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From My Closet Giveaway: Pretty!

Congrats Laura – you won this week’s giveaway!

Thank you to all kind lifers who entered… So many amazing stories and answers shared, the decision was extremely tough as always!


This week I’m giving away some flirty chic items! This white lacey top is made by Lover, but I got it at Wasteland. It’s really romantic and timeless. It would go great with a dark pair of jeans. It will fit a S-M.


This Deux Lux purse is cute and  fun!  a great alternative to bringing a big chunky purse so it’s pretty ideal for going out. Deux Lux is Peta approved- so all their products are cruelty free. I love this company, my 2 everyday purses are from them!

For your chance to win these pieces from my closet, all you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know what you consider to be the best gift you’ve ever received.

I will announce the winner on Friday 4/15.

With love,




  • Aubrey Chaney

    My boys! They were the best gift that I never knew I wanted. So happy for them everyday!

  • Dina Banks

    first thing that came to my mind – best gift was my mother coming from abroad couple weeks before Christmas here and leaving right after russian orthodox Christmas which is Jan 7. it was three weeks full of joy, laughter, that family warmth at home that cant compare to anything that material gifts supposed to give. these precious memories stay with us forever and just thinking of it makes me smile. so i would say once u become a parent having grandparents stay with u or visit is the most precious gift for me

  • Natalie King

    The best gift/s I ever received are my 2 boys. I never really wanted kids… Then I had them & couldn’t image how I ever got along without them. Even when they drive me crazy!

  • Karen C.

    The best gift I have ever received, and I did not realize it at the time, was “The Safe Shopper’s Bible” from my aunt 20 years ago. My aunt fought breast cancer for 19 years of her life through both a holistic practice and modern medicine, simultaneously. One Christmas, she gave everyone in my family this book about “clean” products. As we each opened the gift we thought, “what the heck?”, but my aunt was way ahead of her time. Selfishly, at 15, I would have much preferred a gift card. Thankfully, years before she passed away, I was able to finally understand the true genius of publishing a book of that kind and have many conversations with her surrounding the topic. It became my “bible” for eliminating products that are harmful to my body. It has been dog-eared, stuck with post-its and highlighted as a way to guide me through choosing the least toxic, if not completely chemical-free products. The book, unfortunately, is no longer in print to my knowledge, but I too have passed on the tradition of gifting it to new moms, friends, and family members when I can locate it on Amazon.

  • christophersorel

    any that my kids make me. But the best was a coupon book my daughter gave me

  • Lorie Hernesh

    The best gift I ever received was a cat for my 17th birthday! Although having many pets before, this was my first cat. I had him for 15 years and will never forget him!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I’m going to have to go existential on this question and my answer would be life. Everyday is a gift; those that I love and love me in return.

  • Terri Blanco

    My amazing daughter, who is a walking beacon of light and love, and a true sage of vegan activism, animal rights, and vegan culinary chef and teacher. She is also an gifted dancer whose performances on stage have brought tears to grown men’s eyes. I would love to give her this gift, she would freak out knowing it came from you.
    Thanks my darling Alicia!

  • Marie Garcia

    My puppy Kona is the BEST gift I have ever received!

  • jtlittlelong

    My greatest gift was from my brother. He gave me the gift of adopting a dog from the humane society. I chose the sweetest dog who has been my constant companion and best friend for a long time. I hated seeing the suffering going on there and was grateful for this thoughtul gift. I would do this for anyone who wants and could take in an animal! What a wonderful idea he had! And such an unexpetcex original one!

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    As material objects/gifts go I would say the stereo system I received as a graduation gift from high school back in 1981. My mother had my older brother go pick it out and of course he picked the best components out there. The turn table I still use today, but the speakers and the receiver finally died. Non material gifts are the kisses I get everyday I wake up from my doggie girls.

  • Madeline

    I feel like the best gift I’ve been given is an experience – particularly, a wonderful massage while I was on vacation in Tokyo!

  • Lily Egan

    A fairy statue for my garden given to me by my Aunt. My mother had given it to her to give to me after she passed away. I will never forget that birthday! Best present I could have hoped for.

  • melissa bell

    Love the feminine shirt! I’m a sucker for any version of a white blouse. The best gift I’ve ever received was from my little brother. Because he’s 20 years younger he was sort of my practice baby 😉
    He’s not so little anymore but around 7 years old he gave me some owl feathers he had found with a note telling me I was his “best sister”. I still have them and that note still gets me teary eyed!

  • Sonja Hilton

    Other than salvation which was free, A refurbished vitamix from my mom! It’s used every day, many times!

  • Destini Skye

    When I was a little girl, my parents gave me a locket with their pictures in it so that when I went to kindergarten and missed them, I could just open up my locket. Years forward, I met the love of my life, and he knew that story. When Christmas came, I opened a small box and there was a locket with his picture inside and was engraved “You’re My World” on the outside, so that whenever I missed him, I could open up my locket and see him. A sweet, sentimental gift.

  • Tracy

    The best gift I ever received was a colbalt blue velvet eyeglass case from my best friend’s father-in-law for Christmas one year. It was such a thoughtful gesture and I’ve had that thing for almost 15 years. Whenever I open my drawer and see it, I think fondly of him. So special, now that he is much older and his health is failing. I hope to keep it forever.

  • Sarah

    I was working as an English teacher in rural South India. It was a difficult transition and the work was often challenging. One day I showed up for class and it was “Teacher’s Day,” many of students had made me card, picked flowers for me, and were eager to show their appreciation. It was very touching!

  • Mayra Moran


    Saludos de mexico

  • Tina Knezevic

    The best gift I ever received is my husband. My life is now complete after marrying my soul mate!

  • Melinda

    The best gift I have ever received is my wedding band. It’s not full of diamonds or elaborate in any way, but it means everything to me. It’s my most treasured possession because my husband is so dedicated and hard working. We have four beautiful children together, and we have been married for over 11 years. It may not meet everyone’s expectations for a wedding band or a gift, but far exceeds mine.

  • Cindy Holcomb

    Wow, what a beautiful shirt! I will always be a fan of romance and lace. The best gift I have ever received is one that was completely unexpected. On my wedding day, my mother was too ill to attend my wedding but she sent the most precious gift with my father. She gave me a beautiful cameo broche that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother. Truly a precious family treasure.

  • Mia

    The best gift I ever, ever, ever got was from my then boyfriend (now husband): an antique banjolele instrument. It was so unexpected and exactly what I wanted.

  • Charissa Hudson

    My two children.

  • Abby

    The best gift I ever received was probably my whole college being paid for by my parents. As I’m about to graduate, I’m overcome by their generosity and the weight of what it means to have no college debt. That truly was the best gift I ever received.

  • Rachel

    The best gift I’ve ever received is a bracelet from my husband. It’s something I’d wanted for years and my husband surprised me with it one Valentines Day. It was so sweet!

  • Pogonia

    The best gift I’ve ever received was a ring with a camel charm on it.

  • allysmama

    The best gift I ever received was a scrapbook that my teenage daughter put together for me! She documented all the fun things that she and I had done together!

  • Bianca Blanco

    My great grandmothers sewing machine. I don’t even know how to use it yet but it just feels so rich with history and is a wonderful reminder of the fierce women who raised me.

  • Vern E & Rach E

    My sister gifted me a subscription to Vegan Cuts for my birthday. I was lucky to be able to try all kinds of Vegan products before buying them.

  • Jendria

    Best gift?…That is hard to say because there are so many. My favorite, though, is the gift that costs nothing…it is the beautiful gift of just being in the presence of someone who let’s you be you, that’s it!

  • Sarah VM

    The best gift I ever received was a canvas print of my daughter when she was a baby. I love it.

  • JE Underwood

    The best gift I ever received was my husband. I waited a long time to find him and he has been the most incredible blessing to my life.

  • Shelly Fraval

    When I was 9 months pregnant and days away from turning 31, my amazing husband took me to a hidden little exotic fruit tree nursery tucked away in Granada Hills. I had been craving all of the delicious tropical fruits we lived on while honeymooning in Kauai 9 months earlier… juicy mangoes, sweet lychees, pink guavas, and mouthwatering passion fruit. So my dear husband told me to pick out as many trees as I wanted and he would build me my very own backyard tropical fruit tree garden. It was truly the BEST birthday gift ever! And it has been such a blessing to watch my trees grow and mature along side my son, now three years old.

  • Sarah

    The best gift I ever received was the boxed set of Anne of Green Gables movies. Those movies are special to me as I’m from Canada(living in the US) and they remind me of home. I also watched them with my Nana when I was a child. I lost my nana when I was 11, so these movies remind me of her. Another bonus: my husband actually got the boxed set for me on his own..without any prompting. He’s not the “romantic” type but this was super special to me :)

  • Kalona

    The best gift i ever received was a sister :).

  • Michelle K.

    My almost 3 year old son, is hands down, the best gift i have ever received!!!!!!! Motherhood is pure magic and love, every single day!

  • Dania Aubrey Christine DePas

    So fun! I want Alicia’so top!! For my 25th birthday, my mom wrote me a poem and stayed up all night finishing it and making me a batch of vegan chex mix and other goodies. She passed away 7 months later from breast cancer, quite unexpectedly. I’ll always treasure that sweet poem and remember that as the best birthday and gift. It’s a reminder how she always put so much effort toward making me happy and making sure I knew I was special and loved. Best mom ever! xoxoxoxo

  • Kaite Reichart

    The best gift I’ve ever received is my little cat Doback. I named him after my favorite character in Stepbrothers. My best friend adopted him for me as a surprise because I was sad from a breakup and he wanted to cheer me up. He’s the sweetest, most playful little boy and my best animal friend. He grew up with 2 German shepherds and he has the personality of a little dog himself. I think he thinks he is one. He plays fetch and walks on a leash because I moved to a city apartment. He turns 1 this month, and I didn’t know I could get so attached to an animal, but I couldn’t imagine my life without little Do now!

  • Kaite Reichart

    This is him with his favorite stuffed animal…

  • Dana Marie Germain

    i believe the best present i have ever received was a heart shaped necklace my son picked out and bought with his own piggy bank money for my birthday i wear it every day

  • misschanandalerbong

    The best gift I’ve ever received is my sweet puppy, Princess! A friend of mine found her abandoned by the side of the road on my birthday when I was 16, and she gave her to me. She passed away two years ago, but she was just the best dog, and I miss her so much!

  • Cindy Batchelor

    My ex husband sent me flowers and a pearl necklace for my birthday even though we were going through a separation. I thought that was incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

  • Lexi Guardado

    I would have to say the gift of life. Waking up every single day is one thing I do not take for granted. I’m finding my purpose in life so it is nice to be alive. I enjoy watching the sunset and the sunrise because makes me feel at peace. I remind myself to breathe and not let the stresses of the world get to me.

  • Nicole Reel

    The best gift I ever received was my engagement ring from my fiancee. Not because it was a ring, but because of what it meant. I love him dearly.

  • Katie Haberman

    They greatest of gift I’ve ever received… were some wild flowers that my dad had delivered to me at school when I was in the 3rd grade. How that memory is so vivid in my mind. I’ll never forget being called down to the office… and feeling so special! Flowers to this day, are my absolute favorite!

  • Katie Haberman

    They greatest of gift I’ve ever received… were some wild flowers that my dad had delivered to me at school when I was in the 3rd grade. How that memory is so vivid in my mind. I’ll never forget being called down to the office…

    and feeling so special. :) Flowers to this day, are my absolute favorite!

  • baltimore

    The best gift I have ever been given was when I was in Peace Corps. The van I was riding in as a passenger hit and killed a woman. The woman’s friends came over to comfort me. This is a poem I wrote about it years ago. Thank you renee g.

    Both at the Same Time
    often i mistake a garden hose for a garden snake or a garden snake for a garden hose, both at home in a flower bed could be one in the same.

    i don’t write about Ghana or i haven’t for fear of infecting what it was then with my meringue. but what follows is if i could dance about it, and the dance was interpreted, the interpreter would say this:

    a short time after being there, she traveled from the capital to her village, asamankese, on a tro tro, like a minivan with the seats ripped out and more seats welded in, this tro tro was speeding, hit a woman on the side of the road and killed her. The woman had been selling plantains with her friends. after this the girl was standing on the side of the road, without breath. The woman’s friends came across the road, smiled gave her comfort without language and flagged down another tro tro for her to get home.

    i’m still where god put nature and nature abandons
    after a year i dyed one hand red;
    that said i was ok there.
    they liked it to wave.
    they would take me by the wrist and wave
    their hands, waving my hand.
    we had many things to wave to.

    with my other hand i drank
    coke from a bottle shaped like a woman.
    they drank from mud puddles swimming
    with parasites called cyclops.
    i taught them to put a piece of cloth that made
    a net which could catch the cyclops
    before they drank the water;

    before the one eye had a chance
    to see their stomach.
    when the net worked,
    we threw the cyclops on the ground
    and felt like gods.
    when the net didn’t work
    they pulled a worm out of their foot,
    breast, thigh…and wound it around
    a twig for a few months.

    sometimes a piece of a hairweave blows on the road
    like leaves, and i have to remind myself
    that no one died, that the tail of hair moving uphill
    not attached to a head and body,
    did not mean someone died.
    my job on this page is a lost dog dragging a leash
    running down the street.
    today there is a tree outside my house with misleading branches
    half of them green, green as the backs of scarabs in Egypt
    half of them dry;
    a tree where you can only reach
    the top
    both i climb

  • S. Santini

    I typically do not participate much on the internet or put myself “out there” but I love this site so much and would love to share with everyone my best gift. The best gift that I received was from my grandfather who passed away in 2004. He gave me a really cute stuffed animal alligator holding a heart that said I love you for Valentines Day. He gave it to me not when I was younger but when I was in my late 20s not long before he passed away. It was so sweet and he was so happy when he gave it to me. I still have it and will keep forever. He was truly a wonderful man, a real man, no joke. A young Italian immigrant that made a life here, lived through the depression and made the most out of life. Tough on the exterior but was that sweet stuffed alligator with a heart on the interior. I miss him dearly, in reality I guess he was the best gift I ever received.

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    I love that my husband put so much time and effort into picking out my engagement ring. It’s my favorite gift.

  • Kelly M.

    My husband returned from deployment over Christmas, and it was absolutely the best gift I’ve ever gotten!

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    The best gift I ever received were my mother’s wedding rings, a set of two. She and my father were married on April 28, 1957. She passed away after an 8-year battle with cancer on July 9, 2001. On December 29, 2012, my father took me to Starbucks, handed me a small box, and said, “These are from your mother.” I had them put together as one ring, had it sized, and our Pastor/Priest blessed the ring so I could wear it as my new wedding ring as a sign of love and fidelity with my husband. <3

  • Debora Kellen

    the best gift I’ve ever received were blessings words from my mom right after I took her to a doctor appointment, I was 16 years old and I took care of her all my teen years. It’s been10 years that she lives in heaven now. She said:”God bless you my daughter and make all of your dreams come true”.

  • Allyson Tice

    the best gift i ever received was my first born son!! he changed my life tremndously!

  • Laura

    Well, I have 3 wonderful children but my 3rd child is disabled. I honestly have to say that he’s the best gift I’ve ever been given. I say that because he’s the reason I became vegan 6 years ago. He’s also the reason that I became more compassionate and thoughtful towards other people and animals. My life has been completely changed for the better because of him. I am healthier, stronger, and a much kinder person. He is the best blessing I could have ever asked for!

  • KC

    The best gift I’ve ever received is my job. I am a children’s librarian and I honestly believe that it is such a blessing to be able to connect with our community, lay the foundations for the love of reading, foster the love of reading and work with the awesome people that I work with. Thank you for the opportunity to win the gorgeous top and bag. :-)

  • Amanda*

    I have been given so many sweet and wonderful gifts throughout my life and I feel that the greatest one I have received is the gift of WANDERLUST. I grew up with a family whose idea of an annual vacation was going to The State Fair for one day each year. Therefore, despite this fact, I’m so thankful that I developed a strong desire to see the world and gain perspective and meet so many incredible individuals and animals! This has served me well in helping me become a more compassionate and grateful woman :)

  • Cindy Duhon

    Besides being blessed by a wonderful husband for 38 years and our son,My best gift was a diagnosis of a very rare autoimmune disease that I have had all my life! was finally diagnosed 6 yrs.ago. I cant do anything about it,but, at least I know what it is!

  • Claudia Loschmann

    Hi Alicia – Right now, this book – the Kind Diet – is a great read and super fun. So that’s my gift (as a mother of two small children starting to read books again because the kids are getting a bit older). Sounds cheezy but I feel a connection to the book and love reading it!! Thanks for taking the time to write it :)

  • Dana Marie Combs

    The best gift I ever received was from my husband on our wedding day. While at the salon getting my hair and makeup done with my bridesmaids, he sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers with the sweetest note saying he couldn’t wait to see me and begin the rest of our lives together.

  • Lea

    The best gift I’ve ever received is my professional camera. I don’t know what I would do without it. I thank my family for this great investment, and I use it very frequently.

  • Kristy

    The best gifts I had ever received were my cat and my dog. They are no longer with me today, but the memories I have of them are forever strong and I learned so much from them.

  • Rebecca Scannell

    The best gift I have ever received was a housewarming gift from my sweet friend Sarah. She made me and my little family a barley and lace wreath with seashells adorned on a big wooden ‘S’. The ‘S’ is representative of my last name, Scannell!! It was so thoughtful, unexpected and really touched my heart. My friends and family were equally impressed!

  • amweeks

    The best gift I ever received was from my boyfriend (now-hubby). Back in the 90s, a few years before we were married, he gave me a pinball machine for Christmas! And now it’s great watching the kids play on it all these years later!

  • Rachel

    the best gift I’ve ever received was my engagement ring because what it represents, and because diamonds.

  • Darlene Owen

    The best gift I ever received was a beautiful pair of earrings.

  • RondaR

    The best gift I ever received was a homemade lamp and matching vase.

  • MnLady

    The best gift I ever received is my granddaughter born on Christmas Day!

  • Anne Perry

    The best gift that I have received is the gift of medical freedom. I am empowered to make healthy choices for myself and my family.


    The best gift I ever received was a lovely sweater. It was a gift from Santa and it was special because I did not expect to get anything but fruit and candy. Back in those days, our Santa did not bring anything but token gifts like fruit and candy to the children once they were teenagers.

  • Kathy Cavanagh Dalton

    The best gift I received ever would definitely be my six grandchildren

  • Meghan Berdelle

    Definitely my Grandmother’s ring, i love knowing it was with her for so long

  • frugaluser

    the best gift that I have ever received would have to be from my daughter for christmas this year. her school does a free garage sale type christmas store so the kids can shop for free. she got me 2 bracelets – they are too small but reflect her personality so much. I couldn’t have asked for anything better

  • Melissa

    The best gift I have ever received was a quilt made by my mother out of the scarves my late dog received each time he went to the groomer’s. I had been saving the scarves from a very young age to make this quilt with, but she completely surprised me by digging out all of the scarves and making this quilt for me. It is my most prized possession.

  • Nina D

    The best gift I ever received was when I was 25 years old (15 years ago) from my best friend, Kari. I am a cancer survivor and, at 25, I was receiving treatments which left my hair thin and patchy. I had only recently shaved my head and was feeling pretty self conscious. Kari decided to throw me a party to cheer me up and was the first to arrive. She gave me a box with a big red bow and told me I needed to open it right away. Inside was her beautiful long hair in a single braid. She then took off her hat to reveal a bald head. I had no words then and still get teary thinking about it. Not to mention this was in January and she was getting married in March. The hair went to Locks of Love but I still treasure the box. 15 years later, we are still best friends and Kind Lifers. I love you, Kari!

  • Amanda Patterson

    The best gift I every got was a pet snake from my grandfather. He lived for 11 years and was an amazing pet :)

  • Deanna

    The best gift I have ever received was my dog. She gets fur on my couch cushions, but is my best friend!

  • Celeste

    The best gift I’ve ever received was way back in the 6th grade, when I had a science project due at school. Of course, I had procrastinated on the project and found myself up late the night before, desperately trying to finish. Around midnight, I finally gave up and went to bed, setting my alarm clock to wake up early. The next morning, I went into the kitchen to find the project completely finished—my mom had woken up early herself to finish it for me. I just remember crying when I saw it; I was so happy, but felt so guilty at the same time. I hugged my mom and promised to never procrastinate ever again on school projects. And I never did (at least to the point where my mom had to step in!). It was such a kind gesture from my mom and a lesson well learned on my end. :)

  • McKala Horton

    The best gift I ever received was a panting from my sister. Mary Alice has Autism and had a kidney transplant last year in May 2015 and panted my gift in erly september my birthday is the 27th . BEST GIFT EVER!!!

  • Aaron

    The best gift I’ve ever received is the Bozo Bucket Bonanza Grand Prize Game.

  • My Flower

    hmmmmmm best gift would be the roku i won on a blog

  • Jackie Becker

    The best gift I’ve ever gotten was my dog a few days before Christmas. He was 6 weeks old and scheduled to be euthanized at a high kill shelter in Duplin NC. My mom emailed the shelter and told them we would take him. He’s the most loving and caring dog I’ve ever had:)

  • Ashley Murray

    My ring when my fiance proposed!!


  • Lisa Jagodzinski

    The best gift i ever got was my child! But as far a physical gifts definitely a mom ring after having my son

  • Leela

    My family.

  • Angela saver

    The best gift I ever received is my ring wrap that my hubby gave me that wraps around my wedding & engagement ring!

    [email protected]

  • Chereasa Hardesty

    I cannot single out one thing as the best gift I ever received. But, I will say that all the things my children have made for me over the years and the special notes and poems my husband has written me are the things I truly cherish.

  • Oh the Humanity…

    The best gift that I ever received was a reprieve from a hysterectomy last year. I was initially told by my doctor that I would have to have a hysterectomy after a biopsy found some cancerous cells in my uterus. They said that I had early stage uterine cancer, and would never be able to have my own children. It crushed me, I was only 31 years old at the time. Thankfully we were able to find another solution. The gift of being able to (hopefully) have children one day was the best gift that I have ever received. :)

  • lea12749

    The best gifts I have received are always hand-me-downs from friends. I love knowing that whatever the gift is, it has been appreciated well enough to be passed to someone else. My best hand-me-down gift is a prayer book, very simple, a paper copy. It is a treasure, it has helped me through everything and I take it wherever I go, through countries and continents. Now the paper is torn and faded, but I carry it along still.

  • Linda

    My hubby of 33 years retired and he bought us an RV and we just picked it up. The time spent with him (yes, we still really like eachother!) is priceless! So, yes, while not a material gift, but way better!!