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December 8th, 2009 | By Alicia Silverstone


Kind Life community member Amanda Goodfried posted a link (thank you, Amanda!) several days ago and I would love everyone to watch this video and visit the Save Pete The Moose website.
What you will learn is that Pete, the most adorable moose, was attacked by dogs as a baby, separated from his mother, and was saved by David Lawrence, a farmer. Pete now lives with David on a hunting reserve. Pete and David have a deep relationship! The terrible thing is that the State of Vermont is trying to take Pete away from David, because its illegal to possess wildlife in Vermont without a permit. On top of that, David and Pete live on a hunting reserve in Albany…where people can pay to shoot at herds of elk. This whole situation is so heartbreaking, I can’t stand it.


First of all, it’s so incredibly sad that there are hunting reserves where people can go with the sole purpose of gunning down innocent animals. I know that there are many places like this around the world, but it’s just so unbelievable that we do this. My heart and brain simply cannot understand this and it makes me very, very sad.
Secondly, Pete will be killed if the state can’t find a home for him! His future is very uncertain right now, so I encourage everyone to visit the Save Pete The Moose website to sign the petition and see what else you can do to help. Another thing that we can do to help Pete is to email Jim Douglas, the Governor of Vermont. You can email him here. One more thing that we can all do it send notes to the kind people who are working to save Pete to thank them for their efforts! You can get their contact info here.
Also, we can all spread the word! Email your friends, put it on your Facebook, just let people know about Pete!
Lastly, what can we do to stop hunting for good, and educate others around us? I think the key to ending situations like this and hunting is to inform people. There are so many websites you can visit to educate yourselves. These are just a few but I recommend looking at American Humane Association, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Friends of Animals, People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
But don’t forget to visit, sign the petition, and SAVE PETE!!
Photo Credit: Boston Globe

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