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Let’s Meet Up, Paris + Cannes!

Hey Kind Lifers,

I’m headed to France in June, specifically Paris and Cannes. I’m thrilled to check out the French veg scene as well as adventure around both cities! And I would love to meet some of you local Kind Lifers.

If you’re interested in meeting up with me and some fellow Kind Lifers, leave a comment below sharing how you live a kind life in Paris or Cannes and your favorite place to meet up and hang out. Also! Feel free to include any of your favorite must try restaurants or must dos/must sees in those areas!! *Be sure to connect your Disqus account to your current email address so we can reach out with more details.

We’re looking to meet sometime mid June (time and place to be decided).

Can’t wait to connect with you all!

With love,



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  • Amelie

    Just wanted to share the name of a catering company / chef consultants, started by the wife of a friend of mine: Cuisin’Etik. They are in Paris. Here’s their Facebook page:

  • Marie Ptitbou

    Hello ! I live near Paris and it’s really easy to eat vegan in that wonderful city. Here are some of my favorite adresses :
    – to eat the best vegan burger with homemade fries VG, 85 rue Lafayette Paris 9e Subway station : Cadet
    – there is a supermarket that sells only vegan product : Un Monde Vegan (meaning a vegan world) 64 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth Paris 3e, subway station : République
    – there is a new place that sells vegan pastries and croissants : 123 boulevard Voltaire Paris 11e, subway station : Charonne
    – and a place to eat vegan cheesecake and cupcakes there is Vegan Folies, 53 rue Mouffetard Paris 5e, subway station : Censier Daubenton.

    I hope I’ll be able to meet you and others kinf lifers in Paris !

    And thank you so much for all your kind work.


  • Sigrun Campbell

    Le Grand Apetite! Best restaurant in the world!!!

  • Vegan Italian Family

    Hey, we’ve been to Cannes last month! I don’t remember any totally vegan restaurant in the city but many vegan options are easy to find. In Antibes there are a couple of vegan restaurants and there’s a vegan fast-food style restaurant with burgers, pizza and several kind of cheeses on the coastal road between Antibes and Cannes. The best places are in Nice: White Gorilla, Paper Plane and Koko Green, you better check their timetables to avoid surprises, they’re not always open for dinner. Other vegan restaurants are available in town, just, these were the best for us; also, owners are very nice and friendly. At White Gorilla you might also have a chance to meet some of the Sea Shepherd crew. At Koko Green one of the owner is an English native speaker. We also enjoyed EQvita in Montecarlo, it’s Djokovic’s restaurant. In Menton there’s a Loving Hut. I was forgetting, in Nice at LoveBio they prepare vegan crêpes with dark chocolate topping! About Paris I don’t know, we’ll go there in September, we’ll wait for your suggestions by then! Enjoy your travel

  • Christina Pippin

    Hi! I am happy to meet up {I’m a Chicago gal living in Paris near Parc des Buttes Chaumont}, I may be traveling out of Paris in June to the Windy City, but I’m happy to point you to all of the best vegan cafes in Paris. I’d love to put you in touch with my friends, the owners of some charming plant-strong cafes + some intrepid, pioneering entrepreneurs that have opened vegan cafes + bakeries in the last couple of years {+ the first all-vegan fashion concept shop in Paris, Aujourd’hui Demain}. There’s a really vibrant + dynamic vegan scene in Paris now! : )

    Thanks! Here’s a list I put together of my faves in France:

  • Noémie

    Hi Alicia,
    I live in Paris and I’m a huge fan of your kind work for a long long time !
    I recently discovered Le potager de Charlotte (12 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne), where you can eat a great vegan brunch. Soya restaurant (20 rue de la pierre levée) is good too.


  • Sébastien

    Coucou alicia,
    damage which you cross only by two French big cities, but I understand well that you cannot go everywhere in France I am from Metz which come you to make in France if it is not indiscreet ?
    I was anxious to tell you that is beautiful all that you make in particular for the cause animal, continue in this direction, your energy is very positive
    very friendly

  • Gavin R

    Hi Alicia Ive seen your movie Le Nouveau Monde which was made in France and Im so happy and surprised that youre returning to France a country much closer to home Im considering going to France to meet you in person could you please send me any feedback to my email that I know where and where in Paris I may see you it would be very much appreciated