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Summer Garden Fun

Our garden is in full swing and it is such a joy being able to walk right outside your home and pick some fresh kale to steam or lettuce for a salad. Bear became super excited to eat the things we grew, such as spinach and onion greens.  He loves pulling carrots out, washing them, and packing them in his lunch. One of my favorite things is how Bear gets to eat blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries fresh from our garden. So while I make steel cut oats for breakfast, he collects the berries or picks ripe blueberries before hopping in the car on our way to school. I remember when I was a child, my mom would ask me to pick mint from our garden to use in whatever dish she would be cooking.. and now Bear does the same. It’s so lovely!

The coolest thing that I’m most excited about is that all these fruit trees are fed from our bath and shower water. Greywater rules!!! Greywater saves 40,000 gallons of water per year, water that would otherwise be pumped hundreds of miles from the Colorado or Sacramento rivers at a huge material and ecological cost. If you are in the LA region and interested in greywater, I encourage you to get in touch with Greywater Corps, they are awesome!

Below are some photos from our garden and planting party!


We planted and harvested these greens; kale, leaf broccoli, mizuma, cabbage, spinach, mustard greens, arugula, bok choy

These herbs; scallions, basil, mint, cilantro, parsley, chives, oregano

These roots; turnips and turnip greens, kohlrabi

plus sweet peas and butter leaf lettuce!


We planted; melon savor, carrots, yellow beans, dill, more tomatoes, and persian cucumbers.

P.S. Just recently a squirrel has taken over the garden! One day, Bear said, “I’m going to solve this problem!” and began a project all on his own.. I had no idea what he was up to! He then showed me the scarecrow he made. Not sure where this idea originated, but I was impressed! See the photo below :)

Do you have a garden or farm box? What have you been planting or harvesting recently? What’s your little one’s favorite vegetable from it?

The Kind Life

My pal Leisha helping us!

The Kind Life

The Kind Life

The Kind Life

The Kind Life

These greens were picked from the first day of planting!


The Kind Life
The Kind Life

The Kind Life

The Kind Life

Bear’s scarecrow

The Kind Life

Blueberries, raspberries, & figs!

The Kind Life

Avocado tree! 


  • Emily Young

    This is fabulous! Do you have dogs? Do they mess with it? That’s our only concern with a garden is our dogs getting into it.

    • Jennifer Rayl

      @Emily Young
      When I was a kid, my dad would grow a garden every Summer, and we’ve always had dogs. It would depend on the size of your yard though, really. If it’s super small, you’ll probably have to put them on a leash or supervise them. We had a huge yard though, and my dad built a fence to close off part of the yard to use exclusively for a garden. You can grow fruit trees in your yard rather than the garden area if you’d like; that’s what we did. You’ll want to make sure you supervise your dogs around them (and/or wrap a tree fence around each one) until the trees are established enough to withstand the dog’s though. Also, if you plant the trees outside your garden, not only will you have more gardening space to grow more fruits/veggies, but your dogs will also have a nice shady tree to hang out under. :)

      PS. Depending on what you’re growing, there’s these “cage” things available (I’m not exactly sure what they’re called). My mom had a butterfly plant in the front yard and it kept getting munched on by deer. Either she or my dad found one of the cage things at the store and placed it over it, and it finally got to spruce up and look like it was meant to be. So, those might be useful if you’re wanting to plant something like mint bushes or rosemary from seeds or straight from the nursery. Once they’re bigger, I don’t think your dogs will bother them, and you’ll be able to leave the cages off. Hope this helps. :)

  • Rhonda

    Impressive garden Alicia! Nice raised beds! I love the big avocados. I remember growing up outside of LA and having 3 avocado trees loaded with avocados. I did not like them for some reason but I remember there were so many that the entrepreneur in me got a friend to help us pick a truck load and sell them for 25 cents a piece.
    I have since grown to enjoy these beautiful fruits daily on anything I can think to put them in, Glad my taste buds changed as I consider the avocado a superfruit!
    My husband is the big gardener. He has even put in a few fruit trees and we are enjoying their fruits. We have a variety of lettuces, peppers, cucumbers, onions, eggplants, tomatoes, beans, dandelions, kale, strawberries and raspberries. We love to eat fresh foods from our homegrown garden. And it is always a joy to share a basket with friends.

  • Denise Coates

    What a gift to have so much open space right in Los Angeles, Alicia! That scarecrow is perfect!

  • Moya

    I love your garden I tried raised bed’s, but they weren’t high enough I will have to try some like these I have (knees that are gone) So I can’t do it anymore. So thank you I hope to again be gardening!

  • Aida

    Thank you Alicia for sharing these beautiful photos with stories. They are so warm and pure. What a wonderful tradition you have in your family! It heart melting to see how serious Bear is about gardening. And that scarecrow, can it be more cuter? Its my dream that soon, very soon, when I get a little piece of land, I will start my own garden. And the anticipation of me working in soil, planting greens, is beyond of exciting.

  • Debi Cole

    We have a big garden..and now my 4 grown kids all have gardens of their own in their homes! I love it! So glad you have the gardening bug too!❤

  • Aurora Simcovich

    Your garden looks beautiful and delicious! I am a new mom (baby was born in May, at our apartment in Korea Town with the best midwives — and The Kind Mama was such a huge help during pregnancy and in those first few weeks postpartum) and I’m so excited for our baby to eventually eat the yummy produce from our weekly farm box delivery. Thank you for everything you do to support Mamas that want to raise plant and earth loving babies!

  • HonestMum

    Your garden looks beautiful and I love Bear’s scarecrow!