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Organic Vitamins: The Significance of 40+ Vitamins

Congrats MrsGreek, Lara D,  Michelle K, Judie, Scotlyn O,  & Garcialater for winning this giveaway!

Thank you to all of you who entered. So many great stories! Want to give you all vitamins!! There will be more mykind Organics giveaways coming up so stay tuned!


As we age our ability to absorb certain nutrients, as well as our demand for nutrients, changes. From supplements like iron to iodine, a shift in your body’s chemistry happens as a result of the aging process. Take iron for example, consuming iron as a woman over 40 is not typically recommended since post-menopause we no longer loose blood via menstruation. While iron becomes less significant, B12 becomes increasingly important to support our DNA synthesis and mitochondrial activity. Imagine your cells are cars and the B12 upgrades the fuel from regular to super-premium, helping the engine run cleaner and more efficiently. Iodine also becomes more valuable to help support your metabolism.

Although I like to get all my nutrition directly from whole fresh foods, a little safety net is nice. Especially when our bodies are going through biological transitions, it is helpful to have a little nutritional back up. For this reason, we created an organic & non-GMO verified multivitamin that is specific to women and men over the age of 40.

The 40+ formulas contain whole food based support for B12, Iodine, and additional blends for Prostate and Heart (men) and Hormone and Breast (women) by way of ingredients such as organic turmeric and organic tomato.

This week I’m giving away mykind Organics 40+ multivitamin to 5 lucky winners. To enter, leave a comment below telling me why you are excited to try these out or why you think they would be helpful for a loved one. If you’re already a fan, any stories and thoughts are also welcome!

I will announce the winner on Thursday 9/17.

With love,




  • Cassandra Rae

    We got so off track this summer and we have a plan to get back on track this fall with healthy meals and vitamins. These would be perfect for me and my family !

  • Angela Watson

    Both my husband & I would love to try these. We each take a handful of supplements daily, but still don’t seem to have the energy level we would like to attain.

  • Melissa Weinstein

    I would love the opportunity to try your supplements. I’m reading The Kind Diet right now and truly appreciate it. Thank you!

  • Laurie

    I like to take high quality vitamins on a regular basis in addition to eating right. I trust this brand and would love to try these.

  • Bee Boeltz

    I’m turning40 on Tuesday and have over the past few months gone to an all organic nongmo diet, so these couldn’t have popped up at a better time

  • CarolynH6

    I would prefer to take organic vitamins. I’d like to win these.

  • Emily N.

    I’m already a fan of the mykind Organic B-12 Spray, and I would love to try out some other mykind supplements!

  • Rayna

    I would like to try the vitamins. Excited to learn more about Kind diet.

  • Diane Estrella

    I am a 40+’er so these would be for me. Sounds great!

  • Michelle K.

    I take the pre-natal and my other 1/2 takes the men’s 40+. There is something about the quality of these vitamins that is just amazing. You literally feel good taking them. It’s like eating good quality, organic produce. You CAN feel the difference in your body. I highly recommend these to anyone! Would love an extra supply of the men’s 40!

  • VeganTechie

    I just hit 40 last year, but it didn’t occur to me I should change my supplement.

  • Tammy

    I would love for my mom to have an age-appropriate, vegan vitamin. She isn’t very good about eating fruits and veggies (she has so many others she takes care of), so I’m always worried about her health. I’ll definitely be recommending these to her!

  • LizzieLew

    As a woman in my early forties, struggling with health problems, I am trying to transition to a whole food, plant-based diet. Organic, non-GMO vitamins would help me to ensure that I am getting the necessary nutrients, as I make the transition.

  • Abbygail Chambless

    I would love to try this one.. The only vitamin I’m taking right now is vitamin D.. It’d be nice to have a multi vitamins..

  • Sue DiGilio

    Organic and Kind, doesn’t get any better than that! I would love to start on these vitamins, if I don’t win, where are they available?

  • BC

    I love the B12 spray, and would love to add this to my regimen. This is such a great brand and one that I’m looking forward to adding more to my diet as well as my boyfriend’s diet. Between working full-time, school part-time, and attempting to maintain social and familial obligations (or working part-time and school full-time for my love), although we do well with eating a healthful diet, I do sometimes worry we aren’t getting everything we should. A little boost is always a lovely addition, especially to help us healthily maintain our busy schedules!

  • Charlene

    I currently take vit D3 and B12 but if I could take 1 pill and a clean pill to boot, that would be the cats meow!! I’d love to try this clean vitamin..Thanks Alicia!!

  • Cidalia Martins

    Keep in mind that the recommendation to not supplement with iron over the age of 40 is if you have actually hit menopause. Most women menstruate well into their late 40s and some into their early 50s, so it’s more likely that you would still need to supplement until closer to 50. :)

  • CarolJean35

    I am 42 and my partner is 50. I have been vegan for almost 10’years and 4 years for him. I am always trying new vitamins and he doesn’t like the smell if B so be is a picky one. I try getting B from
    Nutritional yeast and veggies. It would be lovely to find a vitamin that gives us energy and one we actually want to take daily xx

  • Colliemom

    Ten years ago I fought sinusitis for months without luck. After two doctor visits with no results I asked the tattooed young man at the local health market for his thoughts. Although I was already taking a standard multi vitamin, he recommended a food-based multi vitamin with a fresh citrus fruit each day! Ha! It was just what my body needed to turn the corner. I would love to try this supplement, or have my husband try the one for men. We believe in the power of plants for good health!

  • Judie

    I am in the midst of transitioning to a complete vegan lifestyle, it has been an incredible journey, some times difficult most of the times rewarding. I have been interested in multi vitamins as I am 50 and do believe I do need the safety net as you put it but find all the brands out there are not as healthy and effective as promised and I do find it difficult to put “non plant based items” in my body but would definitely trust your product/supplements.

    • TheKindLife

      Hi Judie! Congrats! We need your email address to get your mailing address. What’s your best email?


  • Linda

    I would love to try these! I have always believed that I could get all of my nutrients from food, but as I have aged, I began buying numerous individual supplements for different things. I think adding a quality multi-vitamin is definitely the next step.

  • tra4369

    I luv trying different vitamins

  • Joyful 1

    I’m almost 50 Alicia and am all about health, wellness and doing what I can to stay and feel my best. I read all about your products in the magazine from my health food store and your article’s intrigued me. Now it’s time to put the product to the test. Please let me try it and live the WELL-LIFESTYLE it will provide me!

    And Alicia, “thank you for all you do!” You’re such a constant example and I admire that about you.

  • Meryl Mazin Ater

    I only want to use quality supplements. I was excited to see these vitamins because I know that Alicia would not endorse or put out a product that she did not believe in and we have similar views on what should and should not go into our bodies.

  • teresa

    My husband is of this age now! He takes at least 5 different supplements to try and get what he feels he needs to stay healthy. I’d love for him to take one vitamin that is actually healthy for him and get what he actually needs instead of all the extra added in what he does take!

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    I love that these are organic and non-GMO. I try to only buy organic whenever possible and trust this brand over others because you (Alicia) are endorsing it. I also try to get most vitamins from food, but sometimes we can’t always afford the variety needed to get what our bodies need, so this would be so great way to get the supplements that’s missing. With everything going on in the world today with all the chemicals in the environment and pesticides/herbicides in food, our bodies are probably getting zapped of nutrients all the time. So for that back-up safety net, I can’t think of anything better to put in my body then mykind organics vitamins. I thank you for coming out with this brand. It was much needed!

  • yogababe67

    I would love to try these amazing Vitamins. I do use the Vitamin B spray, and I have to say I have finally found a Vitamin B that works & tastes amazing! Thank you for all you do & I love your book!

  • Garcialater

    I just started taking
    mykind Organics 40 + and I wish this line of products had come out a long time
    ago. Better late than ever I guess! I love the fact that mykind Organics are
    vegan, non-GMO, and made from certified organic whole foods. My brother is a 48
    year old vegan ultra-long distance runner and I think he would greatly benefit
    from this product. Thank you Alicia for introducing mykind Organic supplements
    and thank you for caring so much about public health, animal rights, and the

  • Lara Dedmon

    I have been “interested” in being healthy ever since I was in college and realized that your body does need to be taken care of…but I didn’t really “listen” to what I was saying to myself. I have always been a pretty good “eater” and haven’t had issues with chronic allergies or acne…so nothing triggered me to make any drastic changes. But after having children and now being in my 40’s, I am seeing changes in my skin (I used to “lay out” a lot and had nice brown skin in my younger years, and I can now see the effects of that) as I age. I have your book and reading through it. I have begun to make better choices in my diet and am working on adjusting diet choices with my children as well… My husband may join but THAT will be gradual.. :) I say all this to let you know, that I have always been unsure of how I felt about vitamins because I would hear that they don’t always process through your body correctly, so I had a hard time committing to taking them daily. But as I have started to read through your book and change my diet…I realizing that as I am trying to be more health and environmentally conscience, I may not be able to get all the vitamins I need through what I eat. This is mainly because I am quite busy…I work as a Speech Therapist and homeschool my 2 children so, I don’t really eat that much through out the day. I don’t like to “eat on the go” but sometimes that’s not an option. Anyways, I would love to be able to try these vitamins…because as I change over to more organic foods on a “budget” and have to justify these changes with my husband (he supports me but money IS an issue:) ), it would be nice to have the gift of these vitamins. Thanks for your patience in reading through this. Have a wonderful day! :) – Lara

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    Thank you so much Alicia! I can’t wait to try mykind organics vitamins. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they are organic and non-GMO. In this world with chemical overload, we need all the help we can get to avoid toxins. Thanks again. I’m so happy to have been one of the winners.

  • Kimberly Sellers-Carson

    Hi. Though I haven’t been diagnosed I’m pretty sure I have a thyroid problem. Dry skin, hair loss, extreme fatigue and a funny feeling in my neck all leans towards hypo. I also wash with coconut oil due to dryness I’d love to hear your journey. I am currently eating meat but would love to try to be gluten free vegan for more energy. Do you feel you get enough protein which is so important for hypo, this is my only concern going vegan. Thanks.

    • MrsGreek

      I am so sorry for not seeing this sooner!
      I have increased my consumption of nuts and seeds. I have always had a diet rich with legumes and grains, but I also did eat some soy products. I have cut out dairy, soy, and gluten now for over a month and I feel fantastic! I went to a wedding on Sunday and everyone told me my hair and skin were radiant – a far cry from the sahara desert look I was sporting for the last year.
      I consume one brazil nut a day (for selenium) and I am now taking vegan vitamins and supplements. The Omega 3 and Vitamin D were explained to be extremely important. I increased my consumption of marine veggies, I found a DHA/EPA Omega 3 source from algae, and I am taking 5,000 IU Vitamin D a day – at night. I am also applying an iodine treatment most days during the week.
      Protein is important but we do not need the massive amounts that the low carb lifers would like us to think. My nails are growing thick and I have plenty of energy. I do not know the exact amount of grams I consume a day, but I do tend to have protein at every meal. Typical day is fruit and nut butter sandwich (I like the GF udi’s millet and chia seed bread) for breakfast, AM snack is nuts/seeds/dried fruit, lunch is huge salad with hemp hearts and a healthy fat like avocado, PM snack is fruit, and dinner is a heavily veggie loaded meal with a gluten-free grain. I am eating roughly 75% organic. I buy a ton of my organic frozen – which cuts down the cost A TON.

      The soy is pretty heavy handed in gluten-free products so watch out for that!
      Hope that helps!

  • TheKindLife

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • goatgirlnyc

    Excellent recommendation and thanks for the information. I just ordered the prenatal vitamins. Will be trying them when I finish my current bottle.