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Success Story: Ellie’s Revelation

Ellie wrote to me to share this story and it made me so happy! Wanted to pass it along to you all. Congrats Ellie on your kind journey :)

Not too long ago, I went camping in central CA and we were in a super remote area.  A rainbow trout came along and it felt like he was observing us.  My friend got his guitar, brought it into the river and we played guitar and sang. The rainbow trout came right up to us and stayed with us the whole time.  I was thinking that maybe this is the one and only time this trout will be exposed to music and it got me thinking…

I mentioned this story to a friend of mine the other day who is vegan and he was telling me more stories about animals and the environment. As an animal lover, I’ve thought several times about becoming vegan but, up to this point, I have been able to separate their suffering from my need to eat something I deem “delicious”.  This trout got me thinking again.

My thinking got me thinking about you and how you are so dedicated to animals and the environment, so I ordered your book.  You had a section on fish and this brought me back to our trout – who felt safe with us and seemed so happy listening to the music.  At that moment, I knew I had to make a change… And that’s why I got your book!


  • Lainey

    I loved hearing about your trout friend and their exposure to music for perhaps the first time! How they felt safe and secure listening to you and being in your presence. Such a beautiful revelation and expansion of consciousness to make! Thank you for so much for sharing with us and wishing you all the best on your kind journey. :)