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From My Closet Giveaway: Comfy & Cute

Congrats Michelle! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

Thanks so much to all you kind lifers for entering.. This was a super tough one. So many epic sounding adventures!!!


This flirty cute dress is made by Sublet. It’s comprised of  30% bamboo, 67% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. Not only is it cute and eco, but it’s super soft and cozy! This dress will look fun with flip flops or nice with heels for fancy business!


These Melissa shoes are made of plastic so they are recyclable! The company even recycles 99.9% of its factory water and waste. One of the coolest things about Melissa shoes is their smell.. they smell like candy! Yummy!

To get this pair of Melissa Shoes and Sublet dress, please tell me about an adventure you hope to go on this fall!

We will select and announce the winner on Friday 9/23 so please stay tuned!






  • susan morris

    The fall adventure I have my eye on is hiking at Letchworth and relaxing in nature. The leaves will be changing, the air should be crisp and cool. After healing from my back injury I hope to go hike in this beautiful spot and give my body the treat and exercise it deserves and misses. Hooray for fall!

  • BJake Gerl

    I hope to go on several day adventures with my husband and three littles here
    in Cambria, as we moved back here to where we lived right when we got married. So cathartic and lovely. Many hikes to do and farms to visit before and around Halloween for fun festivities. :)

  • Savannah

    The adventure I’m going on this fall is starting my own business! It’s not typically what comes to mind when one thinks of an “adventure”, but it’s definitely a venture into something new, challenging, and exciting :)

  • Holly Alaria Bader

    I want to take my son Oliver Wolf (8 months) to a farm sanctuary this fall so he can see the animals from his baby animals books in real life and see them well taken care of!

  • Amanda Williams

    I want to go on an an adventure to Trader Joe’s & to a vegan restaurant called Rosetta’s in Asheville, NC. My daughter is allergic to eggs & we don’t have a vegan restaurant here. I can’t imagine the relief of knowing she can have anything on their menu.

  • Amanda

    I’m in the process of moving to a new city and am planning to do some exploring this fall. My friends gave me a gift of a river tour, and I have tickets to see a performance at the local theatre. There are so many new experiences to be had! :)

  • Michelle DeSerio

    So cute!! My daughter just turned 18 months and we are going on our first family tropical vacation in November!! Not the best way to enjoy pumpkin season…but hey, that dress with those sandals would look hot on a beach in St Thomas!! **wink wink**

  • Aleka Vlamis

    This fall I plan on going to Michigan with my husband (we are newlyweds, just got married on the 18th!) to watch the leaves change and take a walk on the Lake Michigan shoreline. It is a peaceful time of year in Michigan’s harbor country where we can be one with nature.

  • Karen

    This fall I’m going to a naturist resort at Orient Beach on St. Martin to spend a week recharging and enjoying the beach. The dress and sandals will make the most perfect traveling outfit!!

  • Cindy Martinez

    I hope to take my husband to Sedona on a day trip. It is such a beautiful place I would like to share a day with him there.

  • Evan Oliver

    I would love to win this dress :) it’s super cute!! I would wear it to my anniversary dinner on Halloween with my husband in Hawaii!!!

  • Brent

    Last year my fiancee, Terri, and I traveled to Belize, but this year we are not able to travel so far. This fall, we are planning a trip to the Lake Michigan shore to see the beautiful colors and lovely lake. I have a strange romance for big waters. We always have fun finding new vegan dishes as we travel around. I am encouraged that it keeps getting easier with more choices over the 35 years since I gave up eating animals.

  • alison

    I’m planning on fitting in some last minute camping before it gets prohibitively cold this fall in the midwest. There are some great spots in Wisconsin, not too far from me, with great bike trails and good vegan options and co-ops on the way too/from.

  • Kaisey Murphy

    My husband and I with our 20 month old daughter (Morrigan photo attached) are going on our first holiday abroad together. We are going to Capri in Italy and are really excited about exploring for delicious fresh Italian vegan food!

    P.s. thank you so much for the kind mama, what a beautiful book! I resonate with everything in it and it has been a great hand-hold in conceiving, birthing, raising and loving Morrigan. x

  • Parchu14

    I love to travel and will likely go out of town a few times this Fall. The adventure I am most looking forward to, though, is of a different sort. I have been vegan for several years now, but I have never been much of a workout person. I have recently started running and lifting and I feel more amazing than I thought I could. This Fall, I would like to run my first marathon and be able to do 10 pull-ups in a row. These may not be a big deal to some, but to me they are exciting!

  • Becca

    I am hoping to travel from Northern CA up to Oregon for some hiking and exploring!

  • Jess Vaughan

    We are planning on getting back up to the Grand Canyon’s south rim for hiking, wildlife watching and making family memories. It should be a really good time and we are looking forward to it!

  • Lindsay F

    I hope to go apple picking with my kids. I know they would just love it!

  • Aubrey Chaney

    I having been saving forever to fly to Taiwan to see my baby brother, his wife, & little boy! It’s been 3 1/2 years & I am desperate to hug them!!!

  • Kirsten Antony

    Hi! We are headed to Vancouver B.C. We are visiting for the first time. Very excited… I only hear wonderful things about the area. Thank you for these fun giveaways!

  • Lindsay Atteberry

    I can’t wait to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags this year!! I’m excited to take my kids there for the first time, they’ve always wanted to go and now they’re going to!

  • Heloïse D.

    Soft and cozy is my MO! In the next few weeks, my significant other and I are taking ourselves and our dog Strider to Chattanooga, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Austin, White Sands National Monument in NM, the Petrified Forest, and I’m not sure where else! It will be our return trip to Los Angeles from the East Coast. We drove to the East Coast a few weeks ago and saw Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, and the Great Smokies along the way (Strider liked the last one best of all). As you can see we decided to do much needed sightseeing on our way to visit family. Take care, Alicia!

  • Skye

    I’m hosting a Mermaid themed baby shower for my best friend! Getting all sorts of fun, natural & organic baby products from Sprouts, Lassens, and other health food stores.

  • Carissa G

    I am leaving Friday for Gatlinburg Tennessee! I can’t wait to hike the smoky mountains and take in nature!

  • Sonja Hilton

    if my kids spend the holidays here with me in Portland, Or I would be more than happy!!

  • Rachel

    This fall our family plans on taking our 1977 VW Bus our camping. It has a pop up top and a bed in the bottom that folds out. Can’t wait to get out in nature and enjoy some quiet!

  • Vern E & Rach E

    I hope to enjoy our local scarecrow festival. My family can visit the farmers market, pick a pumpkin, and see all the amazing fall colors.

  • Maria

    My adventure for this fall would be to go hiking or just relax in nature. I love to see the leaves changing their color and this outfit looks perfect for a date night with my husband!

  • the homesteadista

    Hi Alicia:) This fall I’m going to Singapore for the first time, despite the fact that I lived in Asia for over 10 years. It’s an adventure because I’m a single mom-edupreneur and I’ll be facilitating a workshop for teachers and administrators about the importance of the arts in education. I am particularly stoked because I am super passionate about the arts and specifically about how the arts can build relationship and cultural understanding as well as provide an opportunity for personal expression. The dress would look amazing on me, especially while giving one of my presentations (It’s hot in Singapore now). xo Lisa

  • Sally L

    I plan to go to pumpkin patches w my kiddos and teach my youngest to jump in the leaves. Oh, how my adventures have changed!

  • Jamie

    My adventure this fall is making healthier food choices for myself and my family! I am researching recipes and new stores and farmers markets to buy ingredients from! Wish me luck!!

  • Erin Meise

    This fall we are going to take our family to Disney World for the first time! It is going to be quite an adventure and I am looking forward to experiencing all the magic! This will be a first time for my whole family so we have no idea what to expect!! I hear they are accommodating with food, so I hope I can find some decent options in the park!

  • Madeline

    I hope to go on a yoga retreat this fall! I just went to my first one this year and another is calling me.

  • VeegMama

    I would love to go apple picking with my 3 kids and hubby this fall in Julian, CA. I did it when I was a kid and have yet to do it with mine. I recently came up with a bunch of apple recipes for Rosh Hashanah and got thinking about how fun it would be to pick apples and then make the recipes together.

  • Laura Butts

    I am going to the le diner on Blanc event in Orlando and this would be perfect.


    Love to hear the crunch of leaves under my feet!

  • Kate Muss

    I am going to Red River Gorge in KY this fall. I am originally from the UK so can’t wait to get out there and (hopefully) see the birds, deer, fox and even snakes! I will be taking lots of yummy vegan food also, so will be introducing my friends to a compassionate lifestyle out in the wild!

  • Jess

    thanks for sharing this cute eco outfit! I’m hosting my sister’s SURPRISE bridal shower this Fall in NJ! I live in CA now. Not only is the shower a surprise, but she is not expecting me to make it to her shower or Bachelorette parties at all. First everyone will yell SURPRISE, then I will come out and join them! I arranged for her to have that Monday off of work while I am in town visiting as well. I can’t wait!

  • Sunny SanDiego

    This Fall my family and I are planning on going to Hawaii and go water skiing, rock climbing, hiking and snorkeling in the ocean, full of fun and adventure!

  • Michelle

    My adventure is to become fully vegan and a superhero, I understand this is An out of the box adventure, but for me it really is an adventure, at 3 months into pregnancy I realized what I was putting into my mouth my baby was getting, and then came all this information on vegan and being a superhero my heart was overjoyed, my eye’s were open, I understood the value and the kindness of all this information out there!! So at 5 months and counting I am excited for this adventure to come!!
    Thank you!!

  • Elyse’ Jokinen

    This fall I will be preparing for my biggest adventure of all! Welcoming my first child, my son into this world at the end of the year. Thrilling, exciting, nerve racking and most of all rewarding. I can’t wait to meet him. :)

  • Aurora

    Apple picking with the family!

  • jtlittlelong

    I have been given an amazing opportunity to adopt a rescue puppy and train her as an emotional support animal. These puppies/dogs are given a second chance at life and are given an opportunity to be truly needed and loved by someone. It’s a win win situation. They ate given a good home, good companionship and give the gift of selfless love back.

  • Lauren

    I am planning a trip to Yosemite this fall.

  • wernie

    I hope to go on some hiking adventures, as well as a meditation retreat!

  • Jennifer Mays

    I plan on taking the kids on picnic and nature hike at Sabino Canyon.

  • Annmarie Weeks

    Our fall is adventurous because we’re going on a bunch of college tours with my oldest daughter, who’s a high school senior! Fun times seeing all the different campuses!

  • latanya t

    Hiking and camping in Asheville, NC

  • Sveta

    No trip this fall. We are moving to fixerupper next month. Our adventure begins though. We hope to start our own garden there. Wish us luck.

  • Danielletodd

    I have a 1 year old, so our adventures this year are close to home. We’re going to do some fall camping.

  • Aaron

    I hope to adventure into the big city.

  • Amy Jenkins

    I’m listening to Alicia speak on Integrative Nutrition right now. Very Inspiring.

  • Amanda Patterson

    I am hoping to get in lots of hikes with my dog before the weather get bad!

  • margaretporter

    I plan to go mountain hiking in Oct in the Smokies. We are going to try to zipline although Im terrified

  • Dana Marie Germain

    I really hope to make it to Salem and check it out this October love spooky stuff like that!

  • lshumack

    We go on adventures each weekend when we are geocaching! Lots of new places to be discovered!

  • meghan b

    Super cute! We cant wait to go hiking and see the colors

  • Abba Eban

    Ms Alicia Silverstone,

    I feel that after eating meat are whole life we have sickened and poisoned Our self’s, We talked once in LA at The Stander, ever since I dedicated all my energy to a better way and Solar energy, I wished I’d know at the time you were in to healthy eating, I would like to work with you in some capacity in the future or forever until the end of time…

  • C. Blake

    Happy Birthday Alicia! (I wasn’t sure where to post this) I hope you have a pleasant day and you are healthy and circumstances are always cop esthetic. And Happy Birthday to THE KIND LIFE blog coming up here soon, yeah? Love it! I’m seriously thinking of changing primary care physicians to one at the Barnard Medical Center in DC, it’s just that it’s an hour and fifteen minute drive for me and I’ve been with the same primary care physician in Annapolis since 2000. Thank you for all your hard work. Love, peace, joy, rest, and good health to you and yours always.

  • Jeffrey Ngai
  • C. Blake

    Happy Anniversary to THE KIND LIFE!

  • BC

    This fall we dream of going to Little Rock, Arkansas. My best friend now lives there, her husband is a good friend of my boyfriend’s, and we have yet to be able to spend quality time with them there aside from their wedding last year. It’s such a gorgeous place to go and I want to play in the woods, hike the trails, enjoy the waterfalls, and devour all the vegan deliciousness she has found (she found it just to entice me, as a good friend would!!)