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From My Closet Giveaway: Boho Chic Top & Accessories

Congrats Vicki! You won this giveaway.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered!


This top made by Johnny Was is super sweet and pretty. Johnny Was has great Bohemian feminine clothes. I wore this brand for many of The Kind Mama photos! It goes great with a dark pair of jeans or shorts for a pretty, easy everyday  look. It can also be dressed up with heels for going out. It’s very light and comfortable. It will fit a size M.

From My Closet

This so cute Deux Lux wristlet is chic and vegan. It’s useful for going out, putting your cell phone, keys, and money/coins inside without carrying a large bag. The two hearts necklace is super simple and cute.

To win this top and accessories, please leave me a comment telling me about a blissful spring day you’ve had recently!

I will announce the winner on Friday 6/9/16

With Love,




  • Jennifer B

    Each day this spring has been blissful! Every day feels like it teaches me a new lesson about who I am -who I want to be. I take any opportunity to make our world a better place as well if it’s just by planting some seeds. I hope. 2016 is a year full of surprises and happiness. So far, that being the truth is all the bliss I can handle.❤️

  • Laurie

    A blissful spring day I have had recently was shopping at the farmer’s market for all the fresh goodies I could find.

  • Vicki

    Alicia, my recent blissful spring day was spent protesting the Kelly Circus last Sunday, June 5th which came to my hometown. I spent several hours refusing to be silent about the egregious life of ‘circus animals’. The camels, the elephant, the zebra, and the other animals enslaved by this traveling show looked horribly, hopelessly awful. I hope at least one mind was changed.

    • sunnyca1972

      Thank you all for helping these so-called “circus animals.” Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. They are not commodities to eat. They are not ours to experiment on or to wear. Thank you for helping these innocents who suffer pain and misery 24/7. They feel pleasure, but not as captives in circuses where they are treated as objects and abused.

  • Moya

    This may not seem like a blissful spring day to some, but to me it was My pup and I enjoyed a great day in our back yard, doing yard work, feeding the birds, and watching my pup running around trying to catch everything that was coming in the yard She loves to run!

  • Kristy Engelke

    Playing in the park with the kids and sneaking in a fun workout with the equipment there. A nice stroll aftetwards to have lunch was wonderful.

  • Etheldreda

    My blissful spring day was a drive to santa rosa looking at all the farms and green hills. We stopped at Amy’s organic restaurant, which I had been wanting to try since it first opened. After lunch we drove to the park and as I waddled behind – as I’m due in July – I watched my husband and 4 year old daughter holding hands as they went to explore the park. Watching my child grow and spend time with her father is pure bliss.

  • rajee

    We went on a long walk for blissful day it was so awesome

  • Lena McDonald

    I packed a 6-pack of cola, bologna sandwich, a apple, my fishing pole, and tackle box then headed to the Norfork River in Northern Arkansas. I waded and fished the river for a couple of hours and caught 5 beautiful rainbow trout, enough for a couple of meals. I then sat down in the shade of a big, oak tree by the river and ate my lunch while listening to the sounds of the tumbling shoals of the clear, glistening river, the birds chirping and the soft, clean smelling wind blowing against my face…What a blissful day that was…it don’t get any better than that!

  • Toni

    Recently we had a super warm day, I went outside and hula hooped! My dog was running around and I could smell fresh cut grass and it was wonderful!

  • Lori

    My family recently enjoyed a ride and a snack at our favorite snack shack right outside the Great Smoky Mtn National Park. We have been enjoying some beautiful weather in TN this spring. We tend to get too hot very quickly, but are thankful for the delayed summer heat!

  • Darlene Owen

    We had a beautiful day when my son and his 4 children came out from the city for us to spend the day at our yearly Dairy Festival, with a parade and good food.

  • Lauren

    We went on a picnic at the beach.

  • Elisabeth Rushton

    Dear Alicia, I had a blissful spring day recently which involved you! I went to a friend’s house for her birthday party, and we watched ‘Clueless’ with a bunch of her girlfriends. It was such a gorgeous evening, and it was probably the 30th time I’ve seen the film – I love it more every time I see it! Thanks so much for holding this giveaway. All the best, Elisabeth

  • Anne Perry

    I have enjoyed many spring days with my family on our ranch. We are raising baby turkeys, goats and sheep. We swing in our hammock chair and swim in our saltwater pool.

  • Amanda

    We visited the farmer’s market in our neighborhood for the first time, walking to and from, and it was a lovely experience. We sipped unique sodas, ate a strawberry push-pop made of coconut milk yogurt, and enjoyed the live music.

  • Melissa

    After a long day of work I came home, took my shoes off and headed straight to the backyard to sink my toes into some good ‘ol kind dirt. Watching the kids’ run through the grass, with their contagious laughter as my background music, I sunk into our backyard hammock and just stared at the amazing trees above me and thanked Mother Nature for sharing!

  • amweeks

    Even though it’s pouring today, we’ve had some beautiful spring days over the past week. So my fur baby Ozzy & I have been walking around the neighborhood smelling the flowers and watching the squirrels play!

  • Amanda Bruner

    I had the chance to go down to the Chicago lakefront and spend the day. We picnicked and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

  • Dawn Monroe

    My husband and I had a day this spring that was a milestone. Our youngest son of 6 kids graduated. We also raised a niece and nephew who graduated. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

  • melanie dagenais

    Aloha. Experienced a supervised 12 days water fast was amazing special experience for me to start spring. Disconnecting from all devices and society felt pretty amazing to ground myself and tune in with my internal essence being. We tend to seek out most of the time when all answers resides Inside of us. Heading on a farming mission in Ionia Alaska, Japan and Kauai. Haven’t travelled in way to long. One peaceful world give back and share with others.

  • Tallulah Jane

    I have had a couple. Mostly an evening last week when my daughter was at camp. I was able to enjoy a nice stroll around my neighborhood enjoying the sweet smell of honeysuckles.

  • Marion McCarthy Durrwachter

    My dog and I had a great day walking in the woods seeing deer and rabbits. Then we went wading in the river to cool off.

  • Farrah Lennon

    It’s interesting how nature can take away as well as heal. Our family lost an important member a year ago and there have been many stormy days. This past week the sun came out for us and we built a little, blue, picket fence in our front yard and planted a flower garden with a wooden path lined with seashells. I told my daughter to take her shoes off and wiggle her toes in the dirt because all kiddos should do that. If was very cathartic with the birds (my dad visits as a bluejay) singing and butterflies dancing around us. Every time I look out at our garden I can’t help but smile.

  • Kayleigh Holmes

    My most blissful spring day this year was sitting on the porch swing at my new house with my daughter, watching and smelling the spring rain and just cuddling together. It was my happy place.

  • D.Roc

    Every spring day is bliss after our long Chicago winter. I’m filled with so much joy and gratitude. My new nice-weather ritual is to sip a cup of organic coffee and cacao on my porch, and then go for a early morning bike ride. I love the warm early morning sun, and the cool breeze. It’s quiet and still at that time of the day and I feel like the city streets are all mine. Such freedom! When I return I stretch out with some gratitude yoga and a yummy, fruity breakfast to celebrate the return of spring berries. After that, I look forward to a day of friends, family, and sunshine.

  • Kirsten Antony

    A trip to Seabrook Island, S.C. in March. The Spring flowers were in bloom and the birds singing as I walked along with my Dad down the road. It seemed as though I was in the depths of the Amazon with so much beautiful plant life and wildlife in abundance. A wonderful memory.

  • Rachael Robertson

    My blissful spring day was yesterday when I went for a 5 mile run on the I&M canal by my house. Enjoyed the smells of the flowers budding on the trees and the sounds of the birds. Almost was attacked by a family of geese! lol but I sprinted past them! It was a beautiful day, a little cooler, perfect for a run. Trying to enjoy this weather while its here!

  • Jill Amber

    (I live in Australia, where it’s Autumn now instead of Spring, so I’ll tell you about a lovely Autumn day I’ve had recently!) I’m a new mom, having just had my son Raven 7 weeks ago. We stayed in for the first 40 days and took our first little adventurous journey to a nearby park, about 2 weeks ago. I packed a little picnic for myself & brought along ‘The Kind Mama’ to read. I set out a picnic blanket and lay him down on it to look up at the yellow & red leaves on the trees and the sky. I nursed him when he wanted it and I read when he slept. It was a lovely first mom & son outing!!

  • Denise

    Hi Alicia, my blissful Spring days consist of spending quality time with my husband and 3 kids. My husband and I had been going through some ups and downs the last couple years but something happened this year that turned our lives around. I stumbled across Veganism and now our entire family is on their own journey of becoming vegan. My oldest is 7 and she and I lookup on YouTube how our food is made. So we have a notebook where we’ve written notes on tons of fruits and veggies, how they are grown and how they end up in our stores and ready for us to eat. We have been able to focus on the value of family. Our love and bond is stronger then ever before. We love swimming, taking morning runs, walking nature trails, and visiting many farmers markets. This year has turned out to be a great year and I am super grateful for all my blessings!

  • saniel

    Picnic in the park on my birthday. Counting clouds with my son

  • Danica Rose

    Having coffee in the sunshine, going for a great run with music, and walking to the grocery store for snacks and wine for dinner!

  • kbauer74

    My blissful day so far this spring is earlier in the week me and my kids released our butterflies that we hatched.

    kbauer7[email protected]

  • meghan b

    It would definitely have to be a recent hike, the weather was perfect and the mountains were magic

  • Cathleen

    The flowers and fruit in the Bay Area are amazing during this time of year. We’ve had countless blissful spring days picnicking at parks with our daughter.

  • Sarah

    Watching my kiddos at their Farm Camp. They got to feed goats, learn to care for them, clean out water buckets etc. they also got to make paintings using vegetables and vegetable dyes. It was nice to see them learning to care for animals and commune with nature! Tire swings, making daisy necklaces and running through a pasture makes my heart sing!

    • Ankeet Patil

      Do you use vertical tower to grow veggies?
      If yes I need tips from you. I am trying to grow tomatoes in my setup but not succeeding. They germinate well in the coco coir medium but when I transfer them to net pots they don’t grow that well.

  • jtlittlelong

    My most blissful day so far was when my 11 year old son had a huge ‘yard’ sale to raise money for his boy scout camp fundraiser this year. They had many many families donate unwanted items and their time to set up and spend a Saturday in the heat to host this sale. All sales went to the boys so they could attend camp. Also any unsold items were donated to goodwill. There were lemonade stands set up but ‘donations’accepted. It was blissful because of the company and knowing all items were being re-used instead of taking up room in the trash and then being donated as we as helping our youth out!!!! What more could you want for a spring day? Plus we were out in the sun!

  • Maribell Lynn

    I live in Texas and it rained 23 out of 31 days in May. I teach kids with special needs and they had been cooped up in may classroom with indoor recess for 23 days. It was really nice when the rain stopped and we were able to go outside onto the playground. It was so nice and blissful to see them running around outside and enjoying the day. I ran around with them, playing chase and hide and seek. Loved it!

  • Rhonda

    Spring is such a sweet time of year for me. I live in an older subdivision where the deer visit everyday. I embrace the beauty in our backyard by planting a garden and I love watching the birds at the feeders, water baths and hummingbirds that grace us with their presence. We have had the blessing of a sweet little immature starling that drops in every morning and evening to hunt bugs in our garden. This sweetie flew right onto my shoulder and enjoys an hour of gardening with me as he/she hops down to see what I am planting or weeding. I delight in interacting with the birds that are attracted to our flowers and feeders throughout our yard. Creating a sanctuary in our backyard allows us to enjoy nature that still lives in our neighborhoods. I feel blessed every day knowing we can share our space with the beautiful creatures of our planet.

  • Sonja Hilton

    My niece and I went to a potluck at Vancouver lake park for the first time on the weekend. Even tho it was hot we had shade kept cool , played and left very relaxed… Love days like these!

  • Kirsten Malzahn

    I was recently hiking at Mohican State Park in Ohio. The weather was perfect and the park was not crowded. My husband and I hiked to a couple of waterfalls. It was beautiful!

  • Ashley Velez

    Taking a walk yesterday with my Spotify playlist up loud after a terribly emotional week! The breeze and the sun just made everything better and for the first time in a long time I thought I looked great.

  • Hilary S

    Instead of taking my lunch break to eat inside, where I have been sitting for too many hours over the past week, I went walking down the boulevard in Bronxville, New York, to discover a new path. It wove parallel to the Bronx River and I sat by the water to soak up some sunshine. This day the cottonwood seeds were starting to float about and it felt like the beginning of summer and the end of spring. I felt completely open to new possibilities sitting in the sounds that I could only hear once I slowed down.

  • Shelly Brown

    I run a group for part of my job helping young adults that battle both addictions as well as mental health symptoms. Every Friday I have to think of something outdoorsy to do and get them out of the group room into nature. Recently we went on a tour of the Sacred Garden on Maui. There motto is: Where Beauty, Love and Peace Grow. They have craft projects and art you can do or you can just sit in the center on this amazing array of mix matched chairs and soak up the sun and smell the scents of the blooming flowers. My personal favorite are the labyrinths and the big rocks with positive words on them. We learned this about labyrinths: walking in is time to contemplate life and let go of inner obstacles, the center a time for silent meditation, contemplation and renewal and walking back out is time to integrate the insights that you gained. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Destini Skye

    My fiance and I recently had the most relaxing date, having a picnic in a garden. Hot weather in the valley is typical, but this day was just warm with a breeze and the scent of flowers. My favorite kind of spring day.

  • Dina Banks

    my mom is visiting us from russia and recently we were just playing in a backyard with my 2 toddler daughter after one came back from school. grandma started making monster jokes and chase little ones around and cracking us all up. she is here for short time but all we do is laugh eat hang ,nothing beats being with your close family and enjoying the moment

  • Sigrun Campbell

    I spent a great day in the forest with the kids. We have a forest 3 mins from our house. We had a picnic by the stream and the kids got really really muddy. I got some great pictures!!!! They all played really nicely (no bickering) so I was able to read a book!!

  • lissa crane

    My blissful day was recently spent in the park with my four kiddo’s! We all ate well, laughed, and played frisbee all day! Everyone got along well and the weather was perfect, so it was truly blissful.

  • Michelle Hill

    My husband and 23-month-old son, along with our friend, enjoyed a lovely picnic in Central Park under a tree on Monday! After the thunderstorms that blew through NYC on Sunday, the air was blissfully clean and clear. It was a spectacular day! Made even better by the delicious vegan food that we all enjoyed: I prepared the Bali Rice from Happy Herbivore’s Meal Mentor program, and my friend made a kale salad and a fruit salad with fresh berries, lemon juice, and mint (with none of those “filler” fruits like melon and grapes..ha!). Afterwards we strolled through the park and heard an amazing 3-piece band, whom my son pretended to “conduct.” Although it’s disheartening to see the carriage horses working like slaves (booooo), we had a fantastic spring day in one of NYC’s greatest treasures! My 36th birthday is on Saturday and I would LOVE to win this cute shirt and accessories! 😀

  • Jessica Hadley

    My fiance and I started our garden. He is the one with the green thumb and was able to teach me everything he knows. I’ve only ever lived in apartments and this is the first time I can grow my own food to eat- I especially can’t wait for the tomatoes :)

  • Jennifer Mays

    My husband and I recently took our 2 year old and 6 year old to the park. When enjoyed feeding the ducks at the pond and kicking the soccer ball in the open field of green grass. Great family outing.

  • Jinine Davis

    My most recent blissful spring day was about a month ago. My husband and I finally had the same day off, so we spent the day at the park, just walking among the trees and watching the animals play. We started playing a rhyming game where we had to end our sentences in a word ending in the -ate sound while still making sense in the conversation. It went on for about a half hour. It was wonderful finally having a day to ourselves.

  • Rachel

    Hiking up to a waterfall in Georgia with my family, it was so peaceful!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Went camping in Julian during the week with my friend. Beautiful weather, quiet, lovely birds visiting, nature, trees, sunshine. Ahhhh.

  • Trina

    My twin boys both have special needs so last Saturday through an organization we went to the beach and watched them surf with assistance. They were so happy and having fun it was wonderful to watch.

  • Frenchpetal

    Just laying in a field looking up at the brilliant blue sky and watching the fluffy white clouds float by…with my sweet little doggie as my companion. I was practicing mindfulness breathing.

  • Amanda Gardner

    We had one awesome day today- water slide, water ballons and popsicles. Fun in the sun!

  • Kimberly fleming

    Maybe I’m weird or strange, but a blissful spring day I remember having recently started out as a sunny day, not so hot, just right…sitting in a patio chair…then, it started to rain while the sunshine was still out…instead of running in the house or under the patio umbrella, I just stood up and ran around the yard with my dog Max, playing in the rain like I use to do as a kid…for a dog that hates getting wet, you could not tell…my neighbors probably think I’m the wacky lady…I knew my dog could feel the joy I felt…now when it rains, he runs outside and rolls around the wet grass…rainy days are so cleansing…so don’t let it rain on ur parade…put on ur rain boots and march on!

  • Lea

    I’ve enjoyed feeling the breeze while hanging out with my friends outside.

  • Karrie Millheim

    Going to the beach with my kids. It was bright and beautiful out

  • Brenda Strawn Rockstroh

    I had a very special day with my grangirl. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana and I live in Temecula, California so I flew in and spent the day at her school participating in her field day. She was so happy and excited to introduce me to her kindergarten teacher and her classmates. We spent the day outdoors enjoying the green grass and the warm sunshine, while playing games, running relays and playing water games. It took me back to my field days as a child. Doing the familiar childhood activities together connects the generations and brings us all closer together. It was a beautiful and perfect day!

  • Jess

    My kiddos are out of school, so we opened the garage to clean it out. Now that we have finished, we are heading to the library to grab a few books to read outside this afternoon. My bliss is spending time with my kids and coming home to a clean home. :)

  • Julia B

    I recently spent a lovely Saturday morning with my husband and my 10 month old baby girl at the farmers market enjoying the weather and all the local produce and vegan treats!

  • Aaron

    My blissful spring day was seeing the sprouts from my squash and pea garden!

  • Julie Waldron

    Mine was May 21 when our oldest daughter got married :) The wedding and reception were both outside at the grooms parents home. We are in MI so we were worried about the weather but it was great, high 70’s & sunny. Myself & a few other family members were worried because we didn’t know how well everything would work out but it turned out wonderful. It was a beautiful country setting & couldn’t have been more perfect.

  • Nancy

    We had a blissful spring day playing and gardening with our two year old granddaughter.

  • Laura

    My friends and I (and our dogs!) had a lovely and delicious picnic in Valley Forge Park!

  • Claire

    Being by the ocean! My favorite day so far.


    eclairre at ymail dot com

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    My boyfriend is new to the area so I took him and our 2 dogs to Bong Nature Center a state park by us. It was a beautiful day of exploring even though we all got muddy. It was nice to just take it easy and enjoy the outdoors without feeling rushed.

  • claire

    I went hiking the other day and it was so blissful.

  • Tina Knezevic

    I just installed 140 sq ft of sod and red slate stepping stones and it looks absolutely fabulous. Now we have grass that our dog Gizmo can eat and play on. She loves it as we only had dirt and rocks previously. Six hours of work was absolutely worth it. Now our pergola garden is complete!

  • JackieV

    A blissful spring day I had already was the day I planted flowers and veggies. It was a beautiful, sunny day…and it felt so good to be outside.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I recently spent the day in my back yard with a glass of Our Daily Red organic and vegan wine, reading a book and laying in my hammock. Relaxation station :-)

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    A blissful spring day I had recently was my participation as a power walker in the Running for Hope 5K Run/Walk in which 100% of the registration fees and donations benefits Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. This event took place at 8:00AM on Sunday, June 5, 2016. We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny spring day, and what made it blissful was knowing we were helping children in need of medical care.

  • Jendria

    Saw a deer in the back yard. He watched me and I watched him for awhile. Nice moment!

  • etirv

    Walking in the beach park with my hubby!

  • Farrah Shumway

    We had an amazing spring day at SeaWorld. It was our first trip there. I’m so glad we went in sprung because summer would of been hot & miserable.

    • Michelle Hill

      Is this a joke?

  • Ronda Rudnick

    I loved taking my children to the zoo. It is always an enjoyable day with a picnic lunch.

  • Abby Mckenzie

    The most blissful day this spring was the day I went vegan.
    All of last year, I was struggling with the idea of adopting a vegan lifestyle. I am a college student and I strongly believe in protecting our environment, conserving resources, and the ethics behind the consumption of certain foods. The reason why I delayed my decision so long is because it is so difficult to become vegan on a college campus. Everything from the dining hall meal plans to the apparel stores on campus were out of my reach, and I did not get positive reactions from my friends. Some would just ask me if I wanted to go on a diet or lose weight. It took some time to overcome these fears and challenges, but I realized that college is the time for my to find my identity and that it was important for me to act on something that I truly believe in.
    While I managed to find a way, I know that there are other college students and people out there who are going through the same struggles that I initially was. I really want to do more towards educating people on campus and making more options available for people who want to adopt an eco-friendly, vegan lifestyle!

  • Sherri J

    I spent an awesome day at the beach with my best friend at Tybee.

  • Monica

    My fiancé and I live in New Orleans. One morning we just decided to head downtown and walk around the French Quarter. We did some shopping at the French Market and ate lunch where I had a delicious Vegan pizza. Then we got a couple of daiquiris (it was so HOT) and did some people watching. It was very relaxing.

  • SereneVannoy

    My partner spring-cleaned the whole house while I was at work, and when I got home, we had vegan black-bean enchiladas and watched Batman all night in a clean house. Totally awesome.

  • Angela saver

    A blissful spring day that I recently enjoyed was hanging out with my hubby & kids on our back patio & barbecuing!

    [email protected]

  • steph oliver

    The most blissful spring day is going to the bird reserve near my house and seeing how many species of birds I could see in one day! I saw a cuckoo for the first time, a bird that lays its eggs in other birds’ nests and then allows the other birds to foster their young. I was struck by how the number of certain species are down due to loss of habitat so I love supporting reserves who set aside land toward the preservation of these important species.

  • DeeBy

    My husband and I just attended a beautiful outdoor wedding this past weekend — it couldn’t have been a more perfect day! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Carissa G

    I had a super stressful day at work recently and decided to unwind by taking my rescue pittie on a walk to the beach, it was great

  • Barbara Blanton

    I went hiking and sightseeing at Cades Coves in Tennesee with my husband.

  • andbytheway

    Our blissful spring day was taking my youngest son to King’s Island for the first time Memorial weekend! He looooooooved it so much!!

  • Leslie Davis

    A blissful spring day was spent with the love of my life, my Chihuahua named Chesney, in Lake Placid near the Olympic Center.

  • Jamie

    My 3 boys and I recently had a blissful spring day at a park! We had a picnic, saw snakes and other wildlife and stumbled upon a wonderful trail and took a 3 mile hike with gorgeous scenery. Love unplanned adventures!!

  • Natalie Clarke

    I had an amazing spring day hanging with my cute 5 month old Calvin Fox and looking at my beautiful sunflowers that I grew from seeds. happy holistic mama right here!

  • Strawberry Fields

    Spent the day with the kids at Great Wolf Lodge a few days ago! The weather was amazing and the memories we made were even better!

  • Natalie hartmann

    I had a fantastic day in the yard with my 3 Frenchies! It was perfect weather for them & it was such a fun, memorable day. I tried to do some yard work but I could not take my eyes off of the joy they were having together!

  • Liovani Nazario

    Today! We decided to stay at the house and my daughter finally gave in and said yes to watch 80s epic movies with me. She is 14 and we watched sixteen candles, girls just want to have fun, breakfast club. It was fun since I love those movies when I was her age and I guess I still do 😉 I am grateful for her everyday and enjoy every moment we spend together no matter what we do.

  • Lisa Reed

    I love spring! Today I walked through Central Park, enjoying the clear, crisp air, and appreciating the beauty around me

  • Claire M

    For my blissful spring day, I started the morning off with a deep stretch yoga class then taking a beautiful hike at Lands End trail in San Francisco. That night I made the moroccan couscous for my mom and watched the princess bride together (one of our favorite movies). It was a great day! It reminded me just how thankful I am to be surrounded by supportive friends, family, and of course mother nature :)

  • Darkanlan

    I was planting flowers in our Monarch garden we put flowers and feeders for the birds and butterflies there its so pretty.

  • Faith Willhite

    This past weekend! My family and boyfriend attended a friend’s wedding in Little Rock! That Sunday we went hiking outside of Little Rock, had a picnic, and went swimming! Such a fun day!

  • Katrina Rasmussen-Ream

    going around town looking at preschools with my little girl…. Seeing her in these new environments and seeing what lies ahead of us. School… New friends … And her growing up! I will snuggle she extra tonight ❤️

  • BethanyK

    Before work on Wednesday I layed out and had the whole pool to myself! Glorious!

  • Melissa

    A few weeks back, my partner and I drove up to Newburyport (MA) to sit by the water on the beach and go to a delicious raw vegan restuarant called Revitalive. It was terrific

  • Michelle K.

    we turned the sprinkler on and had the best time running around in it!

  • Lisette Ramos

    We went to the pool we belong to. It is nice. It has sand but it is a
    lake so it is best of both worlds. The kids can swim for hours and my husband plays with the kids and I do too and I get to actually read. I think I went through my magazines that I have been stacking up.

  • tammy

    Hard to say blissful, AZ has been very hot and I just lost my mommy but the bliss comes with knowing she is forever with her loving husband and out of pain.