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Kind 101

Kind Courtney’s Journey

Thank you Courtney for writing me! I am so grateful for your sweet note and your shift to plants. I am so happy to hear you are taking steps to veganism. You will feel incredible! 

Hi Alicia,

I just want to thank you for giving me the push I needed to stop eating meat. I had wanted to become a vegetarian for about a year but would always find myself going back to my old eating habits. Sometimes it was just easier to eat meat, sometimes I didn’t have enough vegetarian choices, sometimes it was just a plain ole craving.

I was told about your book, The Kind Diet, when I was out shopping for cruelty free products, call me naive but I did not realize that animal testing was still going on. As soon as I realized this I went to buy new products and while at the store I started talking to a girl that had read your book and was now vegan. I decided why not give it a try, I picked up the book on my way home and started to read it right away. That was over a year ago and I have not touched meat since. It only took me reading the first few chapters to know I no longer wanted meat, I no longer wanted to be the cause of suffering. My next step is becoming vegan and which will be another life change but so worth it. So again thank you for helping me achieve my first goal in becoming vegetarian, without your book I’d would most likely still be eating meat.




  • Bryan Eide

    Yes this is all very new to me, I definitely am very interestef. I have been thinking very seriously about life style Changes, for myself. I also really love all Positiveness. I do believe with all my Heart & Soul this is for Me.
    Thank you all so very Much for your very Positive approach, in helping. People.

    Oh ya please tell Alicia Silverthorne thank you.

  • Moya

    Thank you for sharing this letter. I kind of feel like Courtney I have been trying to make the change, but like I said (same as she did) I am going to pick up your book and make a new I already use some vegan products and I also use you vit., but I slip back, but I don’t want to anymore Thank you both again

    • Mila Z Jauregui

      moya is totally worth it. i got it through Kindle (amazon) please read it, i cannot put it down.. i am learning so much

  • Mila Z Jauregui

    this is amazing that i found this book, thank you for sharing your knowledge and people stories. since i was a little girl i always wanted to stop eating meat, but my parents wouldn’t let me. i am not done reading your book yet, but i cannot put it down. my husband is even reading it with me too. we cleaned our fridge today and went to our local market to get a couple new organics items to get us started in our new path.