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Glen’s Inspiring Story

I met Glen’s sister, Hilary, this past spring and was eager to hear about her and her brother’s path to plants! Glen was kind enough to share his with us all! Thanks so much Glen. I am thrilled for you!

At my maximum weight I hit 245 lbs.  It wasn’t so much of a surprise to me as disbelief.  I wish I could say that this was when I decided to make a life change, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a double hernia that I decided that I had enough.

I knew what the problem was.  I started steadily expanding after I went off of a plant based diet and went back to eating eggs, dairy and admittedly meat.  My cholesterol went upwards of 450 and my blood pressure became hypertensive.  It was certainly not good for the animals, the environment, or my health.

My transition back to plants was a lot easier than for most.  I knew a lot of great healthy vegan recipes and I knew where I could find more.  I became familiar again with miso, tempeh, beans, and salads.  I learned to prepare my own food and made sure to eat a large variety so I wouldn’t get bored.  I slowly began to feel better and eventually started to be able to do many of the activities I hadn’t been able to while I was too heavy.

Below are some pictures of me before and after.  (You know you have a problem when you’re making Elvis look thin.)  I’m down to 195 lbs. now and doing much better.  Last August, I spent a few weeks hiking the Appalachian Trail – something, I would not have been able to do 5 months earlier.  I’m making it a point to participate in local vegan meetup groups.  I’m finding them to be a compassionate bunch and finding people my age (I’m 43) who are happy, healthy and interested in outdoor activities.




I hope everyone might give a plant based diet a try for a month or two and see how it makes them feel.  I think many would find it to be a very positive life change.




  • Moya

    This is a great story, and how this went for Glenn, was great. Thank you for sharing that be doing vegan/plant base, your not only helping the animals and planet, but you can get healthy and might even lose weight. All really good reasons!