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Giveaway: Rewilder Eco Chic Apron

Congrats Sarah! You are the winner of this giveaway!

Thank you to all the kind lifers who entered, all your repurposing efforts are inspiring!


Rewilder is based on a simple idea: design more, waste less. The company is rooted in environmental, social, ethical consciousness, taking materials that are headed for the landfill and transforming them into beautiful things. Their first collection of bags + accessories uses discarded filter cloths from large American breweries, climbing ropes, and rubber roofing. Everything they make is vegan and cruelty free, hand crafted in their small LA studio, where they evolve these materials into innovative, original designs.


Tie on this industrial apron whenever you need to dig in and get your hands dirty! The apron is sewn from heavy-duty beer filter cloth and climbing rope, for a familiar shape in repurposed materials. Lightweight, strong and durable, it’s made for brewers, bartenders, barbecuers and artists alike. Hand crafted in Los Angeles, CA from repurposed filter cloth and climbing ropes, Lightweight, strong, durable, and 100% cruelty-free. I have a bag of theirs that I use often, it’s so durable! I also love this apron and use it often as well!

In order to enter this giveaway, leave a comment below about a creative way you’ve transformed something to keep trash out of the landfill.

I will announce the winner on Friday 12/4/2015

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  • Brandi Young

    I reuse the brown packing paper from my ePantry packages as gift wrap. the wrinkles and color make a great natural look and so easy to dress up with stamps, glitter or washi tape!

  • Jendria

    I use the top part of a CD-R spindle plastic case (the big, clear part) to relocate spiders; that way I don’t have to kill them. I gently direct the spider into the cover, and because it is so slippery he cannot climb the sides and crawl out. Then I take him back outside and set him free.

  • Carissa123

    I have turned old chipped mason jars into tiki torches and outdoor lanterns! So cute

  • Justin F Rayl

    My wife and I use your kind diet book as one of our food Bibles. In it we make the gomashio dressing for stuff. So we ran into the problem of storing it until I noticed an empty spice jar in the recycling bin that was headed to the curb, (our city has an every other week recycling pick up program). I peeled off the old label and we use it now. I like that it is glass so no BPA worries.

  • Jennifer Rayl

    My dad has an elderly co-worker that loves to make all sorts of crafts and give them as gifts. She made me a lamp with matching trashcan out of flower pots and a few other neat things over the years. It inspired me to make something as well. So for her birthday, I made a jewelry box out of a shoebox. I glued a toilet paper tube to the side of the box for hanging bracelets on, soda caps were glued to the bottom to hold rings, I used a clipping of the cardboard from a cereal box folded into an accordion shape and then punctured with a sewing needle to make pairs of holes for storing earrings, and for necklaces I glued in a paper origami container I made. To decorate the outside, I cut out pictures from magazines I thought she’d like: flowers, trees, nature scenery, crafting layouts, etc. I glued them all over the box and it’s lid, then used a paintbrush to paint a glue/water mixture all over the pics to act as a fixative. To start her out, I also made a friendship bracelet and left it on the bracelet holder for her to find. She loved the whole thing to bits! 😀

  • Lori

    I take the empty plastic cat liter containers and use them to separate my garbage. I also use them to hold produce and other items. Of course they are washed first. I’m in the process of trying to find a good liter that does not have any plastic at all.

    • Susan Oslin

      Arm and Hammer makes a great product and in comes in a box!

  • Tina Knezevic

    I took my old rusty wheel barrels and turned them into yard art. I used my drill and created 6 to 8 drainage holes, filled both of them with my homemade compost and every season I add flowers and place them in my front yard to display! I “Go Green” and recycle everything I can to find new purposes to reduce my carbon footprint so nothing winds up in a landfill!

  • Tanya Lasagna

    I love to snag the 10% discount for buying six bottles of wine (organic) :) at my local grocery store but hate to use the cardboard bottle carriers they provide so I bring slim brown paper bags that protect the bottles in my canvas bags. The paper bags are very effective and surprisingly durable, I use them over and over :) And I recycle the bottles of course! 😉

  • Laura

    I love recycling items and making something new out of it! I took some old metal shower hooks and put them on an old wooden shelf that somebody was throwing away. I made a place to hang all of my necklaces and it is really cool. I also painted an old picture and put pictures of surfboards on it and little hooks and I made that into a bracelet holder! I love repurposing things and if you could see in my house you would know it! Not only does it allow me to have unique items but it also helps the environment. It’s a great thing to do!!

  • Rachel

    To keep old ruined clothes out of the landfills I like to cut them up into squares and use them as cleaning rags! They work great and saves me money from having to buy new rags! =)

  • Mi Li

    This will probably make me sound about 50 years older than I am, but when fake wool-ish type socks get holes worn in them, they make awesome doll sweaters! ^ w ^

  • Lindy G. Gaskill

    I made some aluminum Star Christmas ornaments from used pie tins left
    over from Thanksgiving pies. Great way to recycle them. I punched holes
    in them to give some design elements. See my post about it here The
    apron is great! I’d probably use it for when I’m painting in the

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I reuse wine bottles and make them into candle holders!

  • jtlittlelong

    When our blankets start to look shabby we take them and cut them and make new ones! We use different fabrics like old jeans for jean quilts etc. The blankets are always unique. Around the holidays friends donate used jeans and I make jean quilts to donate to local shelters or just to friends.
    Also loads of people leave their old dressers etc on the curbside. They also post them on Craigslist. So hubby and i go and pick them up and refurbish them and often give them away to those in need or occasionally sell it. It keeps all this extra stuff from going to the dump and is a fun hobby

  • Ann

    I’m a yoga teacher and I go through a couple of yoga mats in a year. I try to find ways to reuse mats after their yoga life has ended. I cut them up and use them for various things–a “place mat” under my dog’s bowls to keep spills off the floor, as non-skid mats under rugs or the dog’s beds to keep them from scooting across the floor, as a floor mat in front of my kitchen counter to stand on as I work (a couple of layers are very cushioning for the feet). I’m always looking for suggestions for things to use old yoga mats for.

  • BC

    I try to ensure we minimize our waste. Composting, recycling, and of course: reusing. Clothing that isn’t good enough to donate, we’ll repurpose. I’ve made a few nifty little tote bags out of shirts! My pets beds are duvets that we just stuff with old clothing, the pets love them because they smell like us, we love it because it keeps us from wasting unnecessarily. Jars and bottles are reused: some are just for leftovers, others are for gifts. Paint them or just clean them thoroughly and fill them with goodies! I’ve made some lovely bath salt gifts, cookie sets, and baked good mixes in old jars!

  • inkstercat

    I used left-over bits of wood and glass bottles to build a critter house in my yard. It provides bees, lizards and other creatures with shelter and it functions as a work of art.

  • Laurie

    I keep all glass jars that originally had food in them and use them for pantry storage of rice, sugar, chia seeds, etc.

  • Anna Haggerty

    We used old milk cartons to make houses and used them, decorated them and made a Christmas village :-) I would love that apron!

  • Shelly Brown

    I save corks from wine bottles all year long and make a door wreath every year at the holidays season!!

  • ally

    In college I got a package at school that used brown paper as packaging. Instead of tossing it I unbundled it to see how much there was. It turned out to be a couple feet in length, so we recycled it by hanging it as a banner in the dorm hallway. Everyone in our hall was invited to make ‘trees’ from their handprints and write an ecofriendly thing that they could do that week. It worked really well to get people engaged and excited about being ‘green’.

  • saniel

    I reuse old towels and washcloths as rags, I make my own cleaners and hand soap. I have lots of nieces and nephews so I pass down all his old clothing. I reuse spaghetti jars for multi purposes savings jar, wish jar, dried goods. Thanks

  • Susan R

    I still use paper towels (hangs head in shame) but only for wiping out the cast iron skillet and cleaning up cat throw-up. Now I keep a stack of old, worn out dishcloths under my sink for wiping up spills on the floor, etc.

  • Marsha Halstead

    I use mason jars for storage in the fridge and freezer to reduce the use of plastic food storage containers/ bags.

  • Doreen Sauter

    My girlfriend was purchasing new furniture for her living room and planned on trashing her old stuff. My niece, husband and new baby just bought their first home and money was tight. I took the well loved, end tables, coffee tables and sofa table and gave them a good cleaning. I put two coats of high gloss black paint on them and they look like new!

  • CerealGirl

    We keep shoe boxes and plastic containers for school projects.

  • Frenchpetal

    I always use found, recycled, re-purposed items in my art. There’s something gratifying and complete about it. I love this apron!

  • Cleo

    I make toys for my bunny out of old paper products, like paper towel rolls and boxes!

  • Sally Bennett

    Whenever a plate or bowl gets chipped, rather than throw it away, I’ll tuck it into our landscape, burying the chipped part in the dirt. I use brightly colored dishes, so they become bright, cheerful additions to the yard.

  • clalexander

    I reuse any interesting cans and bottles as vases all thru the house and fill them with herbs! I live in the South so there are almost always pretty things growing year round.

  • Heather

    I take broken vintage brooches and turn them into kitchen magnets

  • manda

    We have a composter and lots of things get put there instead of the landfill.

  • Sarah

    My husband and I collected different glass bottles and bought a bottle cutter. We have made recycled drinking glasses for our home as well as family and friends!

  • Jason

    I use boxes as monitor stands.

  • ellen schull

    We took a used broken rocker and transformed it and reupholstered it for our pregnant daughter and her unborn baby.

  • Lisa Kempe

    I have friends and family give me broken ornaments and I make wreaths, and other craft products. I give as gifts and if I’m able to sell I donate to charity.

  • Shelly Fraval

    Amazing! I am loving all these ingenious ideas! I know the giveaway is over but this topic is close to my heart so I thought I would share one of my own stories:

    With a growing toddler and a cereal loving husband in the house, we go through soy and coconut milk like there’s no tomorrow. The milk cartons pile up in our recycling bin, and one day I realized that these cartons make excellent pots for new seedlings (after cutting off the tops, rinsing them out and poking holes in the bottom).
    I always find new and sometimes mysterious sprouts growing out of my compost, so I try and save as many seedlings as I can by replanting them in the repurposed milk cartons. When they’re strong enough, I transplant them into my wine barrel raised gardens. I’ve grown tomatoes, herbs, melons, squash, avocado, and even papaya trees this way! It’s always fun to see what will sprout next!

  • Harriet Faulkner

    As somebody who works in the sphere of waste reducing, recycling and reusing materials ( I love the concept of this company and I hope that more companies will follow their example! Everyday I save waste from ending up on the landfill and I feel great that I am able to help this to come true! Thanks for the post!