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From My Closet Giveaway: Simple & Cute

Congrats Dawn! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

Thank you ALL that entered, you all rock!! I’m so inspired by all your work, areas of interest, and passions, truly!


This week I’m giving away this simple and cute H&M dress that I got used. It will fit a S-M and looks flattering on a slim tummy.
The Kind Life


These funky Melissa shoes were gifted to me. Melissa shoes are made from plastic, so you can recycle them. Plus, the company recycles 99% of their factory water and waste. Very cool. These will fit a size 8-8.5

This dress & pair of shoes could be all yours! Just leave me a comment below telling me about the work you are most passionate about! 

I will announce the winner on Friday 2/26/16

With love,




  • Erica

    I am most passionate about educating others on their health and the importance of taking responsibility about taking care of their body. I love that being a nurse, I am trusted and able to help others improve their lives.

  • Julie Messier Brigante

    Wow! Cute dress and great shoes!!! I am passionate about working with women who have lost their sparkle and are not sure how to find it. I enjoy teaching meditation, mindfulness, health and wellness. I am just beginning a new business that incorporates these concepts after working in Early Childhood Education for almost 30 years. I have found it very interesting that the things I have been teaching children for almost 3 decades are the same things I am teaching women today. Know you are capable of greatness, know you have a voice, know you are beautiful and stronger than you know! And know that your sparkle is within you, it’s been there the whole time… That is what I am passionate about! XOXO

  • Lauren Silva

    I am fortunate enough to work for my local public television station. I cannot express how passionate I am about what we do in the community. In a time where individuals are constantly bombarded with media, telling you what to buy, who to support, etc., PBS presents both sides of every story and allows you to come to your own conclusions. I also appreciate the fact that we use our programming to tell the stories of our community, stories that would otherwise go unheard.
    Many think of PBS as only a television station, but there’s a bounty of educational outreach services we provide to low income families. This way, students that might ordinarily start school at a disadvantage can enter the educational system prepared to succeed. This is critical work because these are the leaders of the future. It’s important that every child be able to have the same chance to grow.

  • Mama Tummy

    Right now what I’m passionate about is trying to start a fundraising Halloween party for vegan kids of Denver, where we will raise funds to benefit the local pig sanctuary, Hot Haven Farm.

  • Riya O’Connor

    I am most passionate about my job – a special education teacher

  • Deidre

    I love adopting and taking care of my four kitties (all needed a home). I love feeding animals in the woods – squirrels, birds, possums and a bunch of other animals I have seen in the woods behind my home. I love cutting up vegetables and “trying” most of the time to eat very healthy and getting some exercise most days! I am praying for God to bring me a new job (since retiring). I want to help animals or people! The dress is adorable. Thank you for your time!

  • Loni Kayleene

    I have many passions in life; including victims rights, the environment (our/others home we should treat as such) and love of art, but I am most passionate about advocating for animal welfare, rights, and giving them the TLC they deserve hands on. I run my own animal care and I fall in love with every animal I meet. My wish is for the world to see, feel, and treat all creatures as the sentient beings that they are and to respect themselves enough to glow with love.

  • Kelly Smith

    I volunteer to plant trees!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I am most passionate about spreading the vegan message. I am a member of our local vegan outreach group.

  • Kristi Agee

    I am most passionate about working with children, whether it’s being silly or teaching them or doing crafts with them (from recycled and/or edible materials). I love to see the world through their eyes.

  • Tracy Childs

    Hi Alicia! Thanks for giving away your clothes! Have I seen you wear that dress before? It looks super cute! I think my 20 year old daughter (raised veg!) and I could share it! For over 10 years I’ve worked with the PCRM as a nutrition and cooking instructor in San Diego. It’s my passion to get the word out any way I can about healthy, whole foods, super hero plant based diets for weight loss, diabetes reversal, cancer prevention, etc. I feel I have reduced the meat consumption here in my city, by showing people how delicious plant foods are, and how they make us feel better so I’m very proud of that! I love what you are doing, so please keep up the good work, and love to you and your family!

  • bbqutie

    Hi Alicia! The work I am most passionate about is my healthy vegan food delivery company – Bon Vert! I am based in Ann Arbor, MI and each week we publish a menu of 8-10 meals that are Healthy Vegan and Nutritious !!! Most of my customers are busy professionals who wants to get healthy while making a positive change for the planet and animals. Once orders are placed, single serve meals are delivered to a customers home or office for the week! I love my work because although we are not a big company yet, I know we are making a difference and making veganism easier for those who are new to it.

  • Maggie

    The work I am most passionate about is the work I am currently doing. I’m a Speech Language Pathologist working with students who have severe and profound disabilities. Just last week I was able to secure funding for a communication device for a student that is on the Autism spectrum and is nonverbal so that he can communicate with his friends and family. So cool! I’m so lucky I get to do this everyday!!

  • Mary

    I’m passionate about my writing.

  • jtlittlelong

    I am most passionate about working with kids with disabilities. My son has sensory processing disorder, mail absorption and failure to grow. He has had issues with eating due to SPD and many other issues. He can’t handle loud noises to many children. Or larger crouds. Through him I’ve learned to be mores sensitive to any child and what parents may be going through. We never know why a child may not have on shoes etc.
    So I love being able to take children (even adults when needed) to a high school football game or there job where the bring in shopping carts at stores ( they need to be watched so they don’t get hit by an irresponsible driver) or just to a park. They need the social skills as well as to just get out!!! I also like tutoring those who have a lower learning curve because of these disorders. Or educating the parents who are new to PSD or may abosorption and failure to grow!!!/

  • Dina Banks

    I’m passionate about nutrition and would love to be a health coach one day! I’m also passionate about non toxic products and thinking about enrolling to be a consultant for one company – this seems to be a perfect working opportunity for SAHM

  • Maggie

    The work I am most passionate about is the work I am currently doing. I’m a Speech Language Pathologist working with students who have severe and profound disabilities. Just last week I was able to secure funding for a communication device for a student that is on the Autism spectrum and is nonverbal so that he can communicate with his friends and family. So cool! I’m so lucky I get to do this everyday!!

  • Carissa123

    Animal shelters! I try to donate my time and money to helping local animal shelters, my local dog pound even takes in pot belly pigs and chickens to rehome, how cool is that?!

  • Anne Perry

    Currently I am most passionate about GMO labeling, medical freedom, clean air and water, animal rights, ending common core.

  • Sonja Hilton

    Almost every Monday I feed the homeless. I have been doing this for years and never get tired of hanging out with them.

  • Mia

    I am most passionate about reproductive rights! I volunteer nearly every weekend and it’s so rewarding. The flats are the perfect sensible, but cute, armor for going out to face protesters on Sundays…

  • Claudia Rose-Jones

    Hi Alicia
    Thanks for all your fantastic giveaways & interesting posts :)
    Like you, I’ve always been extremely passionate about my career as an actress & vegan/environmental activism.
    These days, I’ve put on hold my acting career, to raise my beautiful twin boys, who just turned 3 a couple months back, and are also vegan, of course ❤️
    I can’t imagine a more fulfilling “work”, that taking care of my boys & seeing their first everything! I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to take a break from work, to be with them.
    They are everything to me. And it makes me so happy to see their little acts of compassion towards animals and other beings every single day through their actions ❤️
    Thanks for inspiring me! As a caring mom & human being :)

  • Sonja Hilton

    I’m not sure if my comment posted or not cuz I don’t see it. I really have enjoyed feeding the homeless and hanging out with them…

  • BC

    I recently started interning with a yoga and cycling studio. I absolutely love the community environment and helping people work towards their fitness goals. I am studying nutrition and am so happy to be able to help people even more with my knowledge and have gotten so many people enjoying vegan recipes!

  • Amy

    I am passionate about creating a life of balance. After being diagnosed with anxiety, acne, IBS and a blood clotting disorder, I knew something in my body was out of whack and Western Medicine failed to provide solutions. I am still very much a work in progress, yet I find inspiration in natural skin products, a cleaner diet, Reiki, meditation, guided imagery, acupuncture and herbal remedies. I have also started a healing Twitter page where I share words of motivation, peace, and joy as I travel along my life’s journey. Wishing everyone a wonderful life of inner-connection and inter-connection!

  • Jamie

    The work I am most passionate about is raising kind, generous, earth loving boys!!

  • Erica Stearns

    The work I am most passionate about? Cultivating a zero waste, vegan, whole food lifestyle!

  • Destini Skye

    I’m passionate about working with children. My husband and I found out that we’re most likely unable to have kids and it was incredibly hard on us. However, I teach at a daycare during the week and on weekends I teach the preschool at my church. I’m so grateful to have that opportunity to work with children and make a positive impact in their lives even if they don’t belong to me. 3-5 year olds are the funniest age group to me- they’re not babies anymore(though we still consider them to be), they’re like miniature people. I’m currently going to college for children’s ministry and I couldn’t imagine working any other profession. I love spoiling the kids. I love when I hear from their parents that they’re doing things at home that I taught them. I love the hugs, the crafts, seeing things through their fun imagination and the excitement when they learn something new. Sure, it can get challenging when they misbehave, have multiple timeouts and when I’m continuously changing diapers, but at the end of the day I’m always proud of them and glad that I got to make a difference in an important part of their life. I loved my childhood and it is a goal of mine to have them enjoy theirs just as much.

  • Lea

    I am quite passionate about my blog. I enjoy writing it, collaborating with other companies and bloggers, and taking pictures for it.

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I guess I would have to say my full time job working with special needs high schoolers. Everyday is a new experience some hard and exhausting and other days exhausting from laughing so much. I have worked with some of these kids from when they were in Middle school and it it exciting to watch them grow and at times a little scary. Love it!

  • Kirsten Antony

    Hi Alicia. I am passionate about a lot of things. At the root of it though, I am passionate about seeing love in all others and things I encounter. Life is beautiful.

  • Leslie Snare

    Oh man! I’m most passionate about making my city a better place. I want to make sure the community my children grow up in is vibrant, sustainable and a welcome place for both industry and the arts.

  • Lindsay F

    I am passionate about my work with children

  • Kristy

    I am most passionate about vegan baking/cooking and spreading the vegan love to as many people that would like to learn. I work at Whole Foods in the bakery and I love when people come searching for vegan products or special dietary goodies so that I can help them the best I can, which makes me yearn to keep learning and gain more and more knowledge and keep improving and practicing my cooking/baking to spread the love.

  • Sydney Anderson

    I am passionate about animals

  • Grace Almleaf

    I am passionate about my volunteer work teaching meditation to Veterans with diagnosed combat PTSD. I teach meditation at our local wellness studio weekly, and have been since I retired two years ago. I was approached by the VA clinic in my city, as so many of the Vets with combat PTSD were benefiting from my class and reporting it to their therapists at the VA. I am so thankful for the opportunity to use my passion in retirement to help others <3 Grace Almleaf

  • joanna

    Hi! I am passionate about recycling to make the world a cleaner place for my daughters to grow up in. At only 18 months old and three years old, my daughters already take part in placing things in the recycling bucket! Reduce, reuse, and recycle are things we practice everyday! :)

  • Aaron

    I am most passionate about helping my friends and family.

  • Stephanie S

    I volunteer at a animal shelter.

  • Amy Mitchell

    I am a SANE/SART nurse. What that stands for is sexual assault nurse examiner. I help take care of victims of assault when they first come to the hospital. It is an honor to be there for these victims and to help them though the process.

  • Jenna Cameron

    I am most passionate about keeping dogs out of kill shelters. I have always loved dogs and have volunteered at shelters most of my life. I donate my time, money and goods they need whenever I can. I think it is so sad that people bread dogs knowing there are thousands of dogs out there who need a home. I currently have one dog that I adopted, but would love to foster dogs when I buy a house.

  • Michelle K.

    Oh how fabulous is this dress and sweet pair of shoes?!!!!!

    I love teaching yoga and meditation. I’ve always been passionate about teaching to a group of people that mirrored where I was in my life, and now I love teaching to moms and moms to be.

    That being said, being a mom is the job I am MOST passionate about. It sounds so cliche, I know, but it’s so true. From the time I was pregnant, to having children, it’s all just so magical, every day, even with all of the challenges that come with parenting. Children, from the time they are in utero, are sponges for everything we put into them – nourishment of all kinds, food, love, emotional support, etc. Once they reach toddlerhood and beyond, it’s so lovely to see what you’ve put into them emanate out.

  • Ashley Ramirez

    I recently started a website
    For the purpose of offering tips and recipes to help keep things simple on a plant based vegan diet.

  • Brandy Lynne

    I am passionate about helping to save the planet and non-human animals. I dream of one day volunteering at an elephant sanctuary.

  • Tina Knezevic

    I am very passionate about volunteering my time at the NJ Food Bank, soup kitchen, animal shelters and everywhere I can put a smile on everyone’s face!

  • inkstercat

    I am most passionate about animal welfare. Lately, I have become most passionate about the plight of factory farmed animals because I think they are the most overlooked. I don’t understand how there can be so much cruelty in the world.

  • Rachel Marie

    I’m an Operating Room nurse, a single mother and tired.

  • Dawn L. Moncrief

    Wow, thank you for doing such a wonderful and unique giveaway. I’m most passionate about my work with A Well-Fed World (, a vegan hunger relief and animal protection organization I founded in 2009. We partner with and financially assist small groups and individuals in the U.S. and internationally doing vegan feeding and farming programs for people in need… farm animal care and rescue efforts… and vegan advocacy.

    Closest to my heart is our Ethiopian Vegan School Lunch partnership ( We similarly have a Plants-4-Hunger gift-giving alternative ( to Heifer International ( And our campaign explains the ways in which humane labels are misleading (so vegan is best).

    If chosen, I’d be thrilled to use the opportunity to post on our social media and draw more attention to these programs that help both people AND animals in dire need. Thank you for your consideration and all you do.

  • chelsea dudley

    I am most about helping people with a rare nerve disease called CRPS/RSD I have been diagnosed with it for 7 years and for a long time could not walk I had to use a wheelchair or crouches , I went into rehab for my disease and learned to walk again. and also work for a company that does a lot of eco work even though I work for a huge company they do there best to keep it green . my goal is to finish my book about the disease CRPS/RSD and help others.

  • Kimiko

    I am passionate about learning new things!! =)

  • steph oliver

    I am passionate about my work. As a family therapist, I have worked with all sorts of families, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds and it thrills me to be able to use my skills to actually help provide the space for change for a family. Although I can get drained and traumatized from the work, I really really love it!

  • Lisa Gallagher

    I am most passionate about being the best mumma I can be to my two girls, Ruby and Molly

  • Laura

    I am very passionate about clean eating. I do my best not to eat processed food, gmo’s, or anything that’s not vegan. My son has epilepsy and it’s very important to me to feed him and myself the cleanest food possible. That is a huge deal for me but I have to say, I am just as passionate about trying to rid the world of plastic. I can’t stand what it’s doing to our environment and the animals!

  • BethanyK

    Volunteer work at the local humane society!

  • Steph

    I love helping people with their cooking skillS

  • Lori

    Working with children brings me joy!

  • jamaise

    My passion is health. I want to live well and die peacefully. I consider every bite, every product, and everything I bring into our environment. I think the key is health the way nature intended, not humans. Every small step counts :))

  • amweeks

    The work I’m most passionate about raising my kids the best I can! They’re teens now, and some of the best kids I’ve met (although of course I’m a bit biased!). I have tried to teach them respect for others, manners, a good work ethic, being good members of society, etc. As with all teens, there are rough spots but I see parenting as a long-term effort. I put my all into it!

  • Tiffany Baker

    I am passionate about cooking. I remember as a kid putting together cooking videos. When I became vegan, this passion ignited. It calms me after a stressful day. I can spend hours flipping through cookbooks, or watching YouTube vegan cooking videos. I hunger for vegan culinary school and one day to work in a vegan kitchen. I don’t know how I’m going to make it happen but I will attend Bauman College and make my dreams a reality.

  • Nancy

    I am most passionate about helping children to love reading!

  • Helen

    I am passionate about helping and looking out for others who do it have a voice

  • Breanna Pollard

    I am most passionate about working with kids and senior adults to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • lissa crane

    I am passionate about working with children that have learning disabilities! They often suffer from low income and low self esteem and need a great deal of attention to achieve what most others, myself included, take for granted!

  • Danielle

    Volunteer work with Pinups for Patriots ([email protected])

  • Gianna Patton

    I am most passionate about my work at my daughter’s elementary school. I’m a room mom, an art docent, and have been on the PTA executive board for the past 5 years. If I have any free time, you more than likely will find me lending a hand at the school :)

  • Pam O’Leary

    I am passionate about my son. Every decision I make and every move has been with his future in mind.

  • heyjudette

    I am very passionate about my actual every day work! I work at a non profit as a home visitor. I meet with families in their homes and discuss their children’s development as well as the family’s well being. I really feel passionate about helping others.

  • Lisa Jagodzinski

    I’m a stay at home mom and I’m very passionate about my son and teaching him everything I can and exploring with him- i always say the housework can wait when its time to play!- or we make housework playtime and he helps me because he loves being involved- the dress and shoes are very cute and would be awesome to win because these days I cant afford to buy myself nice things and when I do have extra money I soend it in my little guy- i want him to have wverything he wants or needs before my own wants and needs

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I am passionate about home cooking—I have bread in the oven now that I am baking from flour I ground myself this morning. I’ll make balsamic beef sandwiches for dinner. But, I
    d love to win this dress for my Ivy. She is a pianist and sax player. :)

  • Ashley M.

    I’m most passionate about being a stay at home mom. In the last 4 years I’ve only spent 3 nights away from either of my children & that was to give birth to my 2nd! Haha. When they get older I would love to do something with psychology though :)


  • Lauren

    I am passionate about working with children.

  • kbauer74

    I am passionate about recycling and eating organic.

    [email protected]

  • Amanda Stovall

    My passion is working hard to be a a great mommy to my two kiddos. And I make it a point to try & teach them to use good manners, to show appreciation & to always, ALWAYS treat others with kindness & to help others when they can! :)

    Amandastovall (at) me (dot) com

  • BlakesMommy82

    Hello Alicia, I, even though this is fairly new, am passionate about becoming a mommy. I had my son 9/23/15, and I’m in love. He is the center of my universe and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing I won’t do for my son. <3

  • debbie_suburbsanity

    I have the privilege of working with the low income families with school aged children in my city. I’m passionate about that!

  • Amy Z.

    I’m passionate about volunteering to help children with disabilities.

  • Deanna

    I teach English as a second language to children. I love it. Children are our future and I enjoy working with them.

  • Sarah

    My passion is a desire to be of service. Being of service has led me to my work with individuals struggling with mental health issues, to being an ally to animals, to be an ally to marginalized groups, to protecting the environment, to my progressive political involvement, to meditation, and overall, to treat all people well and to be a person who is worth emulating.

  • Brittani Adams

    All of my arts and crafts I do!

  • Leela

    A wife and mother.

  • Erin

    I am most passionate about my family but I also have a huge heart for animals! Voluteering time at my local shelter and providing food and litter when I can. It’s breaks my heart that so many amazing animals need a forever home.

    Thank you for the chance!!! <3
    Mrswill2784 at yahoo dot com

  • Angela saver

    I am very passionate about working with low-income families & finding/donating clothing & foods to them!

    [email protected]

  • margaret

    I love to dance and make movement – healing through engagement of the entire body!

  • Federico Dubbini

    I’m giving guitar lessons, and i love do them.

  • Dawn L. Moncrief

    Thank you SO VERY much!! I’m honored and will treasure them.