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January 5th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone


One of the best things about The Kind Diet, besides all of the delicious food we get to eat, is that it really can improve your health sooo much! I wanted to share a couple of success stories from site members about how eating this way has reversed their health problems. They are so motivating!

Kind Lifer Anjali Sareen wrote about how The Kind Diet has helped her out in a huge way with her thryroid problem!

“Hi everyone! I’ve had autoimmune hypothyroidism since I was 11 (I’m 23 now) and it’s been baaad. Unlike most, my thyroid didn’t start to correct itself when I turned 18, it actually got worse into adulthood! My dad’s a doctor (thankfully) and instead of having my thyroid checked every so often, I have to have it checked once a month. Well, I just had my first blood work done since going all the way vegan and my thyroid is HEALING!! I’ve been taking 75 mcgs of the med (Synthroid) for some time now and it turns out for the first time my TSH levels are TOO high, meaning (in lamens terms) that my thyroid is working better than it has since I was 11 years old!! I can’t go totally off the med, but am dropping down from 75 to 25 to see how it goes!! I’m totally astonished!!”

I recently got this update from Anjali:

“I did drop to 25 mcgs, and I’m doing perfectly well! ­čÖé In another few weeks, I will probably get it rechecked to see if it’s even better.”

Yay Anjali! So thrilled for you. I hope other people with thyroid issues read this and see that there is a natural way to heal your bodies! And Anjali, the more superhero foods you eat, the more you will be able to get off your meds all together one day! If you ever feel inspired to meet with a Macrobiotic counselor, I feel that they would be able to help you even more!

Another Kind Lifer, Karen Singer, wrote about her struggles with diabetes, and how now, her blood sugar is under control!

“Hi ladies! I’m a vegetarian, on my way to incorporating the vegan and superhero ways…and a type 2 diabetic. I can only speak for myself when I tell you this: As I said in a post I made early, I had to confess I started adopting the tenets and “beliefs” of Alicia’s ways before I had the book in hand, as it was delayed…but I want to let you know that even in those first few weeks since I found this site and our awesome hostess, something really powerful happened. Even MOVING toward the Kind Life, my blood sugar is…get this!…managed! ­čÖé And I’ve lost 15 lbs. since I started this journey.

I’m not saying at all that you’ll achieve the same results (we’re all individuals ­čśÇ ) and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this without help. Lord knows I’m not – I’ve got all the people here, family, friends and medical people – and lemme tell ya, I’m teaching them as they’re teaching me! AND I’m just beginning and nowhere near totally vegan or superhero.

I’ve shouted to the mountaintops and here that I’m so excited about this place and it’s really helping me, even in these beginning stages.- hope ya don’t mind my chiming in!”

And I just got this update from Karen:

“My blood sugar is very much still on it’s steady, good, hopefully ever-downward course – I’m most proud of bringing it from an A1C of 9 point-something (damn dangerous!) to 6.8 over the last few months – and just for a little perspective, 6.4 is the upper range of normal…so I’m almost there!! I’m sure you probably already know, but A1C is a measure of how your body is dealing with glucose over time, and the closer to 6.0, the better.”

So happy for you Karen, you really are inspiring. Thanks for being such an active and supportive member on this site, and keep us all updated on your amazing journey! Have you made the leap to full vegan or superhero yet? Let us know!

If you have a story like Anjali’s or Karen’s, please share! Post them in the comments here, or flag them as “cool”

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