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Should everyone supplement with Iron?

Alexandra, Jill Crapulli, Katie P., Lauren Lee Capelo, and Katie Black Kruse – you are recipients of the mykind Organics iron!   Please contact us via Contact Email Forum to redeem your vitamin :)


Iron supplements usually tastes a little nasty, so I’m happy to say our cranberry lime flavor is way better – with no gross aftertaste. Iron helps support your blood health and provides energy to the entire body. Iron-rich foods include whole grains, tofu, pumpkin seeds, lentils, parsley, and especially sea vegetables. It’s also rich in vitamin C-packed foods as well, like broccoli, fruits, and leafy greens. .. For more information on iron, check out this post.

So what’s the deal with iron supplements? An iron supplement isn’t for everyone, it’s only significant if your running low on iron. This is because if you’re low on iron, then your body cannot make sufficient healthy red blood cells, resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is commonly associated with extreme fatigue, body temperature dysregulation, and immune system impairment. All of those things are no good, so be sure your getting enough iron via your diet or supplementation if needed. If your just a little low on iron or it’s the week of your period, a supplement can give you some added support.  I keep a bottle in my fridge and take some during the week of my period for an extra boost.  However, even though our iron has zero funky ingredients, just whole foods – too much iron vitamin can be toxic to small children and large doses of any form is not a good idea unless you are under a doctor’s supervision. So be sure to follow label directions.

I use to not be a fan of iron supplementation since supplements on shelves we’re full of chemicals.. but now with our mykind Organics iron plant and herbs creation, your giving your body just pure organic nutrition support. This is what makes our mykind Organics iron unique, because it is the only liquid iron on the market that comes from actual plants. Read the label, you will see there are no chemicals isolates in this formula, just clean organic plants and herbs :)

Do you need iron in your life? Leave me a comment below on why your excited to bring this iron into your life.  I’ll announce who will be the recipient on Monday 6/18!

With love,





  • Kate Black Kruuse

    Anemia is something my body has struggled with since I was a teenager. So I am always needing to supplement. Finding an iron supplement that my body can assimilate is difficult and have found liquid iron is the way to go!! I am excited at the possible opportunity to try this version!! I love also love the mykind women’s once daily vitamin!

  • Morgan Taylor

    I’m in my second trimester and am anticipating having to supplement my iron in the next trimester. I’m glad there is a good tasting vegan option !

  • awesomeashnic

    I would love to supplement myself during “shark week”. I always feel very sluggish and less normal like due to flow.

  • jyntee

    I need more energy! (And I love MyKind Organics). <3

  • Katie P

    I am excited to bring this iron into my life because I know this is pure organic supplement without any nasty fillers. I often supplement with iron due to fatigue and hair loss since having my daughter! I try to supplement daily with blackstrap molasses but sometimes forget! I would love to have a reputable supplement to keep with me in my purse. Thank you for everything you do!! P.S. I LOVE AMERICAN WOMAN!

  • Jill Crapulli Sublett

    Hi! I am very anemic and always tired. I have been eating tons more plant based foods that are iron rich and I still don’t feel a difference. I’d love to try a liquid supplement and this one sounds great! Thank you!

  • Frenchpetal

    With Alicia, and Garden of Life, I know it is a wonderful product!I could use it in those times when I know I’m not getting enough in my diet.

  • Alan Rothwell

    It’s worth noting that the tannin in tea is an iron suppressant to 75%, do don’t drink tea, and preferably coffee for one hour before or after taling iron tablets. Take with water, or, ideally, with Vitamin C, which increases uptake. For this, Kiwi Fruit juice is better than Orange juice as further increases uptake
    Regretably, Doctors don’t tell people that

  • Alan Rothwell

    Can I bring up the subject of transplant organs?
    I am waiting for a heart valve replacement. Now said to be routine and I know others who have had this.
    But as a 40 year Vegetarian who tries to be Vegan wherever possible, I am concerned that the hospital may use a valve taken from a pigs heart rather than a mechanical one

    Obviously, the moral issue stands out. I would also like to know if there are practical issues with each type of valve, and, as I am in the UK, whether I have a right to choose



  • Alexandra

    I could definitely use some more iron, my doctor wants me on it I am anemic half the time, and my hair is falling out, probably partially due to this but other medical reasons. However, I prefer vegan supplements that are as natural as possible. I used mykind before and it helped and unlike others didn’t make me feel even worse. However, I ran out, I occasionally remember to take another kind I have but honestly can’t stomach it. It’s awful. Even if I don’t win thank you for reminding me to stock up.

  • Susan

    yes I take Now Iron every day because I am always low on iron when I donate blood, but now I can so yes I do need a supplement

  • michelle

    Both my daughter and I take iron supplements for anemia. I would LOVE to try something that doesn’t taste like, well, iron.

  • a alcala

    Although my vegan toddler loves to eat it can be a little difficult to make sure he gets enough iron daily. I’m excited for this iron because I’ve always been a little iffy about supplements but just like anything with toddlers – a little help never hurt.

  • Stephanie Banik

    Working in construction & lifting 50 lbs+, up and down stairs & constantly moving with my tools takes a lot of energy. I was wondering why I am so physically tired at the end of the day.
    Being a vegan and eating “to go” at least once a day (because I am constantly on the go), my business partner says I don’t get enough Iron, then boom…. I see your article about Iron deficiency. I think that’s a sign about what I’m missing!
    I enjoy you’re my kind Organics daily women’s gummies and B12 & excited to add your Iron liquid for the boost I need.

  • Alizabeth B.

    Hi Alicia, my family and I love your mykind organic supplements from the multivitamins to the yummy sprays. Constantly sharing with family and friends, some of whom have converted too. Thank you for created clean, organic, vegan vitamins for all ages and needs. Would love to try this iron supplement as I tend to get anemic once a month during my cycle. Thank you for sharing this product. xoxo

  • Amanda

    I’ve been loving the Women’s Multi gummies and B12 spray, so this liquid iron will round out my daily routine!

  • Eban

    I’m really having trouble with getting Iron, and vitamin, have any recommendations?

  • Helen McIntyre

    Desperate to get more iron into my toddler, who is a real picky eater. It’s so stressful when she refuses to eat and I’d love to give her an iron supplement that she’ll enjoy taking!

  • Laura Lee Capelo

    I’m a mother of 3. My youngest is 2 months old. I trusted My Kind prenatals during my pregnancy. My family and I are all vegan and use My Kind B12 spray. We would love to try the iron supplement as well ♡

  • Amy @ So There by Amy

    Loving your vitamin/supplement line so much! Thank you for creating it. I’d love to try this one! xo

  • Jennifer Rayl

    Yay! I’m glad to see there’s a new iron option out there! 😀 If any of you reading this have trouble finding Alicia’s brand, a good alternative is one called Floradix. It too is all whole foods plant-based and works like a charm. I was anemic about 15 years ago due to extremely heavy and long periods, and my doctor told me to take iron pills. I asked if the natural liquid stuff would work instead since I didn’t really want to take the pills after I had heard about all the negative stuff about them (green poop, constipation, etc). She said no, it has to be the pills. I don’t know how it happened, but the day after my first night taking the pills, a small stack of items I was sitting next to fell over, and the one thing from that stack that landed in my lap was a free CD from a local health food store. That CD was ironically of people talking about Floradix and their experience with it. I was sold; my mom found and brought home a bottle, and I tried it out. I loved it and stuck with it up to my followup appointment. The doctor was baffled at how fast I was back to normal. That was music to my ears! She *really* isn’t into natural remedies like that though…because of that, she is no longer my doctor, thankfully.

    Anyway, I’ve always recommended Floradix to family and friends that have mentioned they’re having iron problems, and the ones who tried it all had positive results. :) Oh in case anyone is wondering, it does live up to what it says on the packaging about not having any constipation or green poop, etc. There’s also a yeast and gluten-free version called Floravital that works just as well. I’m definitely excited about Alicia’s version! I’ll be sure to help spread the word about it. :)