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Kind Kid Giveaway: Eco & Cute Sun Hat!

Congrats Melanie F., Amanda W., and Roanne B.W. – you are the winner of this giveaway!

Thank you to all who participated!!


Bonnetfriend is a Peta-Approved vegan company that makes organic cotton children’s sun hats! They even have an adjustable stitch in the back that can be let out as your child grows. These adorable hats are individually handmade in a Los Angeles studio by founder Leanne and her Bonnetfriend team.


The story behind how Leanne started Bonnetfriend is so wonderful! Check it out:

“Family life is busy, right? Ours too! Regardless of the season, or the hustle bustle of a particular day, we notice something comes over our young daughter when we spend time outside – nothing short of wondrous, calming. It is outside that she seems…well, free. Each day, we ask ourselves, ‘can we do this outside?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, out of doors we go.

My own love of nature surely blossomed from hours of unstructured exploring (aka play) in a forest at the bottom of my backyard, as a little girl. For hours, I would sit on the mossy dirt telling stories to the deer, rabbits and squirrels that I just KNEW were gathered around me, listening just behind the trees and bushes. Now, I am witnessing the healing aspects of nature at work with my own daughter.So, began my quest for a practical yet aesthetically pleasing sunhat for hours of outdoor play. I was drawn to the bonnet, a throwback to simpler times – imagining something beautiful and organic. I have fond memories of sewing my first bonnet for my Hollie Hobbie in my grandmother’s sewing room when I was eight years old. Listening to the sewing machine hum was relaxing and the possibilities exciting. So, I decided to make my daughter a bonnet with her by my side (and lap, feet…). Soon I was being approached by parents at parks and parking lots, asking me where to get such a bonnet. Organic cotton just felt good, and so Bonnetfriend was born.”



This week Bonnetfriend is giving away 3 bonnets of you/your little one’s choice! They will fit a newborn up – toddlers of 5 & up. To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me about a time when your child’s time in nature grew an appreciation for animals, bugs, and/or nature itself!

With love,




  • Steph

    We finally bought our own little town house with. Teeny tiny backyard and after her whole life in an apt my daughter is thrilled to have a little garden we can do together !! I’m so excited for mommy and daughter gardening

  • Steve

    super sweet throwback styles!

  • Roanne Bierman Weyermars

    These hats are adorable. My daughter is nearly two and starting to
    notice little details in our backyard. She is helping to harvest
    cherries (the ones that have hit the ground of course!) and stops to
    notice and point at wee ants, spiders and other bugs asking “what’s
    dat??” in the cutest way possible. I’m head over heels for her if you
    can’t tell 😉

  • Cami Ene

    Hi Alicia! I grew up in Romania. Since I was a child I learned to love nature. I remember so many lessons in the nature that my grandma was giving me about the therapeutic proprietaries of plants and sorting out mushrooms after rain. The smell of the chamomile flowers follows me until now. Of course, my love for mushrooms only grew since I was child, exploring so many kinds on different regions of the US / continents. Here is one my healing plants that I widely use Yarrow.Many blessing! I would love to win one of the Bonnets for my 7 months old baby girl Hana.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    My 1 1/2 year old granddaughter loves to help me in the garden, getting her hands dirty planting and watering.

  • Steve

    Beautiful throwback hats! I love these!

  • Robyn Weixler

    My almost 4yo son loves being in nature especially when he can find some rocks to climb on and a stream he could put his feet in. One day when he was 2, we were outside the library when he saw a caterpillar in the parking lot. He went over to it, gently picked it up and brought it over to a tree. “It will be safer here mom,” he said and it made me smile because he was thinking about this small creature’s life.

  • Tara

    Hi! My 4 year old is rather tenuous, but a crazy, silly lass when she’s comfortable. I, being bug and “pest” averse, have tried my hardest not to project my aversion onto her, since she should be free to form her own opinion about bugs. Well, since she is a bit risk-sensitive, I am so shocked and proud when I see her want to pick up ants and rolly pollies and {gasp} spiders! It reminds me of the exploratory phase of childhood that we tend to grow out of.

  • Chloe

    Hi Alicia,
    I have no children yet but my nephew Leo is 2 months old and when he came into this world I think it made me appreciate nature and the gift of life itself because he is just so beautiful and to think nature made him is so amazing. He seems to look at the world in such a curious, fresh way I wish more people did and I think it has made me start to look at nature more in that way. We also live where it is very hot so this sun hat would be the perfect gift for him. I hope you consider me! Thanks! :)

  • Chloe

    Hi Alicia,
    I have no children yet but my nephew Leo is 2 months old and when he came into this world I think it made me appreciate nature and the gift of life itself because he is just so beautiful and to think nature made him is so amazing. He seems to look at the world in such a curious, fresh way I wish more people did and I think it has made me start to look at nature more in that way. We also live where it is very hot so this sun hat would be the perfect gift for him. I hope you consider me! Thanks! :)

  • Wendy Clark

    One of my favorite times was when my daughter was two and we went to feed the ducks at a local pond. We became surrounded by ducks, geese and a couple swans, they were all friendly! Great times :)

  • LeanneSouthall

    Yesterday’s beautiful rainfall inspired dancing and splashing up and down our street, looking for snails in the tall grasses. We watched, soaked and giggling, as three snails piggybacked one another and toppled over. What a joy little snails have brought to my daughter’s life!

  • Dina Banks

    Right now we are living without AC and it’s the hottest week now in NJ. For us it was the perfect reason to get natural and amazingly pleasant air circulation in the little park nearby, under the trees. Which makes me think ( and wish) if only city streets were covered with trees , world would be a better place in summer and no one would have to suffer ! Also we try to enjoy nature in a backyard as much as possible with all the bugs and their singing, magical fireflies ….and I take kids outside whenever I see they need to “steam off “, it works like magic !

  • Jessica Fout

    My 2 & a half year old twins love to be outside! Their favorite thing to do right now is help Daddy harvest from our raised bed garden. Whether it’s “big green zeeny” (zucchini), “red may-toes” (tomatoes) or “dirty Tay-toes” (potatoes), they love being outside enjoying our garden and all its fresh bounty!

  • Moya

    I have a few We built bird house for small birds, so they had a safe place to make there homes, and have their (eggs) to babies, and they come back every year 1 time when we caught a caterpillar and watched it turn into a butterfly, and then set it free, they learned how they changed, and that after they have to be free to go off and live.So we still do what ever we can to provide what we can for the birds in our area

  • Tabatha Boyes

    My kids love the outdoors. We have 7. They love to feed the goats. Our youngest Amelia loves to crawl around in the grass and squish it between her toes and fingers!

  • Erin Ellis

    I find that since having my kids I am much more appreciative of bugs. Watching them catch them and follow them around the yard makes me smile now, instead of cringe. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Amanda Williams

    Perfect. My daughter has an above average noggin & she has outgrew her sun hats. We opened a gate to play on a playground & there was a frog hiding under the gate. My daughter immediately went to grab & cuddle it. I realized then that reptiles ickiness is a learned behavior. It is not natural. Also, when she sees an ant, her instinct isn’t to squish it –she just wants to study it. Thank you, Alicia!

  • Jenna Upton

    My daughter will be born in December and I already can’t wait already to show her the beauty in mother nature, in all her creatures big & small!!!

  • Mama Tummy

    My little girl loves being outside. I feel bad that we haven’t been out a lot lately since I’m stuck inside with her newborn sister. She loves watching bugs and collecting sticks, leaves, and rocks.

  • Melanie F

    This mama had quite the adventure with the “buggies” last week! My little man found a super cute (but a little creep crawly, not gonna lie. Lol) stick bug at the park & w/out mom noticing put said Mr. Stick A Bug in his backpack. Yep! He wanted Mr Bug to come home & live w/ us forever! We had a little chat about how that wouldn’t be the best for bugsy & set him free! Love my boy! P/S I absolutely adore these bonnets & would LOVE to be able to have them for my baby girl on the way!! Thanks for the sweet sweet chance Alicia! XX!

  • Dandi D

    My son is growing more fond of helping me in the garden because he is discovering many things about plants and bugs that fascinate him.

  • Misha patel

    I am not a mother but this is for the kids I am a nanny for. I am very much about nature so when I came in to their lives it was inevitable they they would become too. The kids are afraid of bugs. Even the tiniest such as bugs. I always try to teach them that bugs have an eyes, nose, mouth just like us. They have feelings and killing them for no reason is a very sad thing. One day we were in the park. They suddenly started playing with snails. (I was shocked) but i loved it. At the end out of their own will they put the snails back exactly where they found them so they wouldn’t be separated from there families. I was very proud :)

  • Melanie F

    Ahhhh, SO happy! Thank you SO much Alicia & all! XO!