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Nora’s Kind Diet Journey

Nora, thank you so much for sharing your story with me! So happy for you!

I purchased your book in January, The Kind Diet. I was vegetarian but was consuming ice cream, cakes and sweets as I had fallen into these bad habits. I love goat cheese on my daily salads, and was capable of eating copious amounts of it. I had strong cravings and would eat huge amounts of my homemade nut butters to satisfy this urge. I gained 15 pounds. I immediately switched to your recommendations and follow almost 100% your macrobiotic vegan diet most days. The weight quickly came off and I find I am no longer hungry nor do I have these immense food cravings! I found the bowl of greens and (I also steam beets, red cabbage, purple daikon, and rutabaga) which I have with breakfast and lunch, with a salad for dinner keeps me satisfied. I now have whole oat groats, with sprouted hulless oats and buckwheaties for breakfast. I am no longer starved!

Thank you Alicia Silverstone for showing me this new way of eating which I will continue for the rest of my life. I am 55 years old and feel I can enjoy good health as I enter my elder years. Ouch!


  • C. Blake

    Glad to know you discovered Alicia’s book Nora! I’m glad I discovered the kind diet too. My concept of eating and living healthy has expanded so much! Alicia, I would like to share my inspiration with you by giving you a link to my website. This is a business idea that I hope prospers and comes from your inspiration of the green and vegan lifestyles. I would be honored to get your critique on it and any advise you may have.

  • Philippe Orlando

    So am I understand that vegan cheese made out of cashews and other nuts is not that great?

    • C. Blake

      It depends on who makes it. Treeline makes a great cashew cheese. The black pepper is the best in my opinion. Great flavor!