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Giveaway: Eco Men’s Outfit

Congrats Christina! You are the winner of this giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who entered! So many great suggestions on eco companies and ways to shop.


I know I don’t usually do giveaways for men but these eco finds are too good not to share! Guys please enter or ladies enter for your man! This outfit was well loved and worn by Christopher.

This Vaute jacket is made with high ethics materials, it’s 100% vegan and made of recycled fibers! Even more, it’s cut and sewn in NYC.

The Kind Life

The vbn cardigan and Kuyichi pants are made of 100% organic cotton and super cute!

To enter this giveaway, please leave me a comment below telling me what other eco men’s clothing companies are out there that you or your loved one like to support. 

I will announce the winner on Friday 1/8/16




  • Amanda Williams

    We love Threads for Thought!

  • VAguy

    I love this company….. The clothes are stylish, comfortable, well-made and an EXCELLENT choice for newbies! They can see they don’t have to sacrifice anything and can still be stylish (and comfortable – we guys like that!).

  • inkberry

    Gramicci has some awesome hemp/organic cotton stuff

  • Vin Medugno

    Patagonia was my first thought! <3

  • candice

    we love herbivore clothing in pdx and get what we can there. we’re up for anywhere we can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories that are vegan on purpose.

  • inkstercat

    We like good society for denim for both men & women, and Eco Vegan shoes.

  • Eric Ziegler

    We are new vegetarian to vegan converts, and are just beginning to learn about kind products. Thanks for the guidance!

  • Stacy Moriva

    I actually don’t know any eco men’s lines right now (besides Vaute), but am doing some research on so my hubby can be super eco friendly with not only his food, but his clothes too!

  • christophersorel

    Love patagonia and sent in old fleece before. Great company

  • Riya O’Connor

    Three Leaves, especially the Emil henley, which I tend to steal from him.

  • Ashley Chew

    I love a lot of Alternative Apparels stuff for men & women. But I think my favorite way to shop eco friendly is to buy used & vintage items. Plus it’s a great way to have a unique wardrobe:)

  • Sierra Kluson

    My brother, who is really the only guy I’ve shopped with lately, has begun only shopping 2nd hand stores to be more cost and eco friendly. So, I’m not too familiar with men’s Eco brands.

    However, living in NYC, we have both heard great things about Vaute Couture. I 100% support the idea of not shopping just to shop; instead buy only items you really like from companies you support.

  • Raine Dawson

    My son is 20 and pretty easy going
    when it comes to style. He likes Patagonia, Pact and Toms. These are a perfect look for him, laid back and the jacket is perfect for walking around campus in the NY winter. It’s really cool that you are doing this for the guys, I can’t tell you how thrilled he would be, especially on his student budget, it would be Christmas all over again! :)

  • saniel

    I like Moo shoes, my hubby has big feet and they alway accommodate and are vegan. Thanks

  • danyelle

    Patagonia and Three Leaves

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    We have a local business here in Reno, Green Rush eco clothing. They carry mens and womens clothing, all eco! We love it.

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    Loomstate is a good one. Other than that, I really don’t know of too many eco friendly men’s clothing lines!

  • Lauren Hutchinson

    We try to support patagonia.

  • Carissa123

    Conscious clothing! It’s an esty shop by a husband and wife in Michigan (my homeland) and everything is made with eco friendly/ fair trade fabric. They make men’s women’s and children’s clothing. Definitely worth the price for the craftsmanship and quality.

  • Lindsay F

    I love patagonia

  • Joan Elliott

    Patagonia is our favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Tina Knezevic

    I really like Wearpact, Wethreeleaves, and Greenheartshop

  • Dustin Minch

    Three leaves, Patagonia, and Raleigh Denim to name a few. Keep up the great work Alicia!

  • Sean Pomario

    Wear some Prana

  • David Cardona-Jiménez

    Thanks for thinking of your male followers, Alicia. I really like Matt & Nat and Brave GentleMan.

  • Heather Dobson Bean

    Hello from the UK! My husband and I love Rapanui They have ‘traceability maps’ so you can trace the whole supply chain. They have also created jobs on the Isle of Wight, where we grew up and where youth unemployment is high.

  • Kristina Isenberg Rusch


  • Becky Lyons Borgia

    We like Patagonia for my son and husband.

  • Laura

    Prana has a nice organic line!

  • Terry Mumma

    I like Three Leaves menswear from Brooklyn… and I LOVE that The Kind Life is finally having a giveaway for us guys!

  • Whitney Lauren Ungaro

    Patagonia is great, my husband would love this

  • Margo Muntons

    Brave Gentle Man , Moo Shoes for shoes and Love peace vegan for shirts and hoodies! My BF’s Bday is sunday… It’s getting freezing here in NYC. A hoodie and a jacket would be the perfect gift!!

  • margaretporter


  • Kelly

    my boyfriend likes Alternative Apparel

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Patagonia, of course.

  • C. Blake

    Well, Goodwill and Pangea (Rockville, MD) are one’s that come to mind first although I did find a nice pair of faux leather shoes and belt at a store in my local mall called Buckle B. There is also Estate Treasures in Chester, MD.

  • jennfnn

    i like threads for thought

  • Amanda Stovall

    Tons of gorgeous eco men’s AND women’s styles on! Give them a glance! :)

  • Johnnie Bowers

    Sadly, my husband is a buy as he goes shopper and barely reads any kind of label and thus, we do not really have a eco men’s clothing store we like or support.. ugh

  • Kate Marlowe

    I love Vaute and Love Peace Vegan, however, the majority of our conscious shopping is through thrift stores such as Goodwill and Ragorama.

  • Alexandra

    We Three Leaves has a great selection of fashionable and ethical clothing for men.

    “with respect for the environment, animals, and people

    Three Leaves, founded in 2012 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, provides men with cruelty free, socially responsible, eco friendly, organic men’s clothing and vegan boots, shoes, and sneakers. Three Leaves aims to be the source for ethical fashion for the man who lives without compromise.”

  • Christina Pippin

    brave gentleman for suits, shoes + outerwear, glasshouse shirt makers for buttondowns, nudie jeans* has animal friendly jackets, graphic tees + organic denim, stock manufacturing co for flannels, vaute couture for sweaters + wildlife works for basic tees + henleys :))) {*nudie jeans is not a vegan company}

  • Kendra Julian-Baker

    Patagonia, Moo Shoes and Alternative Outfitters.

  • michelle

    We like Patagonia. We love visiting their store in Ventura.

  • Amanda Morris


  • Jendria

    I know who I would give this to! Great giveaway!

  • Nancy

    Patagonia is the one that first came to mind.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    My husband likes PrAna.

  • Ashley M.

    Prana is awesome!!


  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Wethreeleaves is one of our favorites! Would love this for my teen son!!

  • Dana Matthews

    We support Three Leaves and Patagonia. Great giveaway!

  • Aaron Reck

    Prana is great.

  • John Zukowski

    Louis Boston

  • Summer B.

    My boyfriend loves patagonia.

  • jodi

    Patagonia is the only one coming to mind at the moment

  • James

    I like Prana. Pangea vegan store is a good online retailer.

  • Amy Tebow

    I love the idea of eco friendly clothing. This is fantastic outfit thanks for the chance!

  • latanya t

    We love Prana.

  • Darlene Owen

    My husband loves Cabella clothing as well as adidas.

  • Dawn Monroe

    I like the eco men’s clothing from AllUsa but I don’t know which stores carry eco clothing.

  • Marija

    My boyfriend enjoys both Prana and Patagonia.

  • Matt

    I like Raleigh Denim, Lumina Clothing, and SkyeBags Great post topic and a lot of new shops to check out!

  • Deanna

    We like Culturata clothing.

  • Anne Perry

    Prana is a favorite.

  • Jason Platt

    Arthur & Henry for professional office clothing, Eco-Fibres for more casual and outdoor clothing.

  • Rachael

    Patagonia is what I like!!

  • Ann Meyers

    Be kind clothing is a great company, I also agree a great way to be Eco-friendly is to reuse.

  • Law Professor

    I love the soft merino wool of Icebreaker: Their website includes a lot about the ethics
    of their relationship with the environment, workers, and non-human animals: They even
    have a feature on their website that allows you to “trace” the
    specific living conditions, etc. of the sheep that produced your very garment:

  • Law Professor

    I love the soft merino wool of Icebreaker: Their website includes a lot about the ethics
    of their relationship with the environment, workers, and non-human animals: They even
    have a feature on their website that allows you to “trace” the
    specific living conditions, etc. of the sheep that produced your very garment:

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    There is one called Green Heart Shop that sells a lot of cool fair trade items, including clothing.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  • Sarah Hayes

    I don’t think we’ve tried any others but Prana looks like a really great company.

  • Meghan Berdelle

    I didn’t even realize Patagonia was eco, so definitely them. We try to buy local clothes from farmers markets as well.

  • Amy M


  • lissa crane

    We love FIBRE Athletics for almost all of our clothing. Since my husband is a gym teacher, he is able to buy his wrk clothes through them as well.

  • Fiona N

    I also love Three Leaves eco men’s clothing company!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  • Brandi Dawn

    We wear a lot of Prana in our household. Patagonia too, or Patagucci as we like to call it, haha. We get it mostly from a second hand store that sends the proceeds to local outdoor charities. But Prana often has really good sales on their website!

  • Jenna Cameron

    We normally shop at used clothing stores so I haven’t tried many of the new eco friendly shops yet, but I’ve been wanting to try Patagonia.

  • Dave Taube

    I’m a big fan of Marmot clothing.

  • natasha

    Thread Harvest is awesome with men and womens clothing.

  • Breathing

    the shirt I’m wearing is over 10 years old and I have no idea what brand it is. I had to look down in order to recall what color it is. I know it’s a thick polyester microfiber. Unfortunately polyester, which was invented in the U.S. by DuPont, is no longer made here, and is made from petroleum, (that probably is not green). Please pray for all the storm victims in the news lately. It’s very cold in some places.

  • Claire


  • BeABelieverIn(0r b.g.)

    Onno because they t-shirts are made of fibers: bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

    zkmoon14 at yahoo dot com

  • Chelsea

    My husband loves Patagonia!

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    We like Cariloha.

  • Brett D. Thompson

    Latest great one I’ve seen is Tuckerman & Co.

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    I have seen Patagonia men’s jackets and vests at REI recently. Cool products!

  • Beth Larrabee


  • Wen Budro

    Patagonia and Marmot are just a few eco-companies that I like and support.

  • Calli

    I like prana and synergy (women’s)

  • GuilfordGreen

    I’m a big fan of Arthur & Henry shirts. I discovered them on a business trip to London – great styling, fair trade cotton and the feel great! :)

  • jules1968

    We love Patagoina it’s the best …

  • Danielle Magee

    My husband really likes We Three Leaves clothing.

  • Veronica V

    My hubby likes Patagonia and Three Leaves.

  • margaret

    American Apparel = bamboo shirts!

  • Angela saver

    We really like Patagonia & also! Thanks for a chance at this AWESOME giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Jennifer Rayl

    I can’t think of any specific men’s brand, but we do find some from Goodwill at times. Those are always great finds! And although this isn’t a men’s brand, I recently found some 100% organic cotton baby clothes from Gerber brand at Goodwill when I went shopping for a friend’s baby shower presents. I was happy to see that Gerber is keeping up with the times! 😀

  • Shelly Brown

    Patagonia and Tom’s