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Video Blog: Toners & Serums I’m Digging

Stay tuned for details on each product.. What kind of facial products are you loving these days??


  • Archena Dave

    I first use Dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner. I then use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil in a roll on bottle. That helps with my middle aged pimples. I have also used organic Argan Oil on top of that.

  • sarita coren

    Love Josh Rosebrook too! His Hydrating Accelerator is tops. You should also check out Vered Organic Botanicals (her toner is incredible), Laurel Whole Plant Organics, and ANYTHING from All of Sheryl Lynn Gibbs’ and Vered’s products are vegan and they’re both estheticians with 20+ years experience. Right now my favorite serum is actually by Maya Chia: The Super Couple with chia seed oil and Astaxanthin. Let me know if you need more recommendations.

  • Juliet Tondowski

    I like all of May Lindstrom’s line and she has an amazing toner and serum. You can find them all at the Detox Market and also online!

  • Debi Cole

    So glad you are doing this!!! I need to find some too! I need cleanser for my aging face!
    I have been experimenting with a few body Butter recipes…when I’m feeling really dry..I’ll slap some on my face!❤

  • Julie Brydon

    The absolute best toner is S.W. Basic apple cider vinegar toner. It’s vegan, organic, super wholesome and I absolutely love it!

  • Sara Jayne everything!!! Amazing :) xo

  • Tracy Brandt Heiner

    I am loving the new serum from True Organic of Sweden. It’s called “Face It”. I haven’t had it long, so time will tell. One of my staple face serums is Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil. I always have it in my bathroom. Also, Bloom & Glow from Angela Langford is amazing. It smells so wonderful and works so well. Can’t wait to hear your results!

  • C. Blake

    I use a black charcoal soap from Whole Foods and bunch of different essential oils including NOW apricot, avocado and orange oils, Juice Beauty eye concentrate mix in a spray bottle with water that I put on my face and in my hair after showering. I also use St. Ives apricot scrub after the charcoal soap in the shower. I think everything I mentioned is vegan but not all organic. All together they seem to work great for my face and hair. Thanks for posting. Love, Crazy Guy Blake :o)

  • Brittany Hailey

    Nectar Vital Rose Drops from Osmia Organics!!!!

  • VJay

    Anything & everything from Living Libations!! The cleanest of clean skin care you can get!!!

  • Brittany Hailey

    Nectar Vital Rose Drops from Osmia Organics :)

  • Karen

    I found my new favorite serum on Etsy, I LOVE it! HeartJCreations eye & facial serum, my skin s soo happy:)

  • Karen

    I love the eye and face serum by HeartJCreations, an Etsy store. Jodi handcrafts all her items, they are organic and lovely. A must try is her laundry soap as well!

  • sunnyca1972

    Hi Alicia! I have 2 questions for you: 1) What happened to Juice Beauty? I want to buy the products (“Purely Kissable Lip Color,” “Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter Illuminateur” and “Simply Flawless Pressed Powder–Matte Sheer”) that you used to sell on your webpage. There are none better. I tried to email you about this but couldn’t get through. Otherwise, I would not be going off-topic on your blog here. 2) I have heard and read rumors that you no longer are vegan. True? Love you. [email protected]. Thank you. Greetings and well wishes to your family and you!

  • The Choosy Chick

    Our customers rave about MUN No.1 Aknari Youth Brightening Serum – some say they no longer need to wear foundation after using it!

  • Mercy

    A new and effective exfoliating toner that I’m loving is the Okoko Cosmetiques Le Elixir de Clarte (or, The Brightening Elixir). Natural, raw, vegan and full of actives and botanicals! And it smells super yummy, like vanilla with an edge! The brand founder Oyeta is super kind and helpful as well, she truly cares about her customers and their experiences with her products! Highly recommend!

  • Essentially RedōDawn

    I’m currently trying/using dōTERRA’s Verage Line. Cleanser, Toner, Serum, and Lotion. I love all my essential oil products. I love making and using new blends for a variety of my health & home needs. I’m not currently a distributor selling but I do manage a Facebook page as my library of information I’ve gathered. I started photo albums to categorize the info I’ve found. And I share resources periodically on the page’s newsfeed.

  • Susan Jimenez skin care is Botannical based, no chemicals, parabens etc..LimeLight Skin Care
    SKIN CARE free of harmful chemicals

  • teepee love

    annmarie gianni 😉

  • Akos Simon

    try this site, only top level Beauty Products, some you might never had heard of : . Talk to the owner directly, they are 2 sisters, ask for Laetitia von Hessen may be first ;)…

  • Amanda

    Taspens organics based out of Colorado has by far the best facial moisturizers and body butters, tinctures and products for kind mamas. http://WWW.TASPENS.COM