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From My Closet Giveaway: Stella McCartney + BCBG Chic Dresses

We have a winner! Congrats Andrea R.!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. So tough to decide as always!


I’m sad to let go of this Stella (in the top image)!  It has been good to me… but happy to share with you! I wore this Stella McCartney to a party at the New York MoMa ages ago, and to a wedding. It’s nice with lots of long necklaces and works best with some boob tape! It will fit a S-M that’s smaller chested. It’s so sexy and chic, enjoy!

The Kind Life

The other dress is BCBGMaxazria. I bought it at Wasteland. It’s very pretty and classic! The lace trim adds some fun edge to it. I will fit a size S.

To have these black dresses, leave a comment below about your plans to wear these dresses to.

I will announce the winner on Friday 6/12






  • Sarah Cotter


  • Lori

    I would wear them to go out to dinner with my husband.

  • Caitlin

    I’d wear either of these dresses to a local monthly Art Walk, to brunch on a pretty Sunday morning or to one of the many weddings I have coming up!

  • Heather S

    I would wear these dresses to my nieces graduation party. Thanks so very much for the chance to win these beauties! Kindly, Heather

  • Micky Vranic

    I’m in Canada, so I can’t enter :(.

    But I would wear it to go to a fancy dinner this summer on my Quebec City trip! Would love yummy food recs if there are any Quebec natives out there :).

    Also, dear sweet Alicia, just wanted to let you know that I have been forever changed by your book, and am on track for full super hero status any day now ;). Thank you! XO Micky

  • Keelie Sheridan

    Oh, the cuteness! I’d wear these dresses to one of my students’ dance concerts to convince them that I don’t live in yoga pants and leotards.

  • Darie

    Everywhere I go out wth friends,girls,husband

  • Kristin Buckley

    I would love to wear the dress to a dinner out with friends….

  • Leota Mayr

    I have a dinner at a museum coming up and also an auction – perfect dresses! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Amanda

    Beautiful dresses! I would wear one out to dinner on my birthday at my favorite vegan restaurant, Portobello (in Portland).

  • Shauna

    These are beautiful and I would wear them to a moms night out.

  • Wendy

    I would wear these out on a date night with my husband. We had a baby 9 weeks ago, so wearing anything besides sweatpants would be amazing!:)

  • Kala Gallop

    I would wear these on my upcoming trip to London and Paris. They would be so perfect for dinner in those beautiful cities! <3

  • Amy Lee

    Would wear them out for fancy cocktails. Love your MyKind vitamins, Alicia!

  • megnorris

    Gorgeous! I’d wear them to the opening and closing galas of my city’s LGBT film fest!

  • Niki Papadaki

    I will wear it in my best friend’s wedding in the exotic island of Leros in Greece! Thank you Alicia!!!

  • Jennifer Knye

    I would wear the dress to a romantic dinner at the beach with my man candy boyfriend :)

  • Sara Ellen K

    I am single parent and have a toddler who is almost two. I’m realizing more and more how important it is to make time for myself. Recently, I have been going out with girlfriends for dinner and drinks and I’m feeling it’s giving me a sense of balance. I would love to wear these dresses out for dinner or drinks with girlfriends!

  • Diana Nguyen

    Hi Ms. Silverstone!! I am currently a career changer…going from television news reporter to optometrist. I start optometry school in August after having spent 3 years taking the classes to get in. Optometry school is a 4 year doctorate program. We have brunches, meetings with patients, meetings with colleagues, and a formal dinner dance in December called the “eye ball.” I hope to have the honor of wearing one of your dresses to the eye ball! I’ll definitely post pictures of it on Facebook too and tell everyone I know that it was from Ms. Alicia Silverstone. :)

    I also recently purchased your book The Kind Mama and had it on my coffee table, but one of my girl friends took it! I am anxious to read it, so I just decided to order 2 more copies for my cousin and I.

    Thank you for reading my post!

  • colson2

    I love to dress up, but I rarely have a reason to. My husband and I are road tripping to Savannah this summer for my birthday, so I will be excited to dress up and find a nice vegan friendly restaurant for date night.

  • Michael McKinney

    May i place an entry for my wife? She would love the dress to go out for a long overdue dinner date for a a very busy mom who is juggling work, school and being a great mom :)

  • Kendra Lampron

    Im a full time dental student, so I never have free time. I would have to make time to do something fancy because this dress is beautiful! Doing something fun would be a nice change from all the homework I do. Thank you! :))

  • Tara Ryazansky

    For my 5th anniversary. I don’t know what my husband has planned so you can’t go wrong with a black dress! And it’s especially good to have the 2 options if i am feeling indecisive <3 Both are lovely.

  • Alison Smith

    WOW! A million ways to wear these. I’d make the first one casual with a colorful bandeau bra and pair of Chuck T’s for a Saturday trip to the farmer’s market. Or, ditch the casual… strap on the boob tape and throw on combat boots and leather wrist bands for drinks with friends. I’d wear the second one with ballet flats and a black flower in my hair for a day time graduation, or pop on some heels and drop earrings for a night out jitterbugging with my special guy.

  • Tamera Raines

    I would wear these dresses to bring fresh vegetables and fruit to the Farm Sanctuary and have a fancy picnic lunch with rescued pigs, chickens and cows. The best date ever. I would bring a change of clothe for play time.

  • Morgan Brown

    I will wear it on my little Brothers Birthday, he turns 25 June 18th, and my best childhood friend is getting married in West Palm Beach the same weekend, June 19th and I have nothing to wear! My mom was going to bring me dresses of hers to borrow as I’ve recently lost weight and my nice dresses don’t fit!! Thanks Alicia!! P.S Alicia is my grandmother and cousins name, my middle name as my aunt freaked when my mom wanted to name me Alicia as her daughter already had the name! So I got it for my middle name. Xoxo
    – Morgan Carter Alicia Brown

  • Moya

    This is really cute, but I think i’m to old I wish the winner a great night out in it

  • Niki Sanders

    I would wear this out dancing. :)

  • Kelly Shaw

    I would wear it on a much needed date with my wonderful fiance!! This would such an awesome experience to win this dress. We truly love you as a person and actress. Thanks!!

  • Leslie Jean

    I am a classic black dress woman with an edge! I would wear either of dresses for a night on the town with my hubby or girlfriends! Chicago is my kind of town!

  • Imbie T.

    Haven’t had a proper date with hubby since Game of Thrones Season 1. This gorgeous black dress would kill! Thank you, Alicia!

  • Nicole Garcia

    this is such a cool concept! i would wear this out for my birthday with my gorgeous husband and closest friends and family. i love to get lots of use out of clothes so also perfect for my eldest sons grade 6 school graduation and my littlest ones kindy presentation night xx love from a kind life living mumma in Australia xx

  • Lauren Maher

    I would wear them on a night out to celebrate the end of another school year.

  • Stacy McCord

    I will wear them to celebrate my upcoming graduation from college! I’m a “re-entry” student after many years out of college & I have a lot to celebrate!

  • Alison Smith

    WOW! A million ways to wear these. I’d make the first one casual with a colorful bandeau bra and pair of Chuck T’s for a Saturday trip to the farmer’s market. Or, ditch the casual… strap on the boob tape and throw on combat boots and leather wrist bands for drinks with friends. I’d wear the second one with ballet flats and a black flower in my hair for a day time graduation, or pop on some heels and drop earrings for a night out jitterbugging with my special guy.

  • Stephanie Whitley Kemp

    I would love to wear one on a date night with my hubs after two kids and not a lot of alone time, and then I would save one for the grand opening of my kid’s macro cafe/store in Nashville, TN!!!

  • Amanda Williams

    I will wear them to much-needed date nights.

  • Amy Mitchell

    I would love to wear one of there dresses on a date with my husband of 17 years this year!! I have been a veggie for 11 years and a vegan for 2 months. Down 10 pounds and it would be great to look as good as I feel!!!

  • Briana Delaney

    I would wear one dress to an award ceremony I am attending to receive the Marine Corps Scholarship. I would wear the other dress on an exciting and adventurous night out. What’s better than making beautiful memories in beautiful dresses?

  • Stephanie Beisser

    Beautiful dresses! My long time friend is getting married in the fall, love to wear one to her wedding. If I qualify for my companies retreat, I will wear the second dress for the main event!

  • Kristie Mason Finley

    I’d wear this around the house just to feel beautiful again… At home with 2 toddlers, I have become outdated in fashion and a lot of baseball hats & pig tails have been regular accessories. Eeeeek, embarrassed to admit it, but its the truth. My hubs would love me to step it up a notch and those dresses are amazing!!

  • Tricia Jean

    I would give them to my new beautiful daughter in law. Well she’ll become my daughter on June 20 2015. She is a sweet young woman. She has changed my son’s life for the better. My son is a Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. He recently had back surgery and can’t work for a year. He was a EMT. She deserves something beautiful for how she has made my son so nappy

  • Jodi Steele

    I promise to take it dancing!
    (It’s been a long time)

  • Ginamarie Colorio Felker

    I would wear it on a date with my husband. We don’t get out much having two little ones. Thanks for your consideration. ❤️

  • Brandy

    Date night with my hubby!

  • Jennifer

    I would wear them everywhere… but first would be a date night with hubby on art walk of Front Street on Maui and a vegan dinner. Oh, I also have a fancy business dinner coming up for my husbands business and a mentor of his and his wife at Andaz Wailea where my son is a cook. I’d love to have something nice to wear to that.

  • Ana Tabain

    I can’t name only one place where I would wear it. But lets say dinner with my husband to celebrate our anniversary (that was in April) but due to many challenges life has prepared for us we couldn’t celebrate it before. However, wish this dress a lot of happy moments with the new owner. Love, Ana

  • Christopher

    My wife beautiful will wear it when I take her out to dinner at my favorite raw vegan restraunt here in Las Vegas (go raw cafe). After I will make her a ice cold sangria and listen to brazilian jazz by our pool.

  • HilLesha O’Nan

    I’d wear these dresses night on the town with my husband. :)

  • Stefanie Bird

    I am trying to get into shape and get healthy again. In a few months I would love to put that dress on for The Foo Fighters concert at the beautiful Gorge, Wa in September. By then i should be a size M or S and definitely small chested. The other shorter dress i would wear all the time (i have a very limited dress collection).

  • Nev Bonnie

    I would wear this dress pretty much anywhere I go and I would totally wear it to this years Vegfest!

  • ana

    It’s been a longtime for me since I’ve ever worn a dress or even had a day/ night out to enjoy myself. For me, I don’t think I deserve to go out, to doll up, or to even take photos. I’ve just never been confident with myself. But I’ve been on this “re-invent myself” trying to stay on track to be healthy, a “better me,” and I’ve been doing my best to continue day after day so I can finally have the confidence. I would wear these pretty dresses for a much needed date night (which I’ve refused to have with my boyfriend for so long), or just a day out sight seeing, in a museum, to celebrate a new me. To live a “kind life,” a kind and better person to myself.

  • Anthea Douglas

    Several psychics have told me I’m meeting the man of my dreams in July. So I’d wear them on my first date to knock his socks off :-)

  • India Taylor

    The party at Teen Vegan summer camp or the vegan manchester summer soltstice party”

  • Barb

    I would have Hubby take me out, a bit late, for an Anniversary dinner!! 40 years, new dress dinner how does it get better than that… 😉 Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • BethanyK

    I would love to wear these to Summerfest in Milwaukee!

  • LaDonna Asberry

    I can’t believe you’d part with that Stella McCartney!! It’s lovely! I want my own so you can still wear it and we can be twinsies!!

  • Molly

    I have three upcoming family weddings in the next six months… I would love to wear either of these dresses. :)

  • Christina Towle

    I’ll wear it to my rehearsal dinner for my wedding this summer!

  • Erica

    Very cute. I might finally get a date night out of my husband hopefully including Mojitos

  • Nadine Harkness

    Firstly I am a major fan of Stella!! I would wear that dress anywhere! I am spending the summer in Napa Valley so I have so many events that both of those dresses would get use for. The Stella will be fitting for the Jamison Ranch Rescue big fundraiser!!!

  • Kirsten Malzahn

    I would love to wear one for my 10th wedding anniversary in July!

  • Cindy Batchelor

    i’d wear them on a fun night out with the girls!

  • Amy N

    Very pretty, but I thought BCBG was in trouble with animal lovers for continuing to sell angora and fur!

  • A Lamb

    I will wear these dresses to my brother’s wedding and out on a hot date night with my husband. It’s been too long!

  • Robin Annette VanArsdale Kerst

    I could wear either dress on a trip in November to Hawaii with my husband for our 10 year wedding anniversary!

  • Erica

    I would wear one of those dresses on a much needed date with my fiancé.

  • Denise Niles

    I would not be able to wear them, but in the same spirit of giving you are showing, I would be giving them to a sweet friend who has lost over 90lbs in the last year!

  • Lesli

    These are beautiful. Little Black Dresses are so perfect for so many things! I would wear them to dinner out with friends or a romantic dinner with husband, or to a sophisticated evening wedding.

  • Sarah Smoak

    I am planning a few fun nights out in Paris later this month and what better to wear than a little black dress or two! I’m on the hunt for a few good vegetarian restaurants while in the City of Light. But with these dresses I’d already know what I’d be wearing!

  • Jessica Ramirez

    I would wear them out to dinner on my first trip to Europe. Visiting London, Oslo, Rome (to meet up with my little sis who is studying abroad there), then Spain. Its our first times there, and our first bonding trip together :)

  • Francesca Licciardi

    Thanks Alicia, honestly I would workout for the next two months and celebrate getting my body back from IVF. I’d wear this out with my husband to commemorate our new found freedom away from the stress of trying to make babies. I think either dress would be lovely and amazing :) Cool idea!

  • truemel

    I will wear them on date nights with my sweet guy. After a divorce from a loveless marriage and being a single mom to three little ones I finally found an amazing sweet guy who adores me.

  • GoooobBluth

    I’d wear these to the local theatre production of legally blonde I’m going to soon! I get dressed up for any night at the theatre, even if it is tiny and there’s no one famous in it and everyone else is wearing flip flops and shorts. It’s still a night out on the town and requires an elegant, sexy ensemble! Also I just got adorable mary jane pumps from alternative outfitters and they’d look so classic with the lace straps on my favorite one.

  • Florencia James

    I will wear the Stella McCartney to my sister’s wedding. I will wear the BCBG to my 20 year class reunion (yikes 20 years!). I recently lost weight after having my baby and am excited to wear cute dresses like these again! =) I know they will be so much fun and super cute! xoxo

  • Nadine Harkness

    Firstly I LOVE Stella!!! I am spending the summer in Napa Valley and both dresses would get lots of use for different events I am attending. The Stella would be perfect for the Jamison Ranch Rescue fundraiser!!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I would wear it at home and everywhere!

  • Rachel

    Beautiful!! I would wear them out on a date with my husband!

  • Alexis Swearingen

    These are beautiful items! Thank you for the chance to enter to win them. :-) I would wear them on my first date with someone I met on an veggie dating site.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    My hometown, Fargo-Moorhead, will be having it’s first ever Veg Fest this autumn. I would love to wear it to that – when I’m not wearing my pea costume, of course.

  • Ashley Chew

    I would love to wear this for a date night to Vedge!!

  • Gwen Neucall

    oOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Love Stella! I would so wear this to our monthly gallery shows where they are trying to bring art and culture back to a once thriving city! We have fun parties every last Saturday of the month 😉

  • Amanda Spalt

    These dresses are so pretty!!! i would love them to go dancing or maybe to meet people at a bar. i recently got dumped and these dresses might give me the motivation to put myself out there. thank you!

  • AmritSadhana Khalsa Boyd

    These dresses are feminine and beautiful. I believe in dressing to create a vibration around yourself. I would wear these dresses just because. To feel beautiful and feminine in the beautiful Portland sun.

  • Courtney Melo

    I would love to wear this for my birthday! And then again on my upcoming vacation. Just got a new hair cut (chopped off 11 inches!) and lost most of the baby weight. Love to glam it up and feel like a woman again.

  • christine marti

    I will wear it to an evening party I am attending at the end of July. Love them! Thanks!!

  • TotallyRawMomma

    I would wear it to my upcoming baptism and to my very first vegan kind feast I am planning to do for my family and friends and neighbors.

  • Raine Dawson

    I’d wear the BCBG to our annual ‘picnic’ that all of the past and current shelter workers have every July 22nd. This year we’re having some surprises for my best friend who just got her vet tech license after a lot of hard work to get there. She worked 2 jobs, studied relentlessly online and has been dealing with multiple illness for many years. It would absolutely mean the world to me to be able to gift her the Stella dress! She has the biggest vegan heart of anyone I know and a Stella McCartney would never be in her budget, and having had been yours would blow her mind! As usual thank you for this fun and wonderful chance!

  • Bugn LVoe

    Those dresses are adorable and Stella Mccartney is such a super hero!!! I love her. I would love to win these dresses for my daughter. 😀 ~ XOXO

  • Lindsay F

    I will wear it when I go on a date night with the hubby

  • Kristy R

    I will wear these dresses on a plane or I will wear them on a train,
    I will wear these in my house or may wear them with a mouse…
    Say, I just may like them on a boat or perhaps even with a goat,
    I will wear them anywhere! and I will where them everywhere!
    I do like the dresses yes I do! I do like them….
    Thank you! … sorry just had to :)

  • Heather

    I would wear either of these out on a date with my husband! Thanks!!

  • Teresamarlene

    I will wear both on a cruise to Mexico and one to my daughters I’m officially a teen (her 13th bday) party!!!

  • Cindy Holcomb

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary on July 11. He has planned a romantic weekend in Arizona, where we went on our honeymoon. I would love to have these dresses to wear to our anniversary dinners. They will look so sexy with the pearl necklace her gave me for my birthday. Thanks Alicia. Your are such an inspiration.

  • Nathalie Jara

    I’d wear them to Babes in Toylands concert in NYC this fall 😀

  • Tracy Casselbury

    Alicia I would plan to wear when celebrating my baby girl turning 21 this July. I’m petite and would have no issue with size.

  • Lisette Ramos

    These are great little black dresses for the summer. I would wearing them on my date nights.

  • Kirsten Antony

    If I won these beautiful dresses, I would make a point to go celebrate! I’m invisioning dinner with my husband at an outdoor patio restaurant or rooftop bar in Denver!

  • Cara

    I would wear them to Rich Roll’s book event in NYC on June 16th!

  • Kate Muss

    I will be celebrating my 6th vegan anniversary soon so would wear a dress to my favorite vegan restaurant to celebrate!

  • Dina Banks

    I love color black ( to wear to a party;)! So any next big occasion will be a good reason to rock it! Thank u for this opportunity:)))

  • Chloe

    Dear Alicia,
    I would actually give my Mom these if I won. I love the BCBG dress and think it would look great on her! I’d give it to her to wear on her birthday ( July 4). She is very small and petite usually an XS but can fit in smalls. I think she’d look absolutely beautiful in them….though she would probably more likely wear the BCBG dress. She is the most important person in my life and want her to have the best B-day ever! Please consider me!

  • Chloe

    Dear Alicia,
    If I received any of these lovely dresses I would give them to my Mama. Her birthday is July 4th and I think she would look absolutely beautiful in them. They are both pretty but can just see her looking gorgeous in the BCBG dress (and think it would fit better) She is very small and petite usually an XS but can fit in smalls. She is the most important person in my life and want to make her birthday really special ! Please consider me!


  • Sherri Miller

    I unfortunately cannot fit into the size but I would donate them to a local shop in your name.

  • Kristi Agee

    I’d wear these dresses to a date at the Dallas Museum of Art/Dallas Theatre Centre/Dallas Symphony, followed by time spent walking around Klyde Warren Park (an awesome green space in the city).

  • Aldina

    I’d love one if these dresses to go to dinner with my husband for our 18th wedding anniversary which is fast approaching- he’s amazing and do supportive of me. He even got me a compost bin for Mother’s Day! Aldina

  • Emily Meath

    Oh they look perfect for summertime parties! Easy and breezy nights out in the city :)

  • amy

    I would like to give these to my daughter or my granddaughter to wear wherever they like!

  • Kathryn Helfer

    My boyfriend is moving to Michigan for his residency at the end of June so I’d wear the BCBG dress to his going away party and the Stella McCartney dress to my best friend’s bachelorette party I am throwing in Toronto this August!!!

  • Melissa F

    I would wear these black dresses on date nights with my boyfriend. They look perfect for hot summer weather.

  • Zoe Ruiz

    I would wear this on a sunny day where everyone could see me and be happy.

  • etirv

    My daughter can wear these to her musical events!

  • Tiffany Mousel

    I think these dresses are beautiful. I would share these with others, others who may not be as fortunate to have something like this normally. Not everyone has the opportunity to wear something nice and being able to give them the opportunity to do so would be heart warming. I have been there and someone once helped me out, I could never fully repay them for the joy I felt but I could pass it on.

  • Kristen

    I have weddings to attend in San Francisco, Seattle and NYC this summer and these dresses would be great for either the wedding or a night out in these vegan friendly cities. I think the BCBG dress would go great with my Coral 8 (a vegan/Eco-friendly brand) Natalie t-strap pumps.

  • Julie Wood

    I just had a birthday and would love to wear these out to celebrate, possibly to Crossroads! Would feel spectacular :)

  • Luxellot

    I would wear these dresses on a date OR if they are too small, I would hand them over to my petite sister who just said the other day she wants a LBD!

  • Cindy Corkern

    I would wear them on a romantic date to a quaint little restaurant, sitting out on a balcony and looking at the stars!

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    Since I’m a group exercise instructor, my husband always sees me in workout clothes. I will wear them out with him, so he can see the feminine side of his wife and fall in love all over again. <3

  • Monica

    My boyfriend (now fiancé) just proposed to me last month in Belize!! I would love to wear one of these dresses at my engagement party :)

  • Hanna Lewis

    First, I would give one of the dresses to my older sister. I would probably wear one of the dresses to my birthday party (coming up soon) or to a girls’ night out with my friends. I would’ve never pick these dresses out by myself, so I would love the oppurtunity to try new things and get out of my comfort zone!

  • Zinthia Padilla

    I am obsessed with vintage wardrobe. Most of my clothing consists of thrift stores or vintage and adding this two black dresses to my closet but be amazing. Honestly, I’m not so sure where I’d wear them too. There’s so many ways you can style both of these dresses! You can use them for college outfits, coffee with friends, a date night, modeling etc.. It all depends on the kind of accesories! And you could have a flawless outfit and easier to style since both are black!

    Love you!


  • Eryn Dickinson

    Animal !ove? I would not want or wear these dresses.

  • jillianzed

    I would wear them every chance I got because they are gorgeous and I wouldn’t want to waste them! I’d also wear one of them to celebrate moving to Portland in the fall! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Kate Francis

    Hi Alicia!
    I would wear the Stella on my vacation to Los Angeles in August and the BCBG to a graduation party! :)

    Take Care thanks for sharing your closet with us!

    – Kate

  • carolyn

    I would wear this to my upcoming bridal shower!

  • Jodi Wilson-Timmerman

    I am always looking for a cute dress to wear for a dinner date with my husband! We don’t get out much having children, but if I were to win the dress I would for sure make it my pick to wear on our night out!

  • Tiffany Baker

    My hubby is going after his dream of acting for the first time. Showing us all it’s never to late to make dreams come true. He just got his first movie role: The Sunset Tapes. I will wear the dresses to The Sunset Tapes movie promotion events.

  • Tina Knezevic

    I would love to wear this on my vacation end of June as I’m going to PA again! I love to go antiquing with my handsome hubby and find new treasures for our home!

  • Prasert

    Definitely on a dinner date!

  • Kai A. Pineda

    I am beginning my journey into the Vegan Lifestyle. I am transforming my entire life. As a Pastor, wife and hopefully mother soon, I want to allow the outside to match the inner beauty I am moving into. I have an extremely supportive and loving husband who I am surprising with several summer nights of fun and romance and I think these dresses would complete the night. Also, I would wear these in the various speaking arenas I am in and the mentorship programs I run with women. I love presenting a chic, fun, sophisticated look and showing women how beautiful being feminine is. I’d love these stunning pieces in my closet. NEW LIFE, NEW LOOK.

  • Devon

    I would wear this on a date with my husband. I know it’s probably not the most original or exciting idea but he’d love the dress because it’s very cute and more importantly I think he would really love it since we haven’t been on a date in a very long time…Also, I have to say my daughters would get a kick out of it because they looove you. : )

  • Leanne McWilliams

    A couple perfect LBD’s that I would wear to the many weddings we will be attending this summer!

  • Bartra S

    I would wear it as much as possible. I just started my vegan lifestyle, and wearing it would be a reminder to share with others, my journey, just as you are sharing yours with the website, clothing, books, and articles.

  • Courtney Brown

    Been primarily using recipes & food guidelines from The Kind Life and The Kind Mama for my weight loss and I’m very close to my goal size of a S/M! I would love to wear this dress out as part of my celebration of a new body and new life!

  • Tina

    Hi. I learn internet for my daughter Nguyet has down syndrome. She love clueless movie and alicia silverstone. She will love very much to wear the dress to beach and pool. When she smile, it makes me very happy. Together we read the kind life book and make food that is good for body. We don’t eat animal. Very good website. Nguyet love this website. Please more healthy recipe. Thank you kindly. Have a beautiful day.

  • Meagan Merritt

    I work with people that have disabilities. They have been working very hard for the last few months on art pieces that they will submit to an art auction. The “gala” is called CHOICES. The art is auctioned off and the proceeds go toward purchasing more art supplies for programs. It is really cool because much of the art contains recyclables such as cardbord or tinfoil, and they use safe practises to be sure not to pollute (they do not dispose of paint down the drain etc) I would wear one of the little black dresses to this event and donate the other to one of the girls involved in the event that has disabilities:)

  • Ashley Holland

    I would wear them to go on a girls’ night & a date with my fiancé; we just had our son and I miss looking cute! :/

  • Tara

    As a busy single parent to my darling 4yo daughter, my dating life is less than active! However, on those rare occasions that I may {eventually} have a date, either of these two dresses would be such a welcome addition to my wardrobe. As another wonderful woman mentioned below, I will donate them after use in order to pass them along to the next woman/en to whom they are destined to belong. I don’t believe in purchasing new clothes for myself of my daughter, in order to reduce resource constraints on this planet, so passing around clothes is one of my dear passions! Thanks for the consideration =)

  • Linda

    I would so wear it on a date night with my boyfriend!

  • Jenna O

    I would wear it on a date night with my new boyfriend!

  • Heather Wilhelmus

    My father is now totally blind, having lost his remaining vision after back surgery in 4/2014. He is now becoming active again in the community, I’ve been attending HAM radio events with him. I would wear this to his annual HAM radio league event this fall, annual fundraiser. He now can broadcast, finally got his rig handicapped accessible. I do a lot of activities with my father now, we are both learning mobility for the visually impaired.

  • Andrea Rossmann

    I’ve recently made the switch to a vegan/gluten-free lifestyle after a surprising cancer diagnosis (now almost 8 years cancer free) and many years of questionable eating practices. As a result, none of my clothes fit me (which is a good thing). But it makes going out a bit tricky, as I don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe. So I would wear these for a much needed night on the town.

  • Donna

    I love love love the dress! I would wear it on my trip to cali!

  • Sarah De Munck

    These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. I would wear the BCBG dress to Jewish Vegetarians of North America’s 40th Anniversary celebration in NYC this October! Alicia, we love you and we would be honored if you came and spoke at our event!!!

  • Kendall

    SOS! With a new baby and a toddler, I’ve worn nothing but nursing tanks and old yoga pants for 12 weeks straight! My wardrobe is in need of some serious help! These beautiful dresses just might inspire a much-needed date night with my husband!

  • bbqutie

    I would love to wear the BCBG dress to a chic/casual summer evening wedding! It looks so fun to dance in :) I would probably wear the Stella top to an outdoor concert here in Ann Arbor (vegan city!) … or while delivering home-made, healthy vegan meals to clients for my service, Bon Vert!

  • Bob Moretti

    I wouldn’t wear them at all (I’m a man). I’d put them on ebay and then donate the money from selling them to my sister to continue to help fund her magazine/website I can’t be any more honest than that.

  • emily klender

    Hi Alicia! My twin sister and I have been looking for a LBD to wear for our older sister’s bachelorette party this summer. And these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. This would make for a good topic of conversation also.

    Ps. I love the recipes in your cook book especially the
    rustic pasta.. my favorite!

  • emily klender

    Hi Alicia! My twin sister and I have been looking for a LBD to wear for our older sister’s bachelorette party this summer. And these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. This would make for a good topic of conversation also.

    Ps. I love the recipes in your cook book especially the
    rustic pasta.. my favorite!

  • Aida

    My Mom is turning 71 this July. She has been down since her Mom’ passing, so I am gathering her close girlfriends over for little surprise party with vegan treats I will prepare myself. Those ladies love seeing me beautiful, so that gorgeous BCBG dress would be perfect. Another beautiful dress I would wear either when I attend some of the Kennedy Center performances or at VegFest in DC.

  • Jamie M. Smith

    I am going on vacation for a few weeks this summer and the Stella would be great for me to bring along! On this vacation I will be going to a wedding, and the BCBGMaxazaria dress would be perfect for it! These are beautiful dresses and thank you for sharing them with us!

  • whittikere

    Movie nights with my husband


  • christina07

    So pretty! I’d wear it as well to one of my friend’s wedding that is soon coming up. It would be perfect.

  • Tania Diaz

    Hi, I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta, MX this November and would love to wear this dress for our honeymoon dinner on the beach.

  • Marie

    To my friend’s graduation party!

  • chrissy sexton

    I’m probably a little late to add my comment since the winner gets chosen TODAY!!
    I wanted to comment a few days ago BUT I really don’t have anywhere extra special to wear one of these gorgeous dresses right now—
    just hoping to wear one of them to ANYTHING, EVER!
    Seriously, they’re so pretty!
    I feel like if I won a dress like this, I would create a special night just TO WEAR the DRESS!
    Thanks for the chance!

    P.S. what a sweet blog, LOVE it.

  • Misha patel

    I would wear it to your play when I go to see it again. I saw it tonight and it was awesome! Thanks for the vegan advice!

  • CS


  • Lisa

    I just found out I am expecting so I will wear the dresses before I have to find more practical pregnancy outfits!!