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From My Closet Giveaway: Comfy & Cute

Congrats Emily B! You are the winner of this giveaway.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. You all rock!


This week I’m giving away a Sublet dress and GIJ bag. The Sublet dress is made of a blend of organic cotton and bamboo. It’s so soft and easy. I wore it with sandals, flats, tennis shoes, or sometimes heels.

This GIJ bag is made of hemp and recycled polyester. It can fit a good amount of stuff in it so might be great for the farmer’s market or some books!


In order to have these in your closet, please leave me a comment telling me about a project or hobby you’ve taken up recently.

I will announce the winner on Monday 7/13

With Love,




  • Monica

    I have recently taken up quilting. I love how methodical the process is and am about 3/4 of the way done with my first project: a queen-size quilt that will be my wedding present to my husband! :)

  • Tiffany Norris

    Pure Barre! It’s a hobby that’s also good for me. 😀

  • Debi Cole

    Hey Alicia! I am finally going for my doua certification! Birth has been such a passion of mine since I had my first baby in 1979..a young ..very clueless mama! I had 3 more the 80 a i
    taught prenatal exercise classes..a la Jane Fonda! Witnessed my friends births. 12 years ago I enrolled in the Dona doula program and was one birth shy of completing it. I am my own worst enemy sometimes and I told my self I wouldn’t be any good! Fast forward..I now have
    7 grandchildren..I have been privileged to witness several of their births. You know what? I realize I do have gifts to give.I am 56 and I am going to finally follow my heart’s calling!!!

  • evaleri

    Recently, I’ve started a massive decluttering of my home office. As a result, I enjoy the space much more and have an easier time getting things done.

  • Amy

    Hi Alicia! A hobby I have begun recently is coloring mandalas. It’s very relaxing and helps me unwind after a long day. Of course I use recycled paper, and I love to give away the finished pieces to my loved ones as gifts.

  • Ashley Chew

    I have actual taken up a project & a hobby!! My husband & I have both started a vigorous exercise program, cleaned up our already pretty clean diet, & have started walking a TON (thank you fit bit:). Each day I wake up sore in new places but it feels amazing.
    And my new hobby/obsession is macrame!! I have made several hanging plant holders & am working on a wall piece!

  • Cherie

    I finally started writing a memoir. :)

  • christine marti

    I just bought a bike so I can begin enjoying the great bike paths and parks in my area. These items both look just great! thanks!

  • Emily Busman

    I am a working full-time from home (2am-10am yikes!) Momma of 5 month old twins. I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies at the moment but I’ve adopted the vegan lifestyle for almost a month now and I’m loving every minute! I read The Kind Diet and that really helped my meal structuring and made the transition so much easier. I feel fantastic and I’ve heard Alicia say she just feels lighter walking through life and it’s so true. I did recently take up weight lifting (not body building stuff) and regular cardio with my neighbor who is a rock star mum of 4! It’s been great so far and has become a feel good hobby for me and it’s something to get us outside to enjoy some Michigan sunshine while it lasts!

    P.S. I would love that dress and bag! Comfy is the name of the game these days so at least I’d look stinkin’ cute in the process!

  • Alexis Swearingen

    Thank you for a chance to inherit these beautiful items! I’ve really taken to the whole diy movement. I’m making my own soap this week. I recently made my own liquid stevia. I look forward to continuing on this journey and expanding to other beauty/health products.

  • Lauren Silva

    Cute dress!
    When I was younger I loved to tap dance. As I grew up, scheduling conflicts with school, then work kept me from sticking with it. Recently I took tap classes up again and have never felt more wonderful. With tapping, you don’t really need music. You create your own music with your feel. I think that’s such a beautiful thing.
    I once heard that dancing is how the human spirit embodies itself. I want my spirit to soar.

  • Florencia James

    Starting up an organic herb garden to add a fresh touch to all of my fresh food. Can’t wait to see my little plants grow and spread!

  • Ali

    My boyfriend and I just got into bonsai! We both love nature, especially trees, so, it’s the perfect hobby for us. So soothing and beautiful! The giveaway pieces are lovely! Fingers crossed!

  • Sarah

    I’ve recently started up painting and jewelry making! I also garden.

  • Krystyna Meade

    Yesterday, I tilled part of my backyard and I am going to build vertical garden beds! I can’t wait to grow squash, beans and melons!

  • Laura Laughlin

    I have started a vegan recipe organization project! There are so many that I have saved in my online bookmarks and tagged in my recipe books that it’s time to consolidate and organize them so that I can easily use as many as possible!

  • BethanyK

    A hobby that I recently have taken up is cooking. I just moved into a new apartment with a roommate and I am trying to eat in more often/just overall be more healthy so I am trying to cook more meals at home!

  • A Lamb

    Snorkeling. All the way. With the kids and dogs on the beach. Just got back.

  • BC

    While I have always enjoyed making things from scratch, it has taken on a new form lately. A friend of mine is pregnant and for her shower, I found a recipe I could expand on for her. I called it her belly jelly. It’s a lovely feeling salve with marigold flowers, lavender, and chamomile infused in it. She loved it so that she requested I make a couple of gift baskets for two of her pregnant friends. Nice, natural, and nourishing, the lotion was so well loved I have started making them for sale. She also requested I make a baby safe bug spray which I have and LOVE! I’ve given her some of my favorite homemade deodorant that she loved, and I had even made sunblock that she and her husband have been loving. My sweet friend and her little family are farmers and very much need the bug spray and sunblock, it’s been great to receive their feedback and to help people see that simple, natural, and vegan products can work so so well. I use the lotion constantly now and am always making it with such pride. It’s been wonderful, it’s lovely to have these products for myself, but it feels even better to help people get away from chemicals!

  • Lisa

    I recently started sewing. I have 2 year old, and have found to easy dresses I can make. It’s fun to pick out materials.

  • TotallyRawMomma

    I have taken up crocheting and knitting. Both are a lot of fun and I enjoy being able to make thoughtful homemade gifts for my family.

  • TotallyRawMomma

    I have taken up crocheting and knitting. I love being able to make thoughtful homemade gifts for my family.

  • truemel

    I have started earthing to help heal inflammation in my body and it is really working. My parents have been helped a lot too. We all had a lot of pain and now we are all better.

  • Amber M.

    Well recently i decided I would only follow my passions and have no tolerance for discontentment. I just recently finished my MBA, ditched the cumbersome idea of being practical and moved across the country with my hubby- Packed our car with clothes a couple guitars and our two dogs and drove 1700 miles to the Live music Capital –to follow our passion for music and art. I am typing this from a tiny one bedroom apartment that houses one table an amp and two guitars! I work at a crystal/rock shop by day–the hubby has a gig at an organic protein bar joint– and we work on our music by night :) . The Passion is Music and the Project is Happiness <3

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    I’m scrapbooking for my baby son!

  • Kristen

    My new hobby – as strange as it sounds – is cooking! I realized with my new work schedule (normal business hours), that I have a lot of free time in the evenings, and decided to treat myself to some more healthy home cooked meals, as opposed to a microwaved veggie burger. It’s been very relaxing and almost meditative. It’s incredible what making calm time for yourself can do for your mental state.

  • Linda

    Quilting! I found my old shirts and decided to make a quilt for my daughter and son. A lot of wonderful, through the years, memories.

  • Lindsay F

    I recently took up gardening. I love being able to pick fresh herbs from my garden when I’m cooking dinner.

  • LeanneSouthall

    Cute and comfy, indeed! I have recently started sewing lavender sleep sachets for my daughter’s school. Small squares made of organic cotton, stuffed with organic lavender. Each child collects one from a basket to put under their pillow during nap time. How rewarding, and so easy! Leanne @bonnetfriend

  • Alinet

    Hi Alicia,
    Well my current project is simply about decorating and furnishing our baby s nursery. Ive been looking to buy used organic furniture but as you may have guessed ITS A CHALLENGE! We then just realized that we have lots of wood left in the garage and we decided to build our own crib!!! That will save us money, and it ll be a precious piece of furniture which is great for good energy :)
    I visit this site everyday and I have to say, you changed my life! Its amazing to see you, an advocate for animals right, trying to change the world by being kind and proactive (the info you provide is awesome!) AND without judging or being too harsh with yourself or others. THANK YOU!

  • Linda O

    I have started a qi gong practice and dancing with my one year old every day.

  • Kim Traurig Bush

    Sewing…or at least I’m trying!

  • Kristi Agee

    I’ve recently taken up yoga after a long hiatus. It has been so great for energy and stress. I forgot how great it makes you feel!

  • Heather

    I am currently learning more and more about the great uses of essential oils for home and health. Thanks so much!

  • Hannah

    I recently started knitting! One of my dearest friends has been teaching me. I am pleasantly surprised at how fast my skill set has developed. It’s very relaxing as well!!

  • Jennifer Knye


    I’m really into fitness and my newest craze is jump roping. I have been trying to jump at least 5 to 10 minutes everyday before my regular workout and I’m loving it!!:) Fun Fact: 10 minutes of jump roping gives the same cardiovascular benefit as 30 minutes of jogging! So get to jumping people :)


    Jennifer Knye

  • Kate Marlowe

    My project is returning to a plant-based diet. I’ve been absent over a year, diagnosed with an intestinal disease and told being plant-based wouldn’t work. None of their dietary protocol works and I miss feeling great! Working with a dietician and getting back to my Kind Life!

  • Teresamarlene

    I have recently taken up family history. It’s been tough because we have Native American in our history. The relative that was Native American was adopted as a young child by a white family so we can track that side but having a hard time tracking the Native American heritage. It has become a fun hobby tracking my families heritage and learning about myself where I come from etc. I love all the snags and challenges as it makes it more interesting!

  • Tina Knezevic

    I have been currently working on my garden and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs. My blackberry bush is doing great this year and produced about 6 pounds of berries. My fig tree is producing several figs and I cannot wait to harvest them!

  • Julie Oppelt

    My boys and I have the summer off each year. Our summer project this year is a homemade compost bin. We created the bin using an old barrel from my husband’s family farm. The project is important for my boys to learn the value of recycling and to embrace the mindset of how we can be kind to our planet Our three year old is super pumped about the project as his job is to roll the barrel up and down the hill in our backyard. Happy composting everyone!!!

  • Jordan Troublefield

    Planning to help my sister tackle the baby nursery. We want to attempt a sliding barn door on the closet!

  • Rachel

    My recent hobby has been trailer camping with my family. We take our two kids and just enjoy nature and disconnecting from everything. It has been so relaxing and is bonding us all together unlike any other activity we’ve done before. We’re loving it! =)

  • Te HP

    Hi Alicia!
    A new hobby that is underway in my home is organizing and working out of my pantry. My pantry is like my assembly line. IN it I organize and plan my recipes and even clip coupons. I have a shelf for each day Mon-Sun. I place all of my dry ingredients and recipes for that day on the shelf. On Sunday’s, I shop and go straight to my pantry and plan the weeks meals. Ive set a goal to use only dried beans and on Sunday’s I also boil my beans and cut my veggies for the week. Someone asked me if this is time consuming but I feel this really helps me to be organized and planned! It helps me make healthy choices for my family instead of being in a rush and grabbing a convenient frozen pizza from the freezer etc. I love my little pantry. It’s under my stairway that leads to the second floor and its my little oasis. My Husband put a little desk and light in there and added extra shelves for me. Everyone has a special little nook or place in their house or yard… I’m known as the “mama under the stairs” lol.

  • Michelle Lee

    The kids & I have recently up-cycled bottle caps to create lady bugs. They love going through the recycling to find new uses for things. I’ve been collecting early for DIY Halloween crafts. Thanks for the chance.

  • Schuyler Bright

    I have started getting into dancing. I do not take classes yet, but i love dancing to music on the radio. It makes me happy to do a little boogie while i am making my summer vegan dinner!

  • Geri Harris

    I have always been into a vegan lifestyle, but lately I have been incorporating a daily wake-up yoga routine everyday. Even if I wake up late and can only do 5 minutes, it still makes a huge beneficial impact on my whole day. I am also incorporating meditation and self-love affirmations into my daily routine. I have never felt better! Thank you to Alicia and The Kind Life for helping to inspire me everyday!

  • Madeline

    Hi Alicia, I am now a walker:) I recently moved into my very own place and everything is so close to me! I live in the very cute Brentwood and am able to walk everywhereeeeee. It is a dream! I walk to whole foods, the numerous coffee shops, and a cute little farmers market. It is nice to give my little all electric fiat a break. I would love this outfit for my Sunday strolls and the bag would be perfect to carry small groceries. Living on my own and being completely independent has been a huge eye opener but I am starting to get really comfortable in my routine. Thank you for the opportunity to win this cute outfit! PS your peanut butter chocolate smoothie is divine!!! xoxo Madeline

  • Cindy Batchelor

    photography! Absolutely loving it too!

  • Ilinca Urzica

    My project this summer is to work and to finish a paper on backpain treated by surgery and to present it to the jury of my class in September in order to obtain a calification in appareillage. Wish me luck!

  • Sveta

    Just recently picked up my knitting needles again. Knitting is RE

  • Dina Banks

    I’ve taken up brewing recently! Started from kombucha , I want to make sauerkraut and ultimately our own yogurt and possibly nut cheeses .. This sounds like a big project but I just try one step at at I me, once u learn to do it once properly, it’s not that hard actually :)

  • the06

    I have undertaken a minimalist lifestyle in 2015, and I’m now six months into it. I have limited myself to purchase only things that I absolutely need, which has made gift-giving a very creative (and challenging) process! It’s been one of the most educational times of my life – concerning myself and the world around me. I’ve found that I’m wearing out my clothes but not letting myself purchase new ones because I don’t really *need* them yet. Your beautiful dress would be a welcome addition to my closet!

  • Melissa

    I’ve recently starting writing down/journaling just about everything! From the food that I eat (to determine sensitivities), to daily affirmations, and of course, just writing down what’s on my mind. I’ve found that this helps me de-stress quite a bit!

  • Sierra Kluson

    I have recently awoken an old hobby…yoga! The past couple years I let this hobby slip away and I’ve recently realized that although I eat a healthy, vegan diet I am still out of touch with my body. Yoga gives me time to reconnect with my body and mind :)

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    For those of you who are curious about my 10 years of research and cross-referencing, here’s some information. When my mother passed away on July 9, 2001, our mother & daughter connection was shopping together for Clinique and Clinique Bonuses. Although I promised her that I would continue after her passing, I had to break that promise, and I know that she is so happy that I did. When I was conducting my personal research, I found out that Clinique was paying the Chinese government for animal testing AND using potentially toxic ingredients that cause cancer, the very disease my mother died from. So, Mom, you would tell me to learn and save lives, of both humans and animals, so that’s what I’m doing, in your honor. (Companies that do not test on animals) (Safe Cosmetics Champions and Innovators) (Humane companies and charities) (Leaping Bunny certified companies) (Greener Alternatives from Turning Green) (Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Data Base) (Sunscreen guide, to make sure your sunscreen isn’t causing cancer)

    My personal favorite that I replaced Clinique with: JUICE BEAUTY!!

    – Catherine (Link to my photo album, “Think Pink, Live Green” with my personal favorites)

  • Emily

    I guess this would be both a project and a hobby–I’ve recently started my own fitness journey! I signed up for a membership at a fitness/yoga studio and have been going regularly ever since. I’m already thrilled with the results! I feel better, I have more energy, and I can tell I’m getting stronger. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!

  • Lisette Ramos

    I have been running. I just bought sneakers and run 3 to 5 miles a day.

  • Keleigh Friedrich

    These are right up my alley! I recently took up Qoya – a form of sensual movement, dance and yoga for women that focuses on tapping into and freeing the wild feminine. It’s beautifully soft and yet powerful – a wonderful way to process emotions and feel joy in and through my body!

  • Megan

    I’ve recently made a stronger commitment to my yoga practice. It just makes me feel so good that I’d like to make it an effortless part of my everyday life.

  • TotallyRawMomma

    I have taken up crocheting and knitting and absolutely love it! I love making homemade gifts for my family.

  • Andrea Saysrelax

    I’ve taken up yoga in the last two month. Feeling great! :)

  • Mich

    I started crocheting (with cruelty free materials of course) I love making hats an d bits for my friend’s babies :)

  • Helen Xa

    Hi Alicia! Lately I’ve been decluttering and minimizing my home and life. I feel we could all live with less and been working on going greener. That means surrounding myself with only the essentials and things that I love! I am also working towards a vegan diet. =)

  • Steph

    photography :)

  • Jill Marsillett

    Canning! Learning how to preserve fresh veggies from the garden so I can have them year round.

  • Sami Collins

    I think this would fall into more of a project category (at least I hope so!). I have recently joined up in the quest with so many others to Save Our Southern Forest (SOS), that has been launched by Dogwood Alliance. Wood pellet manufacturing facilities in North Carolina are owned and operated by Enviva and they are cutting down our forests to produce wood pellets to ship overseas to Europe to be used for fuel. They are claiming it ‘sustainable and green’, but not for us. What’s left for us is massive destruction of precious wetlands and forests, threatening our animal and plant species. This is also going on in the surrounding states as well such as GA, FL, AL, MS etc. We need to bring awareness to what’s happening to our forests. “Our Forests Aren’t Fuel”.

    That is such a cute outfit too!

  • Steph

    I took up cleaning/organizing. I wonder if that counts as a hobby 😉

  • liz Prentice

    I recently purchased a home that needed us to love it. We have been slowly making it shine.

  • Sonia

    My project has been becoming vegan. I’ve been looking up recipes, watching documentaries, trying to find restaurants locally that serve vegan food. It’s been a challenge but the rewards out weight the challenge!

  • Moya

    I have been crocheting baby blankets. My oldest daughter just had a baby, and I made 2 more to put away for when I need a back up’s

  • Kirsten Antony

    I started a straw bale garden. No soil needed to grow a garden full of veggies… just straw. I’m so excited to see how my garden grows this year!

  • Laurie

    My project is decluttering and organizing my house.

  • Amanda Williams

    I have recently taken up the project of going through my clothes & donating what I don’t wear.

  • Tanya

    I finally found some old windows on the side of the road and I’m going to wet-sand them, paint them, and use them as decorations! I’ve always wanted to!

  • Krista

    I’m giving a vintage picnic basket a makeover! I got some fabric for a liner/napkins at a local antique shop and some bamboo dishes. It’s going to be a B-day gift for my Mom. <3

  • Hailey Ann

    I have taken an interest in learning languages, and in the past, I learned Italian. Recently, I’ve started to learn French and Spanish. It’s a fun hobby, and sort of feels like I’m cracking a code. What other languages do you speak, if any? (Mi piace il vestito!)

  • Michelle K.

    what sweet, beautiful items!! i love them both! i’ve been cooking crazy good vegan food for the past year. it has become a passion of mine. every time i’m tired or think it would be easier just to order out, i get inspired by a new recipe and love the layering of real food and color and texture in everything i cook.

  • Julie Brydon

    I have recently taken up playing the ukulele. I love it. It’s so much fun!

  • Liz Nelson

    I recently purchased a beautiful colouring book and pencil crayons. I love how relaxed I feel after colouring for an hour. It totally clears my mind :)

  • Rosalba

    The most important project I’ve started (three days ago) was deciding to go vegan again. I became vegan for ethical reasons some eight years ago… Then started eating dairy. Big mistake! I gained 50 lbs over 6 years. Now, I just read your book and it has given me the encouragement I needed to change my and my family’s life around. I am putting all my effort into this important step, and I hope it helps me heal and get get healthy again. I hope i win!
    [email protected]

  • Lori Whitefield

    I just began yoga at home with my children, (13), (6),(5) and 11 months. We are also juicing organic vegetables and making lots of green smoothies!

  • Heather Clary

    I am just about at the sixth month mark of my first pregnancy and something that has been on my mind all throughout have been past memories from early childhood through young adult years. I decided that if they were popping up randomly every day, they must be important enough for my brain to have stored for some reason! So I have decided to start a memory book to write out the different memories along with a sketch or picture of them – moments like walking into a hospital room at age two to meet my baby brother, the first time I burned my thumb on a toaster, Christmas morning at my grandparents old house, etc. I think it will be a great keepsake for both myself and to share with baby girl while she is growing up!

  • Jody Piper

    I have recently taken up drawing again. As a kid I drew, sketched and doodled constantly but work and life and responsibilities have become a priority. But I have gotten back to sketching lately and I am even enrolling in a drawing class at a local community college to get back to my roots and give myself a creative outlet.

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia! I have recently started a couple of new hobbies. I am currently teaching myself photography and writing some stand up comedy! I have also started hiking and I am about to start taking surf lessons! It is so fun to start doing new things!

  • Heather S

    I started hand embroidery. So relaxing yet frustratedly challenging at times.

  • Colleen Crawford

    I have always wanted to participate in our local farmers market, so recently I started creating products made from nature to sell. So far I have made wonderful wild leek butter, wild leek pesto, and wild leek powder. All vegan and dairy free. I have also been collecting pine cones and rocks and have made magnificent pine cones painted various colours and ” sprinkled” with a touch of snow on each using Epsom salts. It’s been a very fun hobby and I adore that all my products are created from nature.

  • Marty C.

    A hobby I’ve taken on recently is crocheting. I’m left-handed and so NOT a spatially oriented person that it took me about fifteen views of a “How to Make a Granny Square” video before I could even get started. So far, I only know how to makes squares, so I’ve made a baby blanket and loads of washcloths,

  • jtlittlelong

    My hobby lately is a fun form of recycling. We started by adopting a highway and recycling the things we found but decided there must be a better way to reuse items then regular recycling. Now when we get things in the mail we normally recycle we reuse it to make our own paper which we make birthday Christmas etc cards for people or post cards out of or other things requiring paper. My kids love making ‘homemade ‘paper and its reusing things! We also go to our local thrift stores and take the clothes that have to many holes or whatever that they can’t sell and make quilts blankets or receiving blankets and donate them to local hospitals for babies or local ahelters. It’s been a fun hobby I’ve been doing for about a year just finding creative ways to reuse things people toss every day!!!

  • Alexis Mazur

    I just read The Kind Mama and am working on my new project of “preparing my house” :)

  • mjmoore

    I love that dress! My recent hobby is doing the 30 day shred workouts, trying to get stronger to keep up with my kids!


  • Lauren Maher

    I’m starting to take up dancing. I’ve always been more of a wallflower who struggles with rhythm, but I’ve always wanted to have fun and dance. It’s also a great workout!

  • Malaika Roemer

    My most recent project was pulling up the carpet in the bedrooms of my house and replacing them with wooden floors.

  • Aria

    Our daughter just turned one-month, happy to say that loving her has been my only hobby for the past 30 days!

  • April Grasso

    We’ve recently taken our efforts outside to redo the landscaping around our house. Now I have to figure out how to have a garden AND keep the deer out. Nothing makes me happier than being out in nature and planting, and after years of working on the inside of our home I’m happy to be out in the sunshine getting my hands dirty! :)

  • Stephanie

    I’ve recently started taking pole dancing classes in the city at S-factor!

  • Amy E

    I recently became a certified Zumba instructor so I am spending my summer learning the dance moves and grooving in my backyard!

  • Smky_Mtn_ Echo

    I would love to enter! A recent project I’ve taken up is building our dream home.

  • Lisa

    My latest project is canning. When I was little my mom and grandma put up all kinds of things-tomatoes, beans, jams, jellies, you name it. And all the kids were enlisted to help shuck corn, snip beans, pick berries, etc. My daughter is turning 5 this year and I wanted her to have those memories too. So we went to a pick your own strawberry farm and picked enough berries for a big batch of strawberry jam. She stood at the stove with me, carefully stirring the jam, then fishing the lids out of the water to pass to me. She loved it. And I loved that we’ve started a new tradition together. It’s blueberry season now and we’re ready for our next canning session.

  • Katie F.

    A few months ago I had to have a major surgery done on my small intestine, after that I realized how much I needed to change the way I eat and really re-evaluate the way I look at my life- since then I had picked up a copy of the kind diet while recovering from surgery. It changed my life. I have a completely different view on how I eat, how I look at the world, It really opened up my eyes to a newer healthier world . My summer project is recovering and becoming the best version of myself, and that all starts with what you eat and how you look at things. My whole family started on this, and all of us are so much happier, we feel better, we are staying very active. After reading the kind diet I have been doing a lot of my own research also and realizing how toxic things are and how many chemicals are- I was never aware of any of this stuff. Thank you for changing my families life for the better! I can’t wait to start reading the kind momma!


  • daria

    I think I may take up sending happy mail.

  • Karlee Davey

    Me and my husband are starting renovations on our converted school bus home again! The project began last spring when we decided we wanted to join the tiny home movement and buy an old school bus to turn into our home. We started by taking out all the inside until it was just bare metal, we wanted to recreate it greenly so we used denim insulation and as much recycled materials as possible. Once the inside was done we had to figure out how to use the space efficiently. Since it was a small and pretty narrow space, We found that conventional furniture really doesn’t fit so we ended up making everything ourselves from our bed to our compost toliet. We then found out that we had a little bundle of love on the way so we had to change things up to create more roomy space for our little one as she grew. And now we are making our bus completely self sustaining with its own water and solar energy systems! And eventually we want to convert the bus to run on vegetable oil! It has been a journey that has created simplicity in our lives.

    • Bridget Elizabeth

      This is so awesome and congrats on the little one! I’ve been longing for a tiny home too. Have you see the trundle style beds that roll away to give you extra space? Search for it on Pinterest. It’s a great alternative to lofted beds.

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I do not know if this counts, but started home projects to be able to sell my house and move to a warmer climate.

  • Lainey

    I’ve recently been reconnecting with my childlike self and all things puppets and childhood TV!! When I was back at my parent’s house digging through old boxes in search of some of this stuff, I also got to visit the bookstore, where I first met Alicia and that next day became an instant vegan!! It was the best decision I ever made! They have a photo of Alicia’s visit on display with a signature and the date 10-25-09. It has been a magical time in my life, and I owe big thanks and warm hugs to Alicia and The Kind Life!! Thank you :)

  • Ashley Moncrief

    Hi Alicia! I just started reading the book “The Conscious Parent” by Shefali Tsabary after I just found out (this week) that I’m pregnant!!! and the book is incredible! So, I’ve started practicing being more ‘conscious’ throughout the day so that I can foster the amazing connection between me and my baby on the way!

  • Terri

    My project is myself.i married young had kids young and feel as though I lost myself along the way. I’m on a self discovery trip so to speak. I’m reading self help books excercisig and even taking some classes to finish my education. I have always concentrated on taking care of my children and now I need something for myself. My project is to make myself a better person that my kids friends family and people in gener can like better.

  • Bonnie

    I have recently changed my name, and that is something i wanted to do for many years and just recently, i was able to have the courage to do it. I have been making recently art that embraces my new name, which is such an amazing experience. I also am a fashion designer so a lot of my projects have involved making my art and fashion revolve around my identity and my style. ♥

  • Christina Moore

    I took up eating raw, and helping others eat raw! The summertime is such a perfect time to cleanse and detox!

  • Jenna Cameron

    I have recently taken on sewing. I hope that one day I will be good enough to make myself and future childrens’ clothes. :)

  • p a i g e .♛

    One hobby I have recently taken up is recycling!
    Now I’ve always been a big recycler anyway but I’ve taken it just a little step
    further! It started when I was scrummaging threw my vanity looking for a pair
    of earnings to wear. All of my earnings were in a huge heap and tangled along
    with my necklaces and anklets. I have been meaning to invest in a cute earing
    holder or jewellery box for ages now but I just couldn’t really justify putting
    the money into one. Later that day I was at the second hand shop giving away
    some old belongings. Before I left I found myself looking at some beautiful vintage
    jewellery cases! I was looking at $50 still, so slightly above my preferred price
    range! I always am seeing people on pinterest post alternative uses for things,
    so that’s what I’ve decided to do. I ended up going back to the second hand
    store, and actually buying a cheese grader as an earing holder! I painted it with
    chalk paint and bedazzled it to look vintage! With matching paint I’ve painted
    mason jars as make-up brush holders! Next I am painting an old antique photo
    frame to place above my dresser. In the frame I’m putting simple hooks to hold
    me extra necklaces and jewellery! I’m soon moving into a new place with my
    boyfriend and I’ve already searched up many DIY/recylced house decorating ideas!
    I’m obsesed with this trend! :)

    Xo from your fan: Paige W :)

  • Valerie Anne Forbes

    I rediscovered my LOVE of a good book while sitting with my son, who just turned 8, as he too as discovered his LOVE of reading.

  • Deborah

    I took up knitting, again, too! Wel, actually it’s the 4th attempt . . .if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!

  • Catie Bertges

    I have started going to yoga once a week. I also want to get back into making more crafts and drawing for fun :)

  • Bridget Elizabeth

    I recently read a book by The Minimalists and have become a minimalist myself! We’ve donated over 10 trash bags and counting full of stuff that we no longer needed or wanted. We’re also made it a point to stop mindlessly consuming since it’s hard on the environment and our wallet. It takes time to go through and evaluate everything but it’s totally worth it when you have that “zen” feeling at the end. Excited to be living a life with less!

  • Chickee

    My family & I have been enjoying a project we created “Pass On The Love.” We pass on gently used items to others by surprising them either on their doorstep, in the mail or by donating the items. It is a joy to spread the love. Personally, I joined Twitter to pass on #loveinaction by spreading the #vegan message of life to inspire others to #govegan. Thank you for YOU & your message of love. The GIJ bag is fantabulous beautiful Alicia. Thank you for this opportunity. To Vegan Dancing, Chickee

  • Nothy Lane

    I sew to relax and recently i began to make a mini wardrobe….summer skirts and t shirts….this dress and bag would really cap off a whole new summer look for me

  • Nothy Lane

    i love to sew but haven’t had much time to do so this year – now I have the time and I plan to make skirts and t shirts to wear all summer. This dress and bag would really be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe!

  • Emma

    Beautiful pieces Alicia! I am on a mission to make a hobby and life out of blogging and creating content for YouTube to spread the incredible message of veganism! I cannot wait to start! I want everyone to hear of just how amazing this lifestyle is and how it has benefitted not only me, but so many other earthlings. I want to open people’s eyes to what atrocities are happening and how they can join the movement to stop them! So much love! xo – Emma

  • KarateChopp

    I started brewing Kombucha Tea about a year ago. I started it from 1/2 Gallon of Tea with 1/2 cup Sugar and I saved the bottom “sludge” of 3 bottles of commercial Kombucha. Within 7 days I had a S.C.O.B.Y. disc floating on the top of the brew. I used this S.C.O.B.Y. for the next brew, and so on, and today I have many S.C.O.B.Y.s. Once the Kombucha Tea brew is complete, I juice slightly overripe Maui Gold Pineapples. I mix 1/2 Kombucha to 1/2 Pineapple Juice, store in the fridge and it’s delicious. :)

  • Kate

    A new project I have taken up is redoing my room. My room is in major need of a change. I have painted it purple and I am now starting to get new bedding and redecorate. I cant wait to see the finished product!

  • Tamara Kubiak

    My newest project is taking a grocery bag on my walks and picking up garbage along the way. Keeps the area clean and allows others to see small actions can make a great difference!

  • Da We

    My husband and I have unfortunately lost 3 babies. We’ve been revamping our health and making positive shifts in trying to be more proactive in educating ourselves on ways to take control of our health and become the best we can be by doing our own research. We’ve just done all the testing to see why I cannot carry a pregnancy, and are waiting on results. Thankful for modern medicine, but trying to be as knowledgeable about “food being thy medicine and thy medicine food.” I’ve also eliminated as many toxins as possible over the past few years and have become more health conscious when it comes to products I also put on my skin. But, I’m also learning to give myself grace, appreciate input from others, continue to learn different ways to live naturally, and most importantly, try to remain hopeful I will be a mother one day soon. In the midst of these struggles, I am trying to volunteer in various areas, pay it forward by encouraging others on their own journey toward great health, and use my story as a catalyst for hoping to make a difference as well…even if it’s just in small, simple ways.

  • Amber Goldsmith

    an issue so close to my home-birth heart soul: using EVERYTHING I learn in the process of developing an organic herbalist business to incorporate into my daughter and mine daily family care routines so I can accomplish the ultimate project: raising an aware beautiful woman. “Save a woman, save generations”.
    thanks for all your beautiful work Alicia!

  • Maggie Moreau

    It’s Summer hobby time… Making really unique jellies like violet and dandelion YUM, growing summer squash and picking wild blackberries. I’ve also recently expanded some of my nanoscience-art connection outreach for youth to local artists. They are using our metallic nano particles (designed for medical diagnostics) as coloring agents in their pieces ranging from clays to glass. It’s very cool to open the door for discourse between different communities, celebrate diversity, and foster new and imaginative ideas on both sides.

  • Debra Briggs

    Now that my exams are over, I’m focused on designing and building an aeroplane bookshelf for my 15 month old. It will probably look like the front end of a triplane.
    I’m excited 😀

  • Amy

    My recent hobby is vegan cooking. I recently watched Fed Up and Forks Over Knives and recommitted to a plant-based, healthy diet. I got the FOK app and pulled out my The Kind Diet book and am excited to embark on this lifestyle. It’s what led me to this site tonight. Thank you for being a role model and inspiration!


    My project is my daughter who is killing herself taking care of autistic children at work, raising 3 of her own including adopting a prison baby, and trying to start a rescue center & community garden here… along with 5 dogs, 6 chickens….

  • chloe

    Opening up a vegan cupcake business with my mom! Veganism is something we are so passionate about and we love cupcakes! It’s great bonding time & a fun business! Plus the cupcakes are delish !

  • Helen Kerr

    Hello :) I watched the Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’ recently and it inspired me to draw my own ‘interest islands’ (such as friends and family, roller derby, theatre) and memory globes, like the ones featured in the film. I enjoy drawing so this new spin on creating pictures of things that I’m passionate about and can look back on has been A fun project so far.. it’s a work in progress!

  • angelaRN78

    A new-ish project I’ve taken up with is recycling. I’ve always tried to recycle, but I wasn’t dedicated enough to the cause until recently. I’m ashamed to say that it didn’t hit me just how important is is to recycle until I see the impact that not recycling is having. So, I’ve become obsessed with it! My family was recently transferred back to the Seattle area (my husband is in military) and in all the areas we’ve lived in, I’ve taken notice of the effects of global warming. I’m trying to become a “recycling ambassador” in the surrounding counties to provide recycling containers for public areas, as well as in housing communities such as apartment complexes that don’t offer tenants to recycle. It’s so easy to recycle too!

  • whittikere

    I’ve been working on my garden!

  • Anna Haggerty

    My new hobby after reading your books is reading and learning about vegan living, and recipes and finding great Vegan groups to join to meet people. I would love that dress and purse! The purse would totally fit my Vegan books in it too! 😉

  • Michelle Howe

    I love to sew and make dolls! I am working on getting stock so I can try to sell them at the farmers market.

  • Chante Padme-Kaur Proniske

    Hello Alicia! Today is my fourth day going Vegan and i have to say what kicked me over the edge was reading your book! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to give up cheese and bacon but now it’s like looking at them draws no desire to eat whereas before I’d see them and just mindlessly eat! Thank you so much for writing your story to veganism! Have a great rest of your summer! Suzanne E. Proniske

  • QueenBee Elizabeth

    I just tweeted you. I am a single mom with a new non profit. I am a beekeeper that started the Honey bee project. i work with local people and farms establishing apiaries and educating the public on the importance of honey bees
    please like my page follow me on twitter and check out my pics. I work in Jamaica, West Indies too at an eco retreat establishing hives there to help empower Jamaicans to be more sustainable and have healthy ways to make money.

  • Liza Marsella

    Recently I have been designing temporary tattoos with henna gel, that originated in India and Africa! But instead of just buying the gel, I am going to germinate and plant some Henna seeds of my own. This way it will be organic and less costly. Henna is a beautiful art form that everyone should enjoy!

  • Cal S

    I want to help people in prison. I have started by researching what I can do online. My goal will be to join a group or campaign to ensure humane treatment of prisoners. My passion is recovery from substance abuse. I find compassion is my calling in many forms:). Because of this I have been eating a vegan diet for almost a year now and also in the process of educating myself more thoroughly on cruelty free cosmetics and home products brands. I’ve replaced most of my old products so far! :)

  • April S Gibson

    I recently started gardening. After finding out I have an autoimmune disorder I wanted to heal my body naturally. I decided to grow my own food. I started with tomatoes, herbs, squash, lettuce, beans, and peppers. I also planted various roses and flowers. So far everything is still alive and tastes delicious.