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From My Closet Giveaway: Classic Cute

Congrats Samantha! You won this giveaway!

Thank you sweet kind lifers for entering, so many great thoughts and such a tough decision as always.


This week I’m giving away some staple jean shorts made by Citizens of Humanity and a cute white blouse by Wilfred. The shorts will fit a size 29 and the shirt a S-M. I love both these items!!

This fun hat is made by Greenpacha and was 100% handwoven in Ecuador by a toquilla palm.

the kind life

If you want this outfit, leave me a comment below telling me about what you like to do for fun. 

I will announce the winner on Friday October 13th.

With Love,





  • Rachel Emblem

    For fun our family likes to garden in the backyard. Our almost four year old is really into bugs right now. It makes me so happy to hear him explain to his neighbor friends during our gardening weekends about being vegan and why it’s important to treat every bug and animal with the respect they deserve.

  • Maribel

    Advocate of physical health, starting at the gym daily 5x a week to destress, seeking holistic remedies to improve mind and body, researching for new travel destinations, and always on the hunt for the best coffee and vegetarian spots in SF with friends!

  • kj.

    I like to take long walks and listen to music for fun. A fun hang out with friends is also great!

  • talia Bonilla

    I love making crafts with my 2 girls. Learning to create is such an exciting bonding moment for us. It’s also a constant reminder of how life is so precious

  • Lexei Allen

    Hi Alicia,
    I think my most favorite thing to do is walk the sandy beaches in Washington state with my children and husband. The sound of the waves and feeling of sand on my feet are amazing. Somehow being there makes everything better.

    Love and Light,

  • Cynthia

    My idea of fun, and what I love to do, is go for hikes in the Santa Monica mountains. After i head back from the hike I stop by the horse stable, and take some pictures of the horses with the mountain backdrop. It’s therapeutic and it makes you stop and realize all the beauty around.

  • Christina Cupani

    It sounds cheesy, but there aren’t that many people that inspire me, but you are the reason that I went vegan after 6 years of being a vegetarian. I was scared, didn’t think I had the will power, but my love for animals runs deep inside and that is because of YOUR activism. I would love a memento that will always remind me of why I chose to save animals.

  • Annamarie

    I live in Northern California and love hiking in Muir Woods (with my dog of course). The view of the Golden Gate always blows me away! Definitely recommend it! Thanks for all that you do!

  • Green Beauty Crusader

    This outfit is sooooo cute & so me 😉 Living in Hawaii, I love spending time in the ocean! Kitesurfing, surfing & sailing are my favorite activities and I’m so lucky to be able to do this every week with friends. It makes my life complete!

  • Anna Sewalson

    I love to knit in my free time!

  • Stacie Harpee

    We like to go on family bike rides. Foreign films and amazing books are pretty awesome too.

  • Shannon

    I love to CREATE. I love to paint, I love to decorate, I love to cook. My next creation will be this week. I am making a giant wooden sign for an empty wall in my entry way, I just need to pick out a saying, or a quote, or even an excerpt from a book to paint on it

  • Geri Harris

    Love the outfit. I could totally see my self wearing this while doing my favorite weekend activity of taking my dogs for long walks in the park.

  • Annamarie

    I live in Northern California and love hiking in Muir Woods (with my dog of course). The view of the Golden Gate always blows me away! Definitely recommend it! Thanks for all that you do!

  • Karolina Sivas

    I love to go to tennis tournaments! It’s a different kind of live theater for me. You can find me sitting courtside in the heat snacking on something thirst quenching like a tangerine. I even pack my own vegan gluten free day of food to make it through the long sports day and stay healthy. Been doing it since 2007. It’s so fun!

  • Kristina

    Hi Alicia! Hope this is where to comment! I loveeee the shirt! It’s such a cute white shirt-great closet staple and coming from you, I know it’s vegan eco friendly! I’d love to be considered for the shirt win!
    I live in Burbank with my son and husband. He’s a sound man and I’m an artisan jeweler and makeup artist. For fun, I love to cook, listen to oldies via vinyl and LOVE taking family bike rides! Thanks for doing this! So rad! We are off to the pumpkin patch now. Hope you and your fam have a great Monday!!! Xo Kristina

  • Kate Muss

    I volunteer for an animal rescue group. We have cats available for adoption at various pet stores. Volunteering with the cats there and at the local animal shelter is my idea of “fun” I love doing something I enjoy while knowing I am helping the kitties. We have lots of cats from both Hurricane Irma and Maria at the moment waiting to be adopted so there are lots of cats to care for and look after. They are all so sweet and provide hours of endless fun with their playful antics!

  • Catherine Newman

    I like to keep well balanced life by appreciating friends, family and working for a good cause! I love how inspiring the KindLife, and Alicia is. This outfit is too cute!! ❤❤❤

  • Jysikka Valdez

    Hi Alicia! For fun I love to spend time with my family. My husband and I love just talking and hanging out and watching our son. Nothing is more fun! Thanks Alicia!

  • Kathy Kotlarz Buttry

    As a mother of 8 children, I love to go thrifting, eat Mexican food, and cook.

  • C. Blake

    Dear Alicia, for fun I like to have a smoke after work outside ( I feel like I should quit but don’t want to so, your encouragement either personally or via a post would be welcome. I know this is obviously against eco-vegan ethics however, my path is not always straight and narrow). I also like to go to the farmer’s market and shop and Whole Foods and treat myself to a few things. Just want to say happy anniversary to the kind life, it’s been a joy! Love you and yours. I hope you are well.

  • Debi Begallia

    I enjoy going to the gym regularly and a lot of different family activities. Living in the north west allows my family a lot of fun adventures. We love to hike the numerous trails and nearby mountains. Nature walks are really beautiful this time of year. We love to go camping and fishing. Berry picking is also a fun activity we do as a family.

  • Dianamarie

    I definitely love to do yoga for fun. Whenver I have time to myself, my yoga mat is the first thing I grab. When I’m outdoors hiking, walking trails, and spending time with nature would be another thing I like to do for fun.

  • Codi_Cathleen

    I do a lot of hot yoga and I love to swim and hike whenever I get a chance.

  • Jennifer

    For fun I enjoy reading, gardening, exercising, cooking, playing with my cats, discovering new places, thrift store shopping, hanging out with my mom, learning as much as I can about everything I can. I like to solve problems and helping people discover things about themselves. This list could really go on forever.

  • Suzanne Goldberg

    I love to be outside ! I love cooking from your cookbook :)) I also love to read and do yoga. Thank you!

  • Nicole D

    I am lucky to live in San Diego where there are so many opportunities for fun. I often go sightseeing around the county with my family to places that we can hike around and be active while still learning about California history. I’m also on an outrigger canoe team; being out in the ocean with 5 other women working together is an amazing experience and so much fun!

  • Andee

    I love to paint (lately it’s watercolor painting that I’m obsessed with!) or read.I also just got a violin for my bday so I enjoy practicing – my patience level isn’t as great on that hobby, though :)

  • Miranda Rose

    Hi Alicia!
    My husband and I enjoy hiking the local trails on the beautiful central coast of California and visiting our local farmers market every Saturday to stock up on fresh, organic veggies for the week. We also enjoy spontaneous road trips and camping trips with our 7 year old boxer, Kona! Thank you for being such a shinning vegan advocate!

  • Marlen

    Hi Alicia,
    I love spending time with my 7 month old daughter, she amazes and teaches me new things every day. Every smile, frown, laugh and whine makes my day better and life richer.
    We love going out for walks and she utterly enjoys cooing at the trees.

  • Jillian Jobe

    Fun…well, I’m a full time mom, so fun for me is anything that can make them happy! We spend a lot of time at the park, watching the ducks. We also visit the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Acton every other month.

  • Kathleen McGowan Jones

    Bake sourdough bread, hike, backpack, paint with watercolors, bike, read….I could go on and on!

  • sue

    My dogs are everything to me. For fun I like to pick new places they have never been to for fun walking, and exploring adventures. It gets me out to places I might not have taken the time to visit while spending time with them. Sometimes I even invite other humans. :-)

  • Hilary H

    I love cooking creatively healthy meals for my growing family :) And I love spending time with my husband and kids. My oldest daughter doesn’t walk or see, so taking her outside and having her experience nature is my other favorite thing!!

  • nikitajosephine

    i love reading, hiking, just being outside in nature and cooking good vegan food!!!

  • Meghan Allison

    Hi Alicia!! For fun I love spending time with my family and friends, cooking and enjoying each other’s company! I find it’s so easy to bond over a shared love of food… and wine! 😉 We love to host weekly movie nights as well!

  • Ashley Vincent

    I love to go to a local farmer’s market to pick up some delicious goodies, then spend as much time as I can outdoors- usually by the ocean.

  • Catherine Sylvester

    My fav things to do are usually some form of movement- as a single mummy my most fun thing is doing parkrun with my son and either volunteering or joining in the racing at my local triathlon club followed by a bath whilst reading vegan life magazine or runners world :)

  • Maribel Molina

    Pictures and more pictures, Because I love it, and because I need it in my daily life. I’m constantly taking my phone out. There are images that can transport you to a different time and place. And definitely play with my dog, put a Halloween dress or even in every season and Yes! more pictures doing that!!

  • disqus_6KK5ZbSw3k

    What a cute giveaway, I love those shorts :) ! For fun, I love to paint and write about my travel adventures. I also love to go hiking with my two rescue puppies.

  • Megan Prionas

    For fun I like to send friends and family postcards and letters by snail mail! Sometimes I draw little pictures, use fancy calligraphy, or seal letters with wax.. it’s old fashioned, but everyone loves getting mail :)

  • Megan Prionas

    I love to send my friends and family postcards and letters by snail mail!! Sometimes I draw little pictures, use fancy calligraphy, or seal letters with wax. It’s old fashioned, but everyone loves getting mail!

  • Amee gib

    I love to swim. I’ve always loved the water but up until this last summer when I turned 32, I had never actually “swam”, frankly it scared me. But now, oh my goodness I love it. There is nothing more therapeutic than the sound of the water as I cut through it.

  • Abbey

    Hi, Alicia! That outfit is supercute, thanks for doing these giveaways.

    I’m a mom of two girls ages 3.5 and 2, with another little one due in about 6 weeks. For fun together I love doing puzzles! They are so good at them and I love to challenge them with ones that are slightly above their pay grade. For fun on my own, I spend time working on paintings or baking vegan treats for my non-vegan husband, I’ll always get an honest opinion, plus I get to eat a plate of vegan brownies! Haha.

  • Alexis Marie West

    I love to spend time with my family and go outdoors and try new things for fun! ❤️

  • Cynthia Gwinn

    Hi Alicia! For fun I love searching for seashells, I have a pretty big collection, I’ve also recently got into painting rocks but most off all I enjoy my evening walks with my son.

  • Laura Sharp

    Very cute outfit, thank you for sharing! My favorite thing to do when I have any bit of time is to either play piano or do some sort of more time consuming cooking or baking!

  • Brittney Green

    Love to craft and do projects ❤️

  • April D

    I like going to the gym 3-4 days a week, it makes me feel revitalized and strong. I also enjoy frequenting yard sales and thrift stores for unique treasures

  • Cristina Lu

    I love love love to travel with my children. Showing them different cultures is pricelss

  • Ren W

    Excel worksheets and number crunching fill up most of my days so for fun I immerse myself in as much performing art and live performance as I can :) . I especially love watching plays and musicals (I was fortunate to have been able to watch your amazing performance in ‘of good stock’ when I visited NYC! ) and even though sometimes I do wish I were artistically talented enough to pursue a career in the arts, my heart feels so full as a captivated audience member.

  • Elise

    I love doing yoga, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and hanging with my rescue pup! I have anxiety and all of those things with a little bit of self care really help me ❤️

  • Jamie Stewart

    I foster kittens for fun. I usually take the neonatal, bottle babies those are my favorite. I currently have 6 foster kittens, 2 of which I got at just two days old.

  • Heather

    Spending time outside with my family and reading books/e-books on health and natural healing.

  • Sarah Caterson

    Fun is cooking with my daughter and having kitchen dance parties

  • Alicia W.

    What a fun way to upcycle! Thanks for doing this. I have two young kiddos, and I just love spending time with them doing anything from hiking in our local park and seeing the world through their fresh eyes to sneaking a post-tubby smell of their hair (the best). For me time, I take myself to a local movie theater that serves dinner and a show with reclining seats and just veg out. Thanks again for all you give!

  • Rebecca Mitchell

    I love going on nature hikes with my family.

  • Shy Forteza

    I love to take care my children and provide them happiness. Fun is always there!

  • Kelsey Omeis

    Hi Alicia! I love being creative for fun and doing things like drawing, decorating, crafting, and doing really whatever comes to my mind. Oh, and of course also vegan stuff, like cooking, researching, and reading vegan blogs. :)

  • Desirae

    I love meal prepping. I’m vegetarian but trying to transition into being vegan. I am meal prepping some black beans right now.

  • Hollie

    For fun I love to be active whether it be bike riding, hiking, or swimming im happiest when I feel productive. I find my job very fulfilling and fun since I’m a Veterinary Technician and love to help animals in need and volunteer when I can. My biggest enjoyment in life is being around my own fur babies because they help me destress and appreciate the little things in life.

  • Michelle

    For fun I love to spend quality time with my boyfriend and our dogs. I enjoy going with them to the beach, hikes, and exploring new places.

  • Kelly Wood

    For fun, I take my dogs to the dog park with my bf and go to the local animal rescues and sanctuaries.

  • Erin Levy

    My husband and I love to seek out vegan friendly restaurants and go see shows. I also love just finding new places to explore with our kiddos. We just moved to LA in a July and are having a blast discovering new things. When it’s just me I run, and I make myself enormous lunches with as many veggies as possible!

  • Crystal Lyn

    For fun I love going to horror conventions a few times a year. Sometimes I like to dress up and I like to see the cosplay that others do. I enjoying meeting some of my favorite celebrities and I’m always on the lookout for awesome handmade merchandise that people bring to sell. I feel like a kid in a candy store when it’s convention time. I’ve been going for about 12 years now with no plans on stopping.

  • Cara Comeaux

    I love playing guitar, singing, and photography!

  • Shelbey

    I am a small town business owner. Lately what I’ve been doing for fun is reaching out to other small town business dreamers to help them reach their goals. I’ve been spending my time sharing advice with others about my journey to become vegan! I love to help others and share my knowledge so other can reach their goals and feel comfortable talking about a vegan lifestyle even if their only curious.

  • Star Thomas

    For fun,my husband and I train for olympic weightlifting together and enjoy crossfit classes. Then use our health and wellness to enjoy the outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest. Usually followed by a little wine tasting.

  • Linda

    Hi Alicia,
    I like to spend time with my 5yr old nephew. I’m raising him and I’m lucky enough to be called his mom. It’s not too exhilarating but it’s everything to me. Together we garden, do crafts, hike and play ninja warrior. Thank you for being a true leader of the kind life ❤️#veganforall

  • thetroof918

    For fun I do whatever my sons want to do which mostly consist of me sitting in my folding chair at the park reading a book with one eye and watching them play basketball with the other. And I just realized while writing this I don’t have much adult fun.

  • Jenna

    For fun I like to spend time with my kids and crafting.

  • Heidi Rosenbluth

    Heidi Rosenbluth

  • Heidi Rosenbluth

    I love learning about herbs!! I’m a full time hair dresser and have started a herbalism program in my spare time. I’m currently experimenting in my kitchen, making tinctures, hydrosols, firecider, among so many other things. My mind has been blown by how many things grow in our communities (even weeds) that can heal us and contribute to our Heath!! Plants are my fun ❤️

  • Ianina

    Hi Alicia!!! For fun I enjoy going to the theater and concerts. I actually met you after seeing your magnificent performance in Of Good Stock, and told you I got a belly button ring because of you since I loved Cryin’. I also enjoy early morning jogs in the park and love playing with dogs

  • Bùi Nguyễn Ái Vy

    Hi Alicia. My life right now is pretty boring because I live far away from my family and all of my close friends. But the most ideal thing that I’d love to do for fun is to spend time with my loved ones. Since meeting them is only occasional, I’d love to learn to do some calligraphy, make some watercolor painting or do crafts to fill up my spare time. Thank you for this opportunity ♥️

  • Lesly Gallegos

    Hi Alicia! I enjoy cooking and baking vegan food of course! I also like to play with my dog and watch movies.

  • Fraulein Thomas

    Hi Alicia, I hope all is well with you and your family. I love to eat so my fun thing to do is to try fruits I have never had before. I also share it with my cat as long as its cat friendly but he has a clear favourite – bananas. I call him the crazy banana. No matter where I am or he is, he will find me even if I peel the banana ever so quietly. :) totally love fruits and my crazy banana cat!

    I tried the cactus fruit when it was in season and loved it!

    p.s. I am ‘flirting’ with the vegan diet.

  • Rizna Maharani

    I’d like to go to park, try plying with kids.. Oh and every month i go to orphan/elementary school in some district with my mom just to do a story telling for them.

  • הישגים ענבל אמיתי

    Hi , my name is inbal, i am from israel. For fun ilove truveling with my family over sea. Let my girls knows alot of places and things that you dont lern in scool

  • Marielle

    My absolute favorite thing to do for fun is to play with my kids (3 &5!) outside– at the beach, hiking, in our yard, anywhere! They are so creative and find magic in everything. I try to be very mindful when I play with them and completely present & it’s the perfect way to let go of stress & enjoy life. I try to balance that with yoga or walking on the beach at least a few times a week to stay grateful.

  • Meshgon hakimi

    My idea of fun is spending quality time with my 3 year old son and my husband. I really do enjoy it even as a stay at home mother. Nothing beats that. It’s the simple things really that makes it all fun.

  • Emma Thompson

    Yoga, swim, photography, hike, watch classic films, listen to 80s music, dance with friends, travel and try out new vegan dishes!

  • Kathy Logan

    Hi Alicia,
    For fun, I love to check out the local farmer’s markets, visit my local sanctuary, and take my two rescue pups for as many walks as possible.
    Love you and thank you, Kathy Logan

  • Karin

    What do I do for fun? It definitely depends on the day and type of week I am having. Possibilities include playing with my niece, Scrabble with my mom, taking a hike, exploring new places around me and thrifting!

  • Marelynn Ayala

    Writing, music, photography, and making jewelry all bring me joy! So I love reading stories and writing stories for fun, I’m rejuvenated and inspired by music, I enjoy capturing the world around me in photos, and I love making jewelry out of reclaimed and up-cycled objects. :-)

  • Chelsea Goer

    I love going to hole-in-the-wall antique and second hand stores! My husband likes to hunt for coins and antique toys for our baby boy and I love searching for vintage clothes and hand made African baskets.

  • Molly Kogan

    I love to cook a vegan meal with my boyfriend. Then we eat it together while watching a movie we rented from I Luv Video.

  • Vanessa S.

    Love that hat! This sounds silly but… vacation planning! As a military family, we don’t have the opportunity to travel for leisure often. However, we have a lot of fun planning what our next National Park vacation will be. The researching of everything can be so exciting and builds up the anticipation. Also, decorating! With 10 homes in 10 years, it’s always a fun challenge making a new house a home.

  • lady m

    Hi Alicia! I love playing with my daughter. She is a year old and the apple of my eye! I love teaching, playing, and experiencing life through her eyes!

  • Kendall

    Hello my name is Kendall
    What I like to do for fun is create different crafts and painting with my children. I love to see how their mind works when creating things out of up cycle items. One it’s Inspiring to see what they can create out of their own imaginations I also love to travel but who doesn’t, getting out in the open, smelling fresh clean air, hearing the sounds of the ocean waves and enjoying nature when possible. Although that doesn’t happen enough. Thanks for being so inspiring and allowing others to see your moments in life cheers

  • Kathy Logan

    Hi Alicia,
    For fun, I love to check out the local farmer’s markets, visit my local sanctuary, and take my two rescue pups for as many walks as possible.
    Love you and thank you, Kathy Logan

  • Jamie Gaul

    Hi Alicia!!
    For fun I love performing improv comedy weekly at the UCB theatre. Making people laugh, especially with all the crazy stuff going on in our world right now, is the best feeling and stress relief.
    xx Jamie

  • Monica Meier

    Hi Alicia! I have the most fun on weekend camping/hiking trips with family and friends. We just got back from Clifty Falls, Indiana where the hiking is steep and the falls and rock formations are beautiful. Being outside in the fresh air and nature is good for the soul.

  • Amy Wilson

    Run :)

  • Sterling

    I have so much fun with the little daily things: creating healthy meals (no oil steak fries are my new thing!), going to the gym to sculpt my body, reading something inspirational, sitting down to write. I also love visiting rescue farms–kissing cows and goats and giving pigs belly rubs is probably what I enjoy the most!

  • Carly Pollard

    All my spare time is spent with my 2 amazing Daughters. They are my “fun” giving them pedicures and baking stuff is how I unwind. I know these moments don’t last forever so I cherish them now. Thank you Alicia

  • Robin Semmens-Carter

    There are so many things! I love gardening and watching my vegetables grow, I love taking my 3 boys to the park, walking our doberman pup, going swimming at the beach and date nights with my hardworking husband

  • Alyssa Thompson

    For fun, I like to take aerial fitness classes, such as pole, or silks! I also like to take my pup to the dog beach and sit on the sand and read a good book.

  • Elisabeth Rushton

    Hi Alicia!

    For fun I love to try out new vegan recipes. My 6 month old baby girl finds it very entertaining to watch me! Tomorrow I am going to make a vegan cheesecake with loads of soaked cashews and coconut cream – yum!!

    I found your ‘Kind Mama’ book so inspiring, by the way! I came to your book signing in Santa Monica in 2014 – I had just got married in Big Sur. I found the book so helpful when I gave birth in March this year, so thank you again!

    All the very best


  • Dani Bri

    Hi!! What I like to do for fun is usually something simple. I love going to the gym. I love to ride my bike to the beach with headphones. But I love the end of the day making dinner for my husband and just hanging out with him on the couch. ❤️

  • Sabrina Barney

    For fun I love to walk/hike with my kids and dogs . We love finding a new place around Kentucky and checking it out , walking g/hiking trails . We love nature !

  • Heather Delladio

    Hello Alicia! I like to go to the mountains with my husband and my to dogs Tesla and Buddha on the weekends to enjoy nature.

  • Anne Perry

    I enjoying growing and selling organic vegetables.

  • girlsmith

    Hi, I enjoy hanging out with my pets, & eating delicious vegan food! I like experimenting & making recipes at home also. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christel Kiki Burns

    I like to get together with my daughter and try new vegan recipes. A three course meal, all new things we have never made before. We have discovered some great dishes.

  • anonymuse

    i like to watch movies, listen to music, and read comics for fun! Sometimes I talk to my friends cause talking to people you love is probably the most fun thing for me.

  • Jen Sousa

    Hi, I like to spend time with my family first and foremost. I love to cook, and enjoy finding organic healthy options. I like to run, workout, camp, and be overall outdoors and active. ❤️ Jen sousa

  • Kimberly langlais

    Hi Alicia,
    My favorite fun is playing with essential oils and herbs. I feel like a mad scientist when I have my eureka moments.

  • Erin Meise

    I love to spend time with my kids for fun! We go for hikes or go to the pool. We love to be outside. I also love to read and relax…Either outside or snuggled up in bed on a cold day! Anytime I have with my family is fun- I love to be together and enjoy our health and blessings.

  • Dirios

    Hi Alicia,
    I met you once at Powell’s City of Books where I worked – I helped you sign “Kind Life” books for your reading, you were super-nice of course. I was so excited because I’m a vegan too – in my spare time I like to write, and I just had a book published – a middle grade fantasy called “Bridge of the Gods” set in Oregon. It is about man vs. nature and promotes a kind life and a deep connection to nature. I’d love to send you a signed one if you’d like! :) I’d also love to enter to win those adorable shorts! Thanks so much for all you do to educate the world about plant-based eating and living a truly kind life. xoxo

  • lauraaragon

    I love to cook vegan food and walk around the waterfront and parks in San Diego

  • Charlotte Welch

    Hi!!! For fun, I like to play outside and get muddy with my 4 boys and 5 dogs :-)

  • Greg Aday

    Hi Alicia-for fun I enjoy going to concerts,antique stores and collecting toys from my childhood.I grew up watching you in movies and Aerosmith music video’s..Good luck with any future projects..Greg

  • Andi Ramser

    I love to write songs and sing for fun. I perform out at local venues in Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN. It’s in my heart and soul…my passion. When I’m singing, I’m happy!

  • Tara

    What an exciting opportunity. For fun, I love spending time doing crafts and playing games with my son. Also, camping and boating are high on my list for my fun time.

  • Stephanie Banik

    I love to enjoy a craft beer and go dancing – whether it’s in my house or at a bar/nightclub.
    This is true fun because my mind is only focused on the music, letting go & being in the moment.

  • Mia Reid

    I love to go hiking with my husband and 5 year old son. I also really enjoy taking the kayaks out on the lake. We live out in the Trinity Alps in Northern California and its so nice to get out and just be in nature. Apple picking is another great activity we do every year, then we make homemade apple sauce or I like to juice the apples with carrots :)

  • Michelle

    For fun, I love cooking healthy vegan meals with and for my kids!

  • Willa Hokanson

    In have fun living the soccer mom life, reading when I get the chance, traveling, singing, and anything that involves laughter. :) ( And I have fun being your doppleganger) 😉

  • Carla Alcantara

    Hi Alicia, my favorite activity for fun is to go thrift shopping! I love searching for treasures and saving money and helping the environment at the same time! xo Carla

  • Pamela McDonald Goode

    HI! I love line dancing. I have been dancing my whole life. I also love collecting alligators (not the real ones).
    Thanks for this site! You rock!

  • Niki Gosso

    I love to hang out with my kids, paint, and try vegan recipes.

  • Anna Ty Bergman

    vegan cheese parties, taking portraits of pigs and goats and other sanctuary animals, singing Indigo Girls with my husband, being among trees, acquiring friends’ giveaway clothes.

  • Melissa Nicole

    For fun?! So many things! Floating on the river, snowboarding, walking in the forest with a loved one and great conversation, stepping on crunchy leaves, riding a tandom bike through downtown, baking, reading, writing poems, cuddling up with a special someone and having a movie marathon, going to coffee shops and people watching, taking a drive around the lake with my favorite music blasting, … oh the joys of being alive :) there are so many things I love to do for fun <3

  • Sally

    For fun I like to go out for big vegan brunches with my toddler and then play in the park.

  • Lisa

    Hi Alicia,
    Fun for me involves creating new and delicious vegan recipes and cuddling with my pups!

  • Megan Wheelis Muise

    So cute!
    We unschool our kids so our fun days are exploring the parks and beaches, learning about the world we live in. Fresh air, hot sun, and salty skin are our ideas of a good time!

  • Crystal Cano

    I’m Crystal! I love to dance and explore my city of Houston for fun! I’ve never taken any professional dance classes but I love to “freestyle” dance alone or with friends. I love to explore my city because it has so much to offer!

  • Tammie Salyers Phillips

    Fun for me is spending all my free time with my family. I enjoy spending time with my two daughters and my husband. Whether it is dinner and a movie together, motorcycle riding with my husband, taking trips, going to school activities and games. Just anything we can do together. That is what I love!

  • Kathleen

    Teaching my little ones about nature on our nature walks and watching the lessons take fruit in their minds. Sooo rewarding!

  • Elena

    My husband, myself and our 13 months old son love to go to the beach. While my husband surfs, I walk my son on the boardwalk In the stroller. We love to watch the sunset together as a family on the beach. We also go to a local place to eat while we’re there called “Surf Taco”. It’s really good!!

  • Sandra

    The best days ever are the ones spent enjoying my sporty girls. I realize that the days of sitting in a car driving to a soccer game are some of the most precious moments I get with them. Spontaneous conversations occur, some serious and some ridiculous, but this is where forever memories are made. Those moments melt my heart. I get to understand my kid’s opinions and concerns on varying matters in their own voice, within the confines of our car. My fun is getting out of our car and smiling at the humans I brought into this world.

  • E J Boyce

    I like to go out to dinner and a movie! <3 thanks

  • Trang Phan

    I like to read personal development books and clip coupons for fun! Basically anything where I can sit on the couch and relax because I am always on the go. :)

  • Liovani Nazario

    I like going to the beach and just unwinding, spending time with my daughter is always fun, going to festivals, watching movies, camping, seeing my family, and even though it might not be fun for others, going to the gym is fun for me <3

  • Lisa Pecora

    I like to watch TV for fun.

  • Jordan Jensen

    I love to watch all your movies Alicia!

  • Teresa

    We like going to museums. I recently went to one that uses lower power operated handi capped doors to save energy.
    We looked at a huge boat that is being restored. They are using material left of from other boats which is awesome. Recycle.
    I love learning the history. About Indiana who actually uses a lot of plant based d items to do paints, color material, and make hand baskets.
    I love that we can preserve our history! It’s very important.

  • Jess Vaughan

    We go hiking in the nearby mountains!

  • Alexandra

    I am disabled and chronically ill, so that limits it somewhat. Meditation or just listening to music. There is spending time with the horses from the horse rescue/sanctuary my mom runs, but some days that includes less fun than one would hope, (A lot of the horses come with special needs, so you have to watch for that. And of course, as they say, you never know what is going to happen when you are working with animals ) There is so much I would love to do, but for now if I’m content if I make it down to the bookstore / tea room once in a while. Even if I get to watch a movie or show at with a companion animal or other family at home sometimes at night, can help me feel a little better.

  • Dennie Naprava

    I love exploring with my daughter. We go on nature hikes during the different seasons, and collect little treasures.

  • Skye

    I love to travel! I’m always happiest when seeing/experiencing new things. When I was younger, my friends always took trips out of the country during the summer – we didn’t have that kind of money, but the one big trip my family took us on when I was 9 years old was to Jamaica and I was in awe! At that point, I decided when I was older I was going to start marking places off my map. Last year I went to Mexico. This year my fiancé and I are spending our honeymoon in Venice, Italy; Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Olympia, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and London! & Next year we will be visiting the children we sponsor in India on a mission trip before we have children of our own – so excited!

  • Laura

    I love taking my son to concerts and watching how he connects to music. We both love music so much so it’s a special bonding time for us. I also love to read and eat yummy food!!

  • Heather S

    I love going to my yoga class and reading books.

  • Nichole Taylor

    We like to take our son and daughter to play frisbee golf at our local park. The outside air mixed with beautiful mother nature makes it the perfect outing! Getting away from the screen and spending time with family is just the best!