking fresh strawberries from her yard and making a strawberry gingerbread loaf, and topping each slice with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream!

  • Sandra Davila

    Vegan cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries. Making it this weekend for a potluck!

  • Malaika Roemer

    I love mixing strawberries and rhubarb together in a crisp. Yum!

  • Tonya Atkinson

    I love strawberry tarts

  • Kristen Marie Pritchett

    My favorite dish using strawberries is a sautéed kale, quinoa, fresh strawberry salad tossed with a strawberry-lime vinaigrette. It is delicious and refreshing. Sometimes I also add a little mango to it.

  • Didra Cline

    Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and topped with chopped almonds!

  • Marlies Lee

    My favorite strawberry dessert is Coupe Romanoff, all organic!

  • Cindy Corkern

    Strawberry shortcake is my Summer favorite! I also, like them in smoothies!

  • Brittany

    Very cute top and jeans! Love the necklace as well.
    One of my favorite recipes that features strawberries is the strawberry spinach salad. There’s a ton of recipes online and different ways to mix it up, depending on diet. My go to: 3 cups fresh spinach, 1 large avocado cubed, 2 cups fresh strawberries (rinsed and hulled), 1 cup grape tomatoes, 1 cucumber (diced) and balsamic vinaigrette. I sometimes add sunflower seeds for extra crunch. Easy and refreshing.

  • Carrie D.

    I had strawberries for dessert last night! I just like them drizzled with chocolate sauce and whipped coconut milk. Delicious!

  • Pam Stasney

    A kale, strawberry, pineapple & banana smoothie (w/coconut milk) is my fave! This is a fun little giveaway.

  • Lesley

    mmmmmm……strawberry basil bruschetta!

  • Aldina

    My favorite strawberry dessert is vegan cupcakes – I make them, cut a hole in the middle, and put a whole strawberry in the center. Sometimes I add vegan vanilla frosting or whipped cream but they are delicious as is too!

  • Zoraya Lendic

    My favorite breakfast, corn meal waffles loaded with fresh strawberries and a light drizzle of pure maple syrup. Delicious!

  • Laura

    I love strawberry lemonade and vegan cheesecake with strawberries!!! Of course I only eat that occasionally, as a treat!

  • Adrienne Larkin

    My favorite dish with strawberries are strawberries dipped in white chocolate! My guilty pleasure for sure!

  • Dina Banks

    Fits exactly my size! And daughters love strawberries so this would be a hit in our family! Both of my babies never liked puréed food but we used baby led weaning approach where they would start their solids by gumming bites of fresh and baked foods. So fresh raw whole strawberries is our favourite especially served in picnic !

  • Sterling

    Sliced strawberries gently heated, then topped on a heaping bowl of coconut ice-cream makes for an easy-breezy dessert treat that even non-vegans will enjoy!

  • Michelle K.

    oh how sweet! i love the whole outfit! i am making this recipe as i write this for my 38th birthday tomorrow!! pumpkin pie brownies topped with FRESH STRAWBERRIES and coconut milk whipped cream. hands down, 1 of the best desserts ever!!

    i use 1/2 spelt & 1/2 oat flour
    i use only an 1/8 tspn pink sea salt
    i use only 1 cup coconut sugar

  • Katie S.

    I think this was meant for me! :-) I just had to throw out my last pair of jeans, I’m a size 28, turquoise is my *favorite*, and I’ve got a great strawberry dessert. I make a tart with a baked graham cracker/coconut oil crust, then fill it with beaten vegan cream cheese/soy milk flavored with lime zest, then top it with strawberries that have been cooked with jam. Pop it in the fridge until it sets, and it’s the perfect summer dessert.

  • Lindsay

    When I was little my mother would dip strawberries in sour cream and brown sugar, it was my favorite treat! Now I veganize it by using unsweetened coconut yogurt instead of the sour cream. Just as good as the original!

  • Kendall

    We anxiously await strawberry season at our house! It’s nothing fancy, but a simple, refreshing salad with strawberries, pears, avocados and poppyseed dressing is one of our favorites!
    Our first attempt at planting them in our garden last year was not too successful…the one beautiful berry we harvested was coveted by my toddler, who carried it around all day as if it was a gem! We’ll try again this year in hopes of enjoying many of our favorite salads!

  • Sarah

    Strawberry pie is definitely my favorite. My mom used to make it in the summer when I was a kid. I now make my own vegan version that I love❤️

  • Stephanie Cannon

    Love this shirt. My favorite strawberry dish is a strawberry rhubarb crisp!

  • Sami Collins

    Love, love, love the cute top and boyfriend jeans. Beautiful necklace too.

    My sister made the most delicious strawberry ruebard pie. I wanted to eat the whole thing, but I was good & shared. lol

  • Laura

    One of my favorite strawberry dishes is strawberry salsa with baked cinnamon chips!

  • Laura

    My favorite dish is strawberry salsa with baked cinnamon chips!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    I love that frozen strawberry cheezecake (got the recipe from you)! It was a huge hit with everyone. ;o)

  • CopyCatChic

    I’m all about strawberries, coconut cream and vegan shortcake 😉

  • Kathy Gray

    I love strawberries just plain. so good!

  • Maegan Bollin

    Oh yes! My mom makes this beautiful berry salad- mixed greens, blackberries, raspberries, and of course STAWBERRIES, with lightly candied walnuts and a blueberry vinaigrette. Against the backdrop of a stark white platter, the salad is gorgeous and delicious.

  • Martina Müller

    Homemade strawberry ice cream (frozen strawberries + creamed coconut + agave sirup)!

  • Lisa

    Lemon Strawberry Sangria :)
    Super cute outfit!

  • Vern E

    Vegan strawberry smoothies are awesome for the summer.

  • Shannon Action

    Hi Alicia, My favorite dish with strawberries is mouthwatering Buttercream Faux Prawns with a sweet buttery sauce over the lightly battered faux prawns with slices of strawberries, all delicately showered with sesame seeds. I slice the faux prawns and strawberries into a bite size morsels, dip them in sauce and eat them in the same bite. They make the perfect combination of tastes, sweet strawberries, deliciously prepared faux shrimp with sweet buttercream sauce. It is beautifully presented with ravishing red strawberries surrounding the platter. My children and husband chime in that Buttercream Faux Prawns with Strawberries are their favorite dish. Thank you for your Kind Life work! Love, Shannon

  • Melissa F

    I love strawberry shortcake (vegan of course!). Also love eating fresh picked strawberries in the summer.

  • Paula Rosenberg

    I love strawberries. I love to bake strawberry rhubarb pie in late spring/early summer. It’s been one of my favorite dishes since childhood. Although I have to admit I really enjoy sharing plain fresh strawberries with my pet rabbit Milo.

  • Brielle Long

    Never liked strawberries that much. Then Link was born!! At my son’s first birthday party, he was presented with a big ole strawberry (his first one ever) on his high chair. With both hands (adorable) he picked it up, looked at me and said, “Oh! Mama!” and ate the strawberry with the best gung ho 1 year old baby boy ‘tude I have ever seen! Since then, we got him strawberry print crib sheets and onesies. I know he would love that strawberry shirt ALMOST as much as I do!

  • Laine Driscoll

    Oooo!!! A celebration of the strawberry!! I’m reminded of the strawberry social in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (which I love!)!! I think I prefer the strawberry in any sort of salad. Spinach with strawberry, avocado, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmmm!!!!!!

  • Susan Garcia

    I have a simple dessert recipe.
    Cut some medium sized trawberries
    in 6 pieces each, apples in like size, small red seedless grapes. Have 2 cups of each fruit ready, in a mixing bowl.
    In a saucepan, heat 2 cans of
    coconut milk plus a dash of cinnamon, on low heat, until it is a medium consistency.
    Let this coconut milk cool down.
    Pour 4/5 of the coconut milk over your fruit mixture and toss gently, coating the fruit in the coconut milk.
    Pour this mixture into a small square baking pan.Pour the remaining 1/5 coconut milk on top of the tossed fruit already in the baking pan. You can top this mixture with slivers of coconut, and walnuts.Cook this in a preheated 350° oven for 30 minutes.
    Let cool and serve! Enjoy!………………..
    Recipe by Susan Garcia

  • ravenj

    Just dipped in chocolate of course!

  • Roseanne Warren

    My favorite is magical strawberry chia seed jam from Angela Liddon’s “Oh She Glows” cookbook – strawberries + chia seeds+ maple syrup or other sweetener + vanilla. So good! xoxo

  • Cindy Batchelor

    Strawberry angel for cake!

  • Judy

    I make a chocolate, strawberry shake with coffee flavored plant protein powder, almond milk, banana, strawberries(fresh or frozen), cacao powder and a little agave nectar with crushed ice. all run in the blender for a delicious treat the is a meal.

  • Aneliya

    My two favorite strawberry delights are a strawberry-banana smoothie with coconut water, I sometimes add a spoonful of almond butter and Vega protein vanilla powder, as well as cold quick oats with hemp milk, walnuts, flaxseeds or chia seeds, topped with freshly cut strawberries and cinnamon powder.

  • Suzy Boerema

    My favorite is vegan sponge cake sliced through the center. I make whipped coconut cream with a little maple syrup or powdered sugar. Then frost inside and out with a thick layer of strawberries in the middle and on top. And then add sliced strawberries around the rim of the plate.

  • Kristen Kitts

    Strawberries make absolutely everything wonderful! But I live in central Florida and every year Plant City has a strawberry festival. It is huge! People perform, they have all kinds of booths, and they sell the most delicious strawberry shortcake! I go every year just for that :-)

  • Nicole Rife Chan

    Our almost 2 year old daughter is obsessed with strawberries, it’s super cute that she thinks they are “yummy, yummy”. One thing we make for her in our vegan household is cacao chia pudding with strawberries and bananas on top, she gobbles it up and has little plump chia stuck to her face after :) If I were to win this outfit it will be fun to see her eyes light up when she sees her mama wearing a strawberry shirt.

  • Valerie Smith

    My daughter, 10, makes a wonderful dessert called strawberry surprise! It’s cut up strawberries, on top of coconut yogurt, with vegan whip cream! Yum!

  • Andrea Rossmann

    Strawberry banana “ice cream.” They go through my juicer, get frozen, and ran through again. Delicious!

  • Suehayes Rosado

    Strawberry ice cream. Kids n I love. I freeze bananas. Then put frozen bananas with fresh strawberries in my ninja food processor. So simple. But its a great healthy dessert for kids and I.

  • Kristy

    My favorite dish is a take on banana ice cream! Frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen mango, coconut milk, maca powder, hemp or chia seeds all blended and then topped with chocolate chips!!!

  • Suzanne Storer Johnston

    Strawberries were my Mom’s favorite! It would be so cool to have a shirt to wear that would remind me of her everyday!

  • Kirsten Antony

    Strawberries. Organic. Ripe and perfectly delicious. Nothing added.

  • ana

    I love the simplicity of the way Italians eat ripe strawberries with thick balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. So yum.

  • ana

    I love the way Italians eat very ripe strawberries with thick balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. So simple, pure and delicious.

  • Moya

    I love strawberries anyway plain or in a smoothie :) <3

  • nicole risen

    Love it! As I’m not much of a baker, my favorite sweet treat with strawberries is super simple- cut up strawberries in silk soy yogurt. I particularly love them in the blueberry flavor.

  • Tina Knezevic

    I love homemade strawberry shortcake and strawberry smoothies!

  • Holly Rodgers

    Just made an AMAZING strawberry vegan dessert this week for a strawberry rhubarb crumble. Ingredients were strawberries, rhubarb, ginger, orange zest and juice, maple syrup, oats, cinammon, nutmeg, pear, walnuts, coconut oil and dates. Fantastic, super healthy (though not quite super-hero;-) and using in-season local produce. Good for the environment AND your body! Strawberries are chock-ful of antioxidants, too!

  • Angel Richardson

    I’ve been trying to get away from traditional grain centered breakfasts so I’ve started doing a simple quinoa with berries and cinnamon once a week. Today’s was strawberries :)

  • Christina Moore

    I love strawberries in muffins, salads, cereals, and especially, desserts!

  • Melissa

    My favorite way to eat strawberries is with coconut cream and other mixed berries!

  • Beth Rapp

    My absolute favorite is when the strawberries are so ripe that my fingers get dyed red from picking! But that’s not a recipe…I’d have to say banana ice cream with tons and tons of fresh strawberries blended and folded in. You can’t really beat that on a spring or summer day!

  • ArielleJ

    Love sustainable threads from organic fibers (all my size too and I don’t have boyfriend jeans yet)! Simple whipped coconut cream with agave and fresh strawberries for a healthy spring/summer treat is refreshing and the texture of the whipped coconut cream is amazing!

  • Collinsportinn

    Since becoming a mom seven months ago I have become almost obsessed with what my new little family is eating. Breastfeeding my daughter really opened my eyes to the foods we eat, the way they are prepared, the way they are grown and the process of getting them from the farm to my home. I have recently discovered this site and have found it extremely helpful in the lifestyle transition my family and I are making. As for our favorite dish with strawberries, hands down I would say it’s what my husband calls “A very berry salad” it has leafy greens, several different types of berries, sunflower seeds and a vegan pesto dressing.

  • Levasseur Land

    I really like vegan strawberry pancakes with a strawberry sauce topping!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Strawberry shortcake is one of my favs!

  • Linda

    I love strawberry tarts!

  • Zoe Ruiz

    I love strawberry vegan ice cream!!!!

  • Tammy

    Smoothies! Not original, but I can’t help it — they’re a classic for a reason. I drink them almost every morning. Strawberries, blueberries, banana, soymilk + various seeds. So much goodness, and perfect for my morning commute to work.

  • Jen L.

    My friend recommended your Kind Diet book and I loved it! Am now reading Kind Mama and finding it invaluable, so thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing it with others. My favourite strawberry recipe for spring would be strawberry shortcakes made with vegan biscuits and coconut whipped cream. Hoping it warms up here in Ontario soon so our strawberry season can start!

  • Lori

    Cute outfit! I love this time of year. We used to go strawberry picking, but sadly it has been a while. Perhaps this year!

  • Justine Viola

    My favorite strawberry dessert is simple! Just banana nice cream topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry purée!

  • Reesie

    These berries make a great compliment to anything…but nothing beats eating them fresh off the vine on a warm afternoon. Mmmm

  • Michele Johnson

    Hi Alicia!
    Love this outfit. My Nana ALWAYS had fresh strawberries from her garden and would make us strawberry shortcake with biscuits. I veganize it with earth balance biscuits and coconut cream!
    Shelly Johnson from Idaho

  • Cindy McFall

    My favorite way to eat strawberries are in a bowl on the front step of my home in the sunshine with my 4 year old daughter ♡ my second most fav way is less child more mama, strawberries blitzed down with some ice and turned into a strawberry daquiri! Soo yum! ✌

  • Molly

    I really like vegan chocolate covered strawberries! Such a yummy spring treat :)

  • Tiffany Baker

    My favorite recipe is from the cookbook, Salad Samurai, my sister got me for Christmas. It’s called Spring Herb Salad w/ Maple Orange Tempeh Nibbles. The salad base is full of spring veggies: arugula, parsley, dill, scallions, radishes, snap peas, and the star…..strawberries! The dressing keeps it light: shallot, evoo, lemon juice and zest, agave, and S&P. The final tidbit gives it that extra finesse and a bit of hardiness so my husband will eat it: Maple Orange Tempeh and Sriracha Smoked Pecans. Bon Appetit! :)

  • Marissa Carter

    My favorite stawberry recipe is Spaghetti with Strawberries. You warm cleaned/halved strawberries with olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and tomato puree. Then toss the mixture with a high quality/whole-grain cooked pasta. I know it sounds a little different, but trust me, it is SO GOOD!

  • tweetyscute

    I get a fruit croissant from my local bakery that is delicious.

  • Ashley

    My favorite dish is a quick, on-the-go summer porridge that is yogurt, oatmeal, and chia seeds, topped with fresh strawberries for a delicious flavor and overall healthy breakfast!

  • Aida

    Besides eating those fresh, so juicy and aromatic organic strawberries (I eat the whole strawberry with its leaves, lots of fiber) I also like the strawberries dipped into melted dark vegan chocolate. I dip each strawberry into melted rich chocolate, twirl, and coat and then after 2-3 minutes I sprinkle on them chopped pepitas, almonds and bit of fresh mint. For my Mom I dip strawberries into peanut butter and sprinkle with chopped walnuts and dates.
    In the morning I love strawberries with my almond milk, I kind of roughly smash them in a bowl and add a handful of multigrain cereal (raw)and sprinkle hemp seeds or soaked chia seeds. My mom likes her breakfast strawberries with coconut yogurt and banana. Simple and healthy. Everything is delish with strawberries!

  • Aida

    Besides eating those fresh, so juicy and aromatic organic strawberries (I eat the whole strawberry with its leaves, lots of fiber) I also like the strawberries dipped into melted dark chocolate. My chocolate is organic vegan with cocoa solids as of 72%. I dip each strawberry into melted rich chocolate, twirl, and coat and then after 2-3 minutes I sprinkle on them chopped pepitas, almonds and add bit of fresh mint. For my Mom I dip strawberries into peanut butter and sprinkle with chopped walnuts and dates.

    In the morning I love strawberries with my almond milk, I kind of roughly smash them in a bowl and add a handful of multigrain cereal and sprinkle hemp seeds or soaked chia seeds. My mom likes her breakfast strawberries with coconut yogurt and banana. Simple and healthy. Everything is delish with strawberries!

  • Lauren King

    Such a cute outfit! it’s not a quite a dish, but I love to make strawberry-infused water with mint or basil in the summertime. So refreshing and is always a hit at summer gatherings. :-)

  • Lucynda Clearman

    I’m absolutely in love a “I’ll whip something up” sweet snack my husband made us one turned out to be a toasted dark chocolate, peanut butter with fresh sliced strawberries sandwich and it was sensational! And berri-licous! It is now one of my favorite things. <3 :)

  • Luxellot

    I enjoy strawberries and Soyatoo rice whip!

  • Sarah Cotter

    strawberry shortcake

  • Jerilyn Stone

    Thank you so much for mentioning The J. Stone Collection, Ms. Silverstone, however I can’t take credit for that particular necklace. It is actually from Nouveau-Tique.