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December 17th, 2009 | By Alicia Silverstone

I love Maddison Avenue Candles because they come in really pretty glass jars. They don’t really smell when you light them, but they smell amazing when you stick your nose in them before being lit! My favorite one is the Grapefruit scent. They come in a beautiful box that would be great to reuse in your house, or use for gift giving. They are sexy and sophisticated!


Also, Red Flower‘s Spanish Gardenia candle smells wonderful and would make a great gift.

What candles do you love?

Now I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love Ecosystem Planners & Journals. If you are looking for a new planner or journal, this is definitely a great way to go. I have one of these journals, and I love it.


What I love so much is that all of Ecosystem‘s products are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Even the bookmark that is attached to the journal is made out of organic cotton! The coolest part is that in the back of each planner or journal, there is an ID number that lets you track where all the parts of your journal came from. You just go to, type in the number, and it shows you where the components were made, and how to recycle them if you want to! So green, I love it. These journals and planners are great to get for yourself if you need one, but also would be such good holiday gifts!

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