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Eggless Easter Celebrations

Hey Kind Lifers,

I came across a dilemma last year when Bear’s class planned to hard boil and dye some eggs for Easter celebrations. Has this happened to any of you before? How did you handle the situation? I wrote the teacher a letter and she said she would consider it for next year… We’ll see.

In case this comes up for any occasion (school, friend or family’s party) and you want to educate them on the issue, below are some points to cover.

  • mention how your family doesn’t buy eggs largely because of how commercial chickens are treated..
    • Conventional factories are notorious for their inhumane treatment of their birds, whether it’s depriving them of space, light, and natural interactions, or damaging their bodies with unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. Even if the eggs are “organic” or “pastured,” the birds still aren’t given the kind of life that all creatures fairly deserve. Here is a link with more information on the topic:
  • mention how easy it is to replace fragile eggs with cruelty free alternatives :)
  • thank them for their consideration and planning fun festive activities

There are so many cruelty free and eco ways to celebrate Easter! How will you be celebrating this year?



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  • GreenStarsProject

    Nice reminder – thank you :) How we celebrate things says a lot about us. This year many of us have already celebrated New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and probably a couple of friend or family birthdays. It’s at special times where we need to be most
    conscious of how we treat the planet, and not let ourselves slip, saying,
    “Oh, it’s a special occasion…”
    Every day is some kind of special occasion for millions on the planet and it’s time we grew up as a society and made the right choices whether it’s to forgo the balloons or find alternatives to Easter eggs in plastic packaging and containing unsustainable palm oil.

  • Katie

    I found a recipe for vegan creme eggs which I will be making and passing around to the kids (and probably adults! :P)

  • Julie Brydon

    I can’t remember if it was here or elsewhere, but I saw a great idea to dye vegan marshmallows instead!

  • nikitajosephine

    love the link to USA made eco egss and grass!!!

  • Sigrun Campbell

    I use wooden eggs which are great because I keep them in a jar and they have now become a memento. From loads of scribbles to intricate designs! Shows how my kids have grown

  • Dave Meadows

    Thank you Alicia.