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Kind Mama Kristina

Kristina wrote in this lovely note that I wanted to share with you all. Kristina, I am thrilled for you and your family! Thank you so much for the kind words. 

I happened to find The Kind Mama at a bookstore. It has been the best resource for me as I prepared for delivering my baby boy. I love how the book is organized into stand-alone chapters and is so warmly written. I was also impressed with all the references and resources.

My favorite aspect of The Kind Mama is that it’s written by a “normal” person with a thoughtful lifestyle, but also includes trustworthy information from a variety of professionals. I have used this book more than any other when it comes to decisions such as feeding, diapering, clothing, sleeping, prenatal issues, and postpartum care. It’s also been a very useful jumping off point for me to research topics further that I would have never thought of on my own. And for thoughtful conversations with other moms-to-be! Many items in the book are now a part of our own household. For example I’ve purchased the Milkies Milk Savers product mentioned on page 205 (I have since learned that this can be used for creating a small stash before returning back to work instead of pumping), as well as natural body care products such as the Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom spray and bottom balm for immediately following delivery.

When I look at our nursery, it makes me so happy to see a simple room with just the basics for a healthy beginning. Too many times I have seen homes exploding with baby items that new parents think they need. Thank you for writing this book. I’m so glad I found it!


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  • Rhonda Dunlap

    I love this post as it inspires others to simplify bringing a baby into the world.

    We have a couple who are expecting in our vegan group and they are all about recycling and making things for the baby as they do not want to contribute to the unkind factories that produce tons of stuff at the expense of women and children who can barely survive on the wages in many countries. Babies grow so quickly that often they rarely use all the stuff generated through baby showers. So this prompted our small group to throw a Recycle Shower for our expecting friends. We will find gently used items for their new baby and have a vegan potluck and make it a sweet event for these super kind new parents that care about these issues. I think it would be a worthy post for the Kindlife.

  • Jennifer Truong

    I feel the same way! The Kind Mama is one of the most thoughtful books I have ever read. You can tell Alicia put a lot of love and work into writing it. I am incredibly grateful that I found it. It opened my eyes to a new, more healthy, and less wasteful way of raising kids. I had originally checked it out from my public library, but now I’m going to buy my own copy to keep as a reference in my home and to loan it to my friends and family.

  • Mathilde Cathala

    My son is 10 month ils, i read the kind Mama Book and I m completely lost. My son is adorable, a ray of sunshine but his sleep is horrible. I haven’t slept through 2/3h since he was born and I’m going out of my mind!! He sleeps on a mattress next to ours right now but we’ve tried everything (a baby bed, in our room, In his room…). I’m still breastfeeding and it’s going well but I’m beginning to feel like I’m not gonna be able to continue, it’s just too much.. every 30 minutes he wakes up, sometimes he takes up to 3 hours to fall back asleep. I need help, what can I do please??????