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Giveaway: Vegan Oktoberfest in LA!

Congrats Shelly & Joel, have a blast at Oktoberfest!

Thank you everyone. I wish we had more tickets to give!


If you’ll be in Los Angeles on October 3rd & 4th, enter to win 2 VIP tickets to Vegan Oktoberfest. This fall festival will feature live music, traditional German food, and a wide selection of beer (which includes gluten free options as well) These tickets will get you VIP access to fun food, unlimited beer, and the VIP area. Some participating food vendors include: Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, Blode Kuh Artisan Vegan Cheese, Donut Friend (so yum),  Southern Fried VeganUrban PieDivine DipsNary Dairy (Bear’s favorite cheese, we miss you at the farmers market!), and many more! If you end up wanting to buy tickets on your own, a portion of the event’s proceeds go to Expand Animal Rights Now– an organization whose mission is to educate and legally confront what is known as “property status” of animals. Many existing laws mistakenly treat animals as if they are inanimate objects, basically no different than furniture or appliances. Because animals are legally regarded as property, they are denied fundamental rights to which any sentient being is entitled and too often, are victims of unspeakable cruelty. EARN’s mission is to confront this legal status as well as educate communities about animal protection laws and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

This week we’re giving away 2 VIP tickets to 2 different kind lifers so enter if you can make it this Saturday October 3rd or Sunday October 4th in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA from 12-5pm. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me what you love about October and what your favorite fall comfort dishes are!

I will announce the winner on Thursday 10/1 so stay tuned and be sure to check your email!!

With Love,




  • Mia

    I love the switch to cool breezes and darker nights in October! Though I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I like the Sleepy Hollow touch of spookiness in the air…

    Once it gets cold enough, we nosh on boozy spiced ciders, pumpkin bread, and I make my mom’s cranberry apple tart…comfort foods to the max.

  • Dina Banks

    Love the Halloween dress up tradition minus candy , plus all the colorful veggies baking , cooking and decoration ! It’s also the nices weather around NYC and we live in garden state of NJ so looking forward to visiting some farms with kids

    • Dina Banks

      just wanted to add we wont be in LA on these dates,but 2 very close friends of our family live there and they are vegan and it would be amazing gift i could share with them. thank u!

  • Eric

    What I like most about October (besides Oktoberfest) is the change in weather. It reminds me of youthful nights out on Halloween frolicking as a kid. Though I miss fresh tomatoes in Fall, my favorite comfort food is definitely pumpkin pie (wait, does pumpkin beer count?) Thanks, Alicia!

  • Jessica Ramsey

    Hi! My favorite part of October is Halloween—this year my partner will be Ziggy Stardust and my dog and I will be spiders from Mars :). My favorite fall comfort food is definitely pecan pie <3.

  • Carrie Hoffman

    My fave part of this October will be Halloween…it’s also my sweet old doggy’s 15th birthday so we’re having a party for her! And fall fave dishes are anything with sweet potatoes!

  • Sminto Antony [sAm]

    Once it gets cold enough, we nosh on boozy spiced ciders, pumpkin bread, and I make my mom’s cranberry apple tart…comfort foods to the max. I love the switch to cool breezes and darker nights in October! Though I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I like the Sleepy Hollow touch of spookiness in the air…

  • Nettie Schwager

    I love October for World Farm Animals Day – October 2nd, ( from Ghandhi’s birthday) which happens to be my birthday too.

    Favorite comfort food is potatoes, any kind, including good old mashed potatoes.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I love October because my birthday is the 4th of October and it is Autumn and I love all the beautiful colors and the falling leaves. My favorite fall comfort dishes would be vegan Mac and cheese and potato soup.

  • #crayslay

    I love October because it’s my birth month, my husbands birth month, Halloween time and there are pumpkins everywhere! In California it actually starts to feel like fall, finally. My favorite fall comfort food is actually hot apple cider, which is not a food but rather a big ol mug of straight comfort!

  • Cindy Holcomb

    What I love about October is the crisp change in the air, fall leaves and anything pumpkin, especially the scent of pumpkin candles. My favorite fall comfort dishes are homemade vegetable soups and stews and pumpkin or apple pie.

  • Jess McGee

    I love it when (if lol) L.A. finally cools off! And Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I make big batches of pumpkin enchiladas in the Fall. Yummmmmms! My son is visiting this week & would LOVE to take him and his gf to Vegan Oktoberfest! <3

  • Gillian Moynihan

    I think October is my favorite month, so this could be a long list! I love Halloween, love the cooler weather, love pumpkin everything (I’ve already tried the new Dandies pumpkin minimarshmallows)! And the second it gets cold, I make tons of soups and stews for dinner – I love rich comforting flavors like caramelized cabbage, mushroom, and potatoes.

  • Sarah Metcalf

    I am in love with autumn and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the changes nature makes while I enjoy cozy soup and pumpkin bread. Apple picking and pumpkin searching are so much fun. It feels like such a magical time when real change can happen and one can do anything.

  • michael Martinez

    Comfort and respect one feels from eating earths bounty only increses with the changing of the season. Settle into peace.

  • Aunjalic

    I love the So Cal weather in October. Usually not too hot or cold. My favorite fall comfort food is anything pumpkin. Yum!

  • Shelly Brown

    Halloween is a blast! And fall is fantastic. Pumpkin seeds with nutritional yeast and season salt? The bomb! Pumpkin seeds with maple and cinnamon….a brand new idea!!! I love the weather in fall and I love the fact that LA is having a vegan Oktoberfest!! I’m in town for an engagement party and would love to go!!! xo

  • JW

    I love the warm, but not hot days along with crisp, cool mornings and evenings along with the changing leaves, and fall festivals. My favorite comfort food might be some fresh pressed cider along with some fresh baked banana or zucchini bread.

  • ¡Yo Soy Liz!

    My best part of October is starting the day with a pumpkin smoothie with some greens thrown in. Although I could make it year round, I like to save them for the fall!

  • Stacy McCord

    I love October for several reasons. Fall weather, Halloween & my birthday are at the top of my list! I have been looking for something to do to celebrate & this would be perfect! Some of my favorite fall comfort foods are pumpkin bread and Hearty Pinto Bean Stew.

  • audrey marsh

    I love October because I can just FEEL the change in the air, and every time I walk outside it seems there is a beautiful breeze carrying good smells (pine, wood smoke, and that earthy smell)!
    Of course, I come in the house and smell apple pie, chili, or pumpkin pie!
    Fall is my favorite time of year!

  • Kristy

    I LOVE all things pumpkin in October, including carving them and roasting their seeds! I love hearty warm soups in the fall and some yummy chili and cornbread.

  • Alyssa

    October brings cooler weather to LA which means warm cider, vegan apple pie, and of course, pumpkin soup!

  • veganwhat

    I love October because it ushers in the start to warm hearty dishes, Halloween, and an excuse to snuggle due to the cold weather. One of my favorite Fall dishes to make is a fruit crumble paired with some non-dairy ice cream.

  • Melanie

    I love the celebratory feeling of all the impending holidays that October brings! Favorite comfort dish… roasted veggies and all kinds of squash!!

  • Jam Murrieta

    How could one not love October. I love this month for so many reasons. watching the leaves fall. The warm feelings of the holidays start. My favorite fall dishes include my vegan cobbler. And me and my 5 year olds favorite Vegan Lasagna. So hard to perfect, but amazing when we finally did lol. And of Course Halloween. What to be? What candies to eat? What festivals to attend? So many fun factors. And the so many chances to get crafty this month. :-)

  • Gisselle

    In california Octuber is still nice to do anything you want- beach, camping, big bear… Well I love Octuber because I can cuddle up with my loved while we watch halloween-themed programs. I get to decorate with pumpkins and the holiday spirit begins to awake. Fall! The food!! Oh the food.. Vegetable soups always make me happy.

  • Leigh Colby

    My favorite dish would be pumpkin pie! I love the changing colors of the leaves, apple picking. :)

  • Shelly Fraval

    As much as I love the scorching heat of So Cal summers, I am so ready to embrace the cool autumn mornings spending time in my garden and waking my husband with the enticing aroma of roasted kabocha pumpkin pie. With the changing of the season, I already miss the heirloom tomatoes and juicy peaches of summer, but am thrilled to see the hakurei turnips, fennel bulb, and persimmons starting to pop up at my local farmers market. One of my most scrumptious yet simple autumn dishes is mirin-shoyu braised hakurei turnips (with tops!) and shaved fennel salad…simple but so yummy! And for my little growing boy, vegan mac’n’cheeze with potato-carrot-shallot-cashew (and sometimes pumpkin) “cheese” sauce. Ok, now back to planning my little guy’s Halloween costume!

  • Jordan Ashley

    October is my favorite! I love the pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and creepy decor. I also love that I have an excuse to dress my dogs up in costumes :]
    Of course I love having vegan Bavarian potato salad and sauerkraut widely available this time of year as well. At home I keep it simple with stews and your corn bread and pumpkin bread recipes.

  • Jackie Elizabet

    Fave part of October is the change in the weather and leaves changing and getting ready to indulge in making pumpkin pies & eating all the seeds after decorating a pumpkin. My comfort food is pie because when it’s warm and fresh it taste amazing with a tall glass of almond milk :)

  • BartenderSay

    October brings comfort and joy as the Autumn season falls in. It allows students to learn and workers to earn. Not to mention the beer enthusiasts to yearn .

    Favorite dishes include Vegan meals paired with a nice cold sudless beer. Wraps from Native Foods or pretty much anything from VeggieGrills serves mighty justice .

  • Tina B.

    I love the autumn leaves in October! Autumn is my favorite season making October my favorite month of the year! My favorite comfort food is mac n cheeze or mashed potatoes!

  • Tricia

    October is such a special month for me. Change of season (sort of in sunny SoCal), celebrating another year on Earth and best of all a reason to play dress up with Halloween. I use food to remind me of my childhood…vegan carrot cake reminiscent of the carrot cake my mom would make me every year for my birthday AND comforting pasta dishes, like pumpkin hand made fettucini in a sage brown butterless sauce are a nod to my Italian roots.

    Thank you so much for this chance to share and win. Good luck everyone!

  • Crista Becker

    I love October because the cool weather brings me back to my childhood, when the days were cooler and I didn’t have a worry in the world. My favorite dishes are veggie corn bread and chili, and sweet potato mac n cheeze!

  • Tamara Moure

    I love October because of the Pumpkin Patches! Love to see the excitement of my children’s faces anticipating picking out the BEST Pumpkin & getting to carve it into whatever creation they want! My favorite comfort food is Pumpkin Squash soup, loaded with a little dollop of sour cream and some chives! YUMMO

  • Sveta

    My family have just moved back to Catskills NY. I just do not know a better place to be this fall. It is magnificent! This fall will be a lot of pumkin dishes on our menu. My favourite is simple home made pumpkin puree, I usually add some Chinese five spices into it. Simple and delicious!

  • Mandy Laprade

    I was in Munich last Saturday (11.7.2015) and they had several Vegan stalls at one of the entrances to the city selling Vegan bakery items, V pancakes, V “sausages” etc. Sea Shepherd and other organizations were participating as well. I’m moving to the area so I have to check and see if they have V items at the Oktoberfest 2016!