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From My Closet Giveaway: Johnny Was Top & Floral Shoes

Congrats Laura! You are the winner of this giveaway!

Thank you everyone!


This Johnny Was top speaks to me! I wore it a ton.. It goes great with so many outfits and you won’t get sick of it. This top will fit a size S-M.

From My Closet

These shoes are so cute and made with vegan friendly materials. I love the floral print. My fantasy plan was to wear them with tight black jeans and a black t-shirt. I couldn’t get it together but maybe you can! They are fun, you will love them. They will fit a size 8.5.

The Heidi Kingman eco and funky bracelet was made from vintage scarves, repurposed old foreign coins, and leftover gemstones. It will add some fun spunk to your outfit.

In order to win this comfy top, shoes, and fun bracelet please leave me a comment below telling me about your ideal style and how you make it eco.

I will announce the winner on Friday, 4/7/2017

With Love,





  • Skye

    Oh how cute!! I love floral patterns! I typically like to wear basics with accessories (such as jewelry, scarves, shoes) to add some personality! That being said, my mom managed a health food store for half my life, and that’s where I learned the importance of eating organic, nonGMO and the cruel/evil deeds of the company Monsanto. Because of what I learned regarding organic foods, I came to the realization that organic makeup and clothing is just as important! Pesticides can cause cancer, infertility, the list goes on… I also have a huge love for animals, therefore wear cruelty-free, vegan clothing and have a great appreciation for those who create clothing through recycled materials.

  • respect10

    I like to keep my style simple.
    But I also like to make
    statements. I support animal/ sea groups, so when I’m not in my scrubs you could probably catch me a tshirt that represents them.

  • GMM

    I am a new vegan of just a few months after being vegetarian for many years. Because I was already mostly eating vegan, the hardest part has been turning over my closet. I’m looking forward to seeing people’s comments to get some ideas for myself. With clothing I stick to organic cotton and love the brand Pact that you introduced us to in a post. Thanks for your wonderful blog and books!

  • Cheryl

    My ideal style is outdoorsy, comfy, organic momma. To make /keep it eco I mostly shop at rei and buy their organic clothing. It’s comfortable if I’m in the floor with my kids and it lasts forever. Most importantly the companies I buy from are organic and have good labor practices. I also keep it simple, I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from so it’s outfits I really like and feel good about.

  • Danylle

    Vintage. Which works well for me since I LOVE thrift stores.

  • courtneyFL

    ermagod those shoes!! <3
    I make my ideal style eco by always shopping at thrift and vintage stores!! Reuse & Recycle, baby. Plus I always find the most fun, unique and eclectic pieces there…making me feel one of a kind. :)

  • Lindsay Atteberry

    My style is definitely casual and comfy. I try to buy only organic cotton clothing and other eco-friendly materials. Vegan leather products only!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I would describe my style as “boho chic”. I love loose flowing tops and flare jeans. I’m a vegan and I don’t wear leather or silk. I buy most of my clothes second hand.

  • Dina Banks

    i would like to learn to dye natural materials bc i saw some real results of that and i was so impressed – clothes dyed with local flowers looked like paintings, so unique and gorgeous. for now i just like to wear minimal style and natural materials – organic cotton and viscose.i love bright red color lately, in dresses or sweaters – we usually have late spring here in north east, and i feel like red really lifts me u during grey rainy days . i also wear all the hand made crafty bracelets that my daughters make for me with all their love. and something like rose quarts bracelet n my wrist, to remind me of unconditional love and acceptance on those days when im cranky from no stop parenting while my husband is working 6 days a week.

  • Beth Rapp

    Ideal style is something easy to wear, comfortable but pretty and easy to breastfeed in. Making it eco friendly usually means buying second hand or shopping in my sister and mom’s closets. Organic cotton is a go-to but shoes are harder to find exp friendly! 8.5 shoe and small/medium top is my perfect size and these would be such pretty additions to my small wordrobe. Xoxo keep up the amazing work Alicia!

  • C4thyyy

    My ideal style is sort of a mix of everything! I love anything comfy, but cute. I love prints and colors and a little boho here and there. I make my style eco by buying everything secondhand. I feel good knowing getting use out of a beautiful garment someone else didn’t want anymore. 😀

  • Miranda Sylvia

    Hi Alicia! My ideal style is something out of the 70s and 80s. I love outfits worn by and inspired by Molly Ringwald, Farrah Fawcett, and Susan Sarandon. Love floral prints, high waisted jeans, etc. I try my best to live an eco-friendly life. To fulfill this, I only buy vegan clothing, usually made from recycled materials. It makes me feel better about myself too. And NO leather, of course! For my makeup and skincare, I buy organic, all natural products that are cruelty-free. I’ve also helped my friends who wanted to go cruelty-free with their makeup as well and they love it! Thanks for doing this giveaway and love you!

  • Lindsay F

    My style is mom of two young kids…so I throw on whatever I can as fast as possible. I try to buy sustainable clothes for the family whenever I can. Love these items so much. They’re so pretty and would look great with a pair of jeans.

  • pmessing

    My style is and always has been kind of “thrift store adorable.” That blouse is a perfect example of things I wear. I try to keep it eco by buying all second-hand stuff and not too many things.

  • Mama Tummy

    My ideal style is vintage. I love things from the 40s and 50s. I like to scour vintage shops and thrift stores and consignment shops looking for eco-friendly good deals.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I have a boho style, shopping mostly at second hand stores. I love flowing tops and flare jeans. No leather or silk, though!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    My ideal is thrift store style. They are eco because they are used.

  • Laura Sharp

    I’ve been enjoying some linen tops in my wardrobe lately and I am also hoping to sew a few more pieces! That is a lovely shirt and the accessories are very fashionable as well! Unfortunately the shoes wouldn’t fit me, but I have a friend who I am pretty sure would love them!

  • Christine Paiva-Stewart

    My style is casual and colorful. I keep it eco friendly be upcycling it… either giving pieces to friends or charity once I’m done with them. Peace!

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    Oh I love the Boho look and I am a big resale person so I always scope out pieces that will fit together for that look. I also though love it when I find a piece at a resale shop that is organic cotton or hemp that is always sweet. I have no set style and will just put pieces together that I love, but I am a hippie at heart. The big bonus is vegan shoes resale so hard to find.

  • Alicia Webster

    My ideal style is fashion frugalista. I make it eco by “stealing” clothes from my daughter’s closet. She and I wear the same size, and I take the clothes she has purchased at some point but never seems to wear. That way they get the “love” they deserve, I don’t have to spend any of my money on clothes, and they aren’t going into a landfill because I wear them until they are worn out and threadbare.

  • Jamie Wyckoff

    My favorite style is boyish basics (thrift shop jeans!/sneakers or boots) and a touch of feminine with my top. I love wearing jewelry made locally, found at craft fairs and art studios.
    When I have cruelty free makeup and my lotion, shampoo, soap etc is compassionate and clean for my body, it just all feels like a perfect fit, from the inside out!

  • Lily Egan

    I like to call my style “free-spirited,” “summery,” and even “fairy-like.” What I do to maintain (and I am always improving) economically fashionable is using cruelty free and organic make up, reusing my clothes several times a month without washing, and reusing clothes from friends and family and reused boutiques. I rarely go clothes shopping anymore!

  • Melissa Holt

    My favorite style is relax causal. I do that by getting stuff and bringing stuff to goodwill

  • dddd89

    I have really been into florals lately so I would love those shoes! My style right now is tired mom haha! My ideal style would be classic pieces that I can keep for years. I like your idea of a black top and skinny black jeans. I keep my style eco by buying used whenever I can at thrift stores and online consignment shops! I also buy used for my 7 month old and 3 year old daughters.

  • Jackie

    My style is always comfortable. If I can’t move in it or it’s too tight or anything like that, I don’t wear it. My style is eco friendly because all of my wardrobe is reused clothing from thrift stores or eBay.

  • Liovani Nazario

    I love anything that is not tight but that makes my body look good. Lots of dresses with tights and ankle boots or jeans and cool comfy shirt with flats. I make it Eco because I never spend any money on them, I do clothe swaps with my friends and use what they dont want anymore :)

  • Tanya Martin

    I love vintage and I support eco by purchasing mostly second hand. Did you know polyester doesn’t wrinkle? Its a miracle fabric.

  • Katie Gannon

    Throwing together garments form an op shop! Denim is essential with a cute vintage shirt and shoes just like this!

  • shannon cooper

    My actual style is pretty plain. Being a Mom I tend to dress based on comfort more than anything else. I do love vintage jewelery though, things that are unique and colorful. I am a vegetarian and tend to buy things that are not leather made. Love to thrift shop and put new life into old things!

  • Amanda

    My ideal style is simple and classic – put together but not overdone. I love thrift shopping and recently found a great necklace at a thrift store that benefits a local cat shelter <3

  • Bliss Follower

    I love the natural, flowy and bohemian. Love to look peaceful and vibrant and encourage others to think aaah… I like consignment and thrift, but will spend a bit for something I really love. If something doesn’t work.. i just give it away :)

  • BJake Gerl

    I pretty much live in my organic leggings and either thrift store tops or organic cotton t-shirts and vegan sneakers. My 4 year old daughters would love to see me in something pretty like your shoes and shirt. lol

  • Kaci Limon

    My ideal style is pretty modest and girly. I like classic styles that don’t look like I tried too hard but look good nonetheless. I make it eco by shopping at thrift stores or online. I always shop cruelty free.

  • Kristi Monney-Bone

    My ideal style? Hmm..I would say I have many ideal styles. I like things that are fun,unique, and cute. I really love wearing things that make me feel good! My clothes definitely reflect my personality. I keep my style eco by wearing things that I have had for awhile. I also shop eBay for great pieces

  • Emily Smith

    My style is comfortable. I wear a lot of cardigans, jeans, skirts and button down tops. I shop at goodwill. It’s great because it’s affordable and it is recycling clothes.

  • Laura

    This top looks like it would be an amazing addition for summer! I recently lost 25 lbs by becoming Vegan and everything was inspired by your Kind Diet cookbook! now that I’ve done an internal makeover I m looking to makeover my wardrobe. To make it wco friendly, I am shopping at Thrift stores and whenever possible I am buying Oganic Fair trade brands. I am really looking forward for the new rediscovered me this summer

  • Amy Williams

    I’d wear some white skinny jeans!

  • jtlittlelong

    My style is casual but different. I like the odd blouse that no one else would wear. I also like jeans and a tee with funky shoes. I never wear shorts and only skirt or dresses when I have to.
    I make it eco by surfing the net and buying from shops that empower and help women become better and able to be dependent. I ocasiinaly buy from thrift stores. I make sure it’s animal and planet friendly. And will last a long time so I don’t polute the earth.

  • nikitajosephine

    my eco style is simple, i mostly only buy at local thrift stores (or any thrift store that i drive by!). a lot of the clothes/shoes that i own are classic and comfortable and i have owned much of it for many years (some for 20+ yrs). thank you and take care.

  • Nicole Nachlas

    Love that top! My style is casual and comfy. I love thrift stores or doing clothing swaps with girlfriends. You can always find something in another friends closet

  • Mahdi Martin

    I usually wear leggings, sometimes with a short skirt. Always a comfy top with soft material. I’ll wear a dress if the occasion calls for it. I do a lot of thrifting. I also tend to wear things until they fall apart. I guess that’s eco friendly!

  • Rachael

    My ideals are works in progress: healthy skin, good posture and a calm and centered expression– these, along with your items, would go great with my overall happy, enthusiastic and friendly outlook. What an outfit!

  • Amy Janzen

    Living in Oklahoma, it gets pretty warm. Right now, I love simple dresses that can be casual or worn at work. I work with college students, so I have to find a good mix of professional and trendy. (But I do have to watch out for that Oklahoma wind in a dress! I have had one too many embarrassing moments.) Hand me downs are my friend! I buy used clothing as well and swap children’s clothing with friends. When I am done with my clothes or my kids clothes, I give them away.

  • Elizabeth Fleming Syla

    I have 3 little boys (5, 2, and almost 1!) so anything I wear needs to be easy and I need to be able to move freely in it. I have a boho vibe going on most days. I keep it eco friendly by buying almost everything 2nd hand. I only have items that I REALLY love. I resist the urge to shop compulsively and keep things as simple as I can. The things that I buy first hand are high quality-pieces that will last a life time! <3

  • Sarah

    My ideal style is simple and accessible. I work with women who struggle with addiction so I try to both dress in a way that is professional but also relatable. Making this eco friendly means buying recycled clothing, vegan clothing, and not spending large amounts of money on any one item.