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Aeroponic Vertical Tower Garden

I recently heard about this vertical garden called Tower Garden and wanted to share it with you all! Tower Garden’s utilize aeroponics, the process of growing plants without soil, just water and air. As a result the aeroponic process and vertical design, you can grow almost any vegetable, herb, or flower – and many fruits- in less time than it takes in soil. It even uses less than 10% of the water and land required by traditional, soil-based agriculture. Extra bonus, you don’t need as much space for it! Watch the short clip below for an overview of this funky farm tower.

Tower Garden

Have you heard of Tower Garden? What kind of garden do you have or would like to have?


  • Lori

    I want one! I love to garden and that would keep it going through the cold months.

  • Sarah

    I have 2 of these towers and absolutely love them! I grow so much produce for my family right on my back deck.

    • Ankeet Patil

      can you please share me the procedure you follow to get the yield? I am facing a problem in getting the yield. my plants are not growing efficiently in my towers

  • C. Blake

    Very cool! I would like to inquire more about the mineral blend with respect to it’s contents to make sure it’s organic and totally chemical free.

    • Mandy Laprade

      From their website:
      “Many people want to apply the term “organic” to various forms of hydroponic growing, including aeroponics. That’s not possible by definition, because aeroponic growing requires no soil, and soil is a prerequisite for organic growing. Asking this question is somewhat like asking how many home runs a basketball player has hit: it doesn’t apply, because it’s a totally different ballgame.
      Currently accepted organic fertilizer components are dependent upon organisms in the soil to convert the “organic” materials into a useable form for plants. But the aeroponic Tower Garden growing system doesn’t use soil at all; instead, it delivers the minerals required for plant growth directly to the plant roots, completely eliminating the need for soil and soil organisms. The result is much higher growth rates and yields, and better crop quality than even organic methods can achieve. And because you control the growing, you control the use of herbicides and pesticides as well.
      Also don’t forget that Tower Garden vertical aeroponic growing uses less than 10% of the land and water required for traditional agriculture, making it much more earth-friendly and sustainable than organic growing”

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    I was at the OrganicFest in Asheville and someone there sold these. They are great from what I saw and learned about them. Definitely on my list to get one day and if you are living in an apartment this would be ideal if you can’t have a traditional garden.

  • Mandy Laprade

    This is being added to my wish list for sure! Especially brilliant when you live in an apartment, have a small balcony or a small garden that you want to maximize growth with.

  • Ankeet Patil

    I am growing tomatoes and lettuce in my vertical tower.
    I started with planting the seeds in coco coir. end of third week I transferred the plant into net pots. But the plants dried off. I do not understand where I am going wrong. I need guidance.

    • Lici Martinez

      Are your net pots and plants used all the way in? They can dry out if the water isn’t getting to them from not being pushed in all the way.

      • Ankeet Patil

        Yes my net pots are in. i want to clear two things, I have transferred the plants directly to the net pots and there is no medium like rockwool, Its just gravels and the water flowing. Does this create a problem? Secondly, i am not aware of the nutrients that should go in, and hence not sure if i am supplying low nutrients. I am not sure which factor should be looked into keenly.