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From My Closet Giveaway: Dress + Pouch

Congrats Lainey! You won this giveaway!

Huge thanks to all that entered. I learned about so many businesses I need to check out asap!!

This Tart dress will fit a size M. It is so fun for summer! The colors are festive and funky.


This cute Remember Me Green zipper pouch is made out of recycled billboards and is made in the USA! Each bag is one of a kind and comes from billboards in the NY area.

In order to have these in your closet, please leave me a comment telling me about a company you’ve heard of recently that has stand out eco initiatives.

I will announce the winner on Friday July 31st.

With Love,






  • Erin Ellis

    Not a new company, but I currently love Airbus for all of their eco initiatives. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Stacy W

    I love Quinoa Apparel. They are a vegan couple owned clothing store that has some fashionable shirts for everyone in your family. Plus, they are environmental friendly and carbon neutral products.

  • April Grasso

    I just recently heard about Terracycle – how have I never heard of them before?!?!? Truly awesome! :)

  • Rachel

    I recently learned about Vaute Couture. They make mainly coats but have expanded recently to other clothing items. They are vegan, made locally and of recyclable and recycled fibers. The company is just awesome!!

  • Nichole Grabert

    I would say Chipotle has had ‘stand out eco initiatives’ lately in how they have recently gone GMO-free, started offering tofu as a meat-alternative on their menu and have also donated kitchen equipment to non-profits and other organizations. Reusing means less goes to our landfills. I feel this company thinks they have a responsibility to both feed people well and keep the environment in mind. Thank you for listening :)

  • Louly McButter

    I think Jessica Alba’s company, the Honest company has been in the news a lot for being eco friendly.

  • GoooobBluth

    It’s probably the one regret most everyone who leaves NY, NJ or PA to live somewhere else shares- that they’re leaving behind the pizza that no other region in the country can even come close to imitating. That pizza- its thin, hand-tossed, crispy crust, the sliding, melting cheese, toppings that are burnt around the edges and the sauce that’s stirred up in a big pot behind the counter- is also the only thing my husband and I miss about non-veganism. And this weekend we got it back! Blackbird Pizzeria is in downtown Philly and they make 100% vegan northeast-style pizza, French fries, sandwiches and desserts, sell awesome t-shirts that say ‘death to false pizza’, use alternative soft drinks that aren’t filled with sugar and other junk, and they even have greener bottled water! The staff was very nice (of course, what vegan isn’t?), downright attentive even, and they churned out this delicious grub really fast, and the diversity of the clientele was fun to see and never-ending. It’s a little city place with maybe ten tables that were filled up again as soon as they emptied and a single file line along the counter that frequently stretched out the door while we were there eating. Everyone there looked so happy, it just made me want to cry knowing that everyone in that room with me had respect for animals. If you’re ever in Philly, don’t miss it!

  • Emily Haney

    It’s not news to most, but I discovered Seventh Generation has a type of laundry detergent where the package is cardboard and 100% recyclable. Genius!!

  • Emily Meath

    Very cute stuff! I just recently found out about Manduka, in my search for an eco friendly yoga mat. All their EKO mats made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-azo dyes. I’m so excited to get a mat that I can feel good about purchasing, and very excited to find this company! xoxo

  • Raine Dawson

    I really love the Spirithood company. They are so dedicated to helping protect endangered animals. They strive to raise awareness and give 10% of their sales to organizations such as Pandas International, The Snow Leopard Conservatory, Predator Defense and Panthera. They’re also huge with community interaction and social media, the ‘tribe’ is so much fun and whimsical frequently engaging everyone to help out, whether it’s animals, mother nature or each other. They make then right in LA (all with faux fur of course).

  • Laura

    I really love Cozy Orange for my exercise outfits. They use almost all recycled materials and their fabric is so, so soft. It you love to exercise, you must try Cozy Orange active wear! It’s great!!

  • bbqutie

    Berghaus activewear just introduced a “Made Kind” label for more eco-friendly garments that are made using recycled materials, using a new coloring process or special fabric that reduces water use. I’m very excited to buy in the future!!

  • Vina Tchokreff Lewis

    Regal Ware , which makes Saladmaster 316ti stainless cookware, *saves 3,283 trees and 19,309 gallons of gasoline annually by Recycling paper and cardboard.
    *Recycle scrap metal 4,300 barrels of oil. * State of the art fluorescent lighting saves 1.5 million KWH

  • Dina Banks

    I recently read something like last year Denmark generated 100% of it’s energy needs from solar power and even had some to share with Germany , this is just amazing and so inspiring ! Also by this post u made me research more in USA, and I like the example of Greenworks in Philadelphia initiated by mayor to explore sustainability.

  • Teresamarlene

    There is a company in New Jersey called Konica Minolta that installed a solar energy system. This uses the sun instead of valuable energy sources. If only more people would use solar power!

  • Beth Keepers Phariss

    There is a local business here in Austin that has everything Eco friendly you could imagine from composting toilets to plant based linoleum flooring. Pretty incredible!

  • Mia

    This morning, I heard about

    Really cool jewelry (I’m a sucker for gold) made out of recycled land mines in Cambodia! Love that local artisans are part of this venture, too.

  • Donna craft
    This is my favorite company and I email them constantly praising them and thanking them.

  • Caroline Thompson

    Summerlin Pest Control in Las Vegas uses essential oils and food grade ingredients to combat pests. They are safe for children and pets. Flying insects are not affected. (such as bees),

  • jill

    I’ve been researching a ton of companies lately to find the healthiest products for myself, baby, and home. One I keep noticing is Avalon Organics. Their products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients. They use environmentally friendly packaging. All of their packaging is recyclable. A majority of their plastic bottles are made from 100% post consumer resin. More on their website of course (where I got this info). For the dirt on other beauty products, I’ve been using the Good Guide app to get a quick snapshot of what the ingredients are and if they’re harmful or not. It’s a lot of work researching products and companies, but worth it! p.s. Thank you for your books–I’ve been devouring them lately and am a newly minted vegetarian/mostly vegan!! :)
    Sorry for the picture post! I thought it was going to be my profile pic or something! smh

  • whittikere

    A friend from college introduced me to Della. The clothing is crafted from a community in Ghana. They’re eco friendly and help people get jobs, education etc.


  • Kirsten Antony

    New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO. They make bikes and Prius available to employees; 100% employee owned; reuses, recycles or composts more than 75% of manufacturing waste; they measure and record all energy usage. Great company, great beer. Cheers!

  • Tina Knezevic

    There is a fabulous company called GREEN EILEEN that is located in Irvington, NY. It is a recycled clothing program that is committed to reducing environmental impact and generating income to support programs that improve the lives of women and girls. By selling gently worn EILEEN FISHER clothing, they extend the life of timeless garments and are able to support the non-profit programs in which they so strongly believe. (From Website)

  • Linda

    Terracycle recycles stuff I didn’t realize could be recycled! Totes, frames, and coasters make awesome gifts that are useful too!!

  • Linda O

    Vaute Couture has eco friendly and animal friendly fabrics

  • etirv

    I use Seventh Generation household products, they are green eco pioneers!

  • Catie Bertges

    Tentree, they plant ten trees for every item they sell

  • Lauren Silva

    One of my boyfriend’s friends from high school started a company and product called Edyn. Edyn is a solar-powered garden sensor that works together with an iOS app to provide you with tips on watering and fertilizing, as well as readings of the soil conditions for up to 250 square feet of land. The app can also give you suggestions for the types of plants that best suit you garden’s conditions, which I find useful as I typically try to plant anything and everything (and wind up disappointed when it doesn’t thrive)! This started as a Kickstarter project and, as of May, you can now find Edyn at your local Home Depot.

  • Kirsten Antony

    New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO. This company makes bikes and Prius available to employees to use; more than 75% of manufacturing waste is reused, recycled or composted; they are a B Corporation; the company is 100% employee owned. Great beer, great policies! Cheers!

  • jtlittlelong

    While recenty getting some
    furniture for my apartment I ran across IKEAs website and found some very great information and will now get things from there. They get cotton from India and Pakistan cotton farm schools where they teach them better ways to farm and have reduced water waste etc. they use recycled paper ( up to 80%) they use wood that is not illegally felled and coma from sustainable forests and have reduced waste by 86,000 tons. They use less air space which means they put more items on their trucks using less trucks. They are working on using more solar power. I love how they are working to become more Eco friendly.

  • Alison Smith

    Who doesn’t love a cold beer? New Belgium Brewing Co. has lots of cool green initiatives. They reuse or compost more than 75% of their waste, and offer employees eco-friendly work-hour transportation like bikes or electric cars.

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Bungalow 360.

  • Amanda Power

    Hi Alicia,

    My awesome cousin Paula Blundell started a company called Room to Breathe in Calgary, Alberta about ten years ago. It’s a professional organizing company with a focus on sustainable initiatives and lowering clients’ environmental impact in a fun and low pressure kind of way. It’s such an amazing idea and she loves what she does! Check out her website!

    Thanks very much for the opportunity to win something from your closet. I love The Kind Life and The Kind Diet cookbook!


  • Nikki Arsenault

    I really like Fair Indigo!

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    Love all the posts. I’ve jotted down some of those for future reference! For me and locally, I would have to say Spiritex Asheville Clothing Store. “Sustainably grown and sewn in the USA, respects the Earth and all it’s people through clothing in context”. They use organic fabrics that are soft, cute and comfortable. Organic Apparel. Eco friendly fashion. Farm to Fashion. You can find them on Facebook or visit the store in downtown Asheville, NC. The store has so much more than what is listed on the website and of course it’s nice to hit the sales rack! The clothes really are soft and comfortable.

  • Joann O’Hara

    Hello Alicia,

    There is a small out-of the-way treasure in “Hub City” downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey called The George Street Co-op. It is “A place for people who value healthy food, a healthy planet, and cooperation.” — “Their vision statement!”

    The George Street Co-op is a non-profit natural foods store owned and run by its members. They sell vegetarian foods with the greatest nutritional value possible, and only minimal processing or additives. Shopping at the Co-op is open to all. Customers may choose from their excellent selection of fresh organic produce, bulk foods, vitamins & herbs, body care and earth-friendly products, gifts, and so much more.
    This little jem is nestled in the center of a bustling New Jersey town surrounded by more eateries and various other shopping venues, making it the perfect selection for all health enthusiasts as there is no other venue like it for miles.
    Thank you so much for offering us the opportunity to receive something of yours. You are still so beautiful. It is obvious the importance that health and well-being have played such a huge part in your life.
    Continued success in all of your future endeavors.

  • Laurie

    I love the cloth pads from Party in My Pants. Natural fabric and no waste!

  • Luxellot

    Routine which makes lovely eco-friendly, natural deodorants, many of which are vegan. They’re based in Calgary. I just discovered it and am LOVING the fragrance, plus feeling great about using a toxin-free, local product.

  • Christina Moore

    I recently discovered a company that makes the best deodorants! They’re called ‘Love Myself Organics’ and they’re organic and vegan. It seems silly, but finding a deodorant that works, smells good, and is in keeping with my product ethics is a milestone! Check them out if you can. Thanks for the giveaway– loving that dress!

  • Phaedra Durost

    Mooshoes is my go to for cruelty free shoes and handbags!

  • Meredith Willis

    #GeorgeLives Lonesome George & Co are reaching out to mobilize Agents of Change all over the world. Conservation, education & cute clothes that you can wear with pride knowing your purchase helps make a difference.

  • Anne Perry

    I am In love with Andalou Naturals. The products are gmo free.

  • Tammy Twelvetree

    hi alicia! i am writing from grande prairie, alberta, canada which is quite far north and recently we have been blessed with a new and exciting business in town called “organics north”. this started with only facebook and now it has grown so much that they are opening a shop to sell their goods. every 2 weeks you can pre-order what you’d like from their website: i mostly order fruits, veggies and some grains and then my parcel of fresh, homegrown, organic delights arrives to my doorstep! i love this new and inspiring company and thank them for helping us all here eat better and helping leave a smaller footprint. :)

    • Lucie

      Tammy, I grew up in Grande Prairie (my parents are still there) and that is so excellent to hear this company is doing well in G.P.! I’m gonna look them up. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lainey

    Well just today I discovered a locally-produced, locally-distributed vegan cheese in Atlanta and it is absolutely to LIVE for!! It’s called Pure Abundance vegan cheese and it’s made of organic cashews using a traditional cheese-making process. LOVE at first bite!!! I think their local-ness is what stands out to me about being eco and what’s better than choosing vegan for the planet?? 😀 <3

  • Kate Marlowe

    We live in a rural area with low socio-economic development. I was stoked to find that a local initiative is launched through the Live Healthy Appalachia program to provide fresh produce to local residents. The one and only grocery in the county was shut down so there is no food easily attained by the elderly, let alone fresh, whole foods.

  • Laurie

    I recently found out about Thrive Market. Selling organic foods and products on-line at a reasonable price.

  • Steph

    I recently learned about terrcycle

  • DOnna

    I know I have posted this before, but I am a huge fan of the honest company. They not only do good for communities, but they also bring out great products that are all natural and do exactly as they were made to do. Environmentally safe. Cleaning products for your home and your body. Diapers for baby and baby products such as furniture and toys.