an update on my fav NYC restaurants!!

By March 16, 2010Delicious


Eating in New York City is total heaven. I can’t get enough of my faves – Candle 79 and Pure Food and Wine.

Candle 79 is has always been a staple for me, but now they have nachos and they are great! I would recommend starting off with an order of Angel’s Nachos, moving on to the Seitan Piccata, and finishing your meal off with the Cannoli or Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bliss. Yum!


And I can’t stop going to Pure Food and Wine… it’s insane!!!! Start with the Master Cleanse Martini made with sake, and make sure to lick the rim of the glass inside and out…it’s sooooo good. Then get the Arugula salad that has these amazing “fried” onions and Dr. Cow cheese. The Blue Cheese Wedge Salad is also amazing, but Arugula is my top choice. Also, the Nori with Kimchi is a must for me. The King Oyster Mushroom Scallops are a very delicious appetizer, as well as the Crostini with Mushrooms” and the Sweet Pickled Beet and Rosemary Cashew Chevre Raviolis are very nice too! The Mint Sundae is ridiculously good, and the Chocolate Passion Fruit Tart dessert is very, very good. And don’t forget about mango and passion fruit sorbets!


I’ve had a little bit of time to wander around and I’ve discovered some new favorites like Jivamuktea Cafe and ‘SNice. I’m loving the ‘Grilled Cheese’ and ‘Eggs on Toast’ at Jivamuktea. Their Macro Plate is also great!


And ‘SNice is just so great! The Vegan Panini with Smoked Tofu, Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes is insanely delish!!! The Daily Broccoli is pretty darn delicious too. And the Quinoa Salad Over Romaine with Corn, Black Beans and Tortilla Strips with Avocado Dressing is very nice. Love the vibe there!


Also, Counter has the best vegan French Toast in town! First runner up is Blossom…with Souen a close third!


Blossom is another great place that I’ve discovered since living here. It’s great… Not pricey, which is nice. If you like eggs, their Tofu Scramble is really good, and tastes very “

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