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February 23rd, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

Kind Lifer Ty-K Berry wrote a blog about his journey to veganism, and it is truly amazing! Take a look…

“My VEGAN Story:
OK, my story began almost a year ago. On Feb 5th, 2009–I began my journey which would result in my becoming vegan in less than 8-months after being carnivorous my entire 64+ year life. Why? Anyone might ask! First, I hated being over 200 lbs, so, on my own, I developed a plan to rid myself of 30+ lbs in about 3 months time. Lost 26 lbs the first 2 months.
After that I simply maintained my weight-loss (as I still do) by limiting calories & fat plus exercising via walking/jogging at least 4-miles per session and at least 4 days a week. That continued until Sept 22nd, 2009…the day I decided to go vegan.
Here’s my reason why. Each day I walked UP the steep 2-mile mountain & jogged down it I passed by a cow pasture on my left and a horse pasture on my right. And each time I passed these animals I talked to them. Well, for some reason, on that day (Sept 22nd), it hit me that I loved these animals & felt guilty about consuming them–ergo I made the internal decision THAT VERY DAY that I was never gonna eat animals again.
Of course I “thought” that I would really miss the taste. And, also, I had no thoughts that day, that changing my eating habits would be self-beneficial. You see, I HAD Type II Diabetes and High Cholesterol, for which I took pills twice daily to control. Did you catch my word, “had?” In early November (just before my 65th birthday), I had blood-work done. When the nurse called me to say that the doctor said I could quit taking all medications, can you imagine how elated I was? Talk about an early birthday present! Wow!
So, eating a whole food plant-based diet is somewhat of a miracle for me–even at my age. No pills. No diabetes. No high cholesterol. No high blood pressure. Three days ago I had a hernia operation–no nausea pills/no pain pills, and, I walked my 4-mile course today, without pain. Can’t jog again yet, but I’m out walking & maintaining my weight & loving my vegan diet. That’s my story! Cool?”
This story is so inspiring! It’s incredible to hear how this lifestyle has changed your life and improved your health soo much, Ty-K Berry!
To all of you Kind Lifers out there – if you have an exciting and inspiring success story like Ty-K Berry, write about it on your profile page or in the forum and flag it as “cool”. I love reading these and sharing them with all of you!

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