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Giveaway: Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Congrats Aida, you won!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone, thanks so much for entering!! So many amazing stories and kind mamas out there.


Happy (almost) Mother’s Day, Kind Lifers & Kind Mamas! Once again we’re partnering with Fair Trade USA to give away an amazing gift basket of social and environmentally responsible goodies. I love supporting Fair Trade because when you buy an item with the Fair Trade Certified label, you know that farmers and workers were able to protect the environment, work in safe, healthy conditions, and earn additional income to improve their communities. With more than 30 Fair Trade product categories to choose from—from tea to chocolate, baking ingredients and even apparel—you can vote for a better world with your purchases every time you shop!

As you all know, women play a crucial role in building strong families, communities and businesses. That’s why Fair Trade USA is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special campaign called FairHer. Its goal is to celebrate the strong women of Fair Trade, from the farmers and workers who grow and sew our favorite products, to the businesses and shoppers who increase demand for Fair Trade. These “FairHer” women make the world a fairer place – and so do YOU when you give your mom Fair Trade products on Mother’s Day!

Elvia Almachi, 32, from Guaytacama, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years and is currently a production line field supervisor. She has been part of the Fair Trade committee in the past and has two daughters, aged 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, are two of only five employees to participate on the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade premium fund. They are both currently studying an equivalent to high school degrees. "Before I worked in a different local flower company and they exploited us. Even while I was pregnant! Once I came here, I could tell the difference was huge. We would like for everyone in Ecuador who works in the flower industry to have the same great benefits we do here. Please continue to believe in us. There are many of us who need to continue improving our quality of life through the Fair Trade premium fund. It is through these Fair Trade flowers that hundreds of families, like mine, continually improve our lives." Agrogana: Joseguango Bajo, Latacunga, Cotopaxi, Ecuador. February 18, 2013. BY DOWNLOADING ANY IMAGE FROM THIS WEBSITE YOU AGREE TO: (1) Not to display images on products or their packaging where the products are sold or traded for cash or other consideration, or (2) Not to sale or other distribution of the Images to others in exchange for cash or other consideration. You may ONLY use Images in promoting a product, service, social cause, or other public message associated with Fair Trade USA’s Fair Trade certification program, including without limitation on web sites, social media, printed materials, trade show booths, and point of sale materials. Use Password: FTUSA

Elvia has been working on a Fair Trade certified farm in Ecuador for 12 years. She is currently pursuing a high school degree at the weekend adult school created with Fair Trade community investment funds.


This year’s giveaway features an array of gift ideas that will make your own mom smile AND spread the love to Fair Trade moms like Elvia:

DAVIDsTEA Organic Mother’s Little Helper Tea and Origami Birds Nordic Mug

Eco Lips Bee Free Vegan Lip Balms

Nourish Organic Intensely Moisturizing Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Super Dark Chocolate Bars

Whole Foods Market $25 Gift Card

Wholesome! Organic Blue Agave

Patagonia Centered Crops

prAna Skye Dress

Under the Canopy Kimono Robe

Allegro Organic Café La Dueña

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment about a mom who deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day. Also be sure to visit to learn more about FairHer and how to get involved!

I will announce the winner on Monday May 9th.

With love,





  • Kelly

    My mom deserves to be pampered this year. She has been my idol since I was a little girl. She is the most selfless person I know. Although she is not vegan, she always makes sure I have lots of tasty vegan dishes at family dinners. She has recently started to “flirt”, it is very exciting!

  • Kelly

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She has long been my idol. She is the most selfless person I know.

  • Katie Gluck

    My mom! She is the epitome of selflessness and love. She makes a point to reach out to everyone she meets with kindness and compassion. She is extremely hard working and puts helping others in front of her self (wether it be volunteering with kids in our community to hosting fundraisers for local charities to taking care of my dad :) ). She is a constant inspiration to walk on this earth with consciousness and love.

  • joti b

    My mom is very hardworking & kind person, she definitely deserves to be pampered :)

  • Katie Gluck

    My mom! She is the epitome of selflessness and love. She makes a point to reach out to everyone she meets with kindness and compassion. She is extremely hard working and puts helping others in front of her self (wether it be volunteering with kids in our community to hosting fundraisers for local charities to taking care of my dad :) ). She is a constant inspiration to walk on this earth with consciousness and love.

  • Rose

    My mom of course! She introduced me to all of this.

  • Lindsay Rider

    I would LOVE to be able to pamper my Mom with this awesome gift this year! What a year she’s had! Last year, just after Mother’s Day, her house had a serious electrical fire that necessitated a whole gut redo – right down to the bare bones of the house. SO grateful for insurance and that no one was hurt, of course, but man oh man has this year been stressful and tough on the home front. Rebuilding a house, replacing almost all of your belongings and being misplaced for any amount of time is just no fun. But in true Lisa fashion, she always chose to look at the bright side, and very shortly (we hope) the project should be finished! ALSO (and this is so exciting), this year for my birthday, instead of gifts, I asked my family to join me in visiting the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and taking a tour. Always supportive, Mom gladly got in the car, drove hours to pick me up and then go with the family to the Sanctuary. She was moved by the stories and meeting all of the beautiful animals, she even decided that she would take steps right away to make her life more Kind. I almost cried (okay, I cried). Just another example of how she follows her heart and is courageous. I’m so excited to support her on this journey of kinder living, and would love to give her this gift, to help show her how easy it is to get amazing products all while being kind to each other and the planet! Thanks for offering this, and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  • Claire

    My sister-in-law is raising my niece (6) and nephew (8) on her own, and I admire her enormously. (I have only one two-year-old, AND a great husband, and am exhausted!) I also think she’s burning the candle at both ends, so to speak, and deserves some TLC.

  • Erica Stearns

    I know a mom who is living her worst nightmare…she has a daughter that is refusing to speak with her, effectively cutting off all contact with the entire family. This mom (my mom) continues to call, to write notes, to send birthday and holiday wishes and gifts, all without acknowledgment from her daughter in return. And yet she continues to reach out, hoping and praying that one day her daughter will respond. Her heart and my heart breaks for her pain and all I can do is shower her with my own unconditional love and hope and pray myself, that as a mother herself, my sister will someday come around. To all you daughters and sons out there…call your mother not just on Mother’s Day, but everyday.

  • Pam

    My MIL has always been loving and supportive of everything my husband and I pursue, including being vegan!

  • Destini Skye

    My mother is a beautiful soul – a single mother of two (still raising my sister) and a hard-working business owner. She has always put us before herself, and is currently under the stress of helping me plan my wedding. Love her more than life itself!

  • HS kraftmaking

    My mother deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day.

  • Julia B

    I think every woman who takes on the role of a supportive and loving mother deserves to be pampered on mother’s day! My own mother was not this way, but as I celebrate my first mother’s day this year, I celebrate myself, and all the other mommas out there who open their hearts every day to their children <3

  • Heather Kelly

    Me of course! My husband believes that Mother’s Day is about going out to eat some place, cards and a few presents for me, and that’s it. No flowers, no homemade dinner by him, and he can cook too! He’s an excellent cook! No day off. It’s mostly just another day, and this year, he flies out for a business trip, ON Mother’s Day! So Lovely!

  • Kaleigh

    My mom <3…. This year she had weight loss surgery and for the first time in her life is learning how to pamper herself. She goes above and beyond for everyone else in her life, but doing it for herself is new and foreign for her. She's taught me how be to kind, selfless and thoughtful and now I'm trying to teach her the importance of self care and how to embrace life with enthusiasm with her new fresh start in life!

  • Deb

    I can’t pick just one mom… all my hard working (in and out of the home) mom friends!!! Love them all and think that one day out of the year is not enough to celebrate MOMs who really do make the world go ’round!!!!

  • Marecia Gaston

    If I could, I’d give my mother the world. She has given me more than I could ever repay (but I try!).

    Her compassion and never ending love and support for not just me, but her friends, family and coworkers inspires everyone who witnesses it. She is the person you turn to when no one else will listen. Even though I’ve known her struggle, she never, not once, made her burdens my own or anyone else’s. She managed to be mom and dad and never complained. She so very strong, optimistic, caring and a born leader; her energy is infectious! Sometimes, I feel she’s younger than I am. She takes care of her body, loves to laugh and have a great time! She loves life.

    Her students even love her to death and they make sure to show that to her everyday. Since I could remember, I’ve always aspired to be like her but I realize that not even I, the person who knows her best, could shine as bright. I love, love LOVE my momma!!! She deserves the loveliest, kindest gifts this world has to offer.

    Thank you, Alicia!

    (My Mom’s the goofball in the red & I’m the goofball holding the selfie stick! :-P)

  • Dina Banks

    my mom is my personal hero, she literally saves our day since both of my kids were born – helping us on so many levels. she actually had to come from abroad numerous time to babysit, take care of me when i was recovering after giving birth and whenever she had a chance to take time off work

  • Rachel

    My mom definitely deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day! She gives up so much of her time to help others. For the last 6 years she’s helped my baby sister get out of an abusive relationship and taken care of her two kids so she could get back on her feet and start working again. Her selflessness inspires me!

  • Jendria

    My mom definitely deserves to be pampered. She gives so much! She is always helping others.

  • Lorie Hernesh

    My mom Lillian has worked hard her whole life. She is a giver and never a taker! Now that she is retired she has been riddled with various illnesses and health complications. She keeps moving everyday however, these constant issues have made her depressed and often sad. I would love to be able to give this to her to pamper her and make her feel better on the inside and out! Thanks!

  • kstickradt

    My Mother, Katherine, is 105, still mentally alert and mobile and quite amazing. She would be delightfully surprised to receive a lovely gift basket like this. Thanks for the opportunity to share Fair Trade gifts.

  • christophersorel

    my amazing wife that has 3 jobs 2 fulltime mother and nurse and then partime student. She deserves it all

  • Cindy Batchelor

    My mom is the best! Always there for me even when I’ve messed up bad, and is still quick to tell me she is proud of me.Means the world to me!

  • Elizabeth Brave

    My mother is amazing. She is still working at 75 years young. She spent 10 years caring for her husband who has recently past, all while helping others in her profession. She raised three kids on her own, saved our childhood home when my parent’s divorced during the time when women couldn’t own homes in their own name, went to law school when I was in high school so she could become a family lawyer and help others who are going through a divorce. She’s worked at a detective, traveled all over the world and shared her experience, strength and hope with many. She is cooking vegan, learning meditation and reaching out to others.

  • Britt

    Wow what a wonderful basket! I am proud of my mother for how much she has grown and learned from my lifestyle. She comes from a generation that “does as their parents did”, which is not necessarily for the best. I became vegan at 17 and from there I entered holistic studies such as aromatherapy and making my own vegan skincare, being environmentally conscious, etc. Although my mother never became vegan, she embraced learning (at 50+ years old!) and enrolled herself in a course for reflexology. She then took a course in Indian head massage, hot stone massage, hand reflexology, and chair massage. She also asked for all of my notes on aromatherapy and ran with that as well and started purchasing essential oils. I invited her with me when I attended my Reiki attunement training and she attended the level one. She never attended level 2 with me as she said she is better at doing something physical like massage because she doesn’t understand the energy work.. she accepts it, and embraces it, but doesn’t quite grasp it yet. She doesn’t realize that she has the most healing hands of anyone I have ever met! This is why she is so good at all the holistic healing modalities she has chosen. She is always pampering someone else, be it massaging my step father’s sore shoulders or our elderly dog’s legs to bring circulation into his legs (who has passed away), doing reflexology on me or my sister, etc. etc. It’s definitely time for her to be pampered and because she has come to recognize a more environmental, kinder way of life, she would appreciate this basket. Again, she is not vegan, but I hope that I can continue to influence her positively in the choices that she makes :0) Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there :0)

  • Lexi Guardado

    My mom, she was injured at work and she is such a trooper. Her attitude is everything.

  • Ellen

    Me, me, me!!!! I wake up every single day grateful but always asking myself how I can be a better mom today than the day before. How I can teach my two little girls to grow up to be independent, Earth loving, considerate, find their bliss, follow their passion type of people. I’m a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom who considers the raising of my girls as my “real” job. I love the FairHer campaign and thanks for informing me about it! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • Leslie Snare

    My friend Alicia has been a single mom and her daughter just turned 2. This would be the perfect treat for her!

  • tweetyscute

    My mom deserves to be pampered this Mothers Day. SHe has had a rough few months and this would be a boost for her.

  • manda

    My mom. She is amazing and gives to so many.

  • Pangela Angela

    My mom , she is a amazing mom and grandmother and she has such a big heart with so much love and would do anything for anyone

  • Julia Seeley

    This Mother’s Day, in addition to my own mom, I will be thinking of my grandmother. She celebrated her 102nd birthday this year! As a wife of a pastor and mother of seven in rural Texas, she has valued practical, frugal, and natural living throughout her life. She monitors her water use, never wastes food, and prefers simple recipes with fresh ingredients over processed foods or dining out. I am proud to have introduced her to making vegetable soup with a blender – just vegetables, herbs, and water! It’s her favorite meal :) A woman ahead of her time, she is really an inspiration.

  • Ellen

    My mom is no longer alive, so I would share this with different women who have played important roles in my life

  • Stephanie s

    My mom for emphasizing a healthy lifestyle for happiness and teaching me to think and do for myself. She inspired me to follow the kind diet with several women in our community and we all feel more empowered by the day!

  • Christina Hagan
  • Mary Cronin

    Unfortunately my mom has passed, and so has her mom., and my husband’s mom…But if I could give such a fantastic mother’s day gift, I would choose my best friend, Alexis, who has been such a great friend and an amazing mom to her own daughter! I choose her because I love and appreciate her so much.

  • Cheryl

    Can I actually say me? – I’m a mom that would love to be pampered. I know it sounds selfish… I am a full time mom to 2 yo triplets that are the light of my life. And doing that has made me realize how important it is to also take time for ourselves, something I don’t really get to do. I would love one day to just do nothing, or maybe go the bookstore, go for a walk. I adore my girls, and also know how much better we are as parents when we take care of ourselves and get to feel refreshed.

  • Lindsay

    My Mom does everything for her kids! She traveled across the country for the birth of each grandchild and to help us when we need it. Her love and dedication to her family inspires me as a new Mom. She definitely deserves pampering.

  • Mama Tummy

    My mom deserves to be pampered since she has started her life over. She got rid of most of her things to move to another state. She still doesn’t have a place to call her own, but she finally got a car. At the age of 56 she just graduated school! I’m not able to do anything for her this year either. This basket would make a nice gift that she would appreciate.

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    I’m so fortunate to have my mom around to support me through life’s challenges. It was her guidance that led me to vegetarianism and then I returned the favor and encouraged her to go vegan. She deserves a little something extra this year. Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!

  • Liovani Nazario

    After losing my mom two months ago I am going to say what she will say, that I am the mom that deserves to be pampered. She was always telling me not forget about me like she did for many years. Once she decided to take care of herself and accept that it was ok to put herself firs, her life was better and she was happier. I tend to forget this as I take care of others but trying to learn just like almost every other mom, that I deserve pampering too and IT IS OK <3

  • HS kraftmaking

    My mom deserves to be pampered!

  • Jill

    A mother to all of us, who needs the most pampering of all, Mother Earth.

  • Joanne M Gajewski

    My mom is my anchor. She always puts family first and herself last. She is 77 now and really could use a day of papmpering. I would not be who I am without her!

  • Heather

    My own, of course. Selfless, hilarious and amazing.

  • Tiffany Norris

    My sweet friend who just lost her brother and has a newborn definitely deserves to be pampered!

  • Kristy

    My Grandmother deserves to be pampered this Mother’s day. She is in her 80s and STILL works so hard everyday. She works at the front gate of her complex, waving people in with a smile, Gardens and pulls weeds until her back hurts, and takes care of her children and grandchildren. All the while setting a great example, cooking big meals for herself and her children every day.

  • jtlittlelong

    My mother deserves to be pampered. This past year and a half she was diagnosed with cancer while going to college to finish her nursing degree at age 55. She had to ‘,drop out’ if college while treating the cancer. She never missed a beat. Her grandkids knew she loved them daily. She cherished every card and call.
    Upon getting better she lost muscles in her eye and gets a constant headache and has to wear an eye patch often she struggles through partial vision loss. . she has recently returned to getting her degree in college. She has also taken upon the challenge of raising her grandson. She definatkey deserves this if anyone does!!! She’s a fighter.

  • rondadoug

    Well…lol…me….My Mom passed away in 2012….I’m the only Mom left.

  • Bianca Munoz

    My mother deserves this of course! She babysits the kids when I am at work. They love their grandma! She cooks for them everyday, she plays with them. She is one of my biggest breastfeeding supports. She babywears, she is smart, she loves music. She is just awesome! I love my mom :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Becca Z

    My sister-in-law Stacey deserves to be pampered, big time. They have 6 children, she home schools, and she runs a cake and cupcake business out of her home. She is always positive and upbeat and loving and just gives and gives and gives.

  • Valerie Gillmore

    My mum is at a nursing home after she fell. A little parcel would be nice to comfort her while she is not at home. <3
    She introduced me to vegetarianism when I was a teenager and I introduced her to veganism 10 years ago. :)

  • sara

    My mom deserves to be pamper causes she’s kind heated,puts others first, donate to good causes and volunteers at benefits

  • Luz Gonzalez

    My mother has always been such a wonderfully giving, selfless person who helps anyone, any way she can. She inspires our family in so many ways and now that I’m a mother I understand. Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there!

  • sandz4321

    My sister, who has a full time job, 2 teen age kids (who are in sports, jazz band and jobs) and helps me take care of our 83 year old mother.

  • Christina Hagan

    My mother a middle eastern Christian loving, charitable, kind hearted woman. Grew up with a abusive father, lived in an orphanage and came to the usa with her two twin brothers in nyc. She started life again loving the fresh air, healthy food, and environment in our country and share that with hER family/children . We had a family accident and my mom broke her back but to this day works happily, was a stay at home mom, juggled so many things and came out with a huge heart. Loved helping, loves charity work, and even took me overseas to teach and help people in the orphanage. She deserves to be pampered all the way!!!!! :) I am only who I am because of my mom.

  • Maribel Figueroa

    My mom is a very loving person and cares about others I think she deserves to be pampered

  • Madeline

    My mom deserves pampering. She has raised 3 of the most difficult children on the planet (haha) and always forgets to put herself first.

  • Rachel

    My sister who just had her first baby a month ago deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day.

  • Calshondra Williams

    Me and my mom aren’t close. But, it has made me be the best Mom ever according to my hubby and kids. So, I would say that I really need to be pampered this Mother’s Day. Fingers crossed. Good Luck to all & Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for the opportunity and chance.

  • Amanda Williams

    My “mom” deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day. She may not have carried me nor gave birth to me, but she welcomed me into her home with loving arms when I was 10 years old. Now I’m 31 and have a 4 year old daughter and my mom (step-mother) couldn’t be more in love with my daughter. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother. As far as my daughter is concerned, that is her grandmother & my mom. Kudos to the women/men who step up and accept someone else’s child as their own. Love~

  • Sonja Hilton

    My friend Lori, she spends her Sunday’s hanging out with ar risk girls at church and also is a babysitter in the nursery.she recently took my niece who has health issues and has been in the hospital recently for the night so I could get some rest.. She has had cancer, yet she keeps on serving

  • Amanda S.

    My mom deserves to be pampered, she never asks for anything and puts herself last all the time. I want her to feel special and learn that it’s okay to make time for herself.

  • Monica

    My mother definitely deserves pampering. She literally does everything for my dad as well as my brother and I. I live far from my mother and she never hesitates to help me. My mother is currently going through chemo for breast cancer. I recently got engaged last year and she was unable to go dress shopping with me and have that special mother/daughter time and she is unable to help plan the wedding. She doesn’t ever say, but I know it hurts her feelings. The little meaningful things make her happy (like a card or a facebook message) and it shows, but I would love to give her something that she can actually indulge in.

  • shirley li

    my mom definitely deserves it because she volunteers her time to the community and has such a bright and caring personality!

  • Melissa F

    My mom always put my brother and I first. She taught us to be kind and giving. She never asks for anything and simply loves spending time with her family.

  • Vicki

    My mom deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day because it’s been a really tough year for my mom. She cared for my step dad who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and after a 3 month fight, he passed away in their home. It was a tough job to care for the person she loved and watch him wither away but it has been even harder for her now that she is greiving his loss. I would love to lift her spirits by pampering her and giving her a nice gift. She truly deserves it.

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    My mom deserves to be pampered because she taught me that family comes first!

  • Mrs Shannon K Orton

    My sister- she is dealing with two teenagers. One of them has lots of medical issues and she is under tons of stress. She needs pampered.

  • Jordan Troublefield

    My sister Ashton, is a brand new mommy. She definitely deserves to be pampered! Motherhood is rough- but being a new mother is such an adjustment in all aspects of life! She’s doing such a fantastic job and I am beyond proud of her.

  • Stefani

    I have a sweet, thoughtful, supportive mom who definitely deserves this giveaway. I’ve learned so much from her about the benefits of eating organic food and using products that are free of harmful toxins. I feel so lucky that she’s taught my family these things over the years, and I can pass that knowledge onto my own future family. She has also recently gone back to work at 58 years old and is saving up money to help me go to graduate school. I am so grateful for her :)

  • Kim Henrichs

    My friend Rose who is the most amazing mom out there!

  • Sarah Stroh Thornton

    My mom needs pampering. she is taking care of dad who after brain surgery two years ago still struggles with seizures and really bad short term memory loss. I just want to hug her every day and tell her how much I love her.

  • Elaine

    My kind sister. Has a beautiful new baby and a gentle compassionate son. Works hard at it. Raising kind kids is the best kind of parenting!

  • Vivian Sun

    I would love to be pampered for once 😉 … my mom passed away in 2008 and I miss her so much. My kids always remind me of her. I wish she could have met them.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    My good friend, Luz Elena, who I met in 2002 when my son was in school. We were moms waiting for the kids to be dismissed when we started talking and became friends. My only son is now almost 21, but she and her husband have SEVEN beautiful children!! She recently went out of her way to come to my 50th birthday party. I’m so glad she did because she had time away to bond with other adult women. She has a full-time job, cooks meals from scratch, and she’s an amazing mother who deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day!!

  • Roxana

    My mom! She is the best, she sacrificed herself for us. She is almost 60 still working hard.

  • Carissa123

    My mom deserves this. She doesn’t get the attention she deserves now that all of us are grown. She is loving and kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. It is because of her I have a love for animals and the environment and am now vegan. My Mama needs to feel the love with this!

  • Dan Stover

    I know a mom who is raising two kids, working over full time and continuing her education to give her children a better future. She does all this selflessly and is rocking it. She deserves this and some added sleep.

  • Rosie

    A relative who is now elderly, who has a special needs daughter, who is now middle aged, and it is very hard to care for her.

  • yuuco7

    My mom deserves to be pampered! She has been an amazing mom. I really appreciate her for being my mom. I really feel it especially after my being a mom! She raised me and my brother with lots of love!

  • Elizabeth Warrick Smith

    Dustin does not have any of her own children, but each summer she becomes Mama D to 50 teens from around the country at her Maui Surfer Girls surf camp, where they all learn to be strong, independent women!

  • Brandi Young

    My sister deserves pampering. She’s a stay at home mom with two little boys and she is homeschooling them both! She works so hard for them.

  • Maria Katie

    My mom raised us kids all by herself, working two jobs and never complaining

  • Sweeper2000

    My Aunt Ginger has no children of her own but she has been like a mother to me since my mother passed away 10 years ago. She celebrated her 87th birthday in April and is a big believer of buying organic. I would share this package with her.

  • Molly Denis

    My mother is person who only thinks of others, she gives tirelessly and doesn’t stop. Even when going through chemo and now with caring for her ailing mother in law in her home, she never complains. She adores her 7 beautiful granddaughters, and is an amazing wife. She truly deserves a special treat this Mother’s day.

  • Maranda Mathis

    My sweet Mama deserves to be treated because she has been through a lot this past year. She was in the hospital and also took care of my Dad who was in the hospital a few months later. She gives and gives and rarely receives. I want to make her so happy. She’s always been there to dry my tears and hug me in her arms. I want to treat her. <3

  • Amy Rachelle Cobb

    My best friend is the mom who is truly deserving. She is such a blessing to each person that is in her life. She goes out of her way to do for others and put herself on the back burner. Her mom is dying of lung cancer and she stays the night with her to help take care of her. She stopped by my house the other day because she was out buying groceries and came across a skirt that made her think of me. It touched my heart so greatly because here she is with so much going on in her life that she stops to think of me. She is so selfless and loving. Just thinking about her and the kind of person she is brings tears to my eyes.

  • scribbleprints

    I’m thinking of a mom who’s in the hospital right now, and could use some pampering.

  • Lauren

    My mom works so hard she deserves a gift like this

  • Kim Pollock

    My mom only needs hugs and kisses but it would be so nice to bless her with something more. Just like all the other moms out there, she has sacrificed, loved well, gave so much, and has poured into me and others.

  • Ann Dewit

    My mate sam minshull she is a true inspiration to motherhood,raising a daughter with special needs and still puts times aside to help her friends and family , without hesitation,,has a heart of gold

  • Jen Cline

    My friend Susan deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day. She has an 18-month-old like me, but is also pregnant with her second baby and in the middle of moving and a bunch of other stuff! I really want her to be pampered and feel special and feel relaxed this Mother’s Day and for the rest of her pregnancy ❤️

  • Maribel Figueroa

    My mom is very kind and loving person and always helps others I think she deserves the best

  • Shannon Contois

    Me. This is my 1st baby & 1st mother’s day and I have impressed myself with how well I am doing as a mom. My baby girl is as happy & healthy as can be!

  • Amanda Tremblay

    My mom was amazing, she was the main bread winner when I was a kid. She’s also the most empathetic person I know. Her and my dad took in a tough teenager, well after raising me, to help him achieve his educational goals. The list could go on and on

  • Lizzy G

    My grandma. She lost her husband, moved to assisted living, had 2 stays in the ICU, then moved to nursing care all in the span of one year. When I call her, she tells me she pampers herself by buying chocolate bars at the community store :). We are half a continent apart, but I love to visit her and paint her nails with her, she is a mom that SO deserves to be pampered <3

  • Abi Hann

    My mom is one of the kindest people I know. She works as a case manager for people living with HIV and AIDS in Oklahoma City. She cares deeply about helping others and spreading love. Constantly, she works extra hours for no money in order to help her clients and those in her community. She has been one of the most influential people in my life and continuously reminds me how to show empathy to all people and animals. She is someone who genuinely deserves a break because she does so much to help others. I love her deeply with all my heart.

  • Amanda

    I love my mother, she is the greatest!

  • Keith Bingham

    My wife deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day. She is a stay at home mom and loves our two daughters and will do anything for them. She does not take any time out for herself since she is taking care of everyone else. My wife puts a lot of thought into our family’s health and well being so she makes sure we only buy organic, natural and fair trade products and foods in our household.

  • kelly

    My mom deserved to be pampered since she is always there for me.

  • pennyo

    My mom deserves to be pampered for her unending support of, and work for our family.

  • Kate Spencer

    My mom has been my advocate as a parent about ensuring that I received the education that I needed to success in life regardless of being full Deaf. She has spoken up for my rights and fought for the things I needed like an interpreter at my appointments. For that, I would like to thank her for helping me be in the place I am today with being an independent, strong young woman who believes in my abilities regardless of having a hearing loss. My mom recently lost her mother (my grandma) last Monday, so it’ll mean the world to her if she received some nice gifts to help make this time not so sad for her.

  • Kristy Engelke

    My mom has always put the needs of her kids way before hers. She always did her best to provide for us even when circumstances were challenging. Even to this day, with all her kids grown up with their own families, she continues to give her all and best to all of us each day. Grateful for an amazing mother.

  • Karen D

    My daughter-in-law is a work from home mo, of two active, rambunctious young boys. She DESERVES a special treat!

  • Nikole B.

    I do! I’m a single mom with two elementary-age children…have to speak up for myself! :)

  • Marg Ulm

    I would have to say me… Sounds greedy, ha? Truth is the last 16 months have been crazy… We moved 12 hrs from all family, had twins, tandem breastfeed for 15 months, cloth diapering, and working on being a mom and a great wife always leads to welcoming being pampered

  • Kelsey

    Can I be selfish and say me? I just had my second kiddo and could use a little extra loving!

  • Rachel Osborn

    Every mother deserves to be pampered on mother’s day if they are hardworking, loving mothers! :)

  • Miss Erin

    my mother or I could use a pampering. She’s in her 50s and watches my newborn daughter at night for me and still works everyday doing farm work and maintains her business. She is by far more than deserving of a good pampering! I could also use a pampering i’m a single mom working nights picking up shifts, so I have some 60 hour weeks so I can provide for my daughter and spend all my days with her. I couldn’t fathom the thought of putting her in daycare and miss out on her. So i changed my career path completely to raise my daughter and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Aida

    My Mom deserves so much to be pampered! The oldest of 9 children she basically skipped her childhood straight to adult to be responsible for taking care of the house work and little children. She couldn’t even go to the school at first because had to help at home.
    2013 was such hardest year: first we got news that Mom got serious heart problem (arteries related) and doctors even insisted on surgery. Just 2 months after that she was diagnosed with liver tumor. My Mom had always tried to keep a healthy lifestyle: was active, never smoked. That all was beyond of devastating. It became our turning point right there. I did lots of research, read lots of books, including the wonderful kind diet and the solution was in complete switching of the diet. We cut all kind of nasty food, as you call it: meat and eggs, canned food, sugar and then dairy products. We did it together. Alicia, I witnessed how my Mom was gaining her energy back. Her echo-cardiogram became better and the last one showed almost no sign of the heart problems! Her liver functions normally because the plant-based diet helps to keep tumor not to grow. And I have confidence that by next Mother’s day it will shrink to zero. Also, her blood tests improved significantly.
    I am so proud to see the transformation my Mom made – from meat, white bread and all kind of sugary products to all fresh salads from locally grown veggies and fruits, fantastic grain and veggies soups so yummy and beautiful, and vegan sweets (Oh, that peach crumble from your book!). She does it all!

    And Mommy is celebrating her 74th birthday this coming Sunday (May 15). Take that doctors who said back in 2013 that she got only 2 years! And did I mentioned that my Mom is the kindest soul to everyone living?

    • Aida

      Thank YOU so much, Alicia! You made two more people’s hearts happier:)

  • C. Blake

    Hi Alicia! Just wanted to wish you and yours a happy belated Mother’s Day. So glad your mom brought you into the world. Love the kind life and diet. Wishing you a pleasant spring and summer.

  • bgary

    I think it would be me. I just learned I do have Alzheimer’s.

  • Lisette Ramos

    I believe my mom deserves this as she is very unselfish and loves her family so she deserves to be pampered and spoiled.