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From Bear’s Closet Giveaway: Eco Tops & Shorts

Congrats Jennifer! Your little one wins these goods.

Thanks everyone! Such precious times you shared.


The orange shorts and blue shirt are made in the U.S.A by Adooka from organic cotton. Bear has a pair of the shorts in blue that he loves! In fact, he won’t take them off! Both items will fit a 2-3 year old.

I was given the green Back to Eden shirt while I was in Portland for my book tour. As I mentioned previously, Back to Eden is a scrumptious bakery!! I love what they do.

To win this outfit leave me a comment telling me about a fun day you’ve had with your (or a friends) little one recently.

I will announce the winner on Friday, September 25th.

With Love,




  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    A wonderful day with my granddaughter (age 20 months) usually includes a trip to Whole Foods, where vegan pizza is what she always asks for. We’ll get some pizza and she’ll get a juice and we’ll sit outside in the shade and have our pizza. Next door is a store called Once Upon a Child, where we can always find gently used clothes for her.
    I enjoy the time with her, and also knowing that she is being exposed to wholesome vegan food and recycled children’s clothing.

  • Carissa123

    My nephew and I go on nature walks in our local parks trails. I love sharing the beauty of nature with him and pulling him away from his parents phones that he seems attached to! He loves “looking” for tigers among the trees :)

  • Tanya

    Before we had our son, we built a remembrance – a tower of two stones – at a river near our home, to signify that we were no longer two, but would be three. We recently took him (now aged 2) to that same river, thinking we’d toss stones and take some fun pictures. Nope! He went right in (to the slow, shallow part), soaking his clothes and cloth diaper, and just played. It was a sweet moment celebrating being a family of three!

  • Michelle K.

    omg, how spectacular!! my son is 2 1/2 years old. we go into nyc at least once a week! we visit the upper west side, go to the museum of natural history which he LOVES, then go to the fountains on the 2nd floor outside, then get a vegan raspberry muffin from birthdbath, then go to book culture for some serious reading of the mr. & miss books! it’s magical every single time!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay F

    My daughter and I went to a farm recently. I loved seeing how excited she got when she fed the animals. So sweet.

  • McJana

    I went to my childhood friend’s daughter’s second birthday party last month. Her daughter, Alexis is very shy and quiet with people outside the inner circle of family she sees at least weekly. My friend lives on a limited income and can’t afford organic cotton items for her daughter, so she tends to be in denial about how beneficial they (and other eco friendly items) are for her daughter and the environment. That didn’t keep her from sincerely appreciating the romper and other nontoxic gifts I brought, especially the crayons. Her daughters favorite present that day was an electric car which was the only item she broke away from the bouncy castle to play with.

  • Kathy Gray

    Went on a run with my friend’s daughter. Had a good time.

  • Kelly Vitale

    My son and I went to a professional baseball game for the first time :) He is 2.5 yrs old and he loved it! He will now put his hat on and say ‘baseball team?’ like he wants to go again…he also found a love for chicago style popcorn there 😉

  • Tina Knezevic

    My husband and I had a fantastic time at the Oak Ridge Rock Festival in Clark, NJ this past weekend. There were about 40 trucks with a plethora of delicious food with tents serving wine, a carnival and of course fantastic music! Great Time

  • Debi Cole

    My son and his wife just invited us to hang out with them and of course our beautiful grandson Evan Gray…to Catalina Island. Evan is one years old and we had such a good time with them! He was flirting with all the ladies on the boat ride over..and every where we went! It was a bit challenging to find vegan food there..but we found a smoothie place..and of course an avocado sandwich or salad was easily had. Being born and raised in So Cal…and now on the Central Coast of Cali..I never had been to Catalina! What a magical getaway!
    By the way!!! We had 3 little grand boys!! in the last year!! So any little boy clothes are wonderful!!! Thanks Alicia!!

  • Beth Rapp

    The weather has cooled down a little this week and we have really enjoyed being outside in the afternoon! Yesterday after his nap we set out “exploween” (I love how he says exploring, he just turned 2) into the woods. We walked down to the river near our house searching for mushrooms, squirrels, deer, flowers, walking sticks, big rocks…we were gone for over three hours and had the best time! We were the best mix of happy and exhausted when we got back home.

  • Kate Marlowe

    We just had our grand-baby over while Mom and Dad went to town for a bit. Had a blast walking with him in the field and watching him try to wander into the woods exploring, destined to be an outdoorsman!

  • jill

    I’m so lucky to be able to be a stay-at-home mama. Every day is fun with Miles! So I’ll just talk about today–we went to the wildflower center, looked at turtles, frogs, fish, petted (statue) rabbits and wolves. The look of joy and wonder on my little guy’s face as he is learning and exploring is priceless. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • audrey marsh

    When my sign language teacher came to our country house a little while ago, I brought her 2 year old son outside and introduced him to the different animals we own. He screeched with delight when he saw the goats, giggled at running chickens and raced after the cats, smiling hugely! I was laughing just watching him! I don’t know which of us had a better time!!! (:

  • CopyCatChic

    We introduced our almost two year old to horses this last weekend. He looooved it!

  • theresano

    I kept my grandchildren Saturday. We played guess the animal. The kids pretended to be an animal of their choice and I guessed which one.

  • Dina Banks

    Both of my little girls enjoy when their dad is home, which is rare as he works till late and often works some time on the weekend or goes to his studio to make art. So when he comes to the house, they become so relaxed and don’t even want to do anything special but justo talk to with him and giggle with each other. We also might take them to a nice city park by the river, when we are back home he sings to younger one , reads book to older one while I’m busy baking and cooking few meals that sometimes can last us all week

  • Laura

    My 2 year old granbaby is here in CA visiting me from OH for 3 weeks and we just took him to Disneyland! He loves Mickey Mouse and he was so excited to see a big Mickey! We have also been going to the beach and he loves the water. Every time we get in the car he cries if we aren’t going to the beach! He is just too cute!! I would love these clothes for him. Thank you Alicia!

  • Katelynn Quinn

    I have two little boys, 2 and 8 months. They are only 16 months apart! They are just starting to play with each other and find enjoyment from each other’s company. Today was especially yummy because Carter, the 2 year old, taught Mickey, the 8 month old, how to clap. He cried out “Yay!” and clapped, then grabbed Mickey’s hands and made him clap too. When Mickey did it on his own was so precious. The look on Carter’s face was pure joy and excitement in his little brother. It showed me that as they grow older they really will be the best of friends and it made my heart melt!

  • Jennifer Rayl

    My husband and I visited my nephew, his girlfriend, and her 2-yr old daughter and spent the night. It was hubby’s first experience with a baby other than helping to take care of his little brother and sister when they were kids, so it was interesting for me to watch him interact with the 2-yr old. She *adored* him! lol My nephew and his girlfriend were busy with other guests, so hubby and I helped with keeping the baby entertained and all. She kept laughing a lot and kept wanting to show us her toys, making us laugh…it was *beyond* fun! The next morning…this is so sweet…when we woke up, and when hubby was walking past her (she was in her high chair), she held up some cereal in her little fist and offered it to hubby and called him Da-Da! lol So cute! He took the cereal and ate it, said thank-you, and she kept offering more while calling him Da-Da again. lol Couldn’t help but fall in love with that little nugget! All in all, we had a great time getting to visit with my nephew and meeting his girlfriend and some of his relatives from his dad’s side of the family, and that’s definitely one unforgettable baby! 😀

  • Dandi D

    We haven’t had too many fun days recently because we’ve been enjoying (and adjusting to) our new little one. We’ve had some long nights and days!

  • Destini Brauner

    I work at a daycare. The other day we gave them pesto sandwiches. The kids kept saying, “wow, we love our pina colada sandwiches!” My boss kept saying, “they’re pesto sandwiches! The last thing I need is them going home saying they had pina colada.” Kids say the funniest things – by far the most fun job I’ve ever had!