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January 12th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone


I’ve seen a few inquiries about macrobiotic cooking classes and I wanted to give you several recommendations. My friend Christina Pirello, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and cured it through a macrobiotic diet, just opened a vegan cooking school in Philadelphia! Christina explained to me that the school is a: “6 month vegan/macrobiotic cooking program that takes place over one weekend a month, giving students a comprehensive understanding of cooking for themselves in a whole, unprocessed and absolutely decadently delicious and easy way. The cooking program will also have guest teachers in to talk about self-diagnosis and self care, and will have a homeopathic MD coming in to talk about natural health. All the cooking is hands on and they hold the class at Drexel University in their professional culinary school kitchen. Each student is paired off with another and cooks in their own stations, with a full stove and oven, utensils, all the conveniences of cooking. Then everyone talks about their food and experiences. Also, they have to journal each month to see their own progress and join in online discussions.”

Space is limited to 16 students per class, but there are 4 sessions per year.

You can find info about this school, and sign up on Christina’s website,, or by calling her office at 800-939-3909.

Sounds amazing, I want to go!

If you can’t commit to a 6 month class, Christina also offers single demonstration style classes… Or a 3-day hands on cooking intensive weekend at Drexel University. You can find out more about these classes on her website, or by calling the office.

Warren Kramer is another macrobiotic counselor that holds cooking classes mostly on the East Coast. Take a look at his website for more information about classes.

Spork also offers macrobiotic cooking classes and catering services. I’ve never taken a class or tried their food so I can’t totally speak for them… but owners and sisters, Jenny and Heather, are so sweet and adorable. Connect to their website to check them out:

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