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From My Closet Giveaway: Stripes!

Congrats Ali! You won this week’s giveaway :)

Thanks so much to all you kind lifers that entered, so many lovely thoughtful notes.


This week I’m giving away this cute outfit with nautical vibes! This button down blouse is made by Fitzi which I got at a vintage store. I loved it and wore it often with light blue jeans! 

The Kind Life

This Lux blazer will fit a S-M. The jeans (27-29) I’m giving away are made by Madewell.

To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me about a favorite memory you have related to the ocean. 

I will announce the winner on Friday July 15th. 





  • Jodi Wilson-Timmerman

    Sadly, I have never been to the ocean and I am 39 :( That is one of my goals in life, to get there and enjoy the beautiful water, beaches and ocean creatures. What a wonderful idea sharing your wardrobe, a great way to recycle!

  • Jrod

    It was Easter weekend with the family on the Oregon coast. It was to rain all weekend long unfortunately, and to our surprise the sun was breaking through. So my love and I ventured down to catch the sunset, waiting for the sun to go down and searching the tide for seashells, we got caught in a hailstorm. As I sat and guarded my love from the windy hailstorm, we began getting soaked head to toe. The whole family had thought we gone crazy and ran into the ocean with our clothes on! Most amazing oceanic experience ever. Thanks for listening Alicia, I love stories.

  • Melody Clara Ireland

    I think I remember seeing you in this shirt in your talk for google years ago- it was gorgeous on you! I thought it was a great talk, I saw it online before I read your book and I thought you were incredibly well informed and super inspiring. One of my favourite memories of the ocean is when I went to the beach near my family home with my parents and siblings and my fiance the first time he met my family at Christmas time last year. It was so lovely to show him one of my favourite places in the world. I always feel peaceful and joyful near the ocean. I live in New Zealand and there is a lot of beautiful places to see outdoors and I always feel very blessed and grateful for this. It was sunny and beautiful with lots of families and children building sandcastles. We ran into the family that are the owners of my mother and fathers puppys parents and he had a blast running around with his parents, it was so wonderful to see. Have a wonderful time in Australia! <3 Melody

  • Carly Pollard

    My favorite memories are going to the beach every summer with my Mom and Dad, we stayed in the same beach house every year. I can remember taking naps under our huge rainbow umbrella and being completely relaxed listening to the seagulls and waves.
    The beach always takes me back to childhood, eating food and somehow always having sand in it. Those were the days.

  • Kylie Hyer

    Oh! So cute (and in my size!!!)

    I lived a few blocks from the beach (Cocoa Beach, FL) after high school and loved walking down to people watch in the evening. It was not a strange thing to see proposals; however, one in particular sticks out in my memory.
    This poor guy was setting up a picnic area on the beach and looked really stressed. He had good reason because it was incredibly windy and their were birds trying to get into his things. He looked so stressed out so I got up and asked how I could help. He said his girlfriend was supposed to be meeting him soon and nothing was going as planned (I think she had to postpone 20 minutes or so as well). After a quick talk about his proposal plan (and how his brother bailed on recording it due to working overtime), we came up with a revised plan, got everything set-up, and then I went back to my towel and acted like a random person on the beach and was able to record the whole thing without the girl knowing. THANKFULLY, she said yes…she actually said yes before he even really got down on one knee and asked haha. My heart still melts when I think about it!

  • Moya

    Mine was the last time I was at the beach before we moved from CA. We used to go to the beach at night and walk It was so nice (peaceful and beautiful) and I found a sand dollar that I still have today I know people say that they can get 1 at a store, but this one is special because it came from a real beach and I found it

  • Sarah

    My fiance proposed on the beach at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, where we often vacation. Such a sweet moment!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I love so many memories of ocean and beach time with my family and friends. I’ve seen dolphins many times off the coast of South Carolina and every time is magical moment.

  • Dina Banks

    i used to live at brighton beach – well known russian community neibourhood in brooklyn. its right by the ocean and it was like being home again (im from russia), with all the russian food stores around and people talking my language. and being by the water, smelling salty breeze air always brings me sense of vacation.

  • Dania Aubrey Christine DePas

    We would spend a weekend at the beach in Maryland/Delaware each summer growing up. I remember my favorite game was standing with our backs to the waves, holding my mom’s hand so tightly. We would brace ourselves but never really knew when the wave would hit! It sounds terrible to do now as an adult! But my mom and I had a blast and would giggle each time and would stop only when the sun went down. I now know that she did not like the water, was not a beach person, but did it for me. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 25, and it was after that I realized and understood what moms do for their kids, including wearing a bathing suit in front of strangers, being wet and sticky and salty, sand stuck everywhere, and getting hit by surprise waves for hours on end!

  • Onnelly T. Parslow

    recently went to Chile and their beaches are amazing — first time being able to dive into pretty great size waves and it was outrageously fun — tons of sea lions laying about they’re so cute and were totally enjoying themselves sunsets absolutely gorgeous :-0 nice nice nice ……

  • Amanda

    I’ve been going to the beach since I was a child, so I have a lot of memories and it’s one of my favorite places to go! I remember one year we saw a school of dolphins swimming and that was cool,and rare too because we usually don’t see them (at the Wildwood, New Jersey beach). Any time I went with my mom, who is now deceased, is a good memory. But probably my favorite would be the year I took my cat with me, it was the first time I could go travelling since I got him, because we finally found a place that accepted pets. That was 2012. He was confused to be in a new place, but well behaved because he was with me. I am planning to go at the end of July, but not sure what will happen with my cat, he has pancreatitis and we’ll be finding out if he still has it, and that will determine whether he can come with me or not. Please pray for him, his name is Sasuke, and this illness has worried me so much, he’s like my child.

    Take care Alicia and thanks for all you do!

  • amy tolley

    The only memories i have dealing with the ocean…when my kids were little we spent every weekend at the ocean they love water and anything to do with it..

  • Sarah

    My favorite memory related to the ocean, hmm…My ocean experiences are pretty limited, but when I was teaching english in India I travelled to Pondicherry during a holiday break and made it to the ocean there. A major concern in India is the amount of wild dogs. Being such an animal lover, I basically always tried to be friendly with them. On this particular day at the beach there was a pack of stay dogs running like crazy, and people were understandably intimidated. But as it would turn out, the dogs were incredibly friendly. I pet them, they followed me around, and in the end I even took a picture with them.

  • Jessica Marie

    When I was about 13 years old, my niece (who was 10) and I were playing out in the waves of the ocean when one of the waves went over the tops of our heads and dragged us both under. I remember tumbling underwater, unsure which way was up and which way was down. It felt like I had swallowed gallons of saltwater. It was gross and terrifying! When I finally popped up, I looked over to find my niece and she was just crawling towards the beach. My eyes and nose burned, my lungs burned and I felt so sick. We both looked towards the beach and saw that no one had just noticed that we both almost drowned! Ever since then, I had been terrified of going back out into the water. Twelve years later, my husband convinced me to give it a try again, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I was irrationally terrified, but I did it! Now, we live by the beach and I can’t get enough of the ocean. I help, support and promote the work of Oceana to help save the earth’s oceans, marine wildlife, and to give a voice in harmful matters.

    Thank you for reading! I admire how you lend your voice for things you are passionate about. Mine happens to be the ocean :)


  • Chrystyne

    So many wonderful ocean memories. My favorite ocean memory begins with loading my three kids in the car and driving to Zuma beach. My oldest daughter was 9 at the time. Her sister 6 and brother 3 buried her in the sand. They all were laughing and having the best time. It was a beautiful day enjoying their beautiful smiles.

  • Stacey Lyn

    In 1998, i set out from Seaside, Oregon, exploring the Tillamook Head Trail. I had recently been held up at gunpoint and was traveling around, like on a walk-about, through the US and Canada, seeking healing and connection. Wandering along the path, through the lush, fern filled forest where the trees were draped in moss, sparkling water caught my eyes and i started making my way towards the sea. The sun radiated upon the water like diamonds! I came to a crescent shaped beach below, with large rocks on both sides as well as jutting out of the water before me. I was completely alone. The undulations of the waves lulled me in, drew out my tears, and cradled me in an inexplicable way that was marked by grace. I am forever grateful to God for that miraculous healing moment~ the gift of the sea.

  • Connie Merritt

    My favorite memory I have of the Ocean is my grandchildren seeing it for the first time! We all played in the sand, walked and made foot prints, and collected shells. And built sand castles of course! So much fun! And good memories!

  • Destini Skye

    My most recent favorite memory at the ocean happened on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at sunset after a waterfront dinner. We walked out to Morro Rock at the ocean and my fiance proposed to me. Morro Bay has been my favorite place since I was a very little girl. It’s so peaceful, and brings back so many childhood memories.

  • Shelly Fraval

    My husband and I were vacationing in Kauai four years ago and during a morning ocean swim, a giant green sea turtle glided past me, then turned around to say hello! A gentle wave approached and pushed the two of us together till I could feel the turtle touching my belly! When we returned home to California, I discovered that I was newly pregnant! Now I have a precious 3 year old son, and I always tell him, “You were once kissed by a sea turtle, my little Kauaiaan spirit!”

  • Hannah Kaye

    The first time I have ever seen the ocean I was amazed by its vast beauty. I admired all the shells waking along the beach. It was awesome and I miss it.

  • CopyCatChic

    I remember boogie boarding in Maui with my family when I was little (around 7 or 8). I loved my boogie board so much that I named it. Christine 😉 lol I think that fostered my love of the ocean and I loved to surf for many, many years. Unfortunately the ocean’s a bit too cold for me to venture out to surf where I live, but we still love going the beach!

  • Victoria Carter

    Hey Alicia! Like Melody, I immediatly recognized the pictured blouse from your Google speech (when I was first researching veggie) so it’s kinda full circle to see you gifting it (as I’ve been living the kind life for years now). As a born & bred Cali girl I’ve got some solid beach memories. Despite, I’ve gotta say my BEST memory is actually from Conneticut. I was visiting family for the summer and didn’t have many chums. One afternoon I walked to the beach, put my paws in the water and rang my best buddy in California, happy but lonely too. A Long Beach resident, she happened to be spending the day at the water as well. We enjoyed the irony (great minds think alike) and had a long convo. I remember comparing CT’s rocky shore to LB’s sandy one. We talked the viability of messages in bottles, how sunsets worked on each coast and wondered how the water we touched would eventually end up on the opposite coast. I felt so connected to her and my life in California, despite being thousands of miles away. Something about us both being IN the ocean made the world seem smaller. It reminded me to be more grateful I had the chance to take this trip and (lonely or not) make the very best of every day. That summer was 11 years ago, crazy!, but the lesson stuck and I’m better for it.
    PS Thanks for the time you invest in these giveaways, cheers for making clothes sharing cool. Best! Victoria

  • Lindsay Atteberry

    My favorite memory of the ocean is the only one I have. My dad and stepmother took me and my three siblings to Galveston, TX back in 2002, I was 16. On our way home, we happened to drive by the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and we stopped on a whim. The sun was just starting to set over the water, it was beautiful. I just remember running through the water and along the sand in my bare feet, and playing with my siblings. It was the last time I remember all of us getting along. Now we’ve all grown up and grown apart.

  • jtlittlelong

    My best memory is when my kids and went to the ocean. My youngest wasn’t even a year old so he was afraid of the waves. Living in WA state the ocean is different then say CA. The kids though they could save all the sea stars (starfish) and proceeded to throw them all out into the ocean. They were so proud because they ‘saved lives’.

  • Liovani Nazario

    When I was little I lived in Puerto Rico and one of my aunts will take me every weekend to the beach and we will spend endless hours looking for tiny shells. Now when I travel to Puerto Rico I do the same thing with my daughter and she loves it as much as I did when I was her age

  • Annie

    I grew up spending my summers on the shores of Cape May NJ. My late husband’s family did the same and we were able to spend several summers with our now 15 y/o twins off the coast on our boat. One day we decided to go farther out off the coast of Wildwood, 15 miles to be exact, and cut the engines. Something bobbing in the clear water caught my eye and low and behold it was a sea turtle! I swear it was the size of my dining table! The kids were so excited, they were 8 at the time. The 4 of us sat and watched this noble, graceful animal for an hour. Such a beautiful, spiritual time for us as a family and an ever lasting memory we have our Daddy.

  • Brenna Alholm

    My family and I and some friends of family went to Mexico for spring break when I was thirteen. We rented a house that a friend of my parents owned on a beach and drove from Pheonix across the border to get there. The most amazing thing about this place was low tide. Me and the daughter of our friends would go exploring in the evening after dinner during the sunset and find all sorts of creatures such as sand dollars, crabs, starfish, clams, even coral and sea sponges! There was also a huge variety of sea shells to choose from. I think it might be my favorite place I’ve ever vacationed and one of my only experiences with the sea since I’ve never lived near one. I hope to go back someday.

  • michal

    My parents and i, we were on vacation in ex country of yougoslavia, and i went fishing with my father, the water was so clear, you could see everything, there were rocks with holes in it, fishes were hiding there, i saw so many different types, one was soo scary looking dark color, with a head looking like a scary monster dragon…..and i cought a flying fish, the one that is afish but can also fly :)

  • Jamie

    My favorite memory was marrying my husband 5 1/2 years ago on Folly Beach, SC!! It was so perfect and just magical! The sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the smell of salt water! That relaxing part of nature was the perfect place to say our I do’s!!

  • Riley Johnson

    My favorite memory of the ocean is yet to be made since this summer will be my first trip ever to the ocean.

  • Juliana Ruiz

    I was at the tender age of 18 living at the time in Puerto Rico, I remember being at 40 weeks pregnant and just floating on my back in the crystal blue ocean looking up at the clouds and soaking in the sun. I was young without a care in the world with so many obstacles and challenges ahead but that day all I knew that everything seemed perfect I was going to be a mom and life couldn’t be sweeter. Following day I went into labor… Had a beautiful baby girl. Fast forward 11 years now. So blessed life is grand. ❤️

  • melissa bell

    I’ll never forget the first time my husband and I took our kids to the ocean. They were toddlers at the time and we’d driven from Chicago to North Carolina. We couldn’t afford to fly so we’d taken turns driving the 15 hours there. We went straight to the beach and the looks on their faces were priceless! They weren’t even wearing swim suits but ended up in the water anyway. The waves thrilled them. I turned to my husband and told him that if we were to turn around right then and drive home, it would have been worth it! It was magical.

  • wernie

    My favorite memories of the ocean are from when my sister and I were younger and we went to Florida and other places for vacation. We loved playing in the sand and boogie boarding!

  • meghan b

    I think it was my first time snorkeling and feeling so free, while seeing all of the life below!

  • Anne Perry

    My favorite memory of the ocean is playing with my french bulldog at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach California.

  • Ronda Rudnick

    I have no memories of the ocean. I live in Wisconsin and do not get anywhere by an ocean. Hopefully one day I will and will be able to make some wonderful memories.

  • lindsay hess

    My favorite memory of the Ocean is visiting Florida and staying at a Hotel right on the Ocean!! It was so beautiful waking up each morning to the site and sound of the Ocean. It was so relaxing walking down the beach looking for shells and wading in waves!! I hope I can go back soon so I can share it with my kids!!! lindsayhess84 at yahoodotcom

  • amweeks

    Our family spends a week at the beach in Maryland every summer. And my favorite memory was the first year we brought my daughter with us. She was just a toddler, and I loved as she held on to my & my hubby’s hands and approached the ocean, giggling as the water hit her toes!

  • Stephanie

    When I think of the ocean, I think of family camping trips. Every year we would go camping at Ft. Stevens in Oregon for at least a week (usually two). These were the best times of the year, even above Christmas/the holiday season. Spending time with my family, campfires, swimming in the ocean, walking/hiking sand dunes….I love the ocean so much, even when it was cold enough to be wearing jeans and hoodies, my friends and I would still take trips to the beach.

  • Lauren

    My favorite memory is having picnics on the beach during the summer and bonfires at night.

  • Aaron

    I remember seeing the Pacific for the first time and feeling peace and freedom.

  • Megan Hougardy

    I remember taking my dog to the beach early in the mornings when the coastal fog was still present. She was young then and happy and free and it was contagious. She has passed, but those memories inspire me to love every day like a dog; in the present and grateful for all the little things. I love and miss you Zuni.

  • Rachel

    As a child my family would go for vacation and stay in a condo on the beach. It’s such an amazing memory I have of my family.

  • Holly Rodgers

    As vast as the oceans are, it is equally hard to select a favorite memory as water itself is a source of life for me and a foundation of communing with nature. I feel closest to nature when I am near the water, either exploring under it, or gliding on top of it, or just peacefully observing it from a distance. How can we not ponder and reflect on life and creation when gazing at the sea? How can we not wonder at the diversity of the world when there is such diversity to be found in sea life? Water is a source of life and must be cherished and protected as life itself. 71% of our planet is covered by water. By its very balance in the biosphere, it is evident it should be a priority to preserve our oceans and coastlines for all future generations to enjoy. In doing so, we will leave a legacy of ocean conservation to ensure treasured ocean memories will be made for all posterity.

  • Ali

    Hi Alicia! Thanks for being so inspiring and making the world a better place. You have been a huge inspiration to me since I became a veggie. It’s comforting and motivating to know that you do what you do for the sake of animals and the planet. I look at the world in a different and brighter light because of you. Now onto your topic…my favorite memory related to the ocean..that’s a tough one! A lot to chose from. The memory that stands out most is my trip to Panama. My partner and her father and I were on the beach and it was pitch black out. The really amazing part was the lightning that was striking down from rainbow colored clouds that lit the night sky even if for only a moment. Did I mention we were walking in the dark to witness turtles giving birth?! I mean, how cool is that? We waited for a while with flashlights in hand desperately trying to find these turtles. For what seemed like forever, the turtles finally began to appear one by one.they slowly inched up to the shoreline and dug a hole only to lay on top of it to lay nearly over 60 eggs. One of my favorite parts was that students from Peace corps were there helping the turtles by grabbing their eggs after they left to make sure nothing harmful happened to them. Later, they would put the eggs back in the exact same spot. I loved seeing people help animals with their hearts wide open. Once the turtles laid their eggs, the turtles went home to the ocean. It was beautiful.

  • Ashley

    Dear Alicia
    My favorite memory would have to be my grandparents taking me every summer as a child to the beach
    They practically raised me and my siblings
    I enjoyed making sand castles and having picnics and walking on the beach with my grandmother
    They passed away a few years ago but I still sense each time I go to the beach, feel them with me
    We enjoyed and looked forward to the summer as kids
    Spending a week to a month right on the beach
    Favorite memory is the telling of stories that my grandfather would share as we sit and listened hear the waves crashing on the rocks on the shore
    How my grandparents met to making smores
    I have so many favorite memories
    Now, I like to carry the tradition my grandparents did for us by taking us to the beach each summer , I now share and enjoy sharing with my kids and taking them to the beach

  • Diana Cote

    My favorite memory related to the Ocean is when we took our daughter recently and she got to experience the beach for the first time. She had a blast and we got to collect so many seashells. :) I look forward to making many more memories like that. :)

  • Miranda Sylvia

    Dear Alicia,
    My favorite memory by the beach was when I was with my grandmother at the local boardwalk. She used to take my cousins and I there when she’d go with her girlfriends. She was just relaxing on a floatie in the water meanwhile my two cousins and I were jumping off of the boardwalk into the high tide below. Once my grandmother realized that it was becoming low tide, she told us to go floating with her. So we grabbed our round inflatables and were on our way. We were talking and laughing while slowly moving down the stream of dark water. We eventually got to the mouth that leads the stream directly into the ocean. The waters speed picked up and we were rushing into the deep! My grandmother’s girlfriends had to come out and rescue us since they were used to the speeds. But at that moment in time, we thought we were going to be swept out to sea. We eventually got pulled onto the sandy dunes and walked our way back to the wooden bridge we’d been jumping off before. When we returned to our original spot, we got right back into the speeding water and did it all over again. It was incredible! I loved my grandmother with every inch of my heart and soul and know that she is with my grandfather now and she looks upon me everyday. I hope she’s proud of me and what I’ve made of myself since she passed almost two years ago.