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Sanctuary Spotlight: The Gentle Barn

If you’re in Southern California and you haven’t visited The Gentle Barn yet, you must go! It’s located in Santa Clarita, about 50 minutes north of Los Angeles, and is open on Sundays from 10am-2pm. The farm is home to 170 animals from llamas to goats and pigs to cows, all of which have been rescued from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. On top of running the sanctuary and educating the general public, Gentle Barn hosts programs for at-risk-youth and special needs children that are rooted in connecting with the animals.

Gentle Barn

When I went with Bear we liked feeding the horses carrots and brushing the cows!

Gentle Barn

Something that looks really fun to attend is their Gentle Thanksgiving event on Thanksgiving day. You can spend the evening feeding cranberries to the turkeys, eating gourmet veg food, and cozying up to a bonfire with the option to participate in a Native American Drum Circle. Registration is now open, so if you’re interested reserve today!

Gentle Barn

This past spring they opened a second location in Tennessee. Have any of you kind lifers in Tennessee been yet? Share photos from your adventure with me on Instagram (@aliciasilverstone) or Twitter (@aliciasilv)!

What animal sanctuaries do you love to visit?


Photo Credit: Gentle Barn Instagram! Follow them to get photos like these on the reg.


  • Moya

    I have never been able to go to one, but I would like to go to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, someday

  • Sof

    One of the best things to do at the Gentle Barn is hug a cow. I highly recommend it! There are also wild and domesticated turkeys that you can see in all their glory.

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    If you are ever in the Asheville NC area, visit Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary. Brother Wolf is a No Kill organization. You can volunteer, adopt, foster or donate or just enjoy being there.

  • Andrea Yoga

    It’s hard to believe an organization that is based around helping animals would do something like that. There has to be bad press for PETA as they are costing giants like tyson ect.. money as more and more people are going plant based. Organization like tyson have so much money they can plant stories in the media, lawyer up ect ect.. We all just have to do the best we can I personally have been plant based since 5th grade and stand by my decision whole heartedly. Wish you the best on your journey :)