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Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday June 21st is Father’s Day!  In our family, we dance in between seizing the holiday to celebrate and mark a moment, while steering away from the commercialization of it by not purchasing material gifts. We just really enjoy each other like we do everyday, and try to make the holiday about being a family.

There are so many simple yet meaningful things you can do to acknowledge your father or husband this Father’s Day! From writing a thoughtful card to drawing a picture or cooking up a nice meal. Since the 21st is also marks the Summer Solstice, it would be great to plan some sort of activity or adventure that involves spending time outside! Having a picnic or a BBQ sounds like a lot of fun. If you’re looking for some inspiration on summery and BBQ related recipes, reference last year’s post.

I recently rediscovered this video from a while back ago discussing my thoughts on Father’s Day, check it out!


How about you? How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day? What other recipes and dishes do you like to include to for a yum BBQ or picnic?
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  • BC

    We’ll be celebrating Father’s Day by going and spending the weekend with him at his friends house out in the middle of nowhere. It’ll be relaxing, a good break from everything, and nice to get to spend some quality time with him with how hectic our lives have been lately! I’m going to have to get cooking on some vegan goodies when I get off of work tomorrow to bring up there!

  • C. Blake

    Happy Father’s Day Christopher!!!! I imagine Bear Blu will be quite the Ninja when it comes to functioning in society with such great parents as you and Alicia. I have lot’s of father’s in my family including all three brothers, however, my father who was a professional automobile painter and a very talented man in other respects as well as a veteran is either polishing the pearly gates or painting pitch forks, I’m not sure which but I accepted the American flag at the military honors and have two peace lilies from the ceremony that I have in my apartment and that’s kinda how I will celebrate his broad spectrum of contributions to fatherhood. It’s supposed to rain here on Sunday so it may be an uneventful day which is usually the case on Father’s Day anyway but a vegan BBQ sounds like a fun idea. Love Ya’ll…Blakey