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From My Closet Giveaway: Kimono & Jeans

Linda Melvin, you will be receiving this outfit! Please contact us through the email form to claim the outfit.

Thanks so much everyone for sharing.

Hi Kind Lifers!

This week I’m giving away this pretty St. Roche kimono styled blouse. It will fit a S-M. St. Roche is a cool company local to CA that works with carefully selected manufacturing partners in India and Peru, who are committed to honest and ethical labor practices. They choose the eco-friendly option wherever possible incorporating GOTS certified organically grown and locally woven cottons, biodegradable Tencel, and sustainably produced knitwear in their collections. Awesome right? I recently got this organic cotton blouse from them and it’s one of my favorites! It’s so beautiful.


You’ll also be the recipient of a solid pair of J.Brand jeans! Size 28-29.

To enter the giveaway, leave me a commenting below telling me about one of your favorite memories spent in nature from this past spring. 

I will announce the giveaway recipient on Friday July 13th so stay tuned!

With love,





  • April Grasso

    We took a 7-mile hike in the woods and it was amazing reconnecting with nature and just enjoying the surroundings. There is a lock nearby and we hiked to see the waterfall in all it’s glory. Truly a memorable moment! :)

  • angie carey

    We love going to Trappe pond in Delaware it has a nature center and miles of trails and also pemberton park which also has loads of trails,water and critters.

  • Linda Melvin

    In the last year I’ve lost 2 animals, my mom, and my husband left (yes…believe it!!). I took a trip to Bali hoping for some relief. One morning I hiked with a small group up the volcano to watch the sunrise. Sitting there with the wind whipping through my hair watching the clouds float by was the most peaceful, amazing experience I’ve ever had. I came down that mountain a new person feeling refreshed and more at peace than I had in a long time.

  • Anne Perry

    One of my favorite memories spent in nature from this past spring is observing a praying mantis with my boys. We sat in our hammock swing.

  • Carissa G

    Spending evenings outside with my rescue mini horses ❤️

  • Kate Gjerde Spera

    Morning Alicia! The last weekend in May was the first road trip into the desert my husband and I had taken with our fourth month old. I was so nervous traveling with our baby, but once we arrived in Borrego Springs, I realized there wasn’t anything to really worry about because we could handle anything that might come up and it was just wonderful to have a change of scenery all together. We spent the weekend visiting the desert sculptures, stargazing, and happily spotting sunbathing lizards on our walks. Getting out of the city as a new family, even for a moment, helped put everything into perspective.

  • Sil Langstroth

    I visited my mom in the small beach town in California where she lives and brought my pup with me. We went for five or six walks a day and it was so beautiful! Ocean breezes and cool sunny days. The people are so friendly there and the bird watching is pretty fun! We enjoyed watching the waves and were in awe of the power and strength of the ocean. Practicing yoga and hearing the waves crash is pure bliss!

    I am loving American Woman! You are awesome! Bonnie is awesome too!

  • Peg Haust-Arliss

    I loved getting outside just to go for a walk on the first warm day of Spring after a long long winter. Fresh air!

  • Crystal Fayder

    Hey Alicia,

    So ONE of my favorite memories from spending time out in nature, would be my first time being able to actually get outside since becoming chronically ill, my life was rocked last year at this time, and i became so sick to the point that even being outside was impossible. That’s a HUGE deal for me, being such an outdoors person, i felt like my life was over. I watched my 3 year old outside playing in the sunshine, with such happiness in my face, tears in my eyes because i couldn’t be there with him. However, with lots of lifestyle changes,diet changes, lots of macrobiotic foods, healing foods, fresh air, water, and with a little help, i was able to make my way back into the sun, back into the grass, i am now able to sit in the sun for a few minutes each day, and ground with nature. so healing, and it just makes me feel alive again, like i want to live again… nature is something that cannot take the place of anything.Be one with nature, be one with the earth. Lots of love!

  • Rachel

    One of my favorite spring nature memories is building our garden with my husband. We did raised beds and then planted watermelon, kale, corn and tomatoes. It was so nice to be outside, soak up the sun, and feel the earth between my fingers. I loved every minute of it!!

  • Dina Banks

    favourite spring memory would be learning about free little libraries and deciding to build one near our house (it also happens to be right near little park where families come every day!) my husband is a carpenter and he thought it would take him just couple hours to make it but turned out to be 20 hours with paintings, securing the post in cement on the ground but after all the hard effort we see how much the library is used and how happy people were about having one in our urban community

  • Heather

    Favorite memory from this spring would be Kayaking on one of our local ponds on a beautiful sunny day. As we were paddling we would listen to their sounds and watch the Loons swim and then disappear underwater and then re-appear some place else on the pond. Amazing birds!

  • Claire

    I was in Ottawa for a workshop two weeks ago, so mid-June; I was walking to the workshop site through the city’s arboretum early in the morning. The blackbirds were calling in the bullrushes, the sunlight was sparkling on the pond, the lilies were a vibrant yellow. I was alone, except for these sights and sounds, and felt transported. It was beautiful.

  • jyntee

    Hi Alicia! My favorite memory spent in nature this past spring was with my son. He’s just 21 months old and our backyard is filled with plants, flowers and little paths that run through it. I just love exploring the little nooks and crannies with him. It brings me back to when I was a little girl and any outdoor area could easily be transformed into a magical land all my own. <3

  • Woodland

    Early last spring my husband and I spent the week at a nearby lake in the mountains. We slept under the stars and made corn on the cob and grilled tofu with asparagus over the fire and on the last night we watched a storm blow down from the mountains and settle over the lake. I wish we could spend every day this way, in nature, in the wilderness. We have no photos from the trip, only our memories of it. And I think I prefer it that way. :)

  • Nicole Fox

    My favorite spring moment was being able to camp outside with my two boys. My boys are 5 and 3. We spend as much time as possible outside. My oldest is starting to ask questions about the stars and moon and it is so much fun helping him to learn about our place in space. We are also able to start teaching both of them about our planet and how we live. :-)

  • marciferous

    My favorite nature memory this past Spring was getting to take my senior dog on one last long walk before I had hip surgery. Now it’s simply too hot to walk her more than around the block!

  • jtlittlelong

    We went to abplace called Lakewold Gardens so gorgeous! The history is that while building the railroad in the 20’s (I think) they had extra land so they were selling it off in 5 acre plots. Well, they preserved this land including a Vitorian style house that’s called a ‘tea’house They host weddings as well.
    Anyway this land has been turned into gorgeous gardens. The kids garden has raised beds using recycled aluminum tubs. They are filled with vegetables I’m assuming kids planted. There are different types of gardens like a garden of peace I can’t remember all the names of the gardens! We spent hours walking around enjoying everything. The work is all volunteer. They even sell plants! While it does cost money for upkeep and what not. It’s also by a lake and the water is gorgeous!!! My kids enjoyed seeing some of the older marble statues places around. A hedge was cut in the form of a duck. It’s just a wonderful place to see nature in its fullest. And everything is natural even the fallen tree preserved picnic table… worth going to.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    My hubby and I began our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail this past spring. We’ve been immersed in nature since April. Every day we experience such breathtaking beauty and summit mountains peaks that we would have never other wise dreamed of summiting had we not committed ourselves to six months on the trail 2,200 mile long trail. It’s not all wonderful – I have woken up to mice poop in my sleeping bag, mice playing with my hair, flying squirrels tearing my food bag apart, days upon days in soaking wet clothing due to heavy rains and humidity. But, at the end of every day fellow hikers remind each other that even the hardest days on the trail are better than a day working in the office.

  • kbauer74

    My favorite memory from this Spring is picking strawberries with my 6 year old daughter.

  • Kristen

    Everyday I take a fifteen minute break from my desk job. I walk around the complex and just listen to the birds chirping and amazing nature sounds. Gives me a daily reminder to take a minute in nature and really enjoy it. Helps me enjoy summer at work.

  • Marielle

    I love this topic! All of my favorite memories tend to be in nature with my children. My absolute favorite was when we had a chance to visit Hawaii. My daughter loves sea turtles and we found a quiet beach on the North Shore on Maui where there were a bunch of sea turtles on the sand. We had such a wonderful afternoon just observing them, making sure not to disturb them. We talked about their nesting habits, the importance of keeping the ocean clean, and about respecting the ocean and life. It was a beautiful day I’ll never forget. Plus the look of amazement and wonder on my kids faces were priceless!

  • Shyanne

    Alicia, my favourite memory of Spring is when all the cars stopped in rush hour to let baby geese cross. It was the cutest thing ever.

  • Holly Williams

    My wife and I visit Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin every couple months. We hike up the rocky side, or stroll through the forest for a more relaxing trip.

  • Andi Ramser

    One of my favorite Spring moments spent in nature was riding through Shelby Park in East Nashville. As I was riding along the path in the early evening (it was around dinner time, so the traffic on the path was light)…I ended up seeing a deer walk right out from the woods about 20 yards ahead of me. It stopped & looked at me. I stopped to stare at it, then it hopped back into the woods. I also saw a turtle & a rabbit along the path that day & countless butterflies. It was just a really touching & majestic day. The weather was sunny & breezy, & I felt at peace with the world for a while. :)

  • theladyslounge

    My favourite memory in nature this past spring… my girlfriend and another friend and I went camping at Buck Pond. My job as a community outreach worker is quiet demanding and I rarely find myself with time alone, so even though I was going with other people, I was desperately excited to get out of the city and away from cell phone reception and disconnect. “I can’t wait to disconnect!” I heard myself saying over and over to anyone I told about my camping plans, “I need to disconnect”. It was chilly (perhaps a little too chilly and somewhat over enthusiastic of us) so instead of having the dogs sleep in the car, as originally planned, we dragged their stinky blankets into the tent and let them sleep with us. At 6am the next morning, I grabbed my journal and the dogs and headed to the lake. I sat crosslegged on the edge of the lake, a dog sun tanning on either side of me, and I wrote. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And then I just sat there, breathing deeply, feeling the sun, listening to insects land on the water, and watching the ducks float by, and I thought… I didn’t need to disconnect at all. I needed to connect. I needed to get quiet, and grounded and connected. And I did. And it felt amazing.

  • a alcala

    Tinkergarden is a outdoor, nature based educational play group. My 3 year old loves it and I love watching him learn, play and interact with other kids. That and our family hikes are what I love about Spring.

  • Danica Rose

    My favorite memory from this spring is walking through our neighborhood with my young daughter and getting to know our neighbors and all the blooming flowers since we just bought our first house this year! Who would have thought I would enjoy weeding so much?!

  • Elena

    My favorite nature memory has to be at the beach with my family. Hearing the ocean waves crashing and smelling that salty air always gives me a peaceful sense of mind.

  • mammothvictory

    We live in the beautiful eastern Sierra so everyday is a spectacular outdoor event. Planting garlic in the spring is a great way to connect with nature. I get so excited for garlic scapes. Your site inspires me! And I need some clothes !!

  • Stacey Seehafer Szenda

    My favorite moment in nature recently was in the redwoods at an awesome retreat: “Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals”. I wandered around the forest looking for a tree to bond with (as was our assignment)…I chose a 1000 year old, 300 ft redwood. As I meditated and shared energy with it, it asked me, “what can I do for you?”. After some thought I said, “I want to see me the way you do”. I was staring up in awe of this breathtakingly mystical tree when all of a sudden I was looking down from the top of the tree upon my face…it was SO beautiful!! (I have very low self esteem when it comes to my physical appearance) but I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I saw MY magestc beauty from this tree’s perception. My soul light was huge and joyful and perfect! It was a very special sacred communion with this tree and I will never forget seeing myself through “her eyes”. I AM beautiful!
    Go out and receive YOUR message from nature today…

  • Julianne Wais

    Yay, I would love to win this gorgeous kimono! One of my favorite memories from this spring is taking my goldendoodle and husband on a picnic in the park at the base of the foothills here in Colorado :)

  • Lauren Ann Read Koslow

    I celebrated my first Mother’s Day (as a mother to a human) with a picnic in a park where baby used a swing for the first time.

  • Samantha Diane Passek

    Fav memory this spring was completing the 5K MUD GIRL race. Amazing time, with amazing people, As well as dropping 20 pnds after switching to a plant based diet. I feel healthy, energized, and stronger than

  • Stacey Seehafer Szenda

    My favorite moment in nature recently was in the redwoods at an awesome retreat: “Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals”. I wandered around the forest looking for a tree to bond with (as was our assignment)…I chose a 1000 year old, 300 ft redwood. As I meditated and shared energy with it, it asked me, “what can I do for you?”. After some thought I said, “I want to see me the way you do”. I was staring up in awe of this breathtakingly mystical tree when all of a sudden I was looking down from the top of the tree upon my face…it was SO beautiful!! (I have very low self esteem when it comes to my physical appearance) but I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I saw MY magestc beauty from this tree’s perception. My soul light was huge and joyful and perfect! It was a very special sacred communion with this tree and I will never forget seeing myself through “her eyes”. I AM beautiful!
    Go out and receive YOUR message from nature today…

  • Laura

    My sister and I took the most gorgeous hike in Bolinas in Marin County CA, that ended in a waterfall spilling into the ocean!! Pure magic. :)

  • Tina Lynch

    I hope this is where I comment :) One of my most favorite moments while in nature this last Spring was hiking on Angels Rest in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, Oregon. It was there that I saw a mamma deer giving birth to not one, but TWO babies. She was nestled in some brush not far the semi-trail that I was hiking on. She was very relaxed and not at all bothered by my presence. I stepped back a little bit further, but not enough to miss the amazing gift of life being presented right in front of me. Both babies were born just fine, she attended to both as if she’d done this over and over. I sat there for what seemed like days, but in truth was probably only about 2 hours. By myself….a mom of two teenagers that will be departing my home in the next couple years, watching another mother give life to the next generation. I sobbed, I laughed, I smiled….one of the best moments in my whole life. Cheers! Tina

  • Brit Tany

    Hi Alicia, one of my favourite memories from this past spring is a simple one. Me and my dog Juliet sitting outside on our front porch, on one of the first warm days of spring. We sat there for hours together and did nothing but enjoy each others company (she got lots of belly rubs and I got lots of kisses). Thank you for spreading kindness <3

  • Natalia Arciszewska

    My favourite memorie from past spring is when I was walking around the forest near to my house with my dad and talking about his childhood. I always thought that is a distance between us but for that moment we were so close and I felt incredibly happy. That moment will be always in my mind and I decided to tattoo a trees on my shoulder to remember this forever.

  • Tori Nguyen

    My favorite memory was going to a sunflower field in wheatland with my girlfriend and our dogs and being surrounded by our favorite flower and our favorite company. We both became vegetarians recently and we’ve been so happy and connecting with nature so much more

  • Janice

    Hiking in Alta Sierra with my husband and son. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the birds and squirrels chirping gave me peace and happiness.

  • Cali Tucker

    Kayaking in the absolutely clear springs of Ichetucknee, Florida with a family of manatees!

  • Natalie McCrudden

    This last spring, I had the fortune to study abroad in the Gold Coast, Australia. From there, I traveled to Bali and had an incredible experience hiking Mount Batur at sunrise. It was so humbling and incredible to experience the beautiful view with great friends and an amazing tour guide native to the volcano. The best way to appreciate places is to experience culture and hiking the volcano helped to do that and remind me how vast and great Earth really is.

  • Gina Rivera

    my boyfriend and I grabbed a book of poetry by yeats and made the drive to a hayfield outside of spring green, wisconsin and sat in the field among the bushels reading to each other at sunset

  • Kristin

    I started my first vegetable garden! It’s been so wonderful and rewarding being able to grow our own food!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I enjoyed planting some gorgeous flowers this Spring as well as a vegetable garden.

  • Alicia Webster

    It had just started to get warm this past spring (but it sure made up for lost time since then!) when I went to sit out on my back patio to read a magazine and to”chill” after a very hectic week at work. I must have gotten engrossed in something particularly interesting, but I sat with my left side to the sun for too long, and it resulted in a rather odd sunburn. The left side of my face, including my ear, were bright red, while the right side of my face was still albino white (as usual). This was a nice memory, in spite of the sunburn, because my family teased me about it for a week (until the redness died down) and we had some good laughs about it.

  • L. D.

    A visit to Swale, a solar-powered floating farm in Red hook (Brooklyn, NY), which included a lecture on permaculture and a painting with plants workshop.

  • Shannon B Williamson

    My favorite memory from this spring was taking my daughter camping on the Blue Ridge parkway outside of where we live in Asheville NC! It was a little scary but so mu ch fun:) g was

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    As spring was ending and summer was beginning, my sister and her husband came here to Chicago, Illinois for a visit from Scottsdale, Arizona. My sister is from Chicago. She and I visited the college she graduated from, St. Xavier University. The campus grounds are breathtaking, with nothing but nature at its finest; refreshing water, glorious trees, several ducks and geese, flowers, a walking path, and plenty of sunshine. Here is a picture of us together (I’m the shorter one).

  • No name

    My favorite springtime nature memories were spent collecting seashells on the beach with my sons. We also love Saturday mornings at our local farmers markets where we pick out our favorite fresh veggies and fruits; we walk around and talk and play in the park after. :) it’s the little moments.

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    This spring was very wet here, but just being able to go out in my garden and take in the beauty of all the tulips, daffodils, and other spring bulbs that I planted was enough. Also my rhubarb grew wonderfully and make a great addition to my protein smoothies.

  • Skyler

    Hello! My favorite memory was actually on a hot day in spring. I stopped by my favorite cane juice spot and the man behind the register saw me eyeing their cane juice popsicles! He was so kind he let me take one just to try. I felt so much gratitude, I wanted to soak it all in and send it out. So I went straight to the park from there and earthed while just observing life all around me. Smiles and picking up some trash were all I could give back in that moment but it was truly a nice day!

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    One of my favorite times of year is when springtime comes and the signs
    of winter are over. Listening to the birds chirp and taking hikes on the
    many hiking trails in NC is only part of it. Seeing the black bears
    come out is really something. In the mountains you can be sitting on
    your porch and just watch them walk by. Sometimes they get close enough
    to your house that they are only 5 feet away (behind a sliding glass
    door). If you’re lucky (or not) you may see the cubs come out too. Also
    you may lose a bird feeder every now and then when a bear decides they
    would rather get the seeds before the birds eat it and it disappears
    with the bear. And watching the bunnies play in the yard is like
    watching cats play. Or course this is nothing without the beautiful
    mountain views that we are lucky enough to enjoy. Springtime is the

  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

    This spring we moved to the desert. I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life, and although I’ve traveled a lot out west, living here is a completely different experience.
    My favorite memory from this spring outdoors was discovering an unexpected waterfall while hiking on a rocky desert trail. It was absolutely gorgeous.

  • Melissa Davis

    My favorite memory in nature this past spring was just exploring our own back yard with my 3-year-old daughter, Madelyn. There are so many cool birds, bugs, plants and veggies growing…we had so much fun talking about all of them…and brainstorming all the recipes we can make using our fresh crop!

  • Holly Spoto Child

    Watching my two sons grow in confidence this spring in baseball has been wonderful! So many great memories on their first practice of the year to the end of the year. Love seeing their smiles when they learn something new and share fun times with their friends ❤️

  • Bobbie Messina

    My mom gave me a cute little backpack picnic basket. I figured I’d never use it. One day this spring I thought “I wanna use it”. I made a huge salad and my own dressing. Bought a bottle of wine and packed it up. I surprised two friends by saying…hey remember that pavilion in the park by the river. I’m picking you up and taking you there for lunch!

  • Sarah

    My favorite memory from this past spring is watching my son’s love for the outdoors grow! He is only 18 months old and he would spend all day outside if we let him. It’s been amazing watching him watch all the animals in our neighborhood and call them out as he sees them (bird! Dog! Squirrel -he can’t say that yet but giggles when he sees one)

  • Jeannie

    I live in Australia and our seasons are upside down – we’ve just entered Winter, so I’ll tell you a story from my favourite Spring (September to November here). I am a wedding planner and I sometimes work on a beautiful Island just off the coast of Brisbane called Stradbroke. I had some clients who engaged me to organise a beautiful wedding in a white marquee on a headland overlooking the ocean. They were flexible about the date so I suggested that they time their wedding with the full moon. We knew that the moon was to rise just after dark before the guests sat down to dinner so the groom and I organised the DJ to play one of the bride’s favourite songs as the moon rose… An ethereal piece that floated through the still night. Just before moon rise, we invited all the guests to bring a glass of champagne and step out to the cliff top to watch the moon. Right on schedule, a giant red ball arose from the ocean. It was huge and I had never seen the moon that colour!
    Then, as it slowly rose, it turned paler until eventually it was throwing sparkling silver light across the waves from above the horizon. Incredibly, just as it did, a large pod of dolphins appeared and began jumping and frolicking and surfing the waves in the silver moonlight. I have been planning and styling weddings for sixteen years but that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen at a wedding and I will never forget it. Sometimes, nature just creates serendipitous magic. :)

  • Janie Mendez

    Favorite springtime memory: Long run on a Sunday morning in the foothills of Boise, Idaho!

  • Marian
  • Jessica Crubaugh

    Camping! Our family of 4 and 2 other families went camping at Shoul Bay in Oklahoma. Lots of floating, campfires, and good food!

  • michelle

    We had a fire that consumed a nearby parkland area severely reducing a lot of the green space. So, we had a lot of birds nesting in our street trees. This spring I was able to watch 3 nests of ravens, crows and red tailed hawks grow up and fledged right from my own neighborhood. The crows and red tailed hawks are still hanging around for now. :)

  • Christa-Blaise Valentina Holla

    My favorite memory from this past spring is our discovery of dear living near us, my daughter 7 and son 3 were so eager to help them find food we threw some app!es in field for them. The oddest thing of it is that they came up from where the train tracks are and we are so close to down town, we can’t figure how they go t here!

  • Shelley

    Watching our 14-month-old daughter pick flowers on our walks. Parenthood is magical! ~ Family of vegans

  • Sierra Kluson

    Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico with my family and watching a momma and baby manatee swim right by us! Magical

  • Star

    After a long and snowy winter, I have a favorite cherry tree in my yard that I check every morning in the spring. I watch first for the teeny green leaves to pop out and unfurl, and then for the creamy pink buds to form and blossom. Soon the bees come along and it is just the best vision of Spring.

  • Janet Sullivan

    I did a DNA test 3.5 years ago with Ancestry. Com. I knew nothing of my father’s family. This spring I got an email from them saying they found my first cousin. I messaged him and told him who my father was. He replied “I believe we are more than cousins. I am your brother. My favorite memory is of meeting him and all my extended family. He lives in western Mass, and staying at his house is like being in a Disney movie. I woke up every morning to bunnies, butterflies and hummingbirds, etc. He is currently in hospice care and I will forever cherish my spring with my beloved new brother. J’adore him.

  • ElizabethErkel

    Hello Alicia! This past spring my favorite memory is having been on a walk next to a lake with my dog and coming to a point in the trail that was under water from rain overflow. I felt afraid to go forward in my bare feet not knowing what might lay ahead or how deep the water was. My dog looked at me for a cue on what to do. After surveying the situation knowing I wanted to trust, and realizing the likelihood of real danger was incredibly low, I started walking. I focused on retraining my mind to first listen and be relaxed by the sound of the birds, and while yet alert in my step, to enjoy the squish and feel of the mud between my toes, to laugh and trust the water, the plants and the way forward. My dog semi-swam beside me in a depth of what ended up being about to my knees and then it was done and we carried on. It was a beautiful direct experience of Truth!

  • Lauren Hilo

    My favorite memory spent this past spring in nature was when I conquered my fear of insects. Instead of being scared of them I studied them, and I accepted them. I realized they are sentient beings just like animals.

  • Michelle Heron

    Hi Alicia, Love your blog, what a beautiful resource for wellness! My favorite spring memory in nature was on Mother’s Day. My husband built raised garden beds in our yard with the help of my two young boys. I’ve always wanted a garden to grow our favorite veggies, and we finally have a home to set down some roots! It was a family collaboration and it filled my heart with gratitude. ❤️

  • Mom and Kids Channel

    Experiencing so. California winds with 2 of my children at the harbor. The joy of my son was evident as he fought through the wind. ❤Alysa

  • Jennifer

    Favorite spring memory, visiting and feeding the cows at a local farm. We were also lucky enough to get a hay ride through the fields and visit some cows as they were grazing. My daughters and I really enjoyed our time at the farm.

  • Allison Santry

    We recently celebrated our oldest sons 4th birthday and our twin sons 1st birthday at a local organic farm. We enjoyed the day with close family. Had the party catered by our town’s farm to table restaurant. Our guests spent the afternoon picking wildflowers and eating fresh plant based food. It is an amazing memory I will always look back on and smile.

  • Abbey

    My favorite memory this spring is actually a recurring event! I planted bougainvillea on our upper deck to spruce the space up. Its been a blast with the kids watering and tending to our little greenery outside. The best part is that its gotten the attention of a little hummingbird that now visits us everyday. She’s so cute and we all rush to the window to see whenever she pays us a visit. :)

  • Felicia Watkins

    This past spring my second momma passed away, my aunt who used to live with us. While at hospice (out in the country), my son and I would walk around the grounds and they had ducks! A cute little family would walk around and it just made me smile during a sad time. The babies would follow their momma around and if she jumped up, they mimicked her exactly! Was precious!

  • Daniel Anthony Perez

    Being a spartan on planet earth I need only to look up and become the eye of the storm.

  • Liz De

    My favorite hike this spring was with my son Ezra’s 3rd grade class to the Santa Rosa plateau. I was 4 months post partum & brought along a few kind bars and water. All the kids did great on the hike but one of his classmates wasn’t feeling well near the end of the hike so I gave him my kind bar and he loved it. It’s a great day hike for Southern Californians and I am fortunate to live nearby. So it’s also my daughter’s first hike as a newborn and probably will be once she starts walking this Fall when it’s not 118.

  • Stephanie

    I recently moved from Dallas, TX to New Jersey and got to watch my new puppy play in wide open fields, snow, and in the woods for the first time. Our previous home had a few dog parks so he had never truly experienced nature before and it was amazing to see how much he loved it!

  • V Tap

    Our rythm of the nights boat tour in Puerto Vallarta is my favorite memory. Riding on the boat with family and meeting new people was so much fun. Not to mention exploring, the Aztec presentation, the dinner, the company, all was incredible and amazing!

  • Megan

    I enjoyed our trip to Texas at my parents house. The kids and I went on a bike trail ride with their papa and it was so hot that day, but the kids pushed threw and triumphed. Even my 4 year old who had training wheels stuck out a two mile ride. It was so fun and one I will remember for years!!

  • Beth Papalas

    For the past 10 years, I have lived in a studio apartment in a bustling city area. Six months ago, I was able to secure a house in a more quiet part of the city. My little home has the littlest sliver of yard in the back, but I was able to make use of it this Spring planting tomatoes, herbs, and sunflowers….my first time ever gardening! It was such a thrill to be able to do this for the first time, to create my own food, to dig in to the Earth, to be a part of it, and to make my new cozy home cozier. Every day when I look out the window or water my now thriving ” babies”, I can’t help but smile and feel like “I did it!”

  • Chelsea F.

    I went to Blue Ridge GA and did some hiking and went to Mercier Orchards. Beautiful weather and delicious fruit!

  • BJake Gerl

    Going to the dog beach in Cayucos with our boxer and my twin daughters. My 11/12 year old dog is like a youthful child full of energy when we go and we had so much fun looking at live crabs as well as the melancholy of naturally dying/died jellyfish all along the beach. We assume and hope it was their time and not something else. Nature brings out our curiosity and exploration and hope that nature can have its own journey by not being implemented or forced through human footprint.

  • Vivianna Gonzalez

    One of my favorite memories spent in nature from this past spring, was when I went to Joshua Tree in CA for a few days camping and rock climbing trip! It was the first time in a long time, where every night I was able to clearly see the stars!

  • Kyla Johnson

    This past winter, my kids and I had planted tulips during early winter. I operate a home childcare in Kansas and one spring day we just sat outside amongst the blooming tulips and passed time turning clouds into shapes and smelling the sweet fragrance of the flowers. It was the perfect beginning to our spring and warmer weather.

  • Tyler Hough

    Hands down best nature moment of my life was the recent vacation to Pacific Northwest with my family. We spend 7 amazing days on Alaskan cruise taking in the beautiful views, stunning glaciers and non stop wildlife consisting of whales, seals, bears and bald eagles. I loved seeing the amazement on my kids faces as they asked guides and park rangers about all that surrounded them. We continued the trip up in Vancouver with trip up Grouse mountain having breakfast with 2 beautiful bears that were rescued. We ended the trip with a bike ride around Stanley Park in Seattle. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience of all the nature we took in, but the highlight was my kids appreciation and motivation to protect for years to come.

  • Harsha

    That scent when it’s just about to rain in a place full of trees is really among the things one needs to experience!

  • Ashley Cannova

    My mom is my best friend… She has stage 4 cancer, but the doctors have been able to keep it from spreading more and more. I never know how much time I have left with her. Anyway, we went for a walk on a beautiful trail just right down the street from her house. It was just another normal day but it was a day that I will always treasure because I knew how much it meant to her to get out of her house and just go for a walk in God’s beautiful nature.

  • Colleen Garrison

    Spending time at the beach with my daughter, who is leaving for college in one short month

  • Arla Tweedy

    Hi!! I moved back to MO to care for my terminally ill ex-husband. He found out two weeks after his wife unexpectedly passed. Upon his passing, I began hiking. Being a retired soldier, walking in the woods is cathartic for me. So, part of my Spring was spent scouting around with my Gracie. We left painted rocks behind for others to find and hopefully make them smile.

  • BC

    Spending time cultivating my yard at my new home after ending a terrible long term relationship is one of my best nature moments in recent history. Planting lots of lavender and rosemary, creating a little zen garden, and a beautiful space for coffee in the morning or eating outside with a friend, all with my pup by my side!

    My new home has the most magical location, right off of a gigantic park. I get to spend my midday break between shifts walking my dog in this beautiful space that gives me the ability to unwind from any stress and connect with the beauty around me. Just deep breaths, giant oak trees with moss, my pup, and the sun shining on us <3

  • Sonja Hilton

    This wasn’t exactly spring actually it was summer I spent with my church family in the mountains having a campfire on the beach and singing songs with friends,it’s cold here so often we don’t get much outside until almost summer!

  • Kara Zavilla

    My favorite memory was the beginning of the Spring season skiing at Sugarbush Mountain with my lifelong friend and camping in the parking lot to watch the night sky.

  • Juliet Seger

    My favorite memory of nature from this spring transpired during a visit to my family’s cabin in the woods of western Maryland early May. For several years I recall cool morning walks only to quickly turn myself around and lock myself in the safety of the cabin. I would peek out the window while adorable baby bear cubs would roll and play around in the yard. I stayed inside knowing that mama bear was just around the corner.

    My boyfriend has been bugging me for 2 years now about his desire to witness this sweet but scary event.

    So this spring vacation we started a friendly competition where each day we count the wildlife we encounter in our daily travels. Any non-domesticated animal (on the ground) sighted during the day was worth 2 points, 1 point at night. We saw mama and baby deer, groundhogs, chipmunks and wild turkey to name a few. Last rule of the game, if a Bear or Bigfoot were to be spotted, the first to see it will automatically win for the day. This year no bear or Bigfoot sightings have been made.

    I’m proud to say that I am frequently the daily winner. In our game, naming the animal seen is not a requirement, however, my boyfriend keeps arguing with me that “cute little guy” is not a type of animal, I beg to differ as I see them all over the place!

  • Andrea Rossmann

    During the past 16 months, my children and I have discovered just how much healing can occur when you unplug and get outside. My husband passed away suddenly in March 2017 and we went through a long period of hibernation: staying home, close to his stuff. Over time, we realized that we needed to breathe something other than air full of sadness and memories….

    We went for a creek walk. Standing in the shallow water and feeling it wash over our feet was soothing. Hearing sounds that weren’t coming from a tv or the refrigerator kicking on and off was like discovering new music. Knowing that the water in the creek keeps right on flowing, even when our own lives seemed to stop, gave us hope for the future.

    We had many people tell us that we should start going to church.

    That small meandering creek with its mini waterfalls and skipping rocks IS our church.

  • Christine Paiva-Stewart

    I have a rhododendron bush that is really big and beautiful and I like to meditate under it.It only blooms for a few days! It’s really spectacular.

  • RodgeranKaren Howell

    Spending time with my rescue raccoon Tilly! She’s the best! I might of saved her life but in return she has saved mine.

  • Jess Vaughan

    Living in he Phoenix Arizona area we try to do all of our local hiking in the spring. We were able to do a 2 mile hike for the first time with our 5 year old. It was so great starting and finishing a hike with her when in the past we had to cut them short because of heat and exhaustion for her.

  • Aida

    One memory will definitely stay with me as the simplest act of kindness and care. In early April I went to visit my former landlady, who’s lives in suburb of Virginia, close to the Pimmit Run stream. We just started our walk along the stream when we met a man, in his early 70-s who by himself was cleaning water, fishing out plastic trash out of it. It was so touching. He explained us that he leaves a mile upper and he has been cleaning water from plastic pollution for the last 15 years. He said that every year pollution gets worse. Inspired, we offered our help and spent most of the day by cleaning water, removing trash out of it. When you look at river you don’t notice pollution right away, it looks pristine and natural, but once you come closer and walk along it, you see trash spread everywhere. By the end we packed about 20 huge bags full of plastic and metal cans. That man’s name is Henk. He does his part of taking care of nature, which all of us should do at different levels and capacity. It feels so good and rewarding.