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RZA of Wu-Tang Clan on why he doesn’t eat animals

RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan is a longtime vegan! I just came across this video, check it out below. He explains why he chooses not to eat animals :)

P.S.! He recently launched a lifestyle company 36 Chambers , all of which is PETA-approved as vegan-friendly! 36 Chambers focuses on music, fashion, and art, with items in the line ranging from jackets, socks, wallets, hats, vinyl, shirts, and more.



Top photo: Spotify


  • Sara G

    So hopeful! Thank you for sharing Alicia!

  • Courtney Brown

    Alicia, I love your books, love your blog, they’ve changed my life! Would love a cookbook with more of those yummy recipes and gorgeous photos, as well as maybe some lifestyle tips. <3